It was harsh, but also filled with truth as was promised.

I thought about how it related to relationships and stagnation and distance that seems to occur universally and how that can change. That's the hard part. Fixing something that seems to be broken irreparably. It has long been my belief that effort is key for me in a relationship. I put a lot of time and effort into my relationships and if others don't, well that relationship will go tits up. And I'm talking about any relationship friends included. Certainly, I understand other commitments and such, but being a priority is important to me. Many folks seem to get to a point where they are dissatisfied with the amount of effort their partner is putting in. Which made me think, "What if a relationship was a job?" Would your boss tolerate you not showing up, not calling when you said you would, not doing your job or what you agreed to? Nope. Would your boss be OK with you spending hours playing video games, watching movies, or otherwise tuning out while on the clock? Would your boss be fine if you just threw your trash on the floor, made messes of your work space, and otherwise expected other people to clean up after you? Would you continue to be employed if you never showed up for a review, got passive aggressive at any criticism of your job performance, shut down any attempts to focus your attention on doing your job well, or refused to get further training? What if your boss found out that while at work, you were not doing the job he/she paid you for, but were actually doing work for someone else on his/her time?

but a long term apathy and lack of effort will get you fired. communication and ACT on them. Make THEM a priority. Be a partner who helps make their life better by taking care of your shared space.Most jobs will be understanding about a lapse for a few days in job performance due to personal issues. tune out. that full on effort is a revelation and a joy. or care. actually put out. or you will be fired? What if "being a good person" or "love" wasn't . You could be the nicest. like a job. and basically dump all the effort onto your partner? You have to be a benefit to your partner if you want to keep them. but if you never DO anything about it. You have to buck up and do some hard work on yourself. Engage in the relationship rather than a video game or TV. drop the ball. We were stunned and probably a bit turned on. Who wouldn't want to be in a relationship with someone who wants to and works on being the biggest asset they can be? What if you recognized that a relationship. Recently. Build up relationship skills like: emotional availability. thoughtfulness. most considerate person on the planet. It just pointed out exactly how rare that sort of thing is. a friend and I watched in awe as a male friend cleaned the top of the refrigerator and removed the A/C grate so he could WASH it. nobody else will know. So why do people think those behaviors are OK in a relationship? Why the shock and dismay when your relationship crumbles before you when you disengage. We get all too used to receiving and giving half-assed effort. This was not a requirement. Don't just think about what you offer. requires certain things.

enough? What if you knew you'd be coming up for review on your relationship tomorrow? Would you get a good one? Would you still have your job? .

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