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Course : PGDM I Semester : III Sem Name of Faculty : Mrs. Vyoma Seth Subject : BUSINESS RESEARCH METHODS Code : C - 108 Session : 2012-13

Time : 2Hours Attempt ALL Questions:


: 50

1. Attempt any FOUR of the following: (2.5x4=10) a) Management of marketing research can be effective and successful only when there is coordination between research and management. Comment. b) Why is it necessary to estimate the value and cost of information before conducting research? c) Do you think that every project must pass through each stage of research process? Give reasons to support your answer. d) What non sampling errors are likely to arise during the course of a research study? e) Define scientific methods with its characteristics. f) Define Attitude? What are the components of attitude? 2. Attempt any TWO of the following: (5x2=10)

a) What are the most commonly used scales for measurement of attitudes in a research? Your answer should be supported by example for each scale. b) In the absence of an adequate and reliable sample frame, what sample design/designs would you choose? Why? Support your answer with its merits. c) In order to get successful research study, marketing information should be gathered, processed, analyzed and interpreted in a systematic and objective fashion. Comment and explain the types of data collection.

3. Attempt any TWO of the following: (5x2=10) a) How would you use Likert scale to ascertain the brand preferences of washing machine
among the various customers? Develop five questions for brand preferences using Likert scale. How would you make use of this information for decision making?

b) The suitability of data processing methods depends on the volume of data to be processed. Comment. c) Explain the terms null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis. A hypothesis can only be rejected but it can never be accepted. Do you agree? Why or why not? 4. Attempt any TWO of the following: (5x2=10) a) Define questionnaire? What are the guiding considerations in the construction of questionnaire? b) Define sampling? Describe the various sampling types and techniques. c) Is a stratified sample a probability or non probability sample? Why? 5. Attempt any TWO of the following: (5x2=10) a) Skills required for writing a good report are quite different from those required for conducting a good research. Comment. Give the major criteria of writing a research report.

b) It is only through interpretation the researcher can expose the relations and processes that underlie his findings. Explain, giving examples. c) Many marketing research professionals would argue that the summary is the most important part of the research report. Describe the information that should be contained in the summary and why it is so important.