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1.Quick Guide
1.1 Download the Installer
Download the player terminal and the edit terminal software in the following website:

1.2 Install and Launch the Player
Install the player terminal “pvplayer”, double click the desktop icon.

Then you’ll see a black window, the interface of the player teminal. You could launch the “PVPlayer Options” to modify the size of the window, and ensure the player terminal is closed. Press keyboard “F2” to entering the teminal configuration interface, please remember the MAC address, it will help you to find this terminal in the manager system on WEB.

Kazo Vision


1.3 Login the WEB System and Check the Terminal Status
Open the web page with your browser:

Get User ID and Password from the supplier and login, then you’ll see the following page.

Kazo Vision


com 4 . Find the MAC address of your own terminal from the list. Modify Region of the terminal in the ”Edit Terminal” page. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. You can see all the terminals which were atuomatically registered to the system but ungrouped yet.Click the ”Ungrouped Terminals” in the toolbar on the left. and click the “Edit” button on the right MAIL: sales@kazovision.

com MAIL: sales@kazovision. please check the network of the player terminal. and input the User Name and Password. it will be automatically connected to the Web Server and registered to ungrouped terminals. click the configure button. As long as the player terminal in a public network. And if you can’t find the terminal in the list. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. when completed. Then pop up the “Publish Content ” dialog box. double click the desktop icon. you could click the “Publish Content” button in the toolstrip. the terminal is already assigned to the region you 5 . Using pvedtor to produce contents.4 Publish Content by the Editor Terminal Install the editor terminal “pveditor”.kazovision. 1.After committing. You should set the Web Server for the first time.

now you can see the list of assigned player terminals.Click the OK back to the “Publish Content” dialog 6 .com MAIL: sales@kazovision.kazovision. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www.

Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. then click the “Verify Pass” button below and commit MAIL: sales@kazovision. You should go to the “Content” page.Check the terminals you’d like to publish contents to. the server will send the content to the terminal until it’s been varify. the verify status turn into passed.kazovision. Once the verify content passed. and click the “Upload”. find the content you just uploaded and check it.5 Verify and Issue Content If enable the verify content function. 1. it will publish the contents to the Web Server. the player terminals will download the content and play 7 .

kazovision. It display the following list at the first launch.1 Create Content List Launch the pveditor. there is a content list on the 8 . 2. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. You can right-click a region to create its sub-region. default to display the last list.Content Producing and Publish by The Editor Terminal Script Program Window Play item Play item Window Play item Program Window Play item Script Program Window MAIL: sales@kazovision.2 and continue read.2. The multi-region is provided to the special customer.1 Region The corresponding part of this icon called Region.1.1. skip to chapter 2. Notice: Normal customers need not consider it.

kazovision. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. 2. it will pop up the “Edit Region” dialog box. this icon above will be bright. “Use individual screen settings”: The screen size is default to be the same to its parent region. so the terminal will only receive the content of the corresponding region.1. According to demand. If a terminal named fomate is “Region Code + Terminal Name”.com 9 .If you double click a region or create a new region. Select a content. “Region Code”: Give the region a code. click it to create a new MAIL: sales@kazovision. each script has a “ Content ” below. The following dialog box pops up. you can enbale the individual settings.2 Script The corresponding part of this icon called Script.

such as the sample. Kazo Vision WEB: MAIL: sales@kazovision.m on Monday to Friday in November. just click the the icon to delete.1.2012.3 Program The corresponding part of this icon called Program.You could set a period of the script. Select a script. You could even add more periods.kazovision.m and stop at 4 10 . and 2. start at 9 a. icon on the upper right conner to add. then click the icon above to create a new program.

or modify it in the parameter box. Alternative Repeat Time: How many times you want to play the programe. 2. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. You could drag and extrude the window to modify its parameter.2. Play Time: The duration that you want to play the programe.2 Window There is a background screen in each program. Backgroud Screen 11 .1 New Window and its Parameter Click the icon above to insert a window into the background screen.kazovision.It pops up the ”Edit Program” dialog box. you can create any windows on MAIL: sales@kazovision.

the software think that the window with longest play time is the main window of the program. New Window Maximize Window Load Window Template Delete Window Move Window Up Move Window Down Tile Window Vertical Tile Window Horizontal Save Window Template Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. the play time is basis of the main window.Main Window: Each program can set at most one main window. 12 .2 Window Layout If you add plenty of windows.2. Transparent: Set the play effect of the window with transparent. you could use the following window layout buttons. the other windows will be loop MAIL: sales@kazovision.kazovision. if you don’t set a main windows.

Kazo Vision WEB: http://www.3.kazovision. 2. and select the 13 MAIL: sales@kazovision.1 New File Item Click the icon. 2.3 Play Item Located on the middle of the software interface. You can also pull the files into the item list from the right list or your computer directly. it ’s used to edit items of the windows.2 New Item Click the icon pops up the following add item list.

Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. “Show In Folder ”: It’ll show you the file in which folder.kazovision. there are another two function to select.(01) Video File Click the icon to add a video file. and you can modify it. And it’s a drop-down list mark beside of the 14 . “Edit File”: It’ll open the video file with the video editor of your MAIL: sales@kazovision. the caption text will be the same as the file name.

You should equip each player terminal with the video signal source. URL: Input the IP address and port number of your stream media server. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. the video capture card.(02) Video Stream It is used to broadcast the tv live or any other live. the tv set-top box. Stay Time: Duration of the media displays. etc… Caption: The title of the video 15 .com MAIL: sales@kazovision.kazovision. the tv set-top box. such as the video capture card. (03) Video Signal It’s also used to broadcast the tv live. Before using. you need to build a stream media server and relevant hardwares.

kazovision. and of course expensive. however the video signal not. it must be matched with the enabled video capture card port. Type for select: Tuner. The difference between the video siganl and the video stream: The video stream function need to build a server. It ’s applicable to the project with fewer network spots or higher display 16 .com MAIL: sales@kazovision. but the video stream function only need one to the stream media server. Composite and S-video.Video Source: To select the type. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. configure the repeat times or play time. Play: Similar to the options of program. click the drop-down list to select. The effect to broadcast tv live with the video signal is better than that with the video stream. The video signal function require each player terminal with a video capture card.swf . support files as *. (04) Flash File Click the icon to add a flash file.

then click the MAIL: sales@kazovision.kazovision.(05) Web Alternative URL: Input the 17 . It will embed a browser in the window and display the website. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www.

Speed: A scroll bar to adjust the entry speed.kazovision. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. etc… for select. (07) Gif Image File Just for the dynamic images. fly in from MAIL: sales@kazovision. Such as fade 18 .(06) Image File Entry Effect: The effect of the images entrance.

Background: You can select a pure color or an image as the background. Text: Input the text you want to display.png) Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. You can also input the format like “notify://+’notice code’”.(08) Text File File: Import a text document directly to MAIL: sales@kazovision.bmp,*. Move Direction: “Stay” or “Bottom to Top”. (support file fomat: *. it will load the text in the Web Server . Font: Configure the 19 .jpeg,*. Stay Time: Adjust the speed of “Bottom to Top” direction.jpg,*.kazovision. the size and the color of the text.

kazovision. and support format are .xlsx。 Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. and it will move from bottom to top. (10) MS Word File Support .com MAIL: sales@kazovision.xls and .doc and . Software turns it to images and display it. (11) MS Excle File Similar to the MS Word File.(09) Text Configure the text in details.docx format 20 .

com 21 . Background: Almost the same as that in the (08)Text File dialog box.(12) Subtitle Text File Display the text line by MAIL: sales@kazovision. “Right to Left ” or “Left to Right ”. (13) Clock Embed a clock in the window to show the time right now.. Move Direction: Select display form “Stay” .kazovision. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. File: Same as that in the (08)Text File dialog box. the second color is transition effects.

then check it in advance. and the Second Needle is checkable. (14) Weather Server: The website to provide the weather MAIL: 22 . Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. Analog Style: The color of needles for You can input the city and region. http://weather. We provide you a default server.kazovision. Text Style: Input the format text in the blank to display digital tim..Style: Provide “ Text” and “Analog ” this two styles to display.

Save as Default Parameter: Save the current parameter you set as default parameter. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www.kazovision. Click it and pop up this menu. you could also set a period to play for the add item with its own period configuration. Set Display Schedule: As the 23 .com MAIL: sales@kazovision. Each of the add item dialog box has an icon in the lower left corner.(15) Sensor Collect the information from the sensor and display it in the window.

defined all the media files to a content package in it.3 Import Media List Click the icon to select an import list MAIL: sales@kazovision. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www.5 Move Item Up/Down Select an item.3. the “Move Item Up” icon and “Move Item Down” icon above will be bright.4 Modify and Delete Item Select an 24 .3. Each line of the text is a media file name. 2. the “Modify Item” icon and “Delete Item” icon above will be bright.kazovision. Media list file is a text document. You can modify the selected item or delete it directly with them. 2.2. You can arrange the items you add before with them.

Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. You can input the content name. then pop up the “Publish Content ” dialog box: You need to configre the user name and password at the first MAIL: 25 . then click the “Upload” button. you can save and publish it to any player terminals.4 Publish Content When you finish. or you can’t get the terminal list.kazovision. Check the MAC address of player terminal you want to publish to. and limit the download date and time to the player terminal. require to save it before. Click the “Publish Content ” button.

It pops up a message box while completed. you could also cancel the verify function. (Details in Chapter 4) The player terminals receive the content and play it while it pass the 26 . The Web terminal default to verify the content.kazovision. publish content MAIL: sales@kazovision. then it will be verified in the Web terminal. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. Thus.

com 27 .com MAIL: sales@kazovision.kazovision.Kazo Vision WEB: http://www.

1 Login the Web Server Open the following website with your broswer: 28 .3.kazovision. the click the “Publish Online Content” below. Check the terminals you want to produce and publish a content to.kazovision. Get User ID and Password from the supplier and login. Content Producing and Publish Online We also provide a simple content producing function in the Web terminal and introduce it for you in this chapter. Kazo Vision WEB: MAIL: sales@kazovision.

3) Only support 5 kinds of add item.kazovision. text. 2) Without the layout MAIL: 29 . 4) Add items by uploading immediately to the Web terminal. Differences: 1) Only produce a program one time. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. it’s similar to that in the editor terminal. image. video. time and temperature.2 Produce Online Content Go to the producing page.

click the “Verify Pass” MAIL: sales@kazovision. the whole publication is 30 . Click the Save button to publish content.kazovision. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. it ’ll save it to a package then go to the “Content Detail” page.3 Save and Publish Content You can modify the publish to terminal list before saving. List the content and package information in detail. 31 .com MAIL: sales@kazovision.Kazo Vision WEB: http://www.

Preview Sample Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. The management page shows a list of the contents. Click the “Content” .4. MAIL: 32 .kazovision.1 Preview Click the “Preview ” of a content on the right to preview it.Content Management Login Web Server. You can verify and preview the content here. go to the content management page.

4.3 Edit Only support to edit the online content.kazovision. click the “edit” return to the produce page of the content.2 Detail Content Detail page list the detail of the content. and provide the download link of the content package. MAIL: 33 . Kazo Vision WEB: http://www.

com 34 .com MAIL: sales@kazovision. It shows the content info. The admin could get the situation with one sight. instruction list and error log.2 Instruction List Display the all the instruction info. Check the command you hope to cancel. The following chapters help you to get the details. then click the “Cancel Command” botton below. 5. 5. 5. “stored content ” and “expired content ”. and you can cancel the command which execute result is waiting.5.1.1 MAC Click the MAC address of a terminal go to the “ Terminal Detail” page. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www.kazovision. its send status changes to canceled instandly.1.1 Content Info It shows the “current content ”. and delete it directly. Terminal Management and Monitor The Media Player List in the Terminal Management page show the main information of the grouped player terminals.

5.2 Status Click a terminal 35 . online or MAIL: sales@kazovision. and you can refresh it by clicking the “Refresh” link.3 Error Log Display the abnomal info of the player terminal. 5. It shows the basic info. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. 5.5. history and online status record of the terminal. monitor image. turn to its “ Terminal Monitor ” page.1 Monitor Image There is a monitor image and its catch time on the right in the web page.kazovision.1.2 Terminal Status History Read and record the terminal status data in every two minutes.2. the Web Server auto refresh it every 10 minutes. make the remote management and mantenance conveniently.

3 Current Content Display the current content that the terminal plays. 5.kazovision.2.3 Terminal Online Status Record the start MAIL: 36 .5. click it go to the “content detail” page. stop time and period. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www.

com MAIL: 37 .Kazo Vision WEB: http://www.kazovision.

double click the shortcut icon on the topdesk to launch the options. Player Terminal 6. Notice: Effective after restart the PVPlayer.6.2 PVPlayer Options (Support Microsoft Windows Only) Install the PVPlayer.It’s stably for a long time and need no one to operate. it is installed in the player terminal to play the content package on time. 6.1 Summary The Pvplayer is used to display the media info in the pvsystem. If the “Window Position” is unchecked. Custiomize Data Path default to system path while it’s 38 . It will get the update info from the Web Terminal automatically and send feedback. Kazo Vision WEB: MAIL: sales@kazovision. the PVPlayer launched with full screen.

Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. 39 .6. you can see the player interface. it will communicate with the Web Server and register MAIL: sales@kazovision.1 Interface Launch the PVPlayer. While the player terminals connect to the internet. Configuration Menu Input the password and you can see the main menu.3 Interface and Configure 6.2 PVPlayer Configure Press F2 in the playing interface turns to the configuration menu. (Default password is blank) 10 options in this menu.3. just input its number and press Enter.3.

(1) System Status Display the current info of the player (3) Modify Running Mode Enter the stop reason. the No.kazovision. the message and the MAC address of the terminal will be displayed on the screen. the player terminal changes to the Stopped Mode. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. (2) Modify Web Server Address Modify the Web Server address that the terminal communicate with. For example: Enter “It’s raining ”. Default to http://pvmanager.(0) Modify Terminal Name Modify the terminal name of the PC and it ’ll display on the top. default to blank. If the PVPlayer with a terminal 40 .0 option will be MAIL: sales@kazovision.

( Caution: Clear all the info in the terminal ) PS: Press Esc back to the previous menu. (7) Shutdown Require to enter “YES” to shutdown the computer. (9) Reset Require to enter “YES” to reset the computer. Display Format: “(Content Code) – Name [Period] Priority: ” The content with “*” mark means it ’s playing 41 . (6) Modify Password Modify the login password of the configuration menu. in case of accidently pressed. press F3 to exit the configuration menu. back to the Playing Interface. (4) Modify System Time Input Format: yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss (5) Delete Content You can check all the stored contents in this menu.Go to modify running mode again and input nothing. in case of accidently pressed. (8) Reboot Require to enter “YES” to reboot the computer. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www.kazovision. the runing mode comes back to Normal MAIL: sales@kazovision. You can input the Content Code to delete the corresponding content.

While the player terminal connect to the internet.5. 6. ”Led:”. it’ll receive the package files. 6. “Network:” display the connection status of them. (1) F5: Forward to next item (2) F6: Pause display (3) F7: Resume display 6. Put the content packages and configuration packages into the folder. The marks next to the “Sensor:”. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. and create a folder called “import ” in the root directory.3 Shortcut to Playing The PVPlayer provides three shortcuts to help you control the contents.2 Import by Hand Prepare a USB disk. the packages will be loaded to the player terminal.4 Events Log Press F4 to open/close the “Events Log ” menu.5.5 Import Content and Terminal Configuration 6.6.3. Events Log updates every 30 seconds. Launch the PVPlayer and insert the USB disk.1 Import through the Web Server The Web Server sends the content packages and configuration packages to the Player MAIL: 42 .

you can install the sytem with a few oprations. According to the notice. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. set the First Boot to MAIL: sales@kazovision. Insert the system installation disk and reboot the 43 .kazovision.6 Install Linux System Boot the PC entering the BIOS menu.6.

Kazo Vision WEB: 44 .kazovision. the PVPlayer will be launched with full screen on system startup.When it is MAIL: sales@kazovision.

com 45 .com MAIL: sales@kazovision.Kazo Vision WEB: http://www.kazovision.

com MAIL: sales@kazovision.7.Offline Content Package 46 .kazovision. select a folder to export and input the file name. Next. but export it to a package and publish it next time. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. you may not publish it soon. according to the actual situation of the player terminal. Customize Include Files: Select the files to package. click the “Export ” button. Steps: Click the “Export Package” button pops up the dialog box.1 Export Package While a content produced complete. Then uncheck the “Upload to the player after package exported” box. decrease the size of the package file.

icon in Microsoft Windows System. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. 7. 7.kazovision. you can also right click the and select Load 47 .you can find the package file in the folder.When it MAIL: sales@kazovision.5. or be published through the Web Terminal.1 Player Terminal Details in Chapter 6.2 .2 Usage of Package The exported package files can be loaded by the player terminal.

go to the “ Terminal Manament ” MAIL: sales@kazovision. 3) Input File URL: Input the URL address of the package file. Click the “Publish Local Content ” button 48 .2. Three Publish Method for select. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. 1) Select File: Select the file from a media server. 2) Upload File: Upload file from current computer. go to the “Playlist Content” page. you can verify it immediately. Click the “Commit” button. go to the “Content Detail” page. check a player terminal.2 Web Terminal Login the Web Terminal.7.kazovision.

Kazo Vision WEB: MAIL: 49 .

and import it to the Player Terminal later.1 Play Control Configuration There are five buttons framed in each terminal configuration. Follow the priority. you can update it to the Player Terminal directly. you can also sent it through the Web Server or import it by the Player Terminal. Update Configuration: Import the current configuration to the Player Terminal at once.8. 50 . Dispatch Mode: ○ All available contents: When there are several scripts stored on the player. Export: Export the configuration to a offline package file.kazovision. Kazo Vision WEB: MAIL: sales@kazovision. Terminal Configuration 10 configuration options provided in the Editor Terminal.

and you can add several time. and the player will find the match file. Usage: Fill the caption blank with a dynamic link as ”dynamic://+’ Dynamic File Name’ ”. The other scripts won’t be displayed until that one 51 . details in Chapter 8. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. Dynamic File Name URL: Input the dynamic file address.loop displays all of these scripts one by one. It’s just used to check the screen. Time: The time to visit the URL by the player MAIL: sales@kazovision.2 can use the dynamic function: Video File.3 . Gif Image File. All scripts have a chance to display. 8. Flash File.kazovision. ○ Only the last content: Display the content which be added to the player recently. Show floating clock on idle: Show a floating clock on the screen when no contents need to be displayed. You also need a timing server to ensure the time of each player terminal is synchronization. MS Word File and MS Excel File.2 Dynamic Content Configuration The following add item types mentioned in Chapter 2. Synchronize Mode: (Only Support Linux System) Synchronize contents on all player terminals in the LAN. Image File.

8. MAIL: sales@kazovision. Server: Input the timing server address.3 Timing Configuraton Adjust the system time of the player terminal through a timing server to ensure the contents played on time.kazovision. X: The horizontal distance to the selected conner Y: The vertical distance to the selected conner Type: Provide the following types of logo to display. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www.png file.bmp and . (1) Image Type Image: Select a image to display. Interval: Set the communication rate. support .com 52 .4 Logo Configure Position: The position of the logo to display. provide four conners for selection.

png format image file. size and color of the word. City: Input the city name to display its weather Region: Input the region of the city.(2) Clock Type Without any options.kazovision.服务器:输入气象服务器地址。 We provide you a default server http://weather.kazovision. the width of each number must be the same. you can make a custom shape of the digital numbers. (3) Weather Type Server: Input the weather server address. This is a sample image that located in the “clock” folder of the install folder. It display a digital clock. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. and the width of the “:” must be half of a digital MAIL: sales@kazovision. humidity and wind speed. Check the “Show Text” box to display the detail info of the weather. You can also modify the font. The background must be 53 . You can click the “Check” button beside to test the connection. Save it as a .

from 0 to 100. Kazo Vision WEB: MAIL: sales@kazovision.Effect Image: 8.5 Volume Configuration You can configure the volume control and append any items. Start Time: Set the start time of 54 . Stop Time: Set the stop time of volume Volume: Set the level of volume.

2 Network Mode: WIFI You should input the SSID and the Password of WIFI. reference the Mode: LAN. you need to input the IP Address. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. Gateway and at least one DNS. Also. 8.6. Netmask.6. 8.kazovision.1 Network Mode: LAN Type: DHCP or STATIC for selection.6 Network Configuration (Provide to Linux System) Offer 3 kinds of network MAIL: 55 . If you select DHCP. there are two tyoes for selection. only to input the Gateway. Select STATIC.8. and you can configure the connect time.

3 Network Mode: WCDMA Device Type: Provide type U5100 and type Ericsson F5521GW for 56 .8. for example: 3gnet. 8. 3gwap User Name: Input your user name provided from the 3G MAIL: sales@kazovision. Time: Set the operate time. Password: Input your password provided from the 3G supplier. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www.6. APN: Input the local Access Point Name. provide shutdown and reboot for selection.7 Shutdown Configuration Type: The operation of computer.

We provide KDS01. KDS05. Also it is economical and practical for you. Supporting the USB interface. can get the information through the USB. The brightness sensor is connected to the outside by a 10cm wire,it is easy to fasten it on other equipment to measure the outdoor brightness. This product is small and precision. If the device with power controller. SANI this three device type in the sensor configuration. Kazo Vision WEB: MAIL: sales@kazovision. temperature and brightness of the environment. manage the power as 57 .kazovision. The humidity and temperature sensor are embedded on the board.8 Sensor Configuration The sensor can measure the humidity. you can enable the time to power on and power off. Here is the brief introduction of device type KDS01. having measurement software.

3)According to the brightness. 2)Give feedback to the Web Server MAIL: sales@kazovision. and display it on the screen.kazovision. Shell of Sensor Kazo Vision WEB: http://www.Input Output 2 Output 1 Power Interface Brightness Sensor Temperature Sensor Main Features: 1)Collect the local environment info. auto adjust the the screen light. 4)Define the time to switch on/off the 58 .

and realize the MAIL: sales@kazovision.9 LED Configuration The PVSyetem applied to different kinds of LED screen. Kazo Vision WEB: 59 .8. The LED configuration is specifically provide for supporting the screen brightness adjustment of LED device controller.kazovision.

com MAIL: 60 .9. SANSI Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. Mooncell. DBSTAR.1 Device The devices support to adjust the screen brightness: LINSN.kazovision.8.

com 61 .cn port Details 1) Connecting the player PC and LINSN controller with USB cable. 3) The player will strat to work automatically. Choose the brightness adjust according to the period or sensor. Then exporting the configure files and sent to the player. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www.sansitech.linsn. 2) Setting the controller type as SANSI in editor. according to the brightness control mode.mooncell.LED Controllers For Adjusting The Screen Brightness Controller Type LINSN Controller http://www. MOONCELL Controller 1) Connecting the player PC and MOONCELL controller with serial http://www. 2) Setting the controller type as LINSN in editor. SANSI V3 Controller http://www. Choose the brightness adjust according to the period or sensor. according to the brightness control mode. 3) The player will strat to work 1) Connecting the player PC and DBSTAR controller with USB cable. according to the brightness control mode. DBSTAR Controller http://www. make sure the communication between controller and PC is ok. 3) The player will strat to work according to the brightness control MAIL: sales@kazovision. Then exporting the configure files and sent to the player. 3) The player will strat to work automatically. 2) Setting the controller type as MOONCELL in 1) Connecting the player PC and SANSI controller with network cable.dbstarled. 2) Setting the controller type as DBSTAR in editor. Choose the brightness adjust according to the period or sensor. Then exporting the configure files and sent to the player.kazovision. Choose the brightness adjust according to the period or sensor. Then exporting the configure files and sent to the player.

2 Brightness Four control types are provided to adjust the brightness.g.8. e. Period: On the basis of manual.9. Manual: Drag the scroll bar to configure the brightness.kazovision. you can append any period to configure the MAIL: 62 . Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. Brighter in the morning and darker at night.

the flash will be displayed. Kazo Vision WEB: 63 .10 Touch Screen Configuration File: Select a .Sensor: Configure different brightness according to the ambient collected by the sensor.swf format flash file with touch function. 8.kazovision. When you touch the MAIL: sales@kazovision. Stay Time: The flash will not stop until your finger leave the screen for the time.

9.9. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. it’s inconvenient to repackage the content. Select the window.1 Operation on Editor Terminal Open the PVEditor. and new item. so we provide a public notification function to solve MAIL: sales@kazovision. the user need to play a temporary notificaton or a emergency 64 . We take the “ Text File” for example.Public Notification Some time. new a window in the script to display the notification. However. The “ Text File” item and the “ Text” item support this function.kazovision.

and click the “Publish Notification” button below turns to the web page. 9.kazovision. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. select the terminal you want to publish a notification to.Input the following format in File blank: notify://+”Code”. the player terminal receive the corresponding notifiction from the Web Server and display 65 .2 Operation on Web Server Login the Web Server. When it MAIL: sales@kazovision.

Content: The concrete content to notice. Click the “Commit” to publish the notification. Time Setting: Set the vaild time of the 66 . Name: Be the same name as that filled in the file blank. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. it turns to the “Content Detail” page automatically.Notify Name: Input the title of the MAIL: sales@kazovision. waiting to verify. (2) Go to the “Content Management ” .3 Verify Notification (1) When the notification published. mark the notification and click the “Verify Pass”. you can verify the notification in the page. 9.

com MAIL: 67 .Kazo Vision WEB: http://www.kazovision.

More Function in Web Terminal Login the Web Terminal. lead you to the “More Function” page. Choose a terminal and click MAIL: sales@kazovision.10. devided to normal mode and stopped mode. the Player Terminal will display it on the 68 .1 Running Mode Remote control the running mode of the Player Terminal. List all the functions include those not commonly used. 10. here is the “More” button in the “Terminal Management” page. This chapter introduce it for you. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www.3. Choose the stopped mode and fill in the stop reason. Go to Chapter 6.kazovision.2(3) to see the effect.

the motherboard and the NIC.10.4 Shutdown / Reboot / Reset Shutdown: Remote shutdown the terminal.2 Update Configuration Remote modify the terminal configuration. Not all computers support the “Wake On Lan”. you can use this remote function. To use the function. in case of careless you could click the “Return”. 10. it will send a signal to wake up the terminal.3 Remote Wake Up Just click the “Commit” button. and select your configuration package file. The configuration package is exported by the Editor Terminal. then commit. Reboot: Remote restart the terminal. details in Chapter 8 . etc… Click the “Choose File” button in the “Update Configuration” page. volume. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. you should startup the 69 . MAIL: sales@kazovision. Use case: Due to power outages. 10. Reset: Remote reset the terminal. network. include timing.kazovision. the terminal must be in the LAN and its “Wake On Lan” in BIOS is enabled. ( Caution: Clear all the info in the terminal ) These operation need to commit. it depends on the power.

10. Click the “Commit”.7 Delete Terminal Delete the terminal in the Web Server.5 Upgrade Provide two publish method in the “Upgrade” page. then the terminal auto download the upgrade file and upgrade the version. The if the terminal communicate with the server. you can choose the upgrade file or input upgrade file URL to upgrade the terminal. 10. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. you should have indicated the sensor of the terminal in the “Edit Terminal” page. It’s similar to this sensor 70 .6 Sensor Configure First. MAIL: sales@kazovision. it will be registered in the Web Server again.8 . Reference to the chapter 8. It no longer appear in the Web Server.

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Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. Publish Notify. 11. Order By Region: Order By Terminal Name or Order By Region Name for selection. Publish Online MAIL: 72 .1 System Configure You can enable four functions in the “Edit organization configure” page: Publish Local Content.11. System Management in Web Terminal Login the Web Server. Verify Content: Send the content to the terminal until it ’s been verified or send it directly without verify for selection. click the “System” turns to the “System Management” page. List 15 functions in the System Management.kazovision. this chapter introduce the major functions. Allow duplicate title when online content.

11.2 User Group and User
11.2.1 User Group

New user group and enbale its privilege. Browse Terminal: View terminal list, and terminal status. Operate Terminal: Modify running mode, reboot,and configure sensor. Manager Terminal: Update configuration, shutdown, remote wake up, reset, upgrade, and delete terminal. Browse Content: View content list, and content detail. Publish Content: Publish content and notify. Verify Content: Verify the content. The content won't be sent to a terminal only when it's been verified. View City & Region Tree: View the city and region tree on the left side. View Ungrouped Terminal: View Ungrouped Terminal Configure System: Manager media server, Browse System Information and configure system. Manager User: Manager user and user group. Manager Region: Manager channel, city and region. Manager Others: terminal online status, error log, transfer statistics, play statistics, events management and logged in users. System Administrator: The user with system administrator privilege can view and edit all information. The others can only operate the information belongs to his own user group. Region: Select the region which the user in the group could operate.

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11.2.2 User New, modify and delete the user account to login the Web Server.

The account, password, password confirmation and belong to which user group are required when new user.

11.3 Channel / City / Region
There is the area list on the left in both terminal management and content management page.

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11.3.1 Channel Partition the player terminals by channels, e.g. Cinema, Subway.

Channel Name: Define the channel name, e.g. Cinema. Channel Order: Input a order number, the channel list is order by the number. 11.3.2 City Partition the player terminals by city, e.g. Shanghai, New York.

Partition by city doesn’t influence partition by channel. 11.3.3 Region Region is a congregation of the Player Terminal, each player terminal may belongs to a region.

When new region, you must input the Ragion Name and select a belonging city. You can also select a belonging channel.

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11. 76 . 11. user group and period.kazovision. while it communicates with the Web Server. include login.4 Play Statistics List the played times and total time of each item in the content script. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. convenient to provide data info to the advertisers You can search the info by MAIL: sales@kazovision.5 Events Management The “Events Management ” page display the operation of all users in the Web Terminal. The registration info of a terminal will be also listed in the “Events Management” page. logoff and the other operations. in order to billing. content name and period. You can search the event by user name.

com 77 MAIL: sales@kazovision.Kazo Vision WEB: http://www.

.com 78 . China. About Kazo Vision Kazo Vision is a solution provider who focuses on the LED/LCD display and visual effects. Our products are being used in different industries around the world successfully. Now we have gained profound experience in the field of LED display and sport information as well as had a large grasp of advanced technology including more than ten software copyright and thirty items of the patent right for invention. In addition. With several years' market expanding. exhibition. the company built a professional design team to keep on developing new products of software and hardware. Since its MAIL: sales@kazovision. So Kazo vision keeps on creating high quality visual effect to the customer through as always strict quality management and self-challenge. We are looking forward to cooperating with you sincerely. we have friendly cooperated with many solution providers in the world wide. serving for advertisement.2500 A1301. and sports field.12.kazovision. Kazo Vision has two mature lines of products including sports information and multimedia display which were developed independently. Phone: (+86)-021-52853639 Mail: sales@kazovision. Kazo Vision WEB: http://www. It is believed that quality and innovation is the power source of Website: www. Address: ZhenBei road No. the company also provides customization service to meet the client's individual needs. Kazo Vision Co.kazovision. Ltd.

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