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Enhanced IGRP (EIGRP)


EIGRP Features and Operation Using EIGRP to Support Large Networks Verifying EIGRP

EIGRP Features and Operation

EIGRP Features and Operation

Protocol-dependent modules Efficient neighbor discovery Communication via Reliable Transport Protocol (RTP) Best path selection via Diffusing Update Algorithm (DUAL)

Protocol-Dependent Modules

Provides routing support for multiple Network layer protocol:

IP IPX AppleTalk

Neighbor Discovery

Three condition that must be met for neighborship establishment:

Hello or ACK received AS number match Identical metrics (K values)

EIGRP advertise its entire routing table when it discover a new neighbor. Only changes to the routing table are propagated from then on.

Reliable Transport Protocol (RTP)

Proprietary protocol. Uses multicast and unicast. Multicast address For each multicast it sends out, it maintains a list of the neighbors who have replied. If EIGRP doesnt get a reply from a neighbor, it will switch to using unicasts to resend the same data. After 16 unicast attempts neighbor is declared dead.

Diffusing Update Algorithm (DUAL)

Backup route determination if one is available. Support of Variable-Length Subnet Masks (VLSMs). Dynamic route recoveries. Sending out queries for an alternate route if no route can be found.

EIGRPs Terms

Feasible distance the best metric along all path to a remote network. Reported distance the metric of a remote network, as reported by a neighbor. Feasible successor backup route rd < fd

Using EIGRP to Support Large Networks


Multiple AS

Only routers that have the same AS (autonomous system) numbers share routes. Support multiple distinct AS use redistribution. Internal EIGRP route administrative distance 90. External EIGRP route administrative distance 170.


A Discontiguous Network


EIGRP Auto Summarization


Route Discovery and Maintenance

Neighborship table Topology table Route table


EIGRP Metrics

Bandwidth Delay Load Reliability


Verifying EIGRP


EIGRP Troubleshooting Commands

show ip route
shows the entire routing table

show ip route eigrp

shows only EIGRP entries in the routing table

show ip eigrp neighbors

shows all EIGRP neighbors

show ip eigrp topology

shows entries in the EIGRP topology table