Course : B.B.A. Semester : III Name of Faculty : Mrs. Vyoma Seth Duration : 2 Hrs Note : 1) Answer FIVE questions in all. 2) Question No. 1 is compulsory. 3) Attempt One Question from each of the Four Units. 4) Use of simple calculator is permitted. 1. Attempt All the parts. (3x10=30) Subject : RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Code : BBA 306 Session : 2012-13 MM : 50

a.) Differentiate between research methods and research methodology with suitable examples. b.) Differentiate between stratified random sampling and cluster sampling with suitable examples. c.) “Secondary data should never be accepted without careful enquiry.” Comment on the statement with proper justifications. d.) Processing of data implies editing, coding and tabulation. Explain the significance of each concept in a research study. e.) What are the different kinds of experimental designs employed in research? Briefly explain any one. f.) What are the errors involved in testing of hypothesis? g.) What do you mean by scaling? Describe two scaling techniques. h.) Compare and contrast popular report and technical report. i.) “Sometimes census method is impossible to be employed.“ show the validity of this statement with suitable example. j.) Explain the concept of attitude. UNIT- I 2. 3. Define business research and its role in decision making. Explain the research process in detail. (5) Define research design. Are there any differences between exploratory research design and descriptive research design? If yes, what are they? (5) UNIT- II 4. Why probability sampling as a method of primary data collection is generally preferred in comparison to non – probability sampling methods? Explain any one non – probability sampling method mentioning its merits and demerits. (5) Define attitude measurement. What are the different methods of attitude measurement? Explain each with examples. (5) UNIT- III 6. 7. Explain different multivariate techniques used in management research. (5) Perform a Chi-square test on the following to determine if the opinion on “Regulation is the best way 2 to ensure a safe workplace” is associated with gender of respondent. (Given ‫ = א‬5.991) (5) Opinion Agree Disagree No opinion Total Men 58 34 08 100 Women 66 24 10 100 Total 124 58 18 200


IV 8. (5) “Research report is considered as a major component of the research study.” Explain all the components of research report.UNIT. What do you mean by presentation of research outcomes? Explain the graphical means of displaying data. What are the various precautions need to be taken while writing research report? (5) . 9.

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