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IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Greg Walsh June 7, 2013 (651) 379-0973 STATEMENT FROM MICHAEL BRODKORBS ATTORNEY ON PROTECTIVE ORDER (St. Paul, MN) Greg Walsh, attorney for Michael Brodkorb, released the following statement regarding the protective order issued by United States Chief Magistrate Judge Boylan: The attorneys for the Minnesota Senate have collected over one hundred thousand dollars from the taxpayers of Minnesota defending a wrongful termination lawsuit. The Senate's lawyers, knowing they have an open check book, have persuaded the Court to issue a Protective Order to potentially hide from public view all the misdeeds of the Minnesota Senate. The net affect of this Protective Order will only cost the taxpayers of Minnesota more money. While Mr. Brodkorb wishes to protect other families from the public glare he continues to endure, other actions involving his wrongful termination should be available to the public. Mr. Brodkorb fought against the potential overreaching aspects of the protective order issued today by the Court, which could unfortunately deny taxpayers an opportunity to learn the full details of the actions taken by certain members of the Minnesota Legislature involving Mr. Brodkorbs employment at the Minnesota Senate. In December of 2012, Senate Majority leader Dave Senjem said, this case needs to go forward in the openness of a court session as he feared the perception of a cover-up. It was only minutes after disclosing to counsel for the Minnesota Senate hundreds of pages of documents, including audiotapes from meetings between Mr. Brodkorb and representatives of the Minnesota Senate which we believe support Mr. Brodkorb's claim the he was wrongfully terminated, did counsel for the Minnesota Senate immediately request a protective order to potentially hide this information from public view. It is our goal that this case will proceed in the normal, open and transparent legal process, that is afforded to all parties in federal court.