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'T^HE Chronicle of Morea, which was edited ^ time commented on and translated by
for the first



indispensable for the comprehension of the history, customs.

" This


of the Chronicle


Morea has



Zx)graphos prize of the Royal Academy, Munich:'




nad he



throw the vast
literary form,


of detail given in



could have utilized

and perhaps he might have exhausted But unfortunately

the subject of Franco-grecian history.

medieval history the fulfilment of this desire has been
See Gibbon's brief notice relating to Athens in Chapter LXII, where he Du Cange's Histoire de r empire de Constantinople sous les empereurs

refers to

franfais, Paris, 1668.

Nachlass Karl Hopfs

See R. Rohricht in Byzantinische Zeitschrift IV, 1895, p. 240: Der ; much material has been left by Hopf (registers,

unedited chronicles, documents



Cf. also E. Gerland,

and a complete history of the emperor vui, p. 347 and xi, p. 321.


^ I


Chronicle of Morea, which was edited for the



time commented on and translated by Buchon,

indispensable for the comprehension of the history, customs,

and language of medieval Greece.

It furnishes us

with an

accurate picture of a period of which Gibbon had, and could

have had, no exact knowledge,
the Chronicle of

since, in his time, neither

Morea nor the documents
historiography was

referring to the

Prankish conquest had been published \

This new and




Buchon and Hopf, and they developed
extent, that perhaps


such an




remains to be



the literary legacy of

HopP, which has






materials which

Hopf, had he lived to throw the vast

amount of

detail given



literary form,

could have utilized

and perhaps he might have exhausted But unfortunately

the subject of Franco-grecian history.

medieval history the fulfilment of this desire has been
See Gibbon's brief notice relating to Athens in Chapter LXII, where he

refers to


Cange's Histoire de P empire de Constantinople sous



fran^ais., Paris, 1668.

Nachlass Karl Hopfs

See R. Rohricht in Byzantinische Zeitschrift iv, 1895, p. 240: Der ; much material has been left by Hopf (registers,

unedited chronicles, documents



Cf. also E. Gerland,

and a complete history of the emperor vili, p. 347 and xi, p. 321.




prevented by Hopf's premature death.
count, based on Hopf,
in his


readable ac-

given of this period by Hertzberg

History of Greece, and by Gregorovius in his elabo-

rately written History of

A thens in the Middle Ages, in which
brief sketch
in his paper,

the events of the Prankish period are related as they could

be observed from Athens as the centre.
of the history of

Morea given by H.


The Franks

in the Peloponnese,

can also be read with profit



who wish

to get a general view of the subject.
historical material a

For the purpose of supplying


edition of the Chronicle was not perhaps a pressing need.


in publishing the different texts,

Buchon, as


seen hereafter, has done very

to further the


of medieval language and literature, and this has been the

main reason


undertaking an edition on a new



this edition the Chronicle

not treated as an indifferent

document subservient only
but with

to the history of political events,

the deference due to

as the chief literary


of the Frankish period and one of the earliest,

most important and extensive compositions
In the last thirty years



of the most valuliterature

able texts relating to popular Greek



Middle Ages have been published.
were begun

These laborious studies

by Mavrophrydis, carried on by Wagner,
of late

Lam pros and

by Hesseling, and we are
for the

particularly indebted to

Emile Legrand


of Neohellenic philology

by means of


numerous and
All these texts

valuable collections of literary documents.

have furnished ample materials
studies, while the conditions


grammatical and

under which the Chronicle of

Morea was published rendered

unsuitable for such pur-




carefully prepared edition, such as the present

one, can,

hope, be considered as a contribution to the

study of the Greek language as

was spoken

in the 13th

and 14th





intention to

add a concise

grammar, based on the language of the Chronicle, and

have gathered abundant materials

for this




a chapter devoted exclusively to
side the scope of the

grammar would

volumes of

this Series.

The Index


Words however
Prankish period.

will furnish a

conspectus of some of the

forms which

Greek had assumed


part of

preparation of this edition has occupied a large


time for a number of years.



of the MSS. took





Turin and



in the island of

Corfu, while preparing


had opportunities of becoming familiar with the
In the beginning of 1895

spoken language of Greece.




to the

Royal Academy



and received from
session on
to collate

the Zographos-prize in




again, in Munich,


the MSS. a second

Through the kind-

ness of the director of the libraries of Copenhagen,


Bruun, councillor of


and Monsieur


in Paris,

de rinstitut, director of the Bibliotheque Nationale
the MSS. were sent to


to Munich,



could study

them again

in the

Royal Library.

In the following year

the MS. of Turin was sent to



in the Biblioteca

details of


was able

to revise


collation of


and note

minor importance.


of these details increased


work, but


seemed desirable


this edition as

complete as possible.



hope that

this edition,

which presents the



long and arduous labour,


prove useful to students of

history as well as of the language and literature of Greece
in the 13th

and 14th




would express



to the officials of every grade in the
for their friendly assistance,


mentioned above



special indebtedness to

Monsieur Omont, the chief of

the department of MSS. in the Biblioth^que


thanks are due to the publishers for the

they have



promoting the medieval philology of

Greece, and to the printers for having in
respect facilitated

more than one





September, 1903.

Preface Abbreviations explained Principal Works consulted Editions of Texts referred to Introduction







— Cod. Havniensis — Cod. Parisinus — Cod. Bernensis — Cod. Taurinensis The editions of the Greek Chronicles by Buchon — His edition of the French Chronicle — The Italian and the Aragonese versions — The synopsis of Dorotheas of Monembasia — Buchon's object exclusively historical;





his neglect of philology



— Spirant and Tenuis Double consonants — Accents — Final v— Synizesis. Details in spelling — Proper names tC rendered by — Siglae — Details in phonetics: for Km';— for

present edition— Its plan. preparing the texts Itacism

General principles







Spellings suggested by the science of language

The mofs savants are not reduced to the standard of popular phonetics Difficulty in rendering the mediae without a preceding nasal sound




relations existing

rences in

between the versions Diffelanguage between H and P Faint national

tendencies expressed in P Fanciful alterations in T Was the original Chronicle written in Greek or in


— Arguments

in favour of

an original Greek



political verse

Its description

It is

the national

Greek verse Its occurrence in English, French and Italian Reasons why many metrical errors are found

in the Chronicle



Ixvii Ixxxvi 1-596 Index of persons. The contents It is of the Chronicle. 599 623 III. the division of the Pelopon- nesus among the vassals of the Prince. with the Notes of the Taurinensis Indices: Index of notable Greek words I. the castle near Sparta etc. Franks and Greeks Index of geographical names countries . in the Western and Eastern Index of names of places in Morea and Athens . sentiment and religion His predilection for all that concerns feudal law and its practice His relation of the artifices practised by the mighty of that time— His main object—The place which the Chronicle occupies in literature Its language Mots savants and their flexion Syntax Why has this history of Morea been composed in verse ? — — — — — . but a Frenchman in character. Act 3) referring to its deI 1 — scription of feudal customs.— Concluding remarks on the genesis of the 'Helena' Iviii Summary Chronological Tables The Text of the Havniensis and Parisinus. — xxxvi The author and his work He was hardly a Gasmule. 630 633 . but H in its present form was written before 1388 and P after that year The author refers to the ocular witnesses of the events . : — he relates The substance of H's account appears to be unaltered VII. xxxviii VIII. II. nfluence of the Chronicle on Goethe's Faust Passages in the 'Helena' {Faust II.. xlvii Organisation of Morea. and why the Franks did not Gradual extinction of the French fuse with the Greeks The three periods of Frankish dominion Causes of the Conquest Feudalism could have been beneficial The Conquest in connection with the political and A fusion of both literary renovation of the Greeks races would have been inevitable Traces of it in the — — — — — — — language X... and its historical value Hopf and IX. a historical source of a secondary order Sanudo An example of errors contained in his merit — — the Chronicle— Its contents— The division of Morea .— — — CONTENTS PAGE VI. Chronological questions regarding the Chronicle Only the date of the French version can be determined it was composed between 1333 and 1346 the original Greek version shortly after 1300. .

denotes connueSy publides avec notes et tables gendalogiques par Charles : Hopf. see page xix. and the Italian Chronicle referred to in the Introduction. „ „ „ Parisinus „ „ „ xvi. H P denotes : codex Havniensis. Chroniques grdco-romafies inSdites ou peu Chron. . rom. Encycl.. For other abbreviations referring to the Index of notable Greek words and the Index of geographical names see p.herausgegeben von Ersch und Gruber. erste Section. gr. 633. L „ „ Encycl. T Taurinensis xviii. Allgemeine Encyklopaedie der Wissenschaften und A!'?^'«j'/<?. Berlin. II denotes the same work continued in Theil 86. 1873.. Weidmann. Griechenland im Mittelalter und in der Neuzeit.ABBREVIATIONS EXPLAINED. „ Theil 85. page 67 sqq. described on page xv. This work contains the Istoria del Regno di Romania^ by Sanudo. 599 and p. „ jj » Livre de la Conqueste. I denotes: Karl Hopf.

Gotha. Berlin. 1876. appendix. " Neugriechische Studien. 1892. Wien. Nikli 222. Geschichte Griechenlands seit dem Absterben des antiken Lebens bis zur Gegeftwart. contains : ." Journal of Hellenic Studies vil. which the author visited in 1882. 1856. zum Ende 833. 216. Akademie der Wissenschaften in IVien. which the reader can consult for further details Studies. George N.). notes etc. 205 sqq. London. IV. Entstehungsgeschichte. Goethes Faust. Thumb. Karl. Geschichte der Byzantinischen Litteratur von Justinian 1897: see bis p. II a part of the Chronicle translated into German Fallmerayer.. "The Franks in the Voio^onnQst. 1902. For other geographical works see Index p. In this article we find a description of Acova p. Hatzidakis. Leipzig. F. Ellissen. mention is made of the London. Strass- burg. " Geschichte der Byzantinischen und Neugr. John B..PRINCIPAL WORKS CONSULTED. Goethes Faust. Mistra 228. Bury. Acad^mie de Besangon. 633. Konigsberg." Sitzungsberichte der kais. Un parlement de dames au 1880. Boston (Heath Albert. 1898. des ostrbmischen Reiches. Geschichte der Halbinsel Morea wdhrend des Mittelalters^ 1830— 1836. H. The history of the decline and fall of the Roman empire. II. Einleitung in die neugriechische Grammatik. & Co. Gustav. ann^e Meyer. by J. Gustav Friedrich. Tozer. an account of the Chronicle and topographical notices. Hertzberg. Bury. 1902. le marquis Terrier de. p. of Hellenic a survey of the Frankish conquest from 1204— 1432. Carytaina 219.. Band IV.. Otto. Baumgart. An historical Greek Gratmnar. Littera- tur. IV. Gibbon. Chronicle of Morea. referring to Morea. and other places. vol. Hermann. Analecten der mittel- und neugriechischen Litteratur^ is Leipzig. Krumbacher. I also refer to my treatises on this subject and in particular to my dissertation. " The Lombards and Venetians in Euboea. Passava 226. 1899. Jannaris. Handbuch der neugriechischen Volkssprache. Vol.^^ Journal 1883. A. Miinchen. Band CXXX und CXXXii. Leipzig. Goethes Faust als einheitliche Dichtung^ Band II. Dieterich. Pniower. Karl. verse. 1895. 1897. Calvin. N. in vol. B." in Litteraturen des Ostens in Einzeldarstellungen. XIII® sihle^ Loray. 1897. Zeugnisse und Excurse zu seiner Thomas. In vol. 1894. edited in 7 volumes with introduction.

it has not been my object to quote all the works of history connected with the conquest and accurate account of these works is given by Krumbacher. p. eine Untersuchung iiber das Verhdltniss ihrer Handschriften und Versionen^ a dissertation. Ueber phonetische und graphische Erscheinungen im Vulgdrgriechischen^ Leipzig." in Festschrift Konrad Hofmann zum "josten Geburtstag gewidmet^ Separatabdruck aus den Romanischen Forschungen. 1898. 1076. p. "Zur Ueberlieferung der Chronik von Morea. of the Franks.PRINCIPAL WORKS CONSULTED XIU Schmitt. and especially p. under the heading: Der lateinische Orient. 836 sq. 1081. Litteratur. 1889. Die Chronik von Morea. John.. full A . Geschichte der By2. " La Thdsdide de Boccace et la Thdsdide grecque." in Etudes de philologie neo-grecque^ publides par Jean Psichari (Biblioth^que de I'Ecole des Hautes Etudes. 1892. 92® fascicule). (Erlangen) 1890. Band v. Paris. As in this edition the historical questions suggested by the Chronicle have been only incidentally referred to. Miinchen.

Les cinq livres de la lot {le Penfateugue). Wilhelm. XiaKO. traduction en n^o-grec publi^e en caract^res hdbraiques k Constantinople en 1547.. Meo-attovtKjy Bi^XioOijkt].. Wilhelm. Legrand et Sathas. Hesseling. 'AvaXfKra. K. K.EDITIONS OF TEXTS REFERRED TO. Emile. Les exploits de Digdnis Akritas^ Paris. Lampros. This 873. Tofxos B. Carmina graeca medii aevi. Collection de Komatts grecs^ Paris. Lipsiae. 1881 it contains Lybistros and Rodamne. ^a6ai^ 1 . N. Wagner. Leide. 1890. Venice. D. Berlin. Wagner. Kai/eXXaActy. Trois polmes grecs. Biblioth^que grecque vulgaire^ Paris. Athens. volume contains the Chronicles of Cyprus by Leontios Machairas and Georgios Boustronios. Spyr. Legrand. 1880. 1874. C. 1880. transcrite et accompagnde d'une introduction etc. 1897. .. P. 1875. N.

or in the beginning of the fifteenth century. fateor me haud satis intelligere. and after this every third verse.: INTRODUCTION. Description of the Greek MSS. 237. von Morea. From him and the it. H is contained in the collection of which forms a part of the University library of Copenhagen. the column containing the text is small and the margin rather broad. is undoubtedly written by a Greek scribe. From the hand of Fabricius we find the following note on the first {i. a short history connected with this There Thomas into the ms. According to Mr Omont. was written in the fourteenth Fabricius. it is very legible and even comparatively correct in spelling. its paper is of a light brown colour and ribbed. especially p.. MS. foil. 519 sqq. it which accompanied clearly shows that Gram did not take the slightest interest in the calls it a munusculum and says Ego quidnam illud sit historiae^ Fabricius ob barbarietn idiomatis. is Bartholin. Codex Havniensis. From who belonged to a learned family. begins with a new line. of which I here give a brief recapitulation.e. fourth) leaf Chronicle and wished to get rid of nullius pretii aut momenti. 529 sqq. It is quoted: codex Havniensis 57. I. — who was the professor of Greek language and history at the Fabricius received the letter University of Copenhagen. 6^ every verse. : He b 2 . The MS. it passed hands of Johannes Grammius (Hans Gram 1685 1748). and till fol. In every verse the initial letter is written in red ink. A detailed description Zur Ueberlieferung der Chr. I. of it is given in my article: begins with 1. explains to Gram its contents and sends him in return the thirteenth volume of his Bibliotheca. 105 of the Parisian version. p. The three first leaves have been lost and the MS. the MS.. as a Christmas gift in 1725. 4° Chart.

therefore. A Cangio De bellis Morea. success. Francis I at Fontaine bleau. by the hand of Fabricius. makes no mention of the Chronicle in his Bibliotheca and Meursius only extracts some words which he On attempts to explain in his Glossary. used by qualified thus in the auctioneer's catalogue: No. infra p. 202. chart. papers and letters were bought in 1775 t>y the University library of Copenhagen and thus our ms. Grammii. it + €V T<38€ l(Tri ravra + lOTopta Tts ^ovA.yap€. then find scribblings of no importance. of which the quinternions take no heed. returned Among the books left by Fabricius it is again to Denmark. 298 and 320). foil. 1^26. sed ab initio atque in fine aliquot foliis mutilatus. vocabularium graecum. left in : We we read it the name : the right corner. T.: xvi INTRODUCTION Meursio citatus. stilo graecobarbaro. .C. and in more distinctly lo. 2898 = P.X7{i/3€ = Italian volgare^ — an attempt to find a proper term for Romaic or Neohellenic. but often with very little him was the codex P. KaX 7roA. 166. and by Arabic numbers from 4 237.yape\ Trept rov Orjaeuys kol twv d/xa^ovoiv + + tri toTTopia y8ovA. as a title. 1304 (read 1204). 2. Circa 1277. i"" the title is in the handwriting of Angelus Vergetius II a. Fabricius died in 1736. by Greek numbers. Albert Fabricius A. A. only continued from 8' to /)/m€' (fol. 27^ we find four and on f. XV. Parisinus gr.a aAAa /Aep>7 avaroAiKa + : : : * /3oi. Glossarii Graeco barbari). is of three kinds : by the indication of or layer of 10 leaves. Fabricius Graeca. o. was originally in the Hbrary of 19. the ms. 233. ttoJs ol (jipdyyoL eXaftov r^v iipova-oK'qyi. written Thomae Bartholin^ almost obliterated.. saec. Under : was written. — XVI. his library. but there are other lacunae. agensque de bellis Francorum in Morea (ita citatur a Cangio in Indice Scriptorum Anonymorum. filled by P. There is a lacuna of two pages indicated by the quinternions (see notes on p. and in the corner ex dono cl{arissimt) Grammii^ distinct characters to the Above the middle of the page lo. On fol. every The paging of the new quinternion ms. 145). Anonymus scriptor ad historiam Byzantinam spectans. must have been — incomplete when copied. 28 X o. but then crossed out again. A Memorat de Francorum in bello sacro de capta a Francis C Poli.. Versibus politicis graecobarbaris. 28^ three pentalphas. Codex cm.A. the ms. f.

is 1 from the ms. but badly executed and valueless. Edit. fol. 527 — p.. which the scribe edition inserted 218^' the ms.. proper place. but the poem itself has not been copied. the director of the The Bernensis. fol. Auctor vivebat circa annum MCCC. I exit amined it in Paris in the Bibliotheque Nationale. : Laudatur a Leone AUatio. saec. is an was has not been described by Buchon. chart. P contains: fol. Scriptoribus Anonymi de francicis jure accensendus. with the crosses in their proper places. foil. xvii. in. of which the beginning has is La Theseide de Boccace Theseide grecque). is title which refers to the Theseide. reproduced in all its details. has been in into its my fol. foil. Omont. 549. II c. 8*^. et eorum in Peloponneso seu Morea res gestas.. 226. 2753. it belongs to the family of the Parisinus 2898. and been preserved. while the end relating to the wanting as in H. far from being an untrustworthy copy of another MS. saec. Then Vide in indice in the hand of E. chart. 11. it is has transferred to the end of P. Miller et Du Cangii Glossarium mediae col. 11 a translation from (see Italian into popular Greek of the Theseide of Boccaccio et la my Ill — 233 the Chronicle of Morea. Politanae ab iisdem. is an interesting example of the thoughtlessThus the ness with which some scribes performed their task. Venitiis. like prose. Geofifroy of Carytaina. of P. is Codex Parisinus gr. of which identical copy. a simple copy of the former. 65. Codex Bernensis It gr. i. 393. 509. Even . Boivin. to which sent through the kindness of library of Berne. we read: 2569 (number referring to the catalogue of the year 1682). in altero expugnationem urbis C.: INTRODUCTION XVU Cange. Anonymi de amoribus Thesei et Aemyhae Libri xil versibus politicis. Codex chartaceus varia nee antiqua manu scriptus. according to On a slip in the handwriting of Du M. Mr Bloesch. in written double columns line. written by Angelus Vergetius. Bellis Hierosolymitanis Libri II versibus politicis. The episode nephew of p. the verses do not begin with a new 11/^. tom. infimae graecitatis. i — J. auctorum : The remark Thus article fol. In priore primas Francorum in Syriam expeditiones. From is continued by a new and somewhat more cursive hand. xvi.

text of H by misspellings and misrepresenta- was not known to any of those who hitherto studied the Chronicle. c. to the crucifixion of Christ. and. On fol. 1. ladders. This MS. Emile Legrand.X. i =T. a Greek scribe. all also contains same line and continues to the end without any further interruption. P ( = 1. which seems to indicate who had been ordered to make an exact copy of It was probably for Bongars that this order was 1. it is much inferior. however. can be classed with the Havniensis. it is very difficult to read them. fol. the relation of the sea voyage is repeated with more details and begins: + €is 1586 2^ the text begins again at the folio : implements referring some numbers. On fol. 225''. hi. then follows the account of a sea voyage in which the ms. Still they are of some importance. on as on the preceding X/HOTTov K. and I T resolved to make an versi. the Parisinus. scribblings etc. xvi. 129 we find a note from the hand of one of the owners of MS. is 11. then on the two following pages recur crucifixes. A specimen furnished me by the late Joseph Mueller. III. saec. numbers. catalogue of Pasini lxvi. 24. place we find rough drawings of crosses. death incorporated in the library Codex Taurinensis B. to which. and it is only a few years ago that my attention was called to it through the kindness of M. being copied by a scribe who left many gaps and deteriorated the tions. lances. chart. The last leaf verso contains a prescription for is by another hand.T. was probably brought to Italy. convinced me at once of the importance of this text for the later development of medieval Greek. the numerous faults in Thus we read in the ms. on the last leaf. 9. exact collation of it. In these notes the handwriting poor and the spelling extremely bad. as they reflect the language of the time used by the common people. Bernensis. as it is certain that the library of the author of Gesfa after his Dei per Francos was of Berne. . professor of the University of Turin.X. does not continue. with the sole exception of Ka^aXapoi.t.XVlll INTRODUCTION P are rendered with the utmost accuracy. 8449/5 1 in iKbJbrj rj this edition) krjTTOV TO Tjiraalv €K€L KaftaXapi oiTr(ip)(ovv Xoyei Treprjirl ^apiofxev va ra ypa<f>Oy which lines are given with all the details of misspelling in the f.iovs TTCVTaAcocrtou? oyZorjKOVTa €^t k. i"* is the title: Cronica in i^ it The text begins on its on fol. the old signature in the foil. swellings.. + €ts Tovs ^iA. but in 57 of the edition. has been corrected. 129. The free use of ligatures executed. it etc.

de I'an 1205 a I'an 1333. elucide'es et traduites par J.. Buchon. 1845. only the Prologue I (1. XIX The editions of the la Greek Chronicle. logue of the library formerly belonging to the dukes of Burgundy. 2. 712). Chronique de la principaute frangaise d'Achaie (texte Grec inedit). Tome second.par Buchon. Paris. publiees pour la premiere fois. VII. has been published for the first time. in Brussels (Tome p. with the la Moree). into French. Paris. (traduite du sicilien). de Sicile et de Grece Bernard (TEsclot^ Chronique (traduction nouvelle du Catalan). van Hulthem 226. Jules Renouard In this edition the codex Havniensis.. 3. Premiere epoque. ^^^ discovered by him in the Bibliotheca Marciana (Appe*^' "^^* The ms. Italian and Arago?iese versions. Chroniques etrangbres relatives aux expeditions frangaises pendant le xiii^ siecle. Bt/3Atov tj^s KovyKcWas. pour la premiere fois d'apres le manuscrit grec inedit This book contains a translation par J. Paris. de Constantinople et Chronique de conquete de Tetablissement des Fran^ais en Moree. A. de la Conqueste de > / Italian Chronicle. Cie. dated 1841. Chroniques greco-romanes. editions of the French. de Pierre III et expedition frangaise de 1285 (texte Catalan inedit). cod. C. pp.. — 1338) is given in Greek. Chronique de la conspiration de I. by Buchon Le Livre de volume of the above-mentioned was discovered by Buchon in Marechal's CataChronicle. in Venice. of the Chronicle. & The 1. 1825. 434. A. public pour la premiere fois d'apres le manuscrit de Copenhague. 414 468. with notes and indices.INTRODUCTION II. P 2898. No. 1. Empire latin d'Orient. It contains: Anonyme grecj 2.. Mairet. title: Moree etc. 15702. Conquete et etablissement feodal. The French It la Conqueste. 1840. Buchon. Ramon Muntaner. Prochyta. published for the first time ^/ Hopf.. some copies are This edition contains the whole of P 2898 with a French translation. forms the Recherches. Anonyme Sicilien. called first 11. Chronique d'Aragon. Recherches historiques sur et la principaute frangaise de Moree ses hautes baronies. Fabricius 57. ecrite en vers politiques par un auteur et traduite anonyme dans les premieres annees du xiv^ siecle. The Charles — . which is only a'-^'^^^^^^^s CI. No. but without a translation.

Buchon was pene i-^^ ^^^. xlii). the compiler made use of the French version as well The Aragonese Chronicle was found in the as of the Greek. There is another work which is based on the Chronicle and contains a part of it. by Dorotheus of Monembasia. relating to Morea.. but in a paraphrase in prose Bi/3Atov : ttrroptKOi/. His collections of documents. 2. sets in its proper light the extensive information he ^^^ ble to obtain from Italian and Greek sources. they and abundant. although written at a with a view Chronicle. are valuable useful. As the title indicates. was published studies on the original form of the Chronicle. 1885). tab. belongs to the same The los fechos et conquistas del Principado . Johan de Jerusalem. i). this work is a compilation. La graftt crbnica de family. 102 sqq. . who was the Grecian history after first to take is up the thread of Franco- Du Cange. compilado por comandamiento de Don Fray Johan Ferrandez de Heredia. Buchon. as it seems. entitled to much praise for having spent many years of his life in the laborious researches connected with the Chronicle of Morea. This popular book was printed in Venice in 1631. and new editions of it were published in 1685. part. which have led to the development of a new branch of history. Jules Guillaume Fick. . 1743.j^ ^^ sentiment his editions were of nationality mtenaea ^ ^^^^ ^s an illustration of French glory in the past. title is: date. who. 3. Est. has been reprinted by Buchon in his edition of the Parisinus. first i. p. Cronica de los Conquiridores (Bibl. though highly meritorious and needed to be supplemented and confirmed by the later researches of Karl Hopf. being impartial and free from ^*'^ional bias. 3 et 4. as I have shown in my dissertation p. for the first time. as well as the notes which accompany his editions. and commentary by Alfred Morel-Fatio IV of the Publications de la Soci^te de I'Grient Latin (Geneva. Osuna. pp. introduction in the S^rie historique. It was published for the vol. which is principally based on the Chronicle of Morea and. in 1393. xviii — xliii. maestro del Hospital de S. A part of it. 7repu)(OV iv crvvoij/tL 8ta<^opov<j kol i^oxov^ to-Topta?. to facilitate The Aragonese much later Libro de de la Morea. but. T/ie editions of Buchon. los conquiridores^ vol. 1786 and even 1814. time with a French translation.XX translation of the INTRODUCTION Greek Chronicle (cp.

Buchon declares in his edition of P. a fact which is suffiby the undeveloped state of Neohellenic philology Still Du Cange. were offices intended only for the use of the un- cultivated classes in Greece. or at least amount of pene- an intimate knowledge of the spoken language. for the appreciation of popular Greek. of Paris. . and this may be said in excuse for his texts.INTRODUCTION xxi His aims are almost exclusively historical. which were issued for centuries by the printingof Venice. they were not published with the purpose of furthering Greek learning. then prepared by Mr Landois. a great number of readings and and no it. is In particular his edition of the spellings are extremely inaccurate. had it not contained a great deal of the information on which his researches were based. it Boivin too cherished the same intention but failed to carry out. Havniensis faulty. had called the attention of the philologists to this text and had even thought of publishing it. but a collation was made of it by one of Buchon's Greek on the basis of the edition of the much inferior ms. the fine details of language are not rendered. 202. Furthermore. like those of Du Cange. i. but died before executing his plan. less than fifteen lines have been overlooked in copying He chief Greek texts. Perhaps the ciently explained character of the ms. as capable of satisfying the needs of philology in every way. this collation was executed hurriedly and carelessly. which could not escape his notice. and are mostly so incorrect that they can only be read with a considerable tration. that the advancement of Greek philology is not the object he has in view and he refers to an edition of the version of Copenhagen.. valuable Havniensis has not been copied directly from the MS. had not discovered the unequal value of the two and a considerable confusion has been caused by this ignorance of a question of primary importance. the untrustworthiness of the accounts in the Chronicle.. who made an abundant use of the in his time. materials contained in the Chronicle for his Glossary. its and perhaps even unusual language. In Buchon's time the learned Greek scholar Adamantios Kora'is had done much nature. The popular Greek books. but his pursuits were. Thus the friends. p. of a merely lexicographical the edition of two No Greek scholar had yet attempted to publish an exif tensive text in this idiom. which in the eyes of Greek students was barbarous. which cannot serve for the study of the medieval language of Greece. Buchon would certainly not have thought of pub- lishing the Chronicle. we except poems of Prodromos by Korais in his Atakta^ vol. prevented deemed him from doing so in earlier years.

614 ovrcus kol TO liTTjKtoaaVf MS. 405 aTToSe'^aro. Special care has been devoted to the Index Graecitatis. of it. of which the present edition strives to render all the An edition already referred to. but the editor. Ed. if published. which contains a detailed account of all its errors and. The geography of Morea in the Frankish period has been diligently studied and much of the information. 901 and 901 a. : where ycVotTo results from a careless collation of P which has y€V€Tai. €ts Aoyov €tT€ €ts opKov. anticipated by H : refers to the edition prepared by Mr Landois. has not been published. would have been a Parisinus. is responsible for them. as well as to the Indices of the persons and places mentioned in the Chronicle. on p. Thus Ed. I have examined it. which. obtained in the works of Hopf regarding the Frankish rulers. which contains abundant material for the Lexicon totius Graecitatis of the future. which Mr Landois had details. 338 diroSiie rov I. 1. /xrjSkv y^vrj to ttA-ciov. are not found in the MS.. 684 /xr/Scv ykvovro irXkov^ MS. detected by a comparison between the edition of Buchon and the MS. 270 sqq. valuable addition to the Corpus of Byzantine historians. edition erepov^. 604.xxii INTRODUCTION the edition resulting from it Hence is practically worthless for no more than a contamination of two The nature of these inaccuracies can easily be distinct mss. has been utilized. 1. On Buchon's edition of see my paper Zur Ueberlieferung der Chronik von Morea. Gr. prepared several years before. 535. It has not been my object to correct all the historical errors contained . The present edition endeavours to furnish trustworthy texts for the study of history as well as of the Greek popular language in the 13th and 14th centuries. being preserved in manuscript in the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris. 406). Index p. but not made use Suppl. III. 1. Some of the errors censured by Hatzidakis. MS. Ed. ovto)? to €Trkr}piSaau. see Sex^fxai. A few examples may show the differences between Buchon's and the MS.. Mr Landois had made an accurate copy of the Chronicle from the Havniensis and had discovered its superiority to the This edition. not the author.. for Tov Xaov rov kol 1. Xaov tov k Irepovs Ktti (1. /MC a7ro8e^€TOV. ft€ rov — MS. was Buchon under circumstances which deprived Mr Landois of the fruit of many years' labour. but it is philological purposes. MS. where the absurd tpyov is borrowed from the Parisinus. The present edition. 758 61? koyov T€ cts ^pyov. Einleitung p.

The main object in publishing this lengthy Chronicle in two was to further the study of medieval and modern last quarter of the past century. most important productions of this new literature still in a state of formation. and the history of Hopf. but still capable of being explained. historical events in their succession. But I my emendations. to a certain extent. In many doubtful cases have adopted a rather conservative standpoint. supplies. radical.. and Other forms which are unusual. in the Middle Ages is closely connected with that of the present day. in the Index of Words. has been The popular language of Greece built up on a solid foundation. and respected the authority of the mss. English. a translation of the Chronicle into English. and will be distinct versions Greek. if circumstances are favorable. laoTTvpa ivLavTos. which.INTRODUCTION in the Chronicle. which. are in accordance with the general character of medieval Greek. tables annexed to the volume are calculated to give a rough outline of the history contained in the Chronicle and can serve to A complete Summary gives a view of the verify its accounts. I For some of them am obliged to Prof. deserves its special consideration all in in regard to the character of language. Hatzidakis. and it that was in my power has been done to present readable form. and considerable length. all who kindly gave me his advice. and some emendations were needed. the use of Buchon's historical notes that the lines referring to his The chronological editions have been added in parentheses. It is true that to the public a trustworthy and No passage and no word has remained obscure. cp. being one of the earliest and practical interest. I venture to say. of feudal customs etc. much closer than the language of Chaucer is with Modern Popular Greek has now a small literature of its own. which is in itself a continuous commentary and an indispensable guide It is with a view to facilitate through Franco-Grecian history. to the utmost. The plan on which the publication of a text in the popular is language should be carried out widely different from the method followed in editing texts of the ancient language. xxill which would have necessitated a commentary of For rectifications of this kind the reader can consult the notes of Buchon. since the the only and true literature of Greece. many. will occupy the place of that written for centuries in the traditional language. of which the critical apparatus gives evidence. The reasons . The question as to the supremacy of both forms of the language has of late become of The Chronicle.

(0 and o are confounded. a-K ( if/). ^K (vk). down almost to nothing. u. which have no phonetic. representing correct. p. the result always a spirant with a tenuis. but everything that appeals to the ear. both in the text and in the critical given below. = evKoXrj are explained. the spelling at of the this mss. gr.. are perfectly looked in are confounded with each other by these faultless. misspellings. All errors of this kind have been tacitly corrected. if and implies Thus xviii. the apitself.: — xxiv are manifold INTRODUCTION and can easily cases be deduced from the specification of applicable to popular Greek the editor may neglect texts can be expressed in a few words all that appeals to the eye. ) XT> <t>T O-T. of the Chronicle like ivxoXr) 3. Then and €. 1. p. 90). See P/ion. is only the I and O sounds . quoted in the description of the Bernensis. a specification made of all cases of which no account has been taken the mss. aaxVI^^'^ t)y acTTevijs. <f>x and of ancient tenues x^ XT : (vx). and the phonetic result. The double consonants. ^x^po^ are phonetically expressed by aaOanjSf by X^^^^ ^^^ ffiTatd) iyvpevcra by iyvpeif/a. but . if orthographical variants of this nature were paratus would registered. B and P. my Phonetische und graphische is Erscheinungen. Thus the ^^) series of ancient spirants <^0 {vO). Thus eSexTTj is the true Neohellenic form. — '*^' ''"'" — *'"^' ^X —^^ TTO- ( ~ = are rendered by <^T (ut). Itacismus. Ersch. but €i in the present edition. and if such a combination occurs. in all rj more rarely in H. must be considered important (see note. The method : apparatus . which paper can serve as a kind of introduction In the following. although it is sometimes rendered by the traditional iSex^rj and even by the abnormal iVKT}^ €XTp6<i KTL^ili and TTTatO) '. the lines. become more voluminous than the text My views referring to the general principles to be followed in popular texts are expressed in to the present edition. Modern phonetics do not admit of two tenues or two is the concurrence of either spirants. 24 sqq. p. where many abnormal spellings .. ao-Kry/xos . which gives the same phonetic result x^ as well as kt = 0t. cv^*?. sound. thiKT-q. the signs denoting at \^iy) v vl 01 are continually misused. obtained the same as if the spelling had been light We can furthermore see in this example that. Examples tfiTOiVWy : <f>6av(i}. and consequently the bulk of the apparatus has dwindled 2.

XXV when traditional Foreign words have been rendered in their proper forms and in conformity with their etymology. which is always wanting. acFor the sake of unity. the system cording to modern spelling. missus. is only a graphical sign which performs the functions of the acute. accentuated the aov. I I think that this infringement of yvioa-r] justified. fjnaevu). and not final fxva-rrjpLoy tov. and the iota subscriptum. has been suppHed. as they would have been too cumbersome in a literary . which borrows its accent from Ta^etStov. from Lat. although the circumflex. from Lat. grave. 14 orav IXurovpya K vi}/(i)V€v I could neither resolve to write ora nor yet to omit the augment. and. as sounds are more important aov in as than mere graphical ancient usage instead of yvo)(TL is details. While many write cfiova-dro. thus in 1. and write fjnacrevo). which often has only a graphical value. <f>ov(T(raTo. When a perispomenon followed by an enclitic takes an acute. although carried out in all its details. This detail seemed important for the study of final 6. The confusion in the mss. Studien. arising from the misuse of circumflex.. €v9eu)^ have been used. 8208 I metre requires. and and misspellings of this kind are not corrected according to the rules of common orthography. reads. Neugr. The No hyphens to denote synizesis as in Kvptov. and lenis. The sign iw. as well as simply an I-sound. In H v. and avOpw-nroL instead of dvOpwTTOL. by Gustav Meyer. has been rendered in the apparatus whenever it occurs in the MS.. INTRODUCTION only a graphic value. I follow the orthography used fossatum^ and 4. on wrong syllables of traditional accentuation. tacitly is spiritus asper registered. thus write P 239. this acute is not written as it could lead to a vicious incidence of accent. V. which can denote an I-sound and v. etc. which I considered as irregular from the point of view of ancient accentuation. and so I leave the matter undetermined. crov. it is irrational. -rqv yva>o-t(v) which could be read ixvaT-rjptov falsely Tov. the acute. as the ms. has often been omitted when for metrical reasons the vowel preceding the V and that following it must coalesce to form a single syllable Sometimes the final v but special cases have always been noted. as in 7rat8e9 Ttv€9. But accents have been taken into consideration. have always been restored spelling required it. the asper and lenis over p have been constantly omitted. has been kept in spite of the metre. in such cases. 5. has been I thus write ra^ctSi and not raeciSi.

6 ^ao-tAcas the older accentuation v€o?. It is true that in the modern language the accents on e and / before the stronger vowels a o oi>. INTRODUCTION In this case we must divide Kv-pi-ov and sometimes Kv-ptov. and cv-^cws. whereas two and five lines below. when fta-ai-Xi-as. (Tiradia 4. not ySta . . confirms this state of even in the modern form of the language. The question regarding synizesis is not settled even in the present day. had not yet been in 1. mark a state of transition thus for instance in the Havniensis the word read ^atrtXca? never ^Sa-o-t-Xca?. Corresponding to the type Pw-yuatos = Ro-meos). but it is undecided whether ta counts as one or as two syllables.XXVI text. not XP*'" not J ^^^ ^''^ ^^V ^^ x^^P*''"**') 23 . 21 — 82 . where this word occurs at the end of the first hemistich. In his Hymnos 2. compare it the type Pw/xaios. 10. of Modern Greece. in four syllables. either of — occupies in the greatest poet fluctuation. No and one violence whatever ( done to the metre. fil )8ta ixiTpdcL TTjv yyj^ i. had I written in these cases allow me to make any alteration Vat-fxaioL and Po)-/xat(ui/. which. but seems to . and Kpavia 65. ikivOepia and iXivOepid are used indiscriminately. phonetically expressed. strophe 16. but AaXict. for the syllable ei = atot and . we find a number of verses which confirm : that such forms are even admissible in elaborate lyrical poetry irov iav -q XP^'" ''"^^ KOvpraXy. preserved their accent. koL aipvn tv6v<i^ 24. is two or of three syllables. we are obliged to settled read Pto-/Ltat-oi. are transferred to the succeeding syllables : rcos (no?) for (Jannaris § 155). although in many dialects has v€09. 5404. ovaia and d/iapria have scholastic influence. that is. atwv) can perfectly well Xeci be read each as syllable and Xeo) ( = Xeya and Xc'yw) which can be I therefore keep monosyllabic without becoming Ijf and lj6. aTrfXTTicrta 6. the metre requires The authority I attribute to H did not Pw-fiatot and Po)-/xatW. at the end of the verse. iratSiov for TratS/ov — — been preserved. obtained from Solomos. Rom-jdn. to. shows a shifting of accent and is mostly except when it occurs at the end of a verse. to drjpio. eon I fear that is I should have modernized the text. according to the place the metre. tov TratSiov. (TKka^ia. must be read. in a way which In the Chronicle words of this class are treated is neither ancient nor modern. when required by the metre. B-qpio. . TraiSta. The question as to when synizesis takes place and when not. The evidence. KupSta ( 19. and this indecision seems to be principally due to ecclesiastical and Words like aina. Rom-ji and .

soda. INTRODUCTION XXVll In common words the spelling t(t for t^ in the mss. its popular form = to fold soldo. being uniform in this respect and The Italian language is far from we can even observe that the ' numerous phonetical doublets add to the wealth of the language cp. they can be verified by the better forms given in H. Index. or to literary or foreign influences. which is not used in the spoken language. — For the abbreviation it. (sa/do). 8. which shows a development to that artificially of medieval Greek. €VT€to9. before consonants as well as abbreviated kl av. according to modern usage. p. is : but et? Kat TTji. but when it coalesces with a following vowel ttj/. for have always been an example see spelled. pLo-TO) Allowance had to be made for words like to-.. which seem to be corrupt. piacare ioT placare.. a<fi€VTr]<. o-ttjv. cases mentioned under (2) require some further explana- €v^€a)s etc. parallel The Italian language. each of which has a different meaning. solve to write to write ev/cr/. has not been changed. ' . or mo/s savants^ have not been reduced to the standard of Italian phonetics. Kat is it written in full. = Messieurs. . the two words form two syllables. the English Messrs. eu^aetc. o-tou. aTroKretVo). it when when has the value of an entire syllable. as it was formerly The tion. and e^x^?. have been retained . No Italian would insist on writing chiamore for clamore.. Proper names have been rendered in the forms of the even some in P. 637. The results of modern linguistics applied in the orthography of the texts. MSS. has been tacitly substituted when the metre required 11. els tov. directly borrowed from the Latin and = to answer/ and ripiegare. solido. owing to the continual influence of ancient literary traditions. borrowed from the literary language. cp. The sigla aW has been rendered by the existing form instead of av^eV-nys. a7roxTciVo>. are derived from * . For the former I could not reio-kvo). been preferred. Mope'a. vowels. 9. but have' been preserved in their original Latin forms with little or no change. replkare. 10. although it could have been rendered by t^. has 7. vT^ = Enghsh g^ which occurs in proper names. The chances of Neohellenic for obtaining a perfect unity in phonetics are very small. Such stg/ae often refer to an older stage of the language. due to Church influence. and not Maypea. and for the latter I hesitated evKapia-TtZ in conformity with Neohellenic phonetics. clearly suggests that words borrowed from the Latin at a later period.^va>.

: xxviii Lat. although in H we invariably find vTropw. see Index p. Worierbuch^ sub soldo. Owing to the inadequacy of the Greek alphabet in expressing mediae b d g without a preceding nasal sound. a^i{v)Tiq<i etc.. have been reproduced in their usual employ signs in a literary text. and can notice. in the readings of T. In the present edition the Havniensis and the Parisinus 2898 are published m extenso^ and the different readings of the Taurinensis are carefully noted. it seemed important to note the differences in the* language of both versions. eboros for efnropo^. which We can thus observe the gradual development of medieval Greek into forms of a more modern character. and it is only by printing both mss. Five of these copies are written in popular Greek. but I hesitated to which are only useful when Hmited Words of common use. that the can be clearly shown to the reader. The second reason was to show the divergences of the two principal transrfiission of the text versions and exhibit the national and religious tendencies followed by P. Etymol. which writes eTrpocmv.. produced for egrdfos. And finally. although a word used by the people can sometimes be adapted to their phonetics. solidus. and I was the followed in advised to use parentheses. reasons have induced to each other. the lacunae of H are supplied by P and vice versa. instead of iyypdcfuv^j In many places in Greece only the media. one in French. form. instead of ilxTrpoarev. is heard and the nasal sound has vanished Several afedis for a(f)€VTr]<. suggestions have been made to render the mediae. IV. I simply some cases the MS. in eight copies written in four different languages. -^fXTTopw. one in Italian and one in Aragonese. such as to treatises on linguistics. for ebrosten 1. state of the language than those of P. Relations between the Greek versions. from nasal and tenuis. 3662. whose scribe to some extent expresses the feelings of the Greek population in Morea. of The Chronicle Morea is extant. Frdgos for ^pdyKo^. . and cypa^w?. 607. INTRODUCTION See Diez. as we have already seen. the existence of forms which are still nearer to the present are at least one century apart from each other. the principle that a word cannot be arbitrarily recoined that which is the result of gradual development cannot be obtained by artificial means. I followed . me to publish the Several important two chief versions parallel As neither of the two versions contains a complete account of the original Chronicle.

261. it The Havniensis deserves more credit than any other version may diverge in many points from the original Chronicle. relating to the massacre of the Greeks at Prinitza. all. covers somewhat modernized in regard to the forms of language. which lost. XaXova-w in P. and the reproach of perjury in H 7133 and 7157 is omitted. cp. In 8708 sqq. In 501 1 the Greek army is reduced from 15000 men to only 1000. 53 and p. it its customs. in 1. and it deserves minute study . while iyivr]. but those s. 5722 the injurious remark on the Domesticus are mitigated by P. 6 Kara et? H 3147 o KaOf. Cp. 4839 to the emblem of royalty . Many passages in H. the new infinitive a<j>-qyaaTai — H H Further omissions are: 4768. H says our army. protests against being identified with the speaking of the Frankish army. in which the events the proper related in it occurred. Greeks. and see my rt marks on In 1. 4776 sqq. and H 7219 Bkixpr) fxcydkrj P Ka). H 376 oi(f)r}y7J0rjKav 6448 va. or softened. of its general culture. though as a rule not deviating much from H.— — INTRODUCTION XXIX . P has their army. which are unsparing to the selflove.. of which a part of the lacunae in in H . above leaves manners and no doubt as to Its the true spirit which pervaded the original work. also and especially 4851. or altered. whose national feelings were wounded by the harsh remarks in H. The Franks . . and. writer of P 1. Compare the lacunae on p. kvirr) €is Tovs 4>payKoi. 4847 sq. 1. and many more instances of this kind. €l<i in P. The Parisinus 2898.? suggests that the affliction caused by the death of Geoffroy of Carytaina was confined to the Franks. Many more I instances it have given make c . while ' : P omits this passage with the somewhat dry remark but in this truce nothing has been concluded. p. have been omitted. names are rendered with great accuracy. where contains violent attacks upon the religion and character of the Greeks. 355. and we may fairly say to the self-respect of the Grecian race. the question of peace between the emperor and the is prince discussed at full length in H. as you will hear presently. 320 and p. it is we possess two copies. and in 5379 and 5391 the scribe of P invents a massacre of the Franks in 5400 and 5407 the sense of H is altered in a way more favorable to the 4843. 3995 the boastful exaggeration of H. it has been in which but it gives a very accurate picture of the time originated. language approaches that of the thirteenth century. 636. a<f>y)yrjaavTO P.' of this kind could be gathered. is rather calculated to appeal to Greek readers. The relation of events. its language.

followed the general account given in the Chronicle. being of the family of but with great caution. would be shaken considerably. 3703. especially in the form of H. for the Livre de la Conqueste more complete work. countrymen's The Taurinensis. that 'he will relate his history. The Livre de la Conqueste is an abridged version of a fuller Chronicle. it was either lost it never existed. gr. 3706. and 4676 where T 11. 3772 or omitted H 1. however. which. com- Conqueste^ is to be considered the form of the Chronicle of Morea. XXX evident that INTRODUCTION P was written by a Greek. p. and of the Greek army: Compare the alterations of 1. was in the hands of Bartholomew Ghisis before the year 1332. needs emendation. The authority which we concede to the Greek version. The monly original question whether the Greek or the French version. in cases as a rule. been carefully collated in order to show the development of medieval examples of phonetic tov tov yKaOt^ei 1. may be consulted. Ersch. consideration. 6627. as in 3723% where the prince and the despot are afraid of the schemes of the sevastocrator 'that we may put ourselves into 1. while the scribe himself foolishly heightens the statement regarding the strength of Charles' army: 11. French. ttTTO TO X^P'- ""^^^ yKparel.' The exaggerations of H are altered 1. 4553. 3983 contains a malicious pun: prison. and the declaration of the scribe. u. Thus another question arises did this more complete work exist in French or in Greek ? It may have been written in French. 3831. on account of an injurious does not agree with H. 5788 and Omissions and more frequently than in P. which could challenge the credit to which it is entitled. is one of primary importance. This crude and H untrustworthy reproduction of the Chronicle has. if by called the Livre de la some new discovery we ascertained the that it is only a translation of version. who in copying the MS. 3599. it when deserves very little H. but as a more detailed only a synopsis of a : French Chronicle has not been transmitted. 1. remark. Greek Cp. who says that the Scortini were wrong in taking the side of the Emperor. aLfxd similar instances in alterations occur my P^on. H 6890. and we can prove neither the one nor the other.. as is expressly stated. 6541. in 3729. but. not as he found it or . but omitted and altered such passages as seemed offensive to his and his feelings.' where has: 'that we (the Franks) may defend our lives. 30. as well as additions showing a tendency to discredit the Franks. Fortunately for the Greek no French is Chronicle has been transmitted to posterity. in a later period and to give spelling.

Die Chronik von Morea. i. or translated. etc. on the other hand. did not appear. p. stoutly maintained that the Livre de la Conqueste was the and Hopf. but they are adapted to the phonetic laws of Neohellenic. shares this opinion. his researches. It can easily be observed that in both versions the proper names are generally given correctly in the forms of the language in which they occur Greek names are properly rendered in the Greek version. this subject is discussed at length pp. 202. with the omission of many details. and can easily be explained as a mere scribe expressly mentions it Greek version and the i. His arguments on this point have much weight. p. however. while. In my dissertation. see L. and the possibility that L and perhaps even H.. cp. is not discussed. Still many of his arguments. xlii. from which the others. observing that French was the language in general use at that time in Morea. But in his Chroniques greco-ro?nanes. as can be seen from the Index of French proper names. p. extract of the in continues to the year 1304 — . We can thus expect to find 1° all the Greek and c 2 . he promises to examine this question carefully in some dissertation.' can only imply. as an abridgement. were limited solely to the material — which is at our disposal. is a Greek Chronicle. could have been derived? Valuable evidence in favour of an original Greek Chronicle has been given by the Marquis Terrier de Loray in his above- mentioned paper. La Glisiere= Vlisiri. combined with those urged in my dissertation. more complete than towards the solution of this difficult problem. Encycl. these names are not badly mutilated. 217 221. The opinions on this interesting question have varied. which. but in its XXXI shortest form. help a lost French Chronicle. 41 — 75. INTRODUCTION written. that he either abridged a French Chronicle. Thus the question as to the priority of the different are there any positive indications which all versions can only be: point to a presumptive French Chronicle.. La Chacoignie = To-aKoovia. with the conclusion that the Liv7-e de la Conqueste cannot be the original form of the Chronicle. is which — although contains a few supplementary remarks. pp. Buchon original. as has been supposed by Buchon and others. The fact is that the Greek Chronicle in every respect and in all its narrations fuller than it the Livre de la Conqueste. a better state of preservation. and French names in the French version. Furthermore. however. could have existed. the Greek names in the P>ench version are presented in a shape corresponding to the nature of the French language. the Livre de la Conqueste included.

Index p. 624. 31 he is called Guillerme de Salu and p. is rendered by a. which he copied ? see Index p. L p. not only are the Greek proper names accurately rendered. Terrier de Loray. commonly called le Champenois in L. see pot and po'e. which to me seem conclusive. not in a French. Had the Greeks any reason to translate into their language a work expressing fierce hatred against their race ? . 351. and his true name. 358. Anoe p. and thus the hypothesis of a full and complete form of the Chronicle in French is unfounded. xi). such names M. proper names contained in L can only be explained. could only have been a Greek version of the Chronicle. one Italian. and is a reflex of 'Avoe where French an. Besides these arguments based on linguistics. in reflects the Greek Tpc/xovXa or -a?. especially in H. 287. which deserve attentive consideration. 33 de Saluce. they are valuable for our purpose as they show that the writer of the French version was not familiar with some of the French names and that he could not reconstruct their French forms. see Index p. 338. is equally unusual for French Aunoy. which. which latter is handed down in somewhat unusual circumstances (see Buchon. one Aragonese and one French version. and oe can be explained as a posterior William I is diphthong for oi.: XXXIl all INTRODUCTION the French names correctly written in their respective texts. may be regarded as another plea in favour of the Greek Chronicle. 627.ov^e. All these forms point to the existence of a Greek medium through which the text transmitted by L had passed. is not mentioned there. if the Greek version did not suggest a similar form by giving 2aA. with a Greek suffix. 617. but there are exceptions. 364 is unusual for the French Tremot//e and Anoee. In the Greek version. There are also a few general considerations which corroborate this argument. if we admit that they have passed through a Greek medium. having found them. but in a Greek Thus a number of French version. but even the French names can always be explained phonetically. The transmission of the Chronicle in five Greek mss. of which he made a copy. Terrier de Loray quotes several good examples 7refno/ay. in this Of case. This is also the case in the French Chronicle. a form which would be inexplicable. 2° the and less names foreign to those texts rendered with more or phonetic exactness. William of Champlitte. And how can we suppose a French writer to change the name Ivry into Vry^ if he had not found the corresponding V>p-q in the Greek MS. there are others of a historical and literary nature contained in the critical notes of M. in L p. as in other instances.. p. but p.

evident that such appellations could only creep into a French by means of a Greek medium. In regard to other accents no definite rule is observed. we are somewhat astonished at submissive address. Even in a passage referring to the king of it France and the Megaskyr of Athens. and the first as well as the second and even the third syllable of the verse is capable of accentuation. the first specimen of it can be traced back as the beginning of the seventh century. €V)(apL(rTOi and L L 143 1 16 — H 4256 — H 3455 TO (TTefXfia (rov. they were even text prescribed by court-ceremony. L 116. AefTTTOTa. Byz. divided into two hemistichs of 8 and 7 each. Sco/xat to KpdTo<. ayi€ ^acriXea. pp. e is said of the former : puis que a sa corone plaisoit. which hardly corresponds to the feudal habits of the time. in the thirteenth century addressed by Sire^ as in Joinville. it In the few examples we have of in French. Versification. and here again the Greek title. p. 228 and 230. V. ttoXltlko? aTtxos. If Litt. Monseigneur le rot is used in the French Chronicle. and though its called the political verse. In the Greek language of It the time such periphrastical titles given to the king were quite is common. we represent a syllable by the sign ~. arov. But when in the same Chronicle we read Monseignor le saint empereor and their kings simply : Furthermore: the French je prie vostre saincte corone^ this L 143. in which the Chronicle written. Krumbacher. is The verse. cp. origin far as is obscure. version offers the original form of the cp. while the second hemistich must have the tone on the penultima. is commonly and is composed of 15 syllables.: INTRODUCTION XXXlll But such a work already existing in Greek and written by a Grecised Frank does not seem a very surprising phenomenon. the first of which can be accentuated on the sixth as well as on the eighth. the model of the verse will be :::} This verse syllables : is known in English metre as a verse of 14 John Gilpin was a citizen || of credit and renown. it is the eighth . It was the Greek national verse in the Middle Ages and continues to be so in the present day. Still the verse has what we can call an iambic structure. 651. and this appellation also seems to be founded on common custom.

unmetrical for various reasons. is In Greek.. in the Conirasto of Cielo Dalcamo of the twelfth century. 545 by aTTcVw. 672 Kelvo<. novations. he renders the sounds perceived by the ear with great accuracy (see the transcriptions of French names in the Index). marked by a graceful cadence. even syncopated forms such as those which are usual in northern Greek dialects occurred in the time of the Chronicle. 666 Kilvov. 6974 T9 for Tov? 4658 and so kind ^^^ for ovSev. in 1. In Italian the tone is invariably set on the sixth syllable Rosa the oldest are often are fresca aulentissima || ch' appari inver 1' estate. and a number of hyper- seemed too To . deranges the thus in 1.: XXXIV syllable INTRODUCTION in the which bears the accent. one of poems in the Italian language. In the Chronicle the political verses are generally correct and But many of the lines scribe sometimes paid no attention to the metrical form of the text and supplied words which he deemed necessary to the sense. when the author is not bound extremely conservative. 8866 IroTf. in I. KctVovs etc. right. science that in our days a by school-tradition. and /SpeO-qaav. Jesu reclaim. Versbau. 104 : En Jesu crei. more than in other languages. could 1. I. 8175 radical. can easily be excised and In in 1. 4122. 4845. 1. the idea being already ex1. 8856 in 1. which perhaps he considered Thus in pressed 1. times avoids the truly popular form. but I have left it. || Jesus m'haid e sucure from Anglo-Norman poets it thus seemS that the number of 14 syllables is due to the extinction of the silent e in the last syllable. too vulgar. as may be observed examples given by Tobler'. I. 447 452 in KiLvov. Yet. but changes of this judge from the metre. 8500 addition of this kind. p. In such cases the words which destroyed the metre have been enclosed in brackets [ ]. have restored at for ayiov. he carefully avoids inmetre while K€Lvos or Kcivds KfLvffSf 1. These cases represent a sort of solution of the metre into prose. The writer. 7075 the metrical character is effaced. . twice in 5756 9015. 443 kcivcSi/. 3833 <f>vy€Lov can be eliminated. the same thing occurs in 1. but in common cases set it spelling cjcctvo? In many would 1. Vomfrz. perhaps ftcyai' in 1. the in 1. 11. orthography and it was only through linguistic more rational mode of spelling popular words could be determined. who timidly clings to traditional spelling. someII. which can easily happen when the verses do not begin with a new line. and in is an I. verse. 3510 oTTto-co must be cancelled. The airai/o) is superfluous.

The names of unusual form or length. which clearly points to Kopdo] p^iarip 6708/30 could be emended by o-tp. There are many first hemistichs of only 7 syllables which — H H . and in 1. and in emending the text I could not . 8603. In these cases. o-c^ao-TOKparopa? 4060. IV. but sometimes his corrections are made at the expense of grammar as in 1.: INTRODUCTION metrical verses i7rpo<TKoiOqK€V XXXV if may be reduced 5485. 2535 and especially 7980. cp. of this nature theless III. 470. But the language seemed to me more important than the metre.6piv6o^ 4653/84. 1. CTretSr. such lines are: Sometimes the expletives already 3772. thus often is (11. 323 the name Movc^apar is mutilated. 7822/28. Even T in one instance succeeds in correcting the verses of and P cp. cttci. can be explained by the absence of an arsis. and TOV metre /xeya is had to be inserted for the often deranged by proper more regular form. it could not easily be made in a medieval text never- is probable that syncopes of this kind existed then.. Most of the metrical mistakes have undoubtedly been caused through careless transcription by the scribes. but fxtcrXp NtKoXa VT€ SatvT 'O/xcp 6303 cannot easily be reduced to the metre. 1. and perhaps tov /xVpoTroAtTcav 7866. but they have been left unaltered as perhaps they are a poetical licence. 4202. The present edition contains quite a number of defective verses which could have been restored without much difficulty. read. if it had been my intention to carry out the principle of metrical consistency. VOL to their proper limits we read Kkr)fiVOixrjcrYi 5933. K. In the edition of Buchon of care in many metrical faults are due to want k-n-eihrj copying the ms. In many cases P restores the verses of with success. 3762. has cp. where perhaps oXopOa could be eliminated. In 7309 the proper name had to be given in its usual form 8092. and the unpretending character of our text does not facilitate such an inquiry. the metre has always been restored: cp.tv 4197. carelessness of the scribe. Through lines some have been inverted. they could easily be emended by the addition of koI or yap. Ko)i/o-TavTtFoVoA. iXoyida-Or]. rather than of the author. To determine what belongs to the scribe and what to the author seemed a hopeless task. contained in the verse do not allow an emendation by additions. Emendations . 3817. as indicated in the apparatus. but some of them. ka-KOirqaev 339 — 340 the present edition). cp. are due to the author himself. ^^XavOpwTTivos 8710/63. <l>'AoKaXo9 8332. which prove to be unamendable. 8822. where in the MS. tov yvaiKaS eX(f>ov r^v yvvrjv ^XoyrjOrj eh yvvoLKav 8029.

notes. for this and other reasons. Hopf. are easily explained by the successive editions. in a chronological table even mentions events which occurred as late as was therefore composed after this year and. who remarked that the Greek Chronicle could have been written in the last quarter of the fourteenth century. but contains some details which point to a later to here refer to additions of a chronological nature. or copies These additions we should now first made of the Chronicle in the course of years. between 1333 and 1346. we should perhaps have obtained some information concerning the person of the author. at a later date he admitted that this supposition was in need of new arguments to sustain it. had to be respected. that the French Chronicle was the original. would. The was in date. The authority of the mss. see Buchon p. EncycL i. 1292. Unfortunately the Greek versions are in all incomplete and break off the relation of events of the year till Chronicle continues annexed 1333- to It it. all the referring Catalans). as well as the time in which it was composed. its original Chronicle. perhaps. supposed. belonging to a later period. xxi. Chronology. 202. of which H gives a very distinct idea.XXXVl INTRODUCTION resolve to adopt doubtful forms or such as. see p. VI. with a view to altering the meaning of the text. have altered the character of the language. and Hopf. and I hesitated to enter into competition with a Greek it Chronicler who certainly did not intend to create a work of art. was not my intention to reconstruct and modernise a text of such a peculiar kind. as is generally admitted. and not the alterations with a national and religious tendency. or they are completions of p. in all probability present form I it composed shortly after the year 1300. they were certainly made with the good intention of continuing the original account and supplying the reader with the knowledge of subsequent events. xxix. Omer. p. as in P and T. as say. see Index 624 sub Erard Such additions are not to be considered interpolations in a bad sense. however. see Index passages genealogical p. 624 sub Gautier to the and perhaps even III. they are supplements referring to events which occurred after the edition (as for instance the demolition of the castle of SaintII. as they occur in H. while the French 1304 and. We must remember that the new editions or copies . Had the end of the Chronicle been preserved.

1. but we have no knowledge of those which existed And in the intervening periods. right in interpretation of 1354 sq. but by some other person more or less competent. with them^ which in medieval Greek can also be interpreted after them^ and P even reads /xer Ik^ivov^. whose profession it is to write can choose any period he likes. and a third after that year. This passage also explains why the reign of William II and the following time are treated with much more detail than the preceding reigns of the two Geoffroys and William I. the reviser. as the case in A man history. the publisher.. or what he had heard from others. performing the work of our printers. of Hterary education. as the writer of a popular text in the Middle Ages was. his I think that M. and why in this portion the fictitious elements subside. person. This seems to imply that the accounts were furnished to the author by the old people in Morea. another one before 1388. it is quite natural that he should have made such additions as were necessary to ensure the success of his certain new copy. which does not so much refer to the accounts of the old conquerors themselves as to those of the old men who came jxeTa €K€LViov. and the copyist. and at an indefinite time after the appearance of the editio princeps. who were the descendants of the first conquerors. to add some new details to his new edition. The versions of this kind are in a way new editions of an original work. nor in those which followed. P and T. Two generations can bring us very near to the year 1300. alive is at that time. was issued shortly after the year 1300.INTRODUCTION do not XXXvii is follow each other in the course of a few years. Had the author of our Chronicle lived after 1375. The writer as I say to use a neutral term — of H is — accurate copy of his ms. and to seems to have given a pretty have made only additions and probably no alterations. as the case in the present day. the editor. he could not have related events which occurred between 1204 and 1300 for the simple reason that the witnesses on whom he had to rely could not have been 221. as Hopf seems to suppose. and it was in the power of every person who performed the task of copying a ms. that the which has been lost. Terrier de Loray. not however republished by the author himself. The book . Thus we can say in regard to mode of transmission of medieval popular texts. covering in some this first cases a space of centuries. p. in one edition of the Chronicle. but a chronicler of limited intellectual powers can only relate what he had witnessed himself. but at long intervals of time.

were . The author and his work. born in We have no information is nor his personality ^ The etymology given by Therianos (see Krumbacher's Byz. in which they are contained. 838) word from gas {=garfon) and niuliis. 81 10. prominent in any part of the work. but this can possibly be a later addition. y€po9. which ends with a necrologue on Erard III. is of a posterior date. Even Isabella. which is not unusual in the common language. and even to Prince William II. who were baptized and H seem to indicate that the married to Christian women of the principality in 1265. Such expres- VII. is called /ota/capia. sions could hardly have been used a century later. who died 131 1. it represents a version anterior to the year 1388. read that alive main substance In 1. 8071. He need not necessarily have been a Gasmule^ since any Frank. 8477. A new explanation is suggested by the interchange of the two sonorous spirants j8 and 7. man. about the year 1300. which. see p. still when the Chronicle was written this could easily have been the case in the years after 1300. III. 1. So much for the versions as for the mss. they can easily be eliminated without substance. probably with reference III. Several passages in of the original Chronicle has remained unaltered. transmitted by the Havniensis. in round numbers. Appellations of this kind.' as it is the only record we are possess of the history of Morea. p. concerning the author of the Chronicle. years before. Nicholas II de Saint-Omer. was composed. they are of a still more recent date. We explains this . in original form. the year of the death of Erard who seems to be mentioned in it as still living. Litt. denote that the memory of those persons still survived and that they had not died very many 'of blessed memofy. But in French the stem is gars. in as the year 1292 and very probably contained all the missing information supplied by the Livre de la Conqueste in an un- interrupted sequence as far as the year 1304. 1. in all end of the fourteenth century could have probability. therefore of little The its later insertions in H moment .XXXVlll INTRODUCTION at the which a scribe itself in consulted. 5738 we the children of the Turks. 8616 died 1296. the old who In lines 7421. who died 13 14. have been only the Chronicle ' one of its earlier editions. is familiarly called to his son Nicholas /xaicapio?.' applied to John de Catavas. while P. as well as 4783. its In present form. 8595. reaches as far prejudice to the Chronicle. xv sqq. could. 1. We can therefore its say that in all probability the Chronicle of Morea. .

they became assimilated. confers in Greek with time abounded. presses the idea of a Roman state with Greek culture. sense. thence mulalo in Spanish and muldtre in French. in the at the fiov\os new world. The Greeks.INTRODUCTION XXXIX Greece. could easily acquire the use of spoken Greek or Romaic. Probably the first constituent element of this composition was not ya<T-. fiovXos is easily explained The second element an ass and a the name given to the offspring of horse was. Roman denotes the popular Greek languai^e of the Middle empire of the East.ov\apia = the children of a foundling hospital. a can further imagine that when Jils de bas was not thought a sufficiently it could be reinforced by mule de bas. Etymol. The learn French. which in Ages. who was born in Calamata.' see bastardo in Diez. process of assimilation was undoubtedly in full development a century after the conquest. This word has been used both because the Chronicle and similar compositions it know no other. which is now preferred by the Greeks. and because conveys an exact idea to the English reader. out of pride or obstinacy. are it. or of the this case. nor was have two forms: ^aa/ioOXoi and yaa-fioOXos. town. PafffwvXos. Koraes.o6\iko . not the artificial language of books. clearly ex. to This which. Sastardtis = iWegitimsite child' common the eleventh century. in the course of time. which I heard in Corfu. Perhaps the reference to a saddle includes an allusion to the haste with which an elopement was accompanied. It was thus quite natural that plain and common Romaic'. was the language in which both Franks and Greeks conversed with each other. transferred to the half-breeds of the white and coloured races. formed from as for instance: avrb to 7rat5i elvai /j. and this could produce compound of synonyms such as : is not unusual in popular Greek. and derivations. especially if his life was spent in or about the precincts of one of the castles in which Morea at that The Franks did not form a compact mass in a was through the very nature of their feudal institutions that they came into daily contact with the Greek element. . but ' /Sao--. did not it in their national interest to do so. aKard- and fioOXapdos. We strong invective. Worterhuch. William II. In Greece is quite common. Romaic is a short and convenient word.' In Low Lat. the motive being to add greater force to the expression. Jils or frere : de bas are used in the same Originally this expression denoted 'a child begotten on a saddle.rd. terms which = t'6dos same time express the contempt felt for this hybrid race. and it the emperor. Neohellenic is a parallel to Neolatin. Romaic and Neohellenic can be used together thus French and Italian are Romance as well as Neolatin languages. who uses rpaiKopcjfiaiKdi. In Old French ^/s de bast. but does not directly refer to medieval Greek. ij fji. both of which occur in the Byzantine historians. The term /Romaic has sometimes been used collaterally with Neohellenic. fiovXos. and it is in this colloquial form of speech that the Chronicle was written. the same which is is contained in since ' dasta. when the Chronicle was written. fiovXapdrcros ^ Terms of invective are: 7raXat6/AouXos. or living there from an early age.

successions. Recherches p. were undoubtedly rejected by the conquering race . he would either have been silent.. xl INTRODUCTION Gasmules. see Buchon. 1. he is not. He is always impressed in our Chronicle. occurs in the Chronicle. but. but. common prose . always speaks to the point and never indulges in images of only once a reminiscence of a fantastical nature. a He fancy . knowledge of treatises (cf 2387). We glory. claims to feudal tenure and the like sufficiently On demonstrated by the copiousness of his legal terms. and we are easily persuaded that his dramatis personae. they were in the same precarious position as the half-breeds of our days. He describes minutely the feudal customs which to the soil of Greece. xvii n. Whoever the author may have been. belong to the race deemed to be the can hardly imagine a Gasmule as an advocate of reality. Although his style is fluent and remarkably clear. being the illegitimate offspring of French fathers and Greek mothers. with less interest. In few books perhaps has the spirit of racial animosity risen to such a pitch as not a person of authority or he had played a leading part in the events. There is always an honest sobriety in his delineation of character. with the greatest accuracy and he his is quite the practice of feudal law. he was a strong Catholic and a thorough Frenchman in his national feeling. could actually have used the very words which he ascribes to them. his social standing did not permit him a near view of some of the more important transactions. which may be an imitation of the tales of romance. for if by the form in which a thing is done by the noble lords. French whereas we positively know and are informed by ships of the the Byzantine authors that the Gasmules sided with the Greeks many of them served on the i. in inferior. of whom he speaks in a submissive tone. the deliberations of the and this perhaps is High Court are given familiar with 1. as has been supposed. it is the in his passage in relating to weeping birds. as it seems. the other hand he also relates the events of war. Sometimes he evades the description . it rarely rises above the level of true poet. The author was high position. 7222 The exaggeration accounts comes from the same source. borrowed from popular Greek poetry. had been transplanted his chief merit. Greek emperor. or he would have been able to procure more trustworthy information. who are introduced as speaking in the first person. is agreements. who. He was a good observer of everything within his reach. but at all events denotes his inferiority. as it seems.

.' 1. will help you on. Thus he relates how Geoffroy I defrauded Robert of the succession to which he was entitled. and his fault if the Franks. such matters Thus observing his predi- lection for feudal law and its practice. his accounts 1092. we may suppose him to have been a notary. and how Margaret of Passava was excluded by the same from her inheritance through an unscrupulous even with approval. and But sometimes. or a clerk in the medieval sense of the term. Yet he never shortens legal questions. in the course of years.. as interpretation of the feudal code. how Geoffroy II 1. This purpose he clearly declares If you have a desire to know the deeds of brave warriors. 21 12. many have derived much benefit from the accounts given by the the spirit ' : old men who came with (or after) the first conquerors.. I hope. which probably escaped his notice. married the emperor Robert's daughter against her father's will how William II agreed with the despot to take to flight and abandon the army to its fate. was certainly not degenerated under always claim the the fascinating power of the Orient or yielded to the adversity of fortune. when the subject requires it. If you are clever. describing with a certain satisfaction and is evident from the respectful tone in which he speaks of those who were the authors of it. and the speech of John of Catavas. from 4747 sqq. INTRODUCTION of military operations by a remark of this nature : xli ' what is the use of going into these tedious details?' 2923. It is the warlike spirit of the reign of William II which the author it wishes to impart to the youth of his time. 1349 sqq. 7031 sqq. referring to Geoffroy of Carytaina. but not without a remark of censure. He often takes delight in relating the story of it some cunning or deceitful artifice. sqq. and in this episode he displays a considerable talent for simple graceful narration. then listen to my words which. of court and and his relation of often of disproportionate length. who interferes in favour of his liegemen. The object of our author in much to furnish exact historical generations. in later which animated their ancestors. who right of conquest. instances of such poetical inspiration are the warmly felt lines 3856 1. deliberations is see lines 845. the nephew of the lord of Carytaina.. writing the Chronicle was not so details as to keep alive. most truly expressed in the remarkable speech . he changes his style and rises to the height of true poetry.. obtained a through an artifice. He recounts at great length how fief Geoffroy. well nigh approaching high treason. I hope you will succeed. The spirit of is the Frankish chiefs. which is full of patriotic fire.

more it seems to show that the Greek race had gone through a course of In the life of a nation the symptoms of decay are renovation. These buds and blossoms are destined to develop and ripen. closely connected with those of revival. history had become popular. but it was certainly an unexpected it showed that. fruit. although Byzantine historiography was and still cultivated. which had a similar origin. and blossoms grow on the same branch. continued from Hero- dotos to Laonicos Chalcondylos and the fifteenth century. exceptional character of a work written by a Frank in the vernacular language of Greece must be judged in relation to literature.xlii INTRODUCTION Morea he considers as be- of William II before the emperor. and in particular 4277/89). which had first appeared in literature in the days of John and Manuel Comnenus.. as well as in relation to the contemporary this Europe in the thirteenth product of unassuming and ingenuous works of Grecian art and deplore the would be equivalent to condemning it literature of century. where ripe or rather over-ripe fruit. of old and while the decaying vitality. To compare narration with the elaborate decline of Hellenic genius without sufficient evidence. men felt the necessity of using the plain common language which was intelligible to the Franks as well novelty. Its is it who lived in find its place among the Byzantine in general character. as as to the Greeks. : Chronicles of Cyprus. historiography which. may be compared to an orange-tree in spring. had been enlarged. Looked at in this light. longing to him and his companions-in-arms on the ground that it was won by the sword The Greek (1. our Chronicle is closely con- . Nay. if not harvested. forbids such a classification. The Chronicle has not even a place in the long series of Greek Phrantzes. nor can chronicles. The parallel existence new forms in language and literature. now entered on a new stage . buds. as well as the language which it written. It is true that the history told by the Chronicle is an offspring of romance. it ventured to relate history. and had been limited to folk-lore. if nature and circumstances are favorable. The narrow circle to which Romaic letters had been confined. 4256 sqq. Uke the it denotes something new in Greek historiography. will only absorb their Such buds and blossoms show that the old tree they grow on is still full of life and afford hopes of an abundant harvest in the future. The use of the popular language. of which Greece in the Middle Ages and to some extent in the present day offers the most striking instance. without interruption.

if the rules of ancient . This remark to the vocabulary. is a feature common to all languages so long as they are not yet fixed It by literary usage. Greek only in language. in a province detached from the empire and governed by foreign Nothing had as yet been done by the educated classes rulers. and it is principally for . as well as to grammatical forms and this will kind 5hiftings in the meaning of words. unsettled of language. legend and poetical imagination are It is closely united. no real poet had yet appeared to consolidate it and form it into a literary shape. can certainly not be explained by the hesitation of the author. The language of the thirteenth century was still in a state of fluctuation .INTRODUCTION and de xliii nected with the literature of the West. forms are peculiar to the time in which the Chronicle originated and diverge alike from the ancient and modern forms some words of refers be found in the Index. like is derived. ! country was increasing as literature. In their knowledge of antiquity. and i/xlava. But the irresistible force of ancient tradition was unwilling to make is any concessions to the manifestations of new life . who being a foreigner. in the Grecian Empire to raise the living language to a higher level. had not acquired a sufficient knowledge of the language in which he wrote. Many . but thoroughly form and in its spirit. that a competition with the nascent intellectual growth of the West was possible. this reason is that it was in so fluctuating a state in the Chronicle there a continual wavering between forms transmitted by the literary tradition and those used in common SL language and handed this down by state oral tradition. and especially that of ancient the Greeks were still the masters. . Thus neologism. it geste^ can favourably compete with many of the old chansons in which history. fast as that of the other was declining. was only by beginning a new a new form of language. It is a curious coincidence that our chronicler was a contemporary of Dante yet what a difference between Italy and Greece at that time the strength of the one French in its literary . A few examples may explain TTLavo). but It scholasticism had not the power literary era. are observed but the forms in common use are mostly eTridaa. grammar preferred. from which sometimes forms the aorist eViao-a. it and they again wavered between einaaa and This embarrassing abundance of forms is not arbitrary. with to create. far from the sphere of influence emanating from the capital. especially that of France. it irrUa-a. and it not accidental that a history was written in the popular language.

which causes a good deal of confusion in the medieval texts. yvw/xiys . still Attic. ancient own language.: is ttoXt]. city. formed after tov t] arose in the third form koyov.a. which not very different theoretically from that of dead. and when used. The truly popular word . is x'^f'") which corresponds x^P^'^ "^vi^) to the Italian terra its flexion is normal its : rr^^ while in Neolatin terra has lost declension. where popular is speech retains a declension of its own. is have been popular. tov Trpa/xdrov. nor could they have been of any avail for his purpose. is as to their declension can arise. and others are borrowed from ancient Greece. X^P^-i^^ the more literary word of the third declension. the Consequence that in the Chronicle the living medieval form by secular tradition. But ttoAi?. explanation in the unsettled state of the medieval language. But the mere fact that he could read and write sufficiently explains his using terms and forms of the ancient language. it can form its genitive rrjs ttoAcws. the Chronicle . a rival position was precarious iroXr}.?. in words which are not likely to interest. its and to complete the confusion. There is nothing particularly barbarous in such forms. In a more modem state ?7 of the language like tJ it passes over to the rrj<s first declension. rrj^ iroXiov. Trj<. 6801) of the second declension cp. laxvaaai. ttj's ttoAt. also t6 7rpa/x. yvfj^/xj}. as I was once inclined to believe. : and the dead form. This procedure has some practical as the assimilation of borrowed elements or fnots savants a step towards the unity of Neohellenic grammar. for town. but they find their sustained as the living . Like most compositions in popular Greek. and this practice The author makes a more abundant use of words than of ancient forms. it is doubtful whether he was able to read literary Greek he did not consult the Byzantine historians. form had not yet won literary appreciation. cannot be evaded. The author was certainly not a man of culture and . compete with each other. thus our author uses the modern flexion dnoKTeLvaa-L.xliv INTRODUCTION of the Chronicle cannot be said to be exclusively The language popular . It was from ancient grammar that young Greeks learned the elements of their still continues. But . Such loans are quite frequent in the Romance But languages. while other Romaic writers rather show a contrary tendency and inflect modern words according to the rules of Attic. the third declension. nor can they be attributed to the ignorance of the scribe or the author. but there they may not appear as a strange element inasmuch as no question in Greece. some words belong to the official language of the Greek Empire.

4298 supplied by the sense. A language which cannot condense thought by pronouns. 38. participles. however. meet her. /le (the duke) may deceive him'. are loosely connected with each other by the conjunction and subordinate clauses are rarely used It is . ^ him and 2540: /le (Geoffroy) thwarted his designs and ^e (the emperor) was deceived \' Some sentences of considerable length like 11. means of relative finds an external expedient in rythmical structure. it is evident that they both five met in the middle of the six steps to Arete coming up and her mother descending S. parataxis prevails throughout. holds together the parts which otherwise would fall asunder. 1. caused the retreat of . which can be further supported by parallelism of words and sentences. decline.. How can she mount five and descend : six steps ? In supplying the respective subjects stairs. KaTTj^aiuet. 6781 6793 express the meaning very clearly with the most primitive grammatical means. Arete returns home and meets her mother on the staircase ir^vre rdiri^Sav ra aKoXia /cat 'e^i.INTRODUCTION presents very little xlv the principal sentences kol refinement in syntax . the relative pronouns the local adverb participles. have become while the in indeclinable. d . indicated left to the reader to find the subject. — The habitual use of parataxis has. The of its another important element in syntax. the last stage The circumstance is that the Chronicle was composed in verse also partly connected with the prevailing use of paratactical construction. in the Chronicle they are replaced by oirep oirov and sometimes by infinitive is and ei-w. is and to such as through a change of fortune or the result of long development have again come to a point from which they start into a new political and primitive races. a story in a metrical form offers the ad- vantage of being easily committed to memory. Furthermore. which is not by grammatical means and must nearly always be For example ro Swcrat kol o-wct 1. But the main it reason for using verse instead of prose seems to be the unconscious apprehension that rythmical speech appeals to sentiment therefore congenial to all . lends a more imposing countenance and adds persuasive force to the arguments of the common Romaic compositions. author. permits inversions not allowed in prose. 2184: 'that >^^ (Robert) may place confidence in 1. infinitives etc. like an iron brace. ^ The most striking instance of an abrupt change of subject is found in Kanellakis p. case in Such is the Rhythm. = as much as Ae (the debtor) can give and /V suffices (to pay the always : * debt)'..

tive races INTRODUCTION and thus bear a close resemblance to primihistory. he threw the Chronicle into the shape which was prompted by his French imagination. and. which seems independent of Western influence. of the The Chronicles which describe the feudal reign inferior to Lusignans in Cyprus. we can observe fall that the and as for the mass of the population in the Eastern empire exhibited long before the many of the features of a primitive race of Constantinople. which have not yet entered into after The so-called Latin races. and form a counterpart to our Chronicle. fate. had shared a similar Roman can offer many illustrations to this effect. after the downfall of the and the Greeks. its Poetry in first inseparable from a people in its stage of existence or in the beginning of national renovation. just because they are written humble and creeping prose. can show that the aspirations common people had found the proper forms of language and metre to express their national and to prepare the way for a new epoch. empire in the West. fortunately. we can find another reason in the author's familiarity with the French romance of chivalry. many centuries. The French conquerors had communicated to the Greeks their love of romance and tales of adventure. are in much it. could only be expected which were its from the vitality lying dormant spirit in the lower classes. for the future of the country. and all the considerations suggested in the preceding remarks. Digenis Acritas formed a link which connected the popular poetry of the East with that of the West. consider the state of culture. as we presume. the condition of the language. for it from Greek metre that the Finally. many translations of them from the French and The romance of adaptations to the Greek idiom already existed. as a revival we can say. Returning again to the question as to the metrical form of our Chronicle. . if we author borrowed the use of the political verse. Greeks. especially if we compare it with other similar compositions. Being a French- man. we can say that the adoption of metrical form has been an advantage to the Chronicle. who. in Greece the existence of a poem of an epic character recounting the exploits of Digenis Acritas. not contaminated by the primitive form is of Byzantinism. Even the is influence of Romaic poetry has been operative. and it is probable that when the Chronicle was written.xW intellectual existence.

the duchy of Athene. Many events referring to the Latin empire. who was a man of considerable culture and had visited many of the places he mentions. always speaks with much authority on Moreotic history. which was then nobly engaged in redeeming its liberty. The history of Morea in the Frankish times was long the first darkest period in Grecian history. a member of the Venetian family of the dukes of Naxos. and the . The name of Fallmerayer is intimately connected with these studies. in many points that relate to Morea supplements and corrects of the present kingdom of Hellas. and that it is only since the quarter of the past century due attention has been paid to it. and of Greece. AND its historical VALUE. The record of the Chronicle was believed to be true. d2 . as no means of verifying it then existed a spirit of animosity. which took an active part in the feudal organisation Sanudo's history is based on good information. we only possess one other source of Franco-Grecian history of the Istoria del regno di Romania^ by Marino Frankish origin Sanudo Torsello. while at the same time it furnishes much new information. history of and the intricate Negroponte is extensively developed. 102. xlvii The contents of the Chronicle. next to that of the Turkish dominion. and it was a rather strange caprice of the destiny which pursues Modern Greece that at such a moment there should be rescued from oblivion a document expressing hatred and contempt for the race. : the Chronicle. The Chronicle is the only document which gives a continuous and seemingly trustworthy account of the establishment of feudal rule in the whole extent of country comprised within the limits Besides this work. which for reasons of convenience has been called the Chronicle of Morea. produced by the partial accounts of its author. although his account is not limited to the inner affairs of the principality. Sanudo. while before him Meursius and Du Cange had devoted their attention to the study of its vocabulary. as for instance the mention of the assistance rendered by the prince to Saint Louis. In that year the Greek struggle for independence was at its height.INTRODUCTION VIII. In 1825 the Parisian version of the Chronicle was published for the first time by Buchon in a French translation. was calculated to stifle the enthusiasm which the heroes of resuscitated Greece had awakened throughout the civilised world. the Cyclades and Venice are concisely related in their proper connection. p.

all the material bined. ample share One needed curious example selected from the many errors contained is in the Chronicle in using may it suffice to show how much circumspection for historical purposes. took . referring to this period of history are widely scattered in the libraries and archives of France. It is the high merit of Karl Hopf to have made His history these new sources accessible to historical research. after having assumed the government of Morea. general views which could be itself. which built its The historical description of this had been considered a French domain. it to quote. but not the history scrupulous to write before he could build in his work no room was left for deduced from the material. thus compensating for the publication of many volumes of docuAll. but all is truth and nothing but truth. It was thus means of verifying the accounts of the Chronicle could be obtained. is gathered. the details of the medieval history of ments. admiration for the Franks and his unfavourable attitude towards Greeks. and especially they had to be copied and carefully examined with a view to constructing the history that the on a new and sure basis. for which we are indebted to the laborious researches of Buchon and Hopf. The documents Italy . Greece. was not till much later that a just and impartial appreciation of Franco. the authority of the Chronicle has been considerably shaken and the history of Sanudo has been set in period.xlviii INTRODUCTION which pervades his spirit work differs little from that of the his anonymous the chronicler. who openly avows is. only a reproduction of the Chronicle. Greece which were obtainable have been inserted in their proper patient labour. worked out and comand we have now the substance of the history of the Frankish period. or nearly all. We are informed that Geoffroy II. for historical construction. of Greece in the middle ages contains the result of long and all the details obtained from the new sources have been worked into it with extreme accuracy and much ability. Before such a severe proper light.Grecian history began to take shape. founded on trustworthy historical documents. completed by information gathered from the history of It Du Cange. places. test. which he never fails which Hopf was too on a solid foundation. his chief authority. imagination and poetical ornament. The history of Fallmerayer in its substance. was now up on a broader basis and the Italian republics had an in it. sifted. and it was soon found that this curious book is no more than a strange and almost indiscernible mixture of truth and fiction.

in 121 7. who granted and that him the possession of dominion. persons and dates. finally but not being able to chastise the bold intercepter. Geoffroy had previously been appointed Domesticos (Seneschal) the right of coinage was obtained by William II and the supremacy over the Cyclades had been granted by Baldwin 11. he acknowledged him as title his son-in-law. which. p. Thus the element of truth in this account is reduced to the mere probability that Geoffroy II had received the title of Prince from the emperor Robert. i. This bold stroke roused great wrath in the emperor Robert. the table on p. which are related with much detail.INTRODUCTION advantage of the presence in xlix the Morea of Latin emperor's is daughter to make her his tioned wife. who had her by sea with an honourable escort to the king of Aragon. as can be inferred from the reports of the Chronicle. on the way from Brindisi to Constantinople. . whom rest. 269. connected with this marriage. the empress Yoland. Agnes of Courtenay. whose political designs. The Chronicle consists of a kind of prologue. and when they touched at the port above mentioned. see Encycl. the of Prince of Great Domesticos of the empire and the right of coinage in his related. But there is very little truth in it Robert had no daughter the king of Aragon (James) was then. she was to marry. She was in company with her mother. were thwarted. the events in Morea and Athens under the Frankish dominion are told from 1204 to 1292. For similar instances of a confusion of events. The chief events are the military operations under the first four princes. only 9 years old. Pondic6castro. pp. i66 — 176. The motive of this legend is that Geoffroy II was married to Agnes of Courtenay. In a port of Morea. which confusedly and inaccurately relates the history of the first and fourth crusades then. Geoffroy called on her. he was the husband. of whose sister. Geoffroy then became the liegeman of the emperor. . . asking her to come on finally He then proposed to her and shore and take she yielded to his and the bishop of Olena's persuasions and consented to accept him as her husband. the deliberations of the High Court and its decisions regarding claims of fiefs and other legal processes. especially those under William II. All this is the Cyclades. at some length. xc. in the main part. the marriage between his son and Agnes was celebrated before the voyage continued. She—her name not mensent — was the daughter of the emperor Robert. which refers to the despots of Epirus. can be compared. and were hospitably entertained by Geoffroy I. the daughter of the emperor Peter. : .

In this as in many other instances the author derives his information from good sources the description he gives of the location of the principal baronies. the names of the castles built in them. in substructures for castles. IX. with the inclusion of Geoffroy. it . had the same significance as the Doomsday-book had England after the Norman Conquest. orders. the capture of towns was not a notable act of valour. of 150 palaeocasira. and during that this means of maintaining the Conperiod their number increased to such an . Organisation of Morea. is It easy to perceive that the conquest of Greece bears a close resemblance to the principal event in English history. Acrocorinth. or remains of have been counted in Morea they imprinted on Greece the outward stamp of feudalism. But the Conquest could only be made durable if strongholds were erected in strategical positions. A feudal commission was appointed to divide the country among the prince's companions-in-arms and to grant to each one a share corresponding to his title. Morea was divided into 12 chief baronies among 12 barons or peers. which . and some of them are undoubtedly The general condition of Morea and Athens was later additions. many The cases the Hellenic ruins afforded plan of erecting such fortified places was eagerly adopted as a quest . all these details to. their holders. in the mountain passes or on elevations in the plains . but Morea. Genealogical accounts occur frequently. who.1 INTRODUCTION created considerable interest in times of peace. were almost impregnable by nature and could only be captured in the reign of William II. was the liegeman of William I. the number of fiefs forming the shares of the knights under their . in most cases. castles. The division of the pubHc property of Morea in the reign of William I has much interest. Morea. as it shows that the customs of Germanic conquerors had been planted on the soil of Greece. Nauplion. lamentable before the Conquest and hardly improved after these countries again entered into historical life. and why the Franks did NOT FUSE WITH THE GREEKS. Some of these strongholds. had only 12 fortified places and thus. could only be obtained from the register he refers for for and which. when the rest of Morea had been long since subdued. Argos and Monembasia. now upwards the number of feudal tenants incorporated in his militia. at that time. at the time of the Conquest. his wealth and extent.

not escape the fate of assimilation by the conquered In the beginning. gradually became a substitute for the deBut as they were chiefly led by their clining French element. commercial interests. had given them an advantage over their brave and chivalrous but ignorant adversaries. the second from 1262 1311 — from 131 1 1432. the Conquest. who were nearer at hand. INTRODUCTION "H occurred about a century and a half earlier. but so much the greater was their passive resistance. which. manners and customs and at a later period to the influence of the Greek church. The and ancient culture. the ruling class as those of Normandy did in England.. the long existence of the sterile traditions . three or four generations the Franks should have yielded to the influences of Greek culture. The results of each have been very different. Intermarriage with the Greek population was forbidden except for state reasons William II of Morea and William I of Athens were married But even if we admit that marriages between the to Greek ladies. in which the culminating point of French glory was reached. compelled them. though unproductive in itself. Eastern empire supported by fatalistic superstition of a had infused into the Greeks of that time a peculiar kind of tenacity. The French and Venetian conquerors in the East had struck on a people which offered them comparatively little active opposition. a co-existence of two so disparate races would have been well nigh impossible. it seems quite natural that after thinned. The Frankish dominion may be divided into three different periods: the first from 1204 1262. lasted from and the third and last — — . The first period. But ancient culture. 1 1 8. great distance from the mother country. assumed a character which was very different from that in the days when French chivalry was at the height of its power. their ranks continually and could no more be filled. in the course of time. The Venetians. had the Greeks not bent with seeming willingness to the yoke of feudalism. was destined to win the The conquerors of the Champagne did not here remain victory. and had the Franks not used their power with the utmost discretion in respecting the civil and religious liberties of their Greek subjects. resorting to violence only when repeated rebellions even in the form it had assumed after the fall of the empire. p. who in the course character intellectual torpidity of years could race. After a century nearly all the original twelve great feudatories had dis- appeared from the scene . two races were of rare occurrence. to which Sanudo refers. many had been killed in the numerous Owing to the battles and feuds.

was reconquered and held by the Greeks.. This is the picture which Sanudo loi sqq. but Calavryta. had brought the principality to the brink of ruin. had he not succeeded in securing the assistance of the Turkish auxiliaries in the service of the emperor. which lasted from the cession of the three castles above mentioned to the battle of the Cephisus in 13 11. The death of William in 1278 without a male heir. and particularly from the Champagne. and afforded to the Greeks an opportunity to reconquer the rest of Morea. he was always followed by from 700 to 1000 horsemen. living at that time. informs us that in this period the war was carried on with such alacrity that William had well nigh been driven out of the country. The third period. is that of the gradual decline of the principality. that of a more decided decline and fall. The second period. came to Morea to serve under his orders. in particular those of Prinitza and Makry- and laments the perpetual . all of whom were killed. with them. that The loss of these places involved of a large extent of territory connected with describes. state of war which was ruinous Sanudo. Hi INTRODUCTION Monembasia the beginning of the Conquest to the cession of the three im- portant strongholds Maina. Plagi. Still in the reign of Isabella Ville- hardouin and her husband Florent de Hainaut a short change for the better can be noticed. and find lodging in the houses of the baillies their expenses were paid and money was lent them. time the prince's court was a school of eighty knights with golden spurs were constantly in the chivalry service of Geoffroy II. begins after the extinction of Moreotic and Athenian chivalry in the battle of the Cephisus and the . made by the Greeks in reconquering Morea. and young knights from France and During this . The Chronicle much detail. and not only the knights but even the merchants could travel freely about without money. Not only were these early baronies in three castles ceded. The court of William II resembled that of a mighty king . Mistra and to the emperor. Courtesy and kind feeling prevailed throughout the principality. gives us of the prosperous times under the reign of the house of Villehardouin. in battle (loc. married in succession seven husbands. if they bound themselves by their signature to return it. one after the other. Burgundy. 118. one of the the northern Peloponnesus. Such was the which the war was carried on that a woman. the battles fought at that time. to the country but it does not give a clear idea of the continual progress p. cit). the prince's home. and the misgovernment of fierceness with the baillies sent by the house of Anjou.

which were probably communicated to Muntaner by the peasants of Morea and it must furthermore be observed that the love of antithesis might have lead Muntaner into exaggerations. . the knights married only women descended from French knights. confirms the already mentioned glowing report of Sanudo.INTRODUCTION lul and ends for conquest of the duchy of Athens by the Catalan Grand Company. note that this whole chapter it is in other respects as confused as can be. Morea from that time on offers but interest to general history. settled at the doors little of the principality. The French may have adopted Greek manners and customs and even used the colloquial form of the Greek language. This purity of race and knighthood lasted till the moment when the Catalans exterminated them all in one day. chapter ccxl). they all perished and not one of them escaped. R. Ramon Muntaner. whose power was steadily increasing. Muntaner chapter cclxi and Encycl. Catalans. when the Count of Brienne attacked them.but as it the Navarrese 227 years proved entirely unsuccessful. Be assured. which many years had been in a state of dissolution threatened by the Greeks. to which allusion has been made above. who describes the memorable battle of the Cephisus (or Halmyros. in the year 1432. After the extinction of the house of Villehardouin in the dell' female Hne (Maud died a prisoner in the Castel Ovo in Naples about 1324) and the further progress of the Greeks of Byzantine Morea. p. It : is said that the noblest chivalry in the world was that of Morea. and the French language was spoken there as pure as in Paris. the . but Constantine Palaeologos. converted into the Despotate of Mistra. and repeats the wildest legends. The early extinction of the French race in Morea is also partially explained by another reason. the principality was left to Company. in spite of Muntaner's remark on the purity of their French.) Much of this may be true even in the beginning of the fourteenth century but we must . when Centurione Zaccaria died. The Frankish dominion had lasted for and was again united with the Empire in the person of last emperor of Eastern Rome. and depicts the prosperous condition of Morea in his time " The Frankish chiefs always selected their wives from the best families in France . . and the . in his Chronicle. nothing of general interest seems to have occurred until about the year 1377 when the order of St John made an expedition to conquer Morea. A severer blow could not have been dealt to the principality. 391. i. as I have already related." (Cp. a rival Latin power.

nationality and religion were indivisible. became of the French continue to hold their in Byzantine fiefs Morea did they under the Greek Emperor ? This is not probable so long as they could obtain a compensation in Frankish Morea for what they had lost thus John de Nivelet. by the knights of the Teutonic Order. settled down near Vostitza. Messenia and the coast of the Gulf of Corinth. the Marienburg meant the same as the Castel Tornese to Morea. 378). bringing no profit to either of those engaged. and only making Greece an easier prey for the Ottoman con. in this case a compensation could no longer be given and a return to France was hardly possible to the knights who had grown up in an eastern country. Grecian and Oriental history meet in one focus and it was on the soil of Greece that fierce contests were fought out. This was the case in Arcadia after its recapture by the Greeks. Italian. professed the Roman Catholic faith and recognised in theory the king of France as their sovereign.liv INTRODUCTION so long as they were in possession of the country. the Frankish chiefs. A Frank who went over to the Eastern Church had. " There the knights succeeded in what was impossible for them on Grecian soil they formed a political : creation of such vitality that after more than five centuries it has proved one of the most important factors for the renewal of the German national empire" (Gregorovius i. French. But when after the loss of Geraki. and certainly in other places. p. Slavic. The Franks were led into their enterprise by their hereditary love of adventure and brilliant feats of arms. We are not informed what after 1262 . as before Lacedaemonia. at all times. the principality had been reduced to Elis. had been united with the Empire. become Greeks. as well as by the prospect of obtaining a feudal share in a country reputed to be fabulously rich . by this act. In Greece. or to . And when in 1320 Carytaina and Acova. torn asunder the last tie which bound him to the Western world he could thenceforth only be considered as a Greek. and this seems to have been the fate of many of the noble knights. Catalan. who too had a share in Morea To the wildernesses of Prussia and Lithuania. 1 when compared with ! the conquest in the north-west. had no other choice than to renounce their claims and depart. querors. What a waste of energy it seems. after 230. that is. this refers especially to the second sons of nobles. they still. to recognise the authority of the Emperor and to accept the orthodox faith. . who were still left. which are not mentioned. whose ancestors had come to reduce the Greek Empire to the obedience of the Papal See.

acquired by a fusion of Germanic and Celto-Roman This applies to the political elements. The truly modern form of government in the 13th century was that of feudal monarchy. based on the antagonism between the Roman and the Greek Church. renovation had become a question of vital importance and seems that it was only achievable through a process of fecundation. attributed to the legate. where shortly before the Conquest powerful families. Greek world it was not a source of strength . like Sgouros. Feudalism has inspired individual enterprise and the desire to perform great feats. 505 sqq. and in Greece Proper. which. lost its natural ruler (<^v(riK09 a(f>evTr}s) In the opinion of the time a could be occupied by anyone originally was a crusade which had been diverted from its real purpose and the motive which could be openly avowed was that of religious zeal. had its primitive cause in national pretensions. she will perhaps acknowledge that under more favourable circumstances their conquest would have been beneficial.. It may seem paradoxical to say that a restoration could only be attained through foreign conquest. where the phenomenon A . clearly expresses the the author spirit and his time.INTRODUCTION who were excluded from country which had force of arms. Iv succession." says the legate of the Pope. become But petty tyrants wholly or partly independent of the Empire. state of Greece as well as to its literature. This is plainly illustrated by history in Asia Minor. The Empire. 11. ? " than to affront the perils of a hopeless expedition to Syria This of argument. in which the renovated West could impart a portion of its vigour. in an Eastern country are widely different from feudal lords imbued with the spirit of chivalry. if we " Is look further. it who had The Conquest the power to maintain himself by not of greater profit. after having been plunged into the wildest state of anarchy. it meant nothing less than an abolition of the institutions inherited from the Romans and the dismemberment of the Empire. mentioned in the Chronicle. led the Franks to the conquest of the Eastern Empire. as it infused new life and it fresh blood into a decaying organism. to the declining East. but it could only For the flourish in a country organized on such a principle. " to restore the unity of both Churches and take Constantinople. had come to the crisis of 1203 and seemed to lack the moral energy and vitality necessary for an If history condemns the motives which internal reorganisation. where the magnates win a power which the Emperors vainly endeavour to reduce.

is due to Western influence. with elaborate Tuscan poetry. the risorgimento began with a shape. the high barons. Morea presented the rudimentary forms of a constitutional monarchy the power of the prince. without a foreign impulse ? Karl Dieterich in his history and Neohellenic literature. as is repeatedly Still a change for the better was gradually often received They as The conspicuous persons retained their privileges and new distinctions from the hands of the prince. which we must suppose to have been composed in a more popular form than that transmitted. In Italy. similar to the French romance of chivalry. could have come about during the existence of the Byzantine Empire. In their feudal organization Greeks and Franks had been for united under one government. of which the Chronicle is an example. The existence of the romance of Digenis Acritas. The condition of the common people remained as preparing. fall literary movement initiated by Parini. it said in the Chronicle. p. 66. The question which arises is difficult to answer. and may itself contribute to the renovation of a people and lead to national regeneration. was under the Empire. attributes the renewal of Greek letters " to the contact of the Greeks with the French world. encouraged the Greeks to continue their shape them after the literary productions and model borrowed from the West. and shared many centuries they . which was later on transformed into a political In medieval Greece the political change caused by the of Constantinople brought forth a revival in popular literature. in their own living language. It is this what part of this literature. We can hardly imagine that a bold innovation. which foreshadows modem Greek poetry. Foscolo and other poeti civ Hi." Unof Byzantine doubtedly literature reflects the political condition of a country. through which the latent or only dormant forces in the Greek people have been set free and aroused. was limited. far from being absolute. for example. at a later period. which the path had been already prepared by the Greeks. as medieval Greek poetry has not yet been fully explored. and learned again from which for had become estranged. who . well as the commons were incorporated in the militia to appreciate military valour. proves that the Greeks had already begun to cultivate national poetry. and had thus prepared a revival in literature. In Greece the contact with French is minstrelsy and. with his companions-in-arms or peers. and what is truly national ? and could a revival of this kind have been wrought out from : within.Ivi INTRODUCTION perhaps more palpable.

or ^ovk-r] or orvvrvyia. The native population. which on the prince. Franks did not ripen. and would have produced a mixed That such a process had already culture of a peculiar kind. homage existed. the meaning to do homage has been conveyed Ttt but liege^ had no equivalent in Greek (Tvv^OeLa the usages containing the customary law. we therefore find for it either or avOpoiivia. INTRODUCTION with the Ivii bishops constituted the all assembly. Had circumstances been favourable to the development of Morea. High Court. were always consulted whenever their political liberty needed. is modified in a feudal sensed Into originally to worships . where the -TTpoorKwcS.. In this curious document a reflex of the changes brought about by the introduction of Frankish customs can easily be detected. happened •290. a dehberative important occasions was consulted by Smaller assemblies of this kind were. Perhaps even in a Western country it would have been a novelty to meet a parliament of ladies. 1. convoked by each of the lords in his own dominions. as p. in two ways or the Expressions pertaining to feudalism are rendered : they are either directly borrowed from the French new meaning for No word ofxavT^Lo word in is conveyed into a genuine Greek word. v-rroKpaTU) ' These frequent deliberations of which we hear in many passages of the Chronicle are a characteristic feature of the new institutions introduced by the Franks . original meaning Xt^ios. as we can infer from Western institutions. although not sharing the high offices with the Franks. which Greek. expresses the new object with a new word. had not in consequence of the events of 1262 a part of Morea been reoccupied by the Greeks and the further existence of the principality emperilled. united to deliberate in the absence of their husbands. the custom of holding assemblies had become quite popular in Morea. . Something like the beginning of connected with the existing parliamentary institutions can be perceived in the accounts of the Chronicle and perhaps an agreement similar to that of Magna Charta might advice was have been possible. as it seems that political liberty can acquire a substantial form only when it has passed through the discipline of they feudalism. in Morea during the captivity of the prince and his barons. The seeds sown by the might have been beneficial. a fusion of two races so distinct as Greeks and Franks would have been inevitable. an effort to render the French For parliament we find either 7rapA. begun can be inferred from the language in which the Chronicle is written. . 1 646.a/xa.

The won by our concession. This point. Chronicle. needs some explanation. rov to hold under a feudal lord. This Faust. formed on the analogy oi forteresse^ and many more. for their own profit. recalls to some extent the William II of our Chronicle. while obeying his wishes. And Faust. y fMrapovi'ia. Influence of the Chronicle on Goethe's Faust. through which has an indirect connexion with Universal Literature. in the valley of the Eurotas. ra 1. X. Since he wisdom and strength combines. which describes the successful introduction it. was selected by Goethe. the old and the new home of Helena. it must rest on some foundation. who is described as the prince of the conquered Peloponnesus and is surrounded by his feudal lords. come to court with the intention of and many other expressions which can be Military expressions : seen in the Index. So that the strong men obedient stand. and this basis was supplied by the Frankish Conquest. his feudatories. which has not yet been fully realised. a reflex of assedio^ and perhaps Bwafxdpi. met to celebrate their nuptials.— — : Iviii INTRODUCTION <^t€. as the spot where Germanic and Hellenic genius. irapaKaOia/xo^. 6323. The certain of feudalism into a country least adapted for general ideas to has suggested it modern fiction. Each for the profiting of himself As for the Ruler's rewarding thanks.Villehardouin is a mild ruler . Waiting his every beckon. se presenter^ to claiming an inheritance. do so . In fee to each a wealthy land. Faust. They his orders faithfully heed. . €k8vv<i) and pc^ecrTtXw tov tottov 1. as daring as any that has ever been conceived in the imagination of a poet but even fiction must be connected with something palpable. for the highest gifts they've renown of both. It is of the Prince that the chorus sings I Therefore now our Prince praise. It is not by mere chance that Sparta. This is a flight of thought. eyive dvOpuiTTOs ^Q-j 6479 Tpe^avTi- ^o/xai = Fr. connected with feudalism are with the verb TrapaKa^ojotai. in the third act of the Second Part of Faust. Holding him higher than others. are genuine feudal terms. personified by Faust and Helena.

girdled by the sea^. And Argolis again make great. but * it may 2 Faust translated by Bayard Taylor. in particular. In reality. p. abiding In lands that lack no liberal right. after the year 1262. with its hundred gorges. in Mesarea. p. The duchies here referred to are Athens and Naxos. Middle Ages. yet the words. And they in rivalry protect thee Half. is the part of this ideal conquest due to England. in the migration of races. : . 185. This name denotes the Italian or the the Venetian and the Catalan. while Argolis. the portion allotted to the Frank. seem to suggest a time not very remote from the Conquest. German. tribe. who remained in his German . All civilized nations have a share in the literary inheritance of Hellas first of all the German. I give thee. which. to hold and raise. cit. has Corinth in his hands. when the Frankish principality was still at the height of its power. But poetry and history do not and need not go hand // in hand. Then follows the Goth as a representative of the in German or. ^ . with the function of sweeping the ocean. the key to the ideal realm imagined by the poet. Goth. descended from the conquerors of Gaul. I hail you Dukes 2. as forth ye sally Beneath the rule of Sparta's Queen ! Thine. Spaniard. Another passage more distinctly alludes to the division of the Peloponnesus among the conquerors of the West Faust. direct your motion Messene be the Saxon's state The Norman claim and sweep the ocean. And 167). who disputed the possession of Morea. home. as Arcadia was called in the is the place which the poet selects for the abode . who Elis is both have an important share in the Conquest. Towards Elis. became the object of a fierce contest between the two races. of the Prince and his noble consort it is the place of honour due to them and the classical land of bucolic and idyllic poetry. Each one shall she behold.Island. may be twenty years in all {loc. be the hand that forges Defence for Corinth and her bays : Achaia.: INTRODUCTION Are grand and fair : lisf grant them possession ! We in the midst will take our stand. Franks. settled Italy and Spain. which. In the midst. the prince had no share in Mesarea.

Whence land and people now they harry. They had the time it may be twenty years. yet of many one is Chief: I blame him not. all : . Franks. who in 1147 conceived the bold The Saxon may intention of conquering the Eastern Empire. geographical situation is that only Mistra. which mentions no details of architecture . can be meant. yet was content he called it With some free he said tribute not. of their Germanic conquerors. Eurotas downward rolls. — He Hel might. as yet a nimble brook. and then. Phorkyas thus describes this castle by the daring conquerors from a sunless northern country So many years deserted stood the valley hills That in the rear of Sparta northwards rise aloft. denote the Anglo-Saxons as well as the Saxons of Germany. have taken gifts. Not robbers are they. although on me he also fell. Elis. : Have they accomplished that? Impossible it seems. given so distinctly without reference to the Chronicle. to the Southern Italy. but the leading idea to prosper in the arts of peace . How looked the man? . along our vale . nourishes your swans. destined cal interpretation. Behind Taygetus whence. which is falls complete transforwhich appear under the names This is particularly the case with to their share. who. indeed. bring Germanic migrations to a palpable allusions of this In Faust there are many more kind which can only refer to the accounts of the Chronicle. The castle in which the Prince dwells but its is minutely described. had been the refers to the it headquarters of their dominion as long as very concise picture existed. beginning with Odoacer and ending with William the Conqueror and William the conclusion.: Ix INTRODUCTION and in particular also refer to the Scandinavian tribes. Of course poetry of this kind does not admit of a strictly histori- Normans in is undoubtedly inspired by the Germanic conquests. a few miles from Sparta. Is one a Chief? and are they robbers many leagued? yPhor. And there have built a fortress inaccessible. Hel. in all. as Hel. they please. Have mountain-dells a daring breed settled. which was built by William built II. By reed-beds broadly Behind there in the flowing. Phor. II Villehardouin. it mation of the so-called Latin the races. though conquests connected with the Romanised. which changed the face of the ancient world and laid the foundation of new states. Thus a given in Faust of the Germanic conquests. pressing forth from the Cimmerian Night.

You have no master to protect you it is for your good that I advise you to come to terms with him and thus escape plunder and slaughter prevail on your friends that they may come to do homage to . him. Now this whole passage seems to be inspired by the Chronicle. and here that a reception of welcome prepared by Faust for Helena. to be considered mere robbers. and renders some of its leading ideas. and then to disappear. is the following lines." says Geoffroy assembled Greeks. Phorkyas. which. who receives the homage of the noble lords. 1613 sqq. but in such cases much depends on the discretion of a conqueror and the forms observed by him. . his fortress ! That should ye yourselves behold (p. The who continue the conquests of their forefathers and settle in the Grecian world are in the eyes of the poet by no Franks. 147 in the edition of 1825. rendered hy j'eune e elourdi^ S. balconies. even finds words of praise for the Franks. after being settled in Morea. is medieval stronghold with coats of arms. Undoubtedly the princes of Morea. Sparta's queen. request Geoffroy to assume the power.) ." In another passage the Franks. who here speaks undertakes their defence her words seem to be an echo of a passage in the Chronicle^: to the "Noble friends. yet I question much If one so cruel be. A prudent man and wise. It is pillars. Cheerful and brave and bold. is here identified with one of the Villehardouins historical and the prototype of this noble castle. who came to conquer (for the sake of glory). 123 in the edition of the year 1825 which ^ povxoXdyos 1. or rather Goethe probably has used. they might have taken all and then left the country to find plunder ^ See 11. Ixi By no means ill : he pleased me well. means truth. and nobly-formed is he. described by the poet as a typical arches. ! 167. pillarets.. And Faust Mistra in is then. Phorkyas. as well as all conquerors. p. "you clearly see that this Frankish chief (William I) came into your country to take possession of it he did not come to gather booty and take your property. as few among the Greeks. as there by I lion In man-devouring rage so many heroes were His greatness I respected. mal Hevi. for fear that some robber^ should cause them annoyance. INTRODUCTION Phor. and p. They call the race Barbarians . did confide in him. lived at the expense of the country they had occupied. Behold his army he is a kingly lord.. 2106. ! . . . who in this instance speaks in behalf of the Greek population.

enters the scene of Greece has emerged from secular oblivion and again. And behold. it seemed as if the image of death hovered over it like a cloud of vapour. "All is covered and hid Round us with vapour and cloud: Each other behold we not! What happens? do we advance? Hover we only with Skipping footstep along the ground? Seest thou naught? Soars not even. He companions-in-arms were no robbers. included) performed his duty voluntarily. life is Yes. .: — Ixii INTRODUCTION elsewhere. in a new form. but a medieval accurately stronghold." own profit. is which are A reception of welcome prepared. ticular The whole spirit of feudalism is Then the flattering portrait of the Prince recalls in parWilliam II who is the great favorite of the Chronicler. The it anxiety caused by the new vision ceases. Through wafted in a the this poetical contrivance Helena and her maids are moment from the heroic ages to the thirteenth century. Full of impalpable phantoms. Nor did the Prince exact a tribute in the Eastern fashion from his new subjects. as of both. any way! and Sisters. Bidding. or pitfall? Fear-inspiring. Is't a court? a moat. sunless vanish now the vapours. lines. as seemed all its at first sight. They were a noble race of conquerors who came to check the state of anarchy in Greece and create a new political order based on the feudal principles of Western Europe. gray-twilighted. described. Prisoned now. age of feudalism. commanding us back again To the cheerless. 172). which not an airy image. he was content with free gifts. Byzantine or Turkish despots or pashas would have done. for his well as for the "Ruler's rewarding thanks. Walls present themselves before us. Overfilled. a metamorphosis ! the cloud assumes the form of a medieval castle which gradually becomes more distinct. behold us prisoned. brown as gloomy. oh. as for instance. a multitude of servants is come forth from the castle. This term must be taken in a feudal sense it is the opposite of tribute^ and implies that each liegeman (the Greeks . and for the glory condensed in these nor were they Phorkyas rejects all reproaches of this kind. eternally empty Hades?" his and barbarians (p. Greece Proper had in Byzantine times dwindled down to insignificance. buildings. complete in details. Blank against our clearer vision. at once the air Gray and darkly. worthy of such . Hermes before us? Shines not the golden wand. perchance. as ne'er before.

173). in one passage a medieval castle (Mistra) compared described Cyclopean in another structure. the heroic and the feudal age. Ixiii The resemblance between the two ages suggested more No reference is made to the than one of the motives in Faust. which has been built by the Franks into the shape of a medieval castle. existence. is the ideal realm their Euphorion is connected with Greece in more than one way. Germanic and Hellenic genius were impregnated with each other and the natal hour of Romantic poetry had come. but servitude is and are about to it the price by which bought. from the fall of Troy to the capture of Mesolonghi. with Helena. Hellenic foundation. who represents the idea of feudalism. Faust and Helena are united in wedlock. they are the only remains of two bygone ages. the wife of William I de la Roche and daughter of the Sevastocrator. These ruins. ^ truly ' e 2 . and Helena. name. the arrival of the Frankish conquerors.— . There I in the mists. the heroine in the Iliad^ combines two ages. in a more material shape. of which these two persons are an embodiment. to his death that Goethe refers. INTRODUCTION a guest. ^ William II was actually married to a Greek princess. of immortal beauty. partakes of both ages. Arcadia. the idyllic abode of the poets. They is enter into a now in new the centre of Feudal Greece. vast space of time between the return of Menelaos from Troy and Real poetry delights in such bold images of fancy. The resemblance between to a the heroic and the feudal ages is is apparent. Arcadia. was for a time the regent of Athens. He can It is be said to be a son of the country for which he sacrificed his life. she revives in queen and the consort of the mightiest prince This union of two ages is symbolised. as being humane. can teach the visitor that history has repeated itself on the same spot. know are not how —we from out whose bosom hitherwards came. the sister of the despot of Epirus. The close union of Faust. much to the disadvantage of the latter. without a step (p. swiftly. is the scene of their matrimonial happiness Euphorion^ is the fruit of this singular union. by the constructions called in common Greek by the hybrid name palaeocastra^ which the visitor may They rest on a Cyclopean or still see in the Peloponnesus. which are as hybrid as fiction as Sparta's of the Peloponnesus. when he says that Helena' comprises a period of three thousand years. and passage the Frankish free chieftains are from the atrocities committed by the ancient heroes. and a modern Helena. where Faust and Helena^ dwell for a time in peaceful happiness. which are not subject to time.

' but also to the preparatory scenes and. Ixiv of lofty thought. Frankish princes held their court at Nikli in the ancient Arcadia must be observed. but on p. which is not Nikli. xviii) the castle on the Rhine heroine. in a mysterious way. where Helena returns from Troy . Volume ii.. however. sub voce Germane. Faust it settled down in Arcadia. then she and her maids are brought. Fiction is not bound to historical facts. And in truth that Conquest seemed. Furthermore there are three changes of scene in this phantasmagoria the first scene is ancient Sparta. It was only natural that Helena should ? . 1. recalls. not for historical but for poetical reasons. and that the residence of the Prince and the seat of the Frankish government was in Andravida. with Taygetus at its is in the rocky woodlands of Arcadia. What reasons induced Goethe to alter his previous design as to the abode of Faust and Helena ? This is a question of primary (cp. and at a later period certainly was. and is meant to recall.. likely to realise the most fantastic designs ever conceived. In considering the literary connection between the * Helena' and our Chronicle. the third scene importance. 420. quite different from the conditions imagined by the poet. p. it is said that the passage on the division of the Peloponnesus among German tribes. actual history. I have chiefly consulted Baumgarten's book and the edition of Goethe's Faust by Calvin Thomas. Introd. soil of This applies not only to the * Helena. in a wider sense. ' We ' are informed that in cf. But the Conquest of Morea furnished an indispensable substructure for the poetical scenes described in Faust. xvi) were finished but how does this agree with the plan of conjuring up Helena to appear in Faust's castle on the Rhine? Could the poet bring Helena to a German castle and let her suppose that she is in Sparta {ib. as the connection of the Faust legend with the <lreece has led to a complete transformation of the poem. INTRODUCTION The reality may have been. : back) . The Chronicle of Morea is not mentioned in this work. is chosen as the future home of the Greek How did it happen that several years later the scene to the heart of Greece had been transferred from the shores of the Rhine to the Eurotas. that only occasionally was a parliament convoked at that place. for a time. Thomas. but Mistra : on the upper Eurotas. xiv)? Again in the prose sketch of 18 16 {ib. 1800 the opening lines of the Helena (8488-8802. to the medieval castle of Faust. 8994 sqq. to the ample room allowed to Greek mythology. and then follows a very brief sketch of In the following note it is said that the the Conquest of Morea.

xxiii. when the Greek War of Independence was at its mann . with no introduction. in surrounding. to the heroic age? There was certainly something and act in Sparta and not . as a ClassicoRomantic Phantasmagoria Interlude to Faust. p.and Schiller-Archiv and director Paul von Bojanowski. however. more . The events of the year 1824 and the following years. as I have been able to ascertain through the Goethe. that the plan of completing the second part of Faust was adopted in consequence of Eckermann's suggestions. It was in 1824. in Weimar. ib. 1825. among them. Still after all this the genesis of the 'Helena' is hardly sufficiently explained. in a far-off northern country. and once right Then time brought me well but I will not tell you what it was. xxiii and Pniower.' which was in due time to be known as the third act of the second part. was not. p. missing in the connection between the past and the medieval present. and. Finally in 1827 the 'Helena' was finished and published. the Helena was taken up again and in spring Goethe read a number of books referring to the history and geography of Greece. The problem of completion was henceforward the problem of filling-in the parts before and after the 'Helena. This requires some explanation. in particular. had Goethe not acquired a positive knowledge of the historical This knowledge of facts connected with the Conquest of Morea ? ." Cp. and of what use could he be. ib. Still I am of the opinion that a work so important for his pursuits in this and the following years could hardly have escaped the notice of Goethe. could only excite a general interest in Greece. xxviii. note §. In February. 1827 "At an earlier date I had thought out the conclusion (of the Helena ') altogether differently. Goethe himself explained the change of his design to Eckerin July. 149 the Chronicle. in a country so desolate as medieval Greece ? Or could magic work in an inverse way and translate him back to the past. and I willingly dropped everything else. his vassals how could the division of the Peloponnesus among and many details referring to feudalism be conceived. this of Lord Byron and Mesolonghi. but no motifs. cause the introduction of the person of Euphorion into the poem. the year of Byron's death. who could easily have procured it from some source not yet discovered. it could not inspire many of its leading How could the idea of a principality of which Faust was to be the ruler.INTRODUCTION live IxV an unsuitable and uncongenial But the case of Faust was equally embarrassing what had he to do. — height. Thomas. : ' ' ' .

' of which some parts dated from his earliest time. "When I set about to mould it all into one form. you good children. Bannusio. He does not seem to have alluded to the others Conquest in his conversations with Eckermann and he seems even to have carefully avoided this point. It required the perspicacity of as the Chronicle a Goethe to make such a humble production serviceable to the highest purposes of poetical imagination. of the two or in the subject. works. The Morea are mentioned Empire. i. Ixx.' which had been already pre- From Goethe pared by the death of Byron in the preceding year. Stanhope. the more for him himself no explanation could be expected . though very faint.). p. do not refer to Feudal Greece." Pniower. To another visitor Goethe referred to the conception of the Helena. so far as I can see.Ixvi INTRODUCTION the events in Morea in the thirteenth century was not diffused at an earlier date and could only be obtained through the Chronicle of Morea. 214. among his chieftains 9446 sqq. while others were conceived much later. I knew that it could only be done in one way and not otherwise. which appeared in print at this very time. with the exception latter.e. only in Du Cange's History of Conprinces of stantinople deserves consideration." on the continent chap. on which Goethe had noted them down. time. The authors of the books above mentioned Gell. in the year This year. might point to the poet's subsequent acquaintance with the : ' ' feudal reorganization of Greece. 280. Did this contain some definite allusion? But Yes. the better. stage in the genesis of the * Helena. marks a completely new 1825. and he had no desire to be the commentator on his own . scales fell from my eyes (Endlich fiel mir's wie Schuppen von den Augen) . yes. p.' Pniower. as may be inferred from his reply to Holtei. Castellan. and furthermore Blaquiere. Pniower. Gibbon's remark : " I shall not fell pursue the obscure and various dynasties that rose and isles. Dodwell. it. 220.' ib. lxii. 9001 shortly after The — . but only occasionally and in connection with the lines 9010 were written about the same March 9th. who had asked him to explain Frankish distributed portions of his country why Faust (1. ' incomprehensible a poetic production was for the understanding. if Goethe cut him short by saying you only were not so dull. Coro: : nelli. 1825. p. was not apt to create interest in this Besides the Chronicle. Finally the I did not know for a long time what to do with it. This allusion. the date of a playbill. Depping.

after having promised the Pope that he would establish the Roman Catholic Church in his empire in case the Pope would help him to recover the throne of — Byzantium. Prologue. the Holy cens. PAGES 3 10 Colonisation of Syria from the Western countries.SUMMARY. In Zara Alexios joins the allied army. the king. Peter the Hermit describes the lamentable condition of Land to the Pope. fulfil Isaac and Isaac promises to the engagements of his son Alexios. assistance offered him by . 36 Alexios restored to Capture of Constantinople. his sister. — Many power. and the queen. Geoffroy de Villehardouin continues the cross. the majority of the Crusaders abandon the plan of reconquering the Holy Land and decide to make war upon They are encouraged by the Western Emperor 32 34 and the Pope. of the Crusaders return to France. Godefroy de Bouillon refuses the kingly crown offered him. the remainder set out from the ports of southern France. Fourth Crusade. 20—28 Only a part of the French observe the stipulations and come to Venice. which the republic promises to equip. The Crusaders from northern France. being indebted to V^enice for the loan and cost of equipping their ships. Baldwin and the count of Champagne assume Death of the latter. — the negotiations offering and visits the Marquis Boniface de Montferrat. who orders a crusade against the SaraThe Crusaders pass through Constantinople conquest of . 30 —32 After the capture of Zara. Antiochia and Jerusalem. is Geoffroy de Villehardouin tiate sent as an envoy to Venice to negoto with the doge they come terms regarding the ships. promise their military 28 30 assistance in the expedition of Venice against Zara. the Eastern Empire. 38 40 . visits 10 — 18 20 Boniface the king of France. who promises them plenary indulgence. him the leadership of the expedition.

Michael reconquers Constantinople. 84 of the Genoese. Violent diatribe against the faithlessness . retinue decide to settle down in Morea. — . by Theodoros Lascaris his son is committed to the care of Michael Palaeologos. in electors appointed and Dandolo chosen emperor 62—64 favour of Baldwin. that Boniface should be king Alexios to the Holy Land. Baldwin's brother. Alexios is put to death and Mourtzouphlos proclaimed emperor. 42 The Franks. his army is partly composed of Cumanian 70 Skirmishes between Joanisa and Boniface. who is appointed regent of the empire. of Salonica. the party of Boniface is conciliated by the proposition of the doge. in revenge. wages war against the auxiliaries. Joanisa (here John). king of Bulgaria. Succession of Robert. betrothed to the king of Aragon. is persuaded to marry Geoffrey II prince . 44 Violent reproaches of Isaac to his son Alexios. his son is put to death by Michael. tion for their services. Death of Boniface. — . 72 After three years a battle is fought at Adrianople between Joanisa and the Franks death of Baldwin. 60 The Franks resolve to keep the empire for themselves. expecting a more favourable 88 90 turn of fortune. but does not wish to unite his army with that of the Franks. who usurps the throne. 80 Re-establishment of the Greek empire at Nicaea. Second capture of Constantinople. he lands Some of his at Monembasia. 58 Mourtzouphlos hurled from the top of a column. With the help who receive Galata in compensa- 86 Baldwin II with many of his nobles flies from his capital. 82 After the death of Theodoros. His daughter. 48 Revolt in Constantinople. 46 Alexios promises to take part in the expedition to the Holy Land. pillage the surrounding country as far as Adrianople. .Ixviii SUMMARY is dissuaded from joining the Franks on their expedition Massacre of the Franks. of the Greeks. twelve he declines. Venice receives one-fourth and the half of a fourth part. where he is entertained by the prince. who falls a victim to the cunning 74 78 of his enemies. 66 —68 Division of the empire. — of Morea. the leaders of reconciliation with the Frankish the revolt severely punished chiefs. Franks . Great tumult among the Franks. 50 The Frankish chiefs informed of this occurrence give vent to their 52 56 feelings in a violent diatribe.

and the Marquisate of Bodonitza. pre- pares to leave Morea. . thus to stimulate later generations to equal them in valour. Meanwhile Sgouros descends from the citadel and puts to death the Franks left in Corinth. 104 Boniface departs after having invested William with the suzerainty over Athens. where he encounters Sgouros. Geoffroy. 102 He meets Boniface. . who retreats to Acrocorinth. 122 He orders the affairs of the principality and appoints Geoffroy to make a division of the conquered country a committee of two archbishops. SUMMARY William I Ixix Champlitte. capture of Patras. Veligosti. 106 He advises the prince to abandon the siege of Acrocorinth and Nauplion. who allots no share to himself. 120 Death of the count of Champagne. where William persuades the Greek nobles to support his cause homage done by them. Concentration of Greek forces from Nicli. . the Taygetos. 114 Capture of Corone and Calamata. William. Advice of Geoffroy to take Pondicocastro and other places on the coast and thus utilize the fleet. two bannerets. a brother of the above-mentioned count of Champagne. 116 Their defeat by the Franks. it was the only real battle fought during the conquest council of war at Calamata. Lacedaemonia. 94 He lands at Achaia. 112 Capture of Pondicocastro they take the suburbs of Arcadia and set out for Mothone. receives Calamata and . Villehardouin remains in Morea with Champlitte. While in possession of the town. sets out for Greece. and five Greek nobles is nominated to assist him every one is to receive a share corresponding to his wealth and power and the strength of his contingent. 96 Surrender of Andravida. 124 . who are inferior in numbers. and to extend his conquest from Patras towards the south. whose inhabitants go to meet him in procession this place is not fortified.. his successor. the three lordships of Euboea. 118 Allusion to Araclovon. . held by Doxapatris. writing the history of feudal rule feats of the first conquerors in The author explains his object in Morea it is to recount the great . 110 The nobles of Morea Proper and Mesarea follow their example. 108 They return to Andravida. 100 he receives the homage of the surrounding districts. Laccos and Chrysorea at the place called els tovs KaTrrjo-KLavovs. 98 He marches by Vostitza to Corinth. accompanied by Geoffroy de Villehardouin they unite and take Argos. Capture of Arcadia. and 92 William of Champlitte. .

that their religion. 156 The stipulation was. who entrusts him with the government of 126 Morea for the time being. eludes pursuit. William. Extracts from the book or register containing the principal fiefs of Morea and service. that Robert had to claim his rights within one year and one day. conceives the plan of securing the principality for himself. principality. He resolves to send his cousin Robert to Morea. can now obtain them. Champlitte arrives at Whitsuntide in Paris where the king of 144 France holds his court pUnilre. and in Venice by the artifices of the doge. : Monembasia and Argos. Robert is left behind in Corfu by the ship which was to bring him He to Clarentza. laws The Greeks promise their help on condition and customs be respected. to whom Geoffroy must resign the government when it is claimed. Robert follows him from place to place and finally meets him in Lacedaemonia. and urged by both. He contrives to throw obstacles in the way of the person 142 appointed by Champlitte as his successor. who had 146 a secret understanding with the prince. He convokes a parliament at Andravida and receives the report of the committee authorized to make a division of the conquered country. his documents are read before the assembly. 130 — 132 134 Feudal order established throughout the Military Military duties of the clergy accurately defined. New campaign . Thus Geofifroy remains bailli of Morea. reserves to himself the right to appoint a successor. Geoffroy I Villehardouin. the names of their holders. but Geoffroy. 138 the liegemen. Some of Nicli and Lacedaemonia taken after a hard struggle. and invests him with the sovereignty of the principality. Robert is detained in Savoy by heavy snows. and Geofifroy swears to observe these conditions.IXX Arcadia from the prince . — . who are entitled to fiefs. 150 154 Geofifroy convokes his court to examine the titles of Robert. Capture of Veligosti. however. 148 Finally he lands in Morea. 158 It was found that this term had expired a fortnight before and accordingly the court decided against Robert and in favour of 160 Geoffroy. Nauplion. 136 with a view to complete the conquest. informed of his arrival by a messenger of the doge. SUMMARY he performs the act of homage and becomes a Hegeman to the prince. 140 wins the favour of the Greeks as well as of the Franks. who was proclaimed ruler (d^eVrjys) of Morea. Only four strongholds still remain unconquered Corinth. and William leaves 128 for France.

SUMMARY Ixxi Robert demands a copy of the court's decision and returns to France.. His 164 Geoffroy Robert. 188 his negotiations with . husband. Corinth besieged a fort called Mont Esquiou is built on a hill opposite Acrocorinth. He enjoins him to build a of his father and himself. Venice Cession of Mothone and Corone to Venice. who possess one-third of Morea. since in Morea no woman was found worthy to be the consort of a sovereign. 162 Geofifroy orders his estate according to his wishes. successor. writes his testament. to join the expedition. 176 He orders the revenues of the Church to be confiscated they are spent in building the castle of Chloumoutzi. the title of Prince and that of Great he also obtains the right of coinage. his father-in-law and begs to his forgive- His anger being appeased. 170 terms with his 172 They meet of his wife : at Larissa. she yields. . if lost. Domesticos Upon this Geoffroy becomes the liegeman of the emperor. from which Morea. 166 His advisers urge him to marry her. A copy of the usages or customary laws of the empire was presented to him. and appoints his son Geoffroy to be his successor. 182 church and erect a tomb to the memory 184 William His first II Villehardouin. In three years it was finished and then negotiations were begun with the Pope. Geoffroy receives as the marriage-portion the Cyclades. 190 . Capture of Corinth. and accepts prince Geoffroy as her . 178 Through the Pope's mediation peace is restored and the clergy promise to perform the military service required by feudal law. 186 He summons his vassals to join him. the emperor comes son-in-law. In vain he summons the clergy. mentioned care is to possess the four strongholds already she offers four galleys and demands in return Mothone and Corone with their appurtenances. Romantic account of his marriage with the daughter of emperor She was to marry the king of Aragon on her arrival in Morea she is entertained by the prince. 174 Resolution of Geoffroy to subdue the four strongholds still occupied by the Greeks (see p. . 140). 168 prince writes to The ness. II Villehardouin. could easily be reconquered. death. Persuaded by the bishop of Olena. 180 On his death-bed Geoffroy appoints his brother William to be his .

by land and water. fee. asked by the king to express a wish. although guilty of felony. 230 Meeting of the prince and the despot at Patras they resolve to make war against Theodoros and to invade the empire. 228 The Megaskyr. 192 Again. 208 William was then at the height of his power. 210 War between William and the Megaskyr of Athens. had been given in fee by Boniface to Champlitte. between Michael Palaeologos and the despot of 204 Division of the despotate between Nicephoros and Theodores. 218 220 After this formality. 194—1% Vatica and Tzakonia offer submission. 206 Nicephoros becomes the ally of William and offers him his sister . io6. Nauplion and Argos are given to the Megaskyr as a reward for his services. to recognize the prince as his suzerain. . Acova. and the Megaskyr is ordered to go to Humiliating demeanour of Geoffroy. 214 William passes the defile of Megara. 216 Defeat of the Megaskyr at Mount Carydi death of Guibert de The Megaskyr promises to do homage at Nicli.Ixxii * SUMMARY Capture of Nauplion after a siege of one year. is pardoned but his estate . transferable only to the heirs of his 224 his Kind reception of the Megaskyr by the king who convokes court to decide the matter. (See p. To complete Leftro. not found guilty. Paris. Theodoros despoils his brother of a part of his estate and founds Neopatrae his alliance with the emperor. they assume the names of their castles.) 212 Geoffroy de Bruy^res. Carytaina. His barons begin to build castles. 222 Geoffroy. becomes a conditional body. army and He the builds Mistr^ and Maini to keep Mai notes. William the siege of . summons his vassals for . the conquest of this 198 check the Melingi and 200 mountainous country. although Athens. years Monembasia the four galleys take part after three Monembasia was reduced to famine its surrender on favourable . he builds 202 in Dissension Arta. in the following spring. conditions three prominent citizens present the keys. William dismisses his fleet. 226 is He He the is re-established in his estate. the question of his guilt is committed to the arbitration of the king of France. who creates him a sevastocrator. Passava and Geraki built. desires that title of duke be conferred on him. takes the side of the latter. as at the time of the war he had not yet done homage to the prince. . Negroponte and Bodonitza. sons of John. with — . Cors. 232 . who refuses in marriage. nephew of William and brother-in-law of the Megaskyr.

Through his insinuations he succeeds in dissuading the despot from his enterprise. danger fate. who gives credence to the false reports of the scout. Geoffroy is taken prisoner. violation of the secret. A great tumult arises in the army. by flight and to abandon the common soldiery to their 252 In vain Geoffroy de Bruy^res appeals to the military honour of the Frankish chieftains they stand firm to their plan of abandoning the . and Cumania. 244 The Sevastocrator divides his army into twenty-seven troops of horse and diverts the attention of the enemy by artifice he orders the horses and cattle of the peasants to be brought to the mountain tops where during the night fires are lit. 258 Noble reply to the prince. 238 He is appointed commander-in-chief. as his own force was not strong enough to meet the attack of Frankish chivalry. 256 who reproaches Geoffroy with the prince changes his mind and resolves to give battle the next day. thus in an impersonal way revealing their secret and warning his men of the approaching danger. who is killed.SUMMARY Ixxiii Measures taken by the Sevastocrator. Only the Germans are true warriors. . 260 William harangues his troops their strength lies in the unity of their race. 234 His report to the emperor. 248 250 The despot. Serbia. Turkey. sends notice bidding the prince to come both decide to escape : — . while their enemies are a conglomeration of many different tribes. 268 . it thus seemed as if the whole army had gathered there. The Under the cover of night the chieftains of the despotate leave the camp. and he resolves to select his best knights to encounter them. 246 A scout is sent to the camp of the prince and the despot with a view to intimidate them. Single combat between Geoffroy and the duke of Carinthia. 266 Theodoros orders his Hungarian bow-men to direct their arrows on the throng Franks and Germans are killed indiscriminately and . 236 The Sevastocrator advises him to raise an army of mercenaries from all parts. Diatribe against their perfidy. 242 Their invasion of the empire. Concentration of the prince's troops in Wallachia. while the despot clings to the former plan and decides to abandon his Frankish allies. Hungaria. 240 The Franks decide to limit their warfare to skirmishing and plundering until they meet the emperor's army. and of mercenaries. 254 Geoffroy takes refuge in a ruse to save his soldiers he addresses the pillar of his tent. to which he confides the design of the chieftains. army. from Germany. 262 264 Description of the battle in Pelagonia. who asks the advice of his council. The German horse : — begin to relax. who are not connected with each other by the ties of brotherly love.

is entitled to praise for having sought war with such a mighty adversary as the emperor. 288 In Nicli they meet the ladies of the principality. and that the stipulations with the ancient conquerors. whereupon the prince is set at liberty. Margaret of Passava and the sister of Jean de Chauderon are sent as hostages to the emperor. as is expressly stated.296 Surrender of the three castles to the delegates of the emperor. 272 Reply of the prince. in Greek. who are assembled in parliament to deliberate on the cession of the three strongholds in — : . that the prince only ceded what was his own. 302 duke. 274—276 The prisoners are brought to Constantinople where they are kindly received by the emperor. General surrender of the Franks. who endeavours to rescue his companions. (This speech is remarkable because it defines very clearly the principles of feudalism. question. that he deserves no blame. He declares. argument. but. 300 Macrynos is authorized to strengthen the emperor's party by granting privileges to the Greek insurgents. Maini. The former expresses his disapproval but . 286 Geofifroy. 278 William is requested to give up his claims to Morea and to accept a sum of money in compensation.) 282 284 Irritated by the prince's frank reply. the emperor orders that he and his retinue be taken back to prison by the Varangians. Finally William consents to the cession of three strongholds Monembasia. 280 He replies to the emperor. . had to be observed. who at that time had returned from France.Ixxiv • SUMMARY The prince. and Mistr^ a treaty is concluded and solemnized by the baptism of the emperor's youngest son by prince William. prevails on the assembly in spite of the strong protestations of the 292. the companions-in-arms of his father. is unhorsed. meets the duke of Athens. 290 the ladies' Geoffroy's The matter is discussed by the duke and Geoffroy in parliament. 299 William with a brilliant retinue inspects the castles of Morea he excites the suspicion of the Greeks who take a wrong view of his display of chivalry and inform the emperor of what they deemed a warlike demonstration expedition sent to Morea by the emperor under the command of Macrynos. appointed by the prince to deliver the three places to the delegates of the emperor. Here they remain three years in vain hopes that the emperor would accept a ransom. . Monembasia having been captured and Maini and Mistr^ built by him. who uses abusive expressions towards his prisoner. . 270 William and his chieftains are escorted to the tent of the Sevastocrator. on the contrary. that it is not in his power to cede what does not belong to him personally.

310 His vigorous harangue stimulates his troops. . 318 Return of prince William. 322—326 resolve to The Greek commanders March. 312 lost in Thus at the head who take little heed of his small troop. which was fortified with trenches. but are dissuaded from marching towards Andravida. The Great Domesticos mounts a horse brought by one of his loyal he reaches Mistrd by unfrequented servants and thus escapes captivity mountain-paths. him. SUMMARY prince visits Corinth. off their who insist 336 on engagements. 306 The Greek army is composed of 6000 horse and a great number of On their way through Scortd the foot. 330 Both armies are arrayed at Servian^. the throng. Vatica. chiefly Greek insurgents. who rejoices over the victory. Turkish mercenaries destroy the monastery of Isova by fire. who comes to avenge the sacrilege com- 314—316 mitted b> the Turks. 304 Macrynos receives reinforcements under the command of the Great Domesticos and Cantacuzinos. of Scortd.. Two breaking delegates are sent to negotiate with the Turks. 321 Complaints of the Great Domesticos and the consolation offered him by a Frank. 334 castle of Nicli The Turks. offended by the Great Domesticos. who were not slain. where he Ixxv . Being affected with gout and unable to wield his lance and sword. suddenly appear before the tent of the Great Domesticos. and to oppose artifice to the impetuous woods valour of the Franks. and the country of the Melingi the summons his vassals to take part in the campaign. 308 During the prince's absence Jean de Catavas Battle of Prinitza. who advises him to avoid in his future wars an open encounter with lance and sword. declare themselves released from their duties towards . who refuses their pay. John mingles with the Greeks. near Mesisklin Cantacuzinos defies the Franks and is killed while making a boastful display of his horsemanship. followers to bind the prince's banner to his arm. delegates to the prince offering 338 The Turks send him their services they are well received. reopen the campaign in 328 . 332 William is dissuaded from pursuing them they lay siege to the their dissensions with the Turkish contingent. General panic among the Greeks John with his white garment is believed to be Saint George. Many Greeks. 340 . but regrets to have had no share in it. with only 312 horse is left in Morea he meets the Greek army at Agridi Kounoupitza. John requests his . Revolt in Tzakonia. though seemingly . find shelter in the . of him. The Franks. The Greeks take to flight. . Concentration of the Greek forces they reach Carytaina.

up The Scortini rebel a lord.Ixxvi SUMMARY . but they are again obliged to retreat. reassured by his squire who bids him follow. to follow him thither under pretence of making a pilgrimage to the sanctuaries of Apulia. and the prince takes the rear. — . in . the vanguard. 372 Sicily. . The one reproaches the other with perjury. to pillage. Battle of Makry-Plagi . in Italy . the Franco-Turkish army march Their assistance is accepted towards the south and pitch a camp at Mountrd it is resolved to give 346 battle the next day. who are they are repulsed at Phonemdnon preparing to storm the height 350 Ancelin rallies them. beleaguer Araclovon and occupy Carytaina in the absence of Geoffroy de Bruy^res. Again Ancelin encourages them and takes the lead the summit is taken and the Greeks scatter on all sides. . 362 Meanwhile the Greek population of Lacedaemonia took refuge at their property is confiscated and distributed among the Mistrd the whole country of the insurgents is given followers of the prince ticos. 374 . while Ancelin commands Turks . During this war Geoffroy of Carytaina was absent Asia in vain of them. Ancelin proposes the order of battle the Turks. Some are baptized and settle down in Morea. and thus no exchange could be made to release his brother. Ancelin Turks against the revolted population is ordered to employ the They explain their revolt through the absence of their of Scortd. 366—368 leave The Turks ask the prince requests and return to their homes them to stay with him. who had deceived the emperor in regard to the conduct of the prince. Ancelin complains that none of the Greek chiefs is taken prisoner. King Manfred of bids him come to his who was informed of Geoffroy's doings. court. however. his liegeman. . 342 Mehk and Salik visit the prince near Andravida they condemn the conduct of the Greek chiefs and offer to carry on the war by them344 selves. but he is . 354 The inhabitants of Scortd. before the prince at Veligosti his interview with the Great Domes: 356 358 360 Finally they agree to lay the blame for their dissension on the Monembasiotes. 370 he had prevailed on the wife of Jean de Catavas. 365 second time. who until then had taken the lead. who had taken part in the revolt. Makrynos and Cavallaritzis in custody of the Turks. the bailli^ from captivity. . . Ancelin de Toucy is appointed by the prince to negotiate with the his exchange of courtesies with Melik at Bliziri. are placed in the centre. 352 In the cavity of a mountain Ancelin beholds the Great Domesticos. 349 Ancelin harangues his troops. beg The Greek chiefs are brought the prince's pardon and obtain it. .

ceremony in Saint Peter's Church where Charles is crowned king of Sicily he is 398 400 also appointed champion of the Church. — The Pope sends messengers to all the princes of the Guelf party requesting their help against the oppressors of the Church. receives the cross from the hands of the Pope . as well as that is Ixxvii After being severely admonished for his conduct towards his liegetowards his vassal John. from Germany. wedded to the king's son. SUMMARY lord. Their negotiations at Naples. Battle 404 who rejoices at the victory of Charles. was again granted on the same conditions as were made after the battle of Carydi. the countess. s. of Benevento and death of king Manfred. dismissed by the king. and Geoffroy takes part in it Digression on the Nicli with a detachment of troops. Guelf point of view. whom he does not wish to involve in a war with Germany. — 384 The interdict. having been slighted on some occasion by her sisters. relationship auxiliaries of the Ghibelline Sicily and Calabria. who holds a parlia378 ment in Andravida. with a kingly crown. who declines at first out of regard for his brother. Prince William. 396 count Charles sets out for Rome. Tuscany. He asks and obtains permission from the king of France to assume the leadership offered to him by the Pope in the campaign against king Manfred. prince William. the king of France. king Charles. on the solicitation of all the noble chieftains. is compelled by Charles to give an account of 390—392 what had happened. would. he meets the prince. On his return to — The session of parliament continues he is sent to house of Anjou. Lombardy. The Pope offers the : . explained from a 386 throne of Sicily to Charles of Anjou. Geoffroy 376 Morea. 408—410 412 / . Charles a plenary indulgence is 402 Meanwhile king Manfred assembles his party. which. the queens of France and England. Accordingly the bishop of Olena and Pierre de Vent are sent as delegates to Greeks. In a humiliating attitude he craves the prince's pardon. 388 Reason which induced Charles to accept the offer of the Pope his wife. secure the succession of his house and the assistance of king Charles against the 406 committed to the prince's council they approve of it and adopt the views expressed by Nicolas de Saint-Omer. Cordial reception given by the Pope to the count . granted to all who take part in this war. when 380 382 Geoffroy was convicted of felony. 394 Encouraged by the king and provided with troops and money. His daughter Isabella.. Upon this Charles swears that ere long he would present his wife. The matter is . who was the heiress if of the principality. plans a by marriage. under which Frederic II was laid.

who had received reinforcements from the emperor. The Greek commander in Lacedaemonia keeps on the defensive. and assembles a strong army with which he crosses the Alps. . and two knights . 424 426 where Geoffroy and 428 they propose to go to Nicli. But the plan is rejected. William performs the act of homage to the king and thus becomes his liegeman then the king devests himself of the power conferred upon him and invests his son Louis with it. 438 Appearance of Conradin on the scene of war he comes to avenge the death of Manfred. 440 Reinforced by Lombards. having been ordered by the emperor to avoid open warfare and not to risk a battle until a favourable opportunity offered. who again had taken the side of the emperor. 430 Their inroad into Tzakonia to chastise the Greeks. . 414 concluded. sends a deputation of one bishop. hopes of the Franks to recover the whole of Morea. the prince. The matter having been preliminaries are ended and the king and the prince can proceed to 418 the execution of their designs. 422 King Charles sends Galeran d'lvry with loo horse and 200 foot to Morea. Galeran's reception by the prince. regarding the honours to be conferred on Galeran. they arrive in Andravida with the delegates of the prince. 436 Galeran is appointed bailli of the principality as a recompense for his services he accepts. The rest of the army return to their homes. it for life. . 432 It is proposed by some of the chiefs to prevent the Greek commander from leaving his position and making inroads into the Frankish territory. Preparations for a new war with the Greeks. two bannerets. and sets out with his daughter Isabella and a 416 noble retinue his arrival at Naples. They march and then Gautier. the ceremony of the investment takes place . Charles appHes to Isova to Carytaina.Ixxviii SUMMARY to the prince Charles. who is to hold . in return. and is invested by the prince with his glove. The Greek chief Council of war described by Geoffroy as being eager to offer battle . . prince William orders two galleys to be equipped. and Louis finally transfers it back to his father-in-law. he arrives in Apulia. the baron of Acova. — Alarming news received from Morea obliges the prince 420 to make a speedy return. 434 The castle of Nicli is provided with all necessaries and Jean de Nivelet appointed to occupy it with a force sufficient to check the progress of the Greeks. as the provisions for such a blockade were not sufficient. join them. . the Charles convokes a court pieni^re in honour of the prince . WiUiam asks Leonardo for his advice. After the nuptials are celebrated.

. and William concludes a truce for one year with the Greek commander accompanied by the flower of Moreotic chivalry he joins the king at Benevento. SUMMARY for assistance to the Ixxix is Guelf party . while they had broken their ranks to gratify their predatory instincts. part in the campaign. Charles consents and requests him to assume command of the army. 468 As Geoffroy's barony had become a conditional fee. 450 . /2 . 446 William organizes a reconnoitring party from the top of a hill he explores the strength and position of the enemy and concludes that they are twice as numerous as the king's army. who had broken their truce. —454 456 brought on the 458 point of a lance to the king. and horses and men for the campaign. only transferable to the heirs of his body. he returns to Morea his army had suffered no losses. Great grief of Charles of Anjou he declares that he had rather have lost one of his best towns than have any part in the death of Conradin. he receives information from Morea concerning the Greeks. . and he had died childless. 470 . radin's tent with all it contained falls to the share of Charles. 462 After having received money and valuable presents. 442 and the Pope opens the treasure of St Peter and causes the Guelf princes to take 444 Charles requests prince William to lend him his assistance. His death warm expressions of sympathy in his honour by the author. still Geoffroy continues his campaign until he himself is stricken with the disease. 460 While William rests aft^r the successful execution of his plans. William's plan of action is to allure the . 448 He advises Charles to avoid all open combat with the superior forces of the enemy and to have recourse to the artifices employed in war by the Greeks and Turks. Later on she marries count Hughes de Brienne her son Gautier becomes duke of Athens. . 466 Mortality in his army caused by the coldness of the drinking-water. while prince William is presented with the tent of the duke of Carinthia. 464 The revolt in Morea was caused by the rumour that William had been killed in battle. Sixty galleys are sent to his help from Provence. it is divided into two parts one of them falls to the share of the prince and the other is given to Geofifroy's widow as a dowry. his head is . taken prisoner and killed . Germans into the king's camp. whom he considered a noble and valiant soldier. to seize the moment 452 and surround them on This plan Conradin is is all sides. where rich booty was stored up then. Consuccessfully executed.. . the count of Artois sent with 2000 horse. Geoffroy is detached to defend the confines of Scortd he camps at Ardchova.

One of the hostages sent to the emperor. Nicolas de Saint-Omer lays the case before the court and refers to 482 the prince's refusal. claims on her return the barony of Acova. but to demand justice. Prince William promises to fulfil his wishes. demanded a favour or justice. . consisting of the bannerets. Again the book of usages was consulted and in one of the clauses it was found that Margaret was bound by duty to obey the orders of her liege and it was not the prince's fault. archbishops.e. Account of a famous legal process before the High Court of Morea. tinople as a hostage for the prince. his sceptre. within one year and one day after the fief had become In vain she proves that at that time she was still in Constanvacant. the attorney of 484 Margaret. the chancellor of the principality. Margaret of Passava. decision. and that in being there she had obeyed his orders. to which she was entitled after the death of Gautier de Rosi^res. through his marriage with Margaret. and liegemen. Again the prince puts the question. and for the time being transfers the symbol of his sovereignty. . she accepts the advice of her and marries John de Saint-Omer. . Still the court was of opinion that Margaret was entitled to inherit Acova. beseech the prince's favour. one of the brothers of the . After a short time she appeals again. i. friends After being refused for a third time. John accompanied by his brothers Nicolas and Othon appeals to the prince's court at Clarentza he declares that he did not come to . the book containing the customary law of Morea was consulted it expressly stated that a liegeman was obliged to become a hostage for his 490 lord in order to release him from captivity. while the prince him- assumes the functions of an advocate of the High Court. Nicolas acts as an advocate for Margaret. The prince admonishes the court that it must give an impartial self After the discussion had opened. Prince William refuses Margaret's claim to her uncle's inheritance on the ground that she did not appear within the prescribed time before the court. who had left no heirs but the daughter of 474 his sister. and bids his liegemen assemble in the 480 church of Saint Sophie in Andravida to examine the matter. if the term for claiming her inheritance had expired. A new assembly. who was the wife of John II of Passava. rich and powerful lord of Thebes 478 John becomes hereditary marshal of the principality. to 488 Leonardo. Nicolas answers that he wishes the case to be judged according to the existing laws of the principality. knights. is called by the 486 prince to meet in the convent of St Franciscus in Clarentza. whether he. since she had been a hostage in behalf of the prince. according to the law.IXXX SUMMARY Company Anticipatory account concerning Gautier's conflict with the Grand 472 of the Catalans. The court then decides that Margaret had 492 no rightful claim to the barony of Acova. but without 476 success.

Baillies of Morea. and placed under the cover of the prince's bed. William expresses his thanks to the court. 512 Finally it is agreed that the bailli should take an oath that he : will govern Morea according to the laws existing. but John does not follow his example. William's death. himself were present. and complains of the haughty demeanour who did not appeal to his favour. 506 The Jean de Chauderon. Rousseau lands in Clarentza. \ father and his brother reposed. but refuse to acknowledge the bailli as their liege-lord. the prince's younger daughter. The act of homage can only be done to the prince himself. to whom he recommends his family and his subjects. to whom he confides his regret at the disinheritance of Margaret. After a short explanation the chancellor lifts the cover and Margaret receives the charter from the hands of the prince with his glove as a token of her new investiture. The chiefs profess their allegiance to the king. tribute to 504 pray perpetually for the William's death the occasion for an appreciative to him by the author. William sends for the chancellor. A charter is drawn up in legal form.. where the bodies of his of Nicolas de Saint-Omer. He wishes to be buried in St James' Church in Andravida. 508 The orders of the king are read to the assembly. 500 The remaining two-thirds of Acova fall to the share of Margaret. Morea. that he will respect the customs of the country. William retires to Calamata. the king. he asks the advice of his nobles and makes a testament Chauderon is appointed bailli he causes letters to be written to king Charles. He orders Acova to . bailli of He informs king Charles of 506 Charles convokes his council and appoints Rousseau de Sully as his new bailliy whom he sends to Morea with a small body of select troops. Four chaplains are to be appointed souls of the princes. who regrets that no male heir inherited the principality. Charles requires that they should do homage to Rousseau as they would do it. and who is to swear on the gospel. 502 Feeling his end approaching. 496 be divided into three parts of eight fiefs each a share consisting of five of the best fiefs is selected for Margaret as a gift devolving from his own free will. 510 whose presence in the principality is required. where he bids the chiefs to meet him. 494 He admits that it was for his sake that Margaret could not appear before the court in due time. and that the liege- . SUMMARY Ixxxi The decision that Acova had fallen to the share of the court is announced by the chancellor Leonardo. 498 Margaret is then asked to come. if he.

The bishop of Olena informs him. is the second bailli of Morea appointed by the king. dies childless. Hughes marries the widow of Geoffroy de Bruy^res. The king of Naples. 522 Description of Nicolas' castle in Thebes. splendour. duke of Naxos. 518 of Morea. the last of the house of de la Roche. the husband of Isabella. who is ashamed to return to his claim is null and void. and with the Carytaina. he changes the officials. Marriage between Nicolas de Saint-Omer and the princess dowager the duchess Hughes de Brienne. built Guy de Maniatochori and Avarino. Guy. He feigns to be (with dysentery. to drink.Ixxxii SUMMARY people of Morea promise by oath that they will be faithful to the king and his representative. Jeanette their 520 daughter becomes the wife of Nicolas Sanudo. Having obtained it. is under age. resorts to cunning. . peace and prosperity under his government. la Tr^mouille bailli and general vicar of Morea. Rousseau accepts. William. feigning to be near death. to whom Geoffroy appeals. 514 Death of prince Louis. castle in order to explore he sends a squire to the 532 Geoffroy requests the castellan to give him a room in the castle. duke of Athens. which was of royal Nicolas It was afterwards destroyed by the Catalans. and reveals his plan to them. 224. he pretends that water from the fountains of Araclovon. Death of the first wife of dowager of Athens. which had become a limited fee under the conditions already mentioned (see accounts referring to pp.?) favourable to his plans. 530 and after taking advice he can only be cured by the On the pretext of procuring which he was ordered it. the heir. after his wife's death Hughes returns to Apulia. France without having effected his purpose. 524 Nicolas de Saint-Omer is appointed by the king to be his successor. this water. in the name of the court. that Geoffroy. commits the matter to the bailli of Morea. Digression on Geoflfroy de Bruy^res. 516 Digression on the dukes of Athens of the house de la Roche. he orders that weapons should be brought secretly into his room then. a nephew of the lord of Geoffroy pawned his estate in France. money received comes to Morea to take possession of Scortd left 526 vacant by the death of his relative. 382 528 and 470). Dimatra built by him. he gathers his men around him under pretext of making his testament in their presence. He derives information about Araclovon from a tells man of that place. who him that it is considered to be one of the chief strongholds of ill Scortd. whose court excludes Geoffroy from the inheritance of Scortd. obliging them by oath to keep the secret 534 and to lend him their assistance. A party of his men are ordered to retain the castellan and his . Hughes governs the grand duchy of Athens while Guy de la Roche.

push 538 him outside and lock the doorway from within. take the keys from the porter. she cannot enter the matrimonial state without the consent of the king. who is convinced by them that the government of the baillis is injurious to the principality. 540 The bailH Araclovon. if she did so on her own authority. prince of Morea. he Clare ntza. 546 548 scendants. at 558 Nicolas transfers his power as regent of Morea to the prince. Florent reenter into friendly relations with Florent de Hainaut. he surrenders 544 the castle to the king. Morea. It is then agreed that Geoffroy should surrender the castle and receive the fief of Moraina in Scortd. Geofifroy sends two Greeks as messengers to the Greek commander. consents to the marriage which they propose. Florent's first care is to raise Morea from the state of decay into which it had sunk through the misgovernment of the king's governors . This plan being carried out. — Florent de Hainaut. which are transferred to him in consequence of his marriage with Margaret. on the other hand. 550 552 the heiress of Morea.SUMMARY Ixxxiii guards outside the castle. offering to sell the castle to him. inviting them to drink with them. On account of this unjust article Isabella herself was disinherited on a 554 556 later occasion. The Frank and Greek armies stand opposite Simon promises Geoffroy that he will be pardoned. At the proper moment they are to retire. summons all the troops of Morea to lay siege to 542 to if each other. who hastens to anticipate the Greek forces and encircle the castle from all sides. Simon arrival of the de Vidoigne. is received by the bailli^ Nicolas de Saint-Omer. Two noblemen of Morea. and Lissarea. The castellan. informs the French captain-at-arms in Ardchova. — — . The articles of the agreement are drawn up in one of them it is said that if the heir of Morea be a woman. Chauderon and Geoffroy de Tournay. who Florent swears at the same time receives the homage of the nobles. quests them to prevail upon the king to marry him to Isabella. and that he will comply with the desires of the bailli in the event of a fief being allotted to him. Geoffroy replies that he is aware of the treacherous conduct to which circumstances had compelled him. Genealogical digression on their dethe heiress of the estate. and that she would be disinherited. He then changes the that he will respect the customs of Morea. The king. 560 officials of the principality and appoints his own men to office.

570 of the alliance concluded between prince Florent Terms and Nicephoros consents to send his son and to pay the expenses of the 572 expedition. Ixxxiv and their mercenaries. and he wishes to obtain a chrysobull to the same effect. who considers himself a sovereign. he fulfilled his duty towards a relative and a neighbour. if he could the deputies of Nicephoros: Thomas as a hostage to the prince — . 574 of the prince and the count at Arta. 564 Treaty of peace concluded in Andravida. . who is much pleased at the prospect Philanthropinos is appointed by of seeing peace restored in Morea. is sent for this purpose to the emperor and Philanthropinos accompanies them. his term had nearly expired but he would further the matter and accordingly he sends a delegate to the emperor. They are pursued by the armies of the prince and the despot. while a considerable force was Nicephoros is to march through Wallachia and take Jannina. requesting him to offer them 586 battle. It was resolved to march towards Jannina the next day. Peace and prosperity are 568 again restored to Morea under the reign of Florent. advised to conclude an alliance with his nephew. never omit an occasion of 580 making a display of their military valour. command of the Great Domesticos resolve to maintain the siege of 582 Jannina. despot of Arta. Nicephoros then secures the assistance of count Richard of Arrival Cephalonia. . 566 two French knights and two Greek envoys. The treaty of peace is then confirmed by the emperor in the form desired by the prince. does not regard the treaty with an official of the emperor as of binding force and therefore requires that it should be confirmed by the emperor's personal oath he also with the Greek commander. he adds.. But Florent. who receives his eldest daughter as a hostage. . Genoa supplies him with sixty galleys they were to land troops near Arta. prince Florent of Morea. During this time the emperor resolves to make war against delegation. but informs the prince that as he was appointed only for one year. 576 578 Council of war. The Domesticos replies that he would willingly do so. Great rejoicings at Arta. being ambitious of glory. The prince assures Nicephoros that it was not for the sake of gain that he and his army had come to help him. but on the approach of the Franks take to flight. « SUMMARY is advised to conclude a treaty of peace 562 The Greek commander accepts this proposal. the emperor to negotiate with the prince. consisting of A Nicephoros. and that. where Nicephoros meets his allies. in doing The so. Franks. 584 A messenger is despatched on the part of the prince and the despot to the Great Domesticos. under the The Greek army under the orders of the marshal Saint-Omer.

SUMMARY rely IXXXV troops but the Cumani and Turks only obeyed their and took no heed of his orders. whereupon the latter weigh anchor and put to sea. 596 prince's sphere of power and then return to Constantinople.. Florent orders his troops to return from the pursuit of the enemy in the east . The Franks and their allies keep on the defensive to prevent the Genoese fleet from landing again in case they should do so to 594 plunder or for a supply of water. 592 Florent arrives and orders the camp to be erected opposite the Genoese galleys. The king's country is then given up to pillage. . thoroughly experienced in Western They resolve to pillage some small places outside of the warfare. which had landed at Arta. much booty is gathered and many Greeks In the meanwhile the Genoese galleys had are made captives. their troops are landed in Preveza and reached the Gulf of Arta on his own . own chiefs . one thousand horse were sent to the rescue of Arta. whom they recognise as a prudent soldier. The Genoese and Greeks on the galleys admire this stratagem and desist from further hostilities against prince Florent. They resolve to await the arrival of prince Florent. in which it is declared that it is of no avail to carry on the war without the assistance of the Great Domesticos. 590 The Greek army. but a part of them are killed by the cavalry sent in pursuit. 588 begin to sack the country. They hold a council of war. is informed of the Great Domesticos' retreat and the approach of the Frankish army they retire to their ships.

* The object of these tables is to give a general view of the dynasties connected with the history of Morea in the thirteenth century. Isabella de Villehardouin. Married to Agnes de Courtenay. de Villehardouin. then to Florent de Hainaut.TABLES OF RULERS LIVING IN THE TIME TO WHICH THE CHRONICLE REFERS^ Princes of Morea. called Champenois and I KafiTravearriSy 1205— 1209. was prince of — Morea 1307-1313. Robert. prince of Morea from 1301 1307. Chroniques grico-romaneSy from whose valuable and trustworthy researches these tables are a brief extract. he had two daughters. and lastly to Philip of Savoy. p. thus enabling the reader to verify the accounts of the Chronicle and to correct its numerous chronological and genealogical errors. HI. WiUiam II. U. Philip II of Taranto. 12 18 1245. — 1309. de Hainaut. See Hopf. brother of the former. He is the first who assumes the official title of prince of Achaia or Morea. She was married: first to Philip of Anjou. king of Naples 1266 — 1285. By his third wife Anna Angela Comnena. Isabella H — and Margaret. the brother of the former and son of Geoffrey I. I. II.. ti277. 469 sqq. she is the daughter — — — — of Isabella and Florent. William Geoffrey I de Champlitte. princess of Maud Morea 1289 1307. Charles Charles I. prince of Morea 1289 1297. king of Naples 1285 and prince of Morea from 1285— 1289. daughter of the despot of Epirus. to Elisabeth and sovede Chappes. 1245— 1278. IV. 1 dai/lt reign from 2 10 — 1 2 18. Geoffrey de Villehardouin. House of Anjou. princess of Morea 1313 1318. and prince of Morea from 1278— 1285. . king of Naples 1309 1343. He was from 1209 married — 12 10.

. Veligosti Matthieu I de Valaincourt de Mons. married to a II.: : — . 1297 1300. — — — — — In the name of Isabella and Philip of Savoy Richard. establishes himself at Nivelet near Vostitza. the heiress of Acova. Guy de la Trdmouille. Carytaina. 1289. Calavryta—0\}i\ovi I de Tt)urnay his son Geoffroy was dispossessed of his barony by the Greeks in 1263. rom. marries Guillaume de la Roche. 1287 1289. 472. Philip de Lagonessa. — — — — — — — . daughter of Geoffroy I. see Table. 1307 — 1308. baron of Chalandritza. his son John. who receives the barony from his brother-in-law Matthieu II. Nicliy in Mesarea Guillaume (I de Morlay) Guillaume II V. 276. . duke of Athens.. count of Cephalonia. Nicolas III de Saint-Omer. co-feoffee of Thebes. Geraki Guy de Nivelet. was married to a daughter of count Richard of I. In the Ixxxvii name of Charles I and Charles II of Anjou Galeran d'lvry. and Encycl. duke of Athens.. co-feoffee of Thebes. VI. VIII.. Patras Guillaume Aleman. which contain an enumeration of the fiefs of Morea and their holders. IX. p. 1. his family and descendants are not known. Barons of Morea. gr. John. The barony is then III. hereditary marshal of Morea. His son Guy I Morea. who was married to a daughter of Gautier I of Acova their daughter Margaret. then Peter. and the hnes in the Chronicle. State of this country in 1209 when it was divided into twelve hautes baronies or lordships. I de Lille de Charpigny. given as a fief to the primates of Morea. son of Geoffroy. Chron. : TABLES OF RULERS Baillis of Morea. VII. Nicolas II de Saint-Omer. See Hopf. he was the father of Jean II. baron of Vostitza. 1280 1282. see Index 626. Guy de Charpigny. Gritzena Lucas. p. X. Passava (Lisarea and Moraina) Jean I de Neuilly. Hughes. 1282 1285. father of the celebrated Geoffroy Geoffroy is the husband of Isabella de la Roche. William de la Roche. 1285 1287. 1300 — — 1302 and 1305—1307In the name of Philip of Taranto : Guy de la Roche. dispossessed by the Greeks in 1262. Cephalonia. 1278 1280. Acova (Matagrifon) Gautier I de Rosieres. was married Vostitza — Hughes — was bailli of — . his daughter IV. and grandfather of Margaret of Passava. father of Gautier II I. in Scorti Hughes de Bruyeres. 191 2 sqq.

236. from whom he received Calamata and Arcadia as a feudal tenure. meaning of the passage relating and is obtained without the division of to his twelve companions in arms recall Charletwelve peers in the Chanson de Roland and the Chansons de geste of medieval France. William magne and his Germanic conquests. straining the Thus the number twelve 1. have not been added at a later time to the original ones of 1209. But it is hardly probable that the institutions of the kingdom of Naples should have served as a model for those of p. Chalandritza Audebert de la Tr^mouille. when he returned to France. 1. Morea in the fourteenth century presents quite a diff'erent state of affairs. to what Hopf says. 276. but the bailli of Morea. L House de la Roche. XL XI L to Guibert de Cors. whether some later baronies. Calamata and Arcadia— Geoffroy I de Villehardouin. who in 1276 receives one third part of Acova. and was connected in some way with the existence of twelve peerages in the Still fourteenth century under the reign of the Angiovines in Naples. it is very likely to be of Christian origin. see to — Ckromc/e. and very likely borrowed from a register The main question. written at a time not remote from the Conquest. Otho. is think that the account in the Chronicle. in lieu of William I Champlitte. 1865. this would seem contradictory Besides. observes that the division of Morea into twelve peerages was a reminiscence of old French poetry. feature in the history of first feudal institutions. 1865. cit. therefore. — . Dukes of Athens. father of Guy. he considers the account given in the Chronicle of the peerages in Morea as being exact. some of the old baronies having then disappeared. and third to Jean de Saint-Omer. Hopf. Thus the Franks in referring to Christ and His twelve disciples. with a view to obtain the number 12 consecrated by fiction. or been occupied by the Greeks. Grand Sire or Megaskyr of Athens from 1205 1225. Morea. or some not included among the hautes baronies (Gritzena ?). so far as it can be veritrustworthy. as it gave rise to the Although the number twelve is familiar to the Germanic conquerors. I fied.Ixxxviii first TABLES OF RULERS . loc. while new ones had been created. p. as the Chronicle expressly states. seems to be. killed in the battle of Carydi second William of Verona. These peers were also called his companions. Morea in some way repeated the history of their Frankish forefathers in Gaul and Germany. and military companionship is a very prominent I Morea. Encycl. I. lord of Thebes 1204. Geoffroy not a serious reason for calling this I was in 1209 not the sovereign. and that the addition of Geoffroy 1 to complete the of twelve baronies is number division into question. 276. who for a time was bailli of Morea.

William I. joint-proprietor of Thebes. House of Saint-Omer. They descend from William de Falkenberg. princess of Antioch. daughter of the despot of Epirus and widow of William II of Morea. Megaskyr of Athens and duke of Athens from 1260 — 1263. duke of Athens 1308 131 1. king of Salonica. His son Gautier II was a titular duke of Athens. John. IV. bailli of Morea 1285 He was married to Helena Angela Comnena. widow of Geoffroy de Bruy^res and second to Helena Angela Comnena. Ixxxix 1225 Guy I. he was married first to Isabella de la Roche. — 1260. 624. . who was the regent of Athens after his death. he also possessed a part of Thebes and was bailli of Morea. Bela. Hughes de Brienne. baron of Passava and marshal of Morea. Omer. 1287. Gautier was killed in the battle of Halmyros 1291 . the widow of Geoffroy I prince of Morea and Nicolas I. Gautier I. — 1294. 1280 1287. co-feoffee of Carytaina VI. married to Margaret of Passava. see Index p. widow of Boniface. Guy II (Guyot). to Bonne de la Roche. brother of the former. co-feoffee of Thebes. son of John. Isabella. son of Hughes from his first marriage. and bailli of Morea He was married to Maud de Hainaut. see Table. of Morea. who was married for the second time to Elisabeth de Chappes. co-feoffee of Thebes and bailli oi Morea 1287 1289 he was married first. William's sister. and bailli — by the Catalans. count of Athens of Lecce. son of Nicolas. from whom he received the marshalship of Morea and a third part of Acova as a marriage portion. daughter of the sevastocrator their daughter Jeannette was married to Nicolas Sanudo. was married . and next to Anna Angela Comnena. heiress — House of Brienne. He was married to a III. the : heiress of half of the barony of Thebes their sons are Nicolas II. His sons are : castellan of Saint- Jacques. married to Margaret of Hungary. 1287 1294 she — — — — . married Hughes de Brienne in 1291. was married first to Geoffroy de Bruy^res and second to Hughes de Brienne. Nicolas III. duke of Athens 1287 1308. duke of Naxos. .TABLES OF RULERS H. John I. duke of Athens 1263 1280. to Mary. . — Otho. 1307— 1308. V. niece of William II of Morea.

a natural son. follows the son of Michael I : V. Manuel. The despots descend from John 'Comnenos. named Thomas. shows in Chroniques gr. and despot : till 1237. Then IV. despot 1237 1271 his children are Nicephoros I. III. while according to the Chronicle it took place shortly after the recapture of Constantinople in 1261. names of his other children can here be omitted. Anna Angela Comnena. also called Kako'iaxxvvrjs and simply 'l(advvr}Sy had two sons 'SiKr}<f>6f)os (also KovTpovXrjs) despot of Arta . who carefully studied the documents relating to the despots. 529 that the Chronicle is unreliable A short extract from in all that concerns the despots of Epirus. Michael II. and next to Hughes de Brienne. married to king Manfred of Sicily. the grandson of the emperor Alexios II. Then . son of Nicephoros. Qeobcopos 6 AovKas. who was married first to William I of Athens. rom. It was not fraternal dissension between the sons of Michael II. : them given : in the Chronicle is as follows Kdko'ioidvvTjs KourpouXi/y. despot 1271 1296. a natural son. and Theodoros. Thus the account of the Chronicle also rests on a false foundation. II. : — We can see from this table that the division of the northern state into the despotate of Epirus Greek and the dominion comprising Great Wallachia occurred in 1 271. The son of Nicephoros.XC TABLES OF RULERS Despots of Epirus (Hellas or Arta) and Sevastocratores of Great Wallachia The account "AyyfXos of (Thessaly). : . despot 1296 1318. Hopf. supported by the emperor Michael Palaeologos. In the Chronicle this division is the consequence of a quarrel between Nicephoros. despot 1204 1214. Thomas. is sent as a hostage to Florent de Hainaut his sister is mentioned as the wife of William II of Morea. who assumes the titles of sevastocrator of Great Wallachia and duke of Neopatras 127 1 The 1295. emperor of Salonica 1230 — — — 1240. p. but is who fictitious . Among the children of John I are to be mentioned Helena Angela Comnena. despot 12 14 1230. Three of his sons succeed in the government of the despotate : I. John I. — — — follows : VI. who usurps the sovereignty of Great Wallachia and assumes the title of sevastocrator. Helena. Doukas and Comnenos.' governor of Epirus and Thessaly. Theodoros I. aided by William II of Morea. Michael I. Hopf s genealogical table will rectify the errors of the Chronicle better than any further explanation. The sons of Theodoros are Angelos. wife of William II of Morea.

1254 1258. — — 1282. Joannes III Doukas Vatatzes. took place in 1259. Boniface de Montferrat. 1229 1237. 282 sq. but also in the time when the events occurred. Greek Emperors in Constantinople.: TABLES OF RULERS : XCl the despotate of a real war of two Greek states for supremacy Epirus and the empire of Nicaea. 1204 1222. Encycl. there is a confusion not only in the names of the persons. Theodoros II Lascaris. when he was dispossessed by the despot of Epirus. with his son. and Narjaud de Toucy. 1206 — 1205. V Doukas (Mourtzouphlos). — Peter of Courtenay. 1237 1238. Anseau de Cayeux. See the account of Hopf. Undoubtedly the account of the Chronicle contains some historical elements. lolanta. but his kinsman. Furthermore. and next to Margaret of Hungary. in which prince William and all his knights were taken prisoners. — Robert II of Courtenay-Auxerre. 1204 Henry of Flanders. He was married first to Eleonor of Savoy. 1238 1240. his son. 1204 1207. (John de Brienne. Joannes IV Lascaris. — — — : — — In Constantinople Michael VIII Palaeologos. 1228— 1261. Baldwin I of Flanders. 11 85 1195. 1282 1328. but it is only with the help of the history of Sanudo and the Byzantine historians that the real facts can be ascertained. 1261 Andronicos II. 11 95 1203. — 1216. — Alexios Alexios IV. Isaac II Angelos. p. 1217 1219. 1207 1222. 12 17. He is not a brother-in-law of Philip II Augustus of France. Baldwin II. Demetrius. The battle in Pelagonia. 1222 1254. Isaac II again.) Kings of Salonica. I. regent and titular emperor. as co-regent. — — — regents. 1259 1260. 1203 — — 1204. 1204. 1221 1228. which in the division of the empire in 1204 he exchanged for Salonica. Michael VIII Palaeologos. 1258 1259. Alexios III Angelos. He received Crete from the emperor Alexios in 1203. In Nicaea Theodoros I Lascaris. — — . Latin Emperors in Constantinople.

Clement IV. 1250 1254. . 1243 — '254. Emperors of Germany of the House of Hohenstaufen. 1216 1227. — Manfred. Kings of France. Philip IV. Popes. Innocent IV. 1198 1216. 5 enemy of the Church. despot of Epirus she was his second wife. 1227 1241. 1265 — 1268. Urban IV. his son. 1270— 1285. Philip of Swabia. Joanisa (Kaloioannes).XCii TABLES OF RULERS Bulgaria. — — — 1223. 1226 1270. whom he made duke of Athens. whom the Chronicle erroneously mentions as a son of Isaac and the German — emperor's daughter. Saint Louis was the arbitrator in the matter concerning the Megaskyr Guy I. Philip II Augustus. (Otto IV. a daughter of Isaac II Angelos and a sister of Alexios IV. married to Irene. Conradino of Swabia. Gregory IX. — 1264. 1241. Honorius III. — — 1268. Louis IX. . Alexander IV. 1197 — 1207. In the Chronicle 5. 1 271— 1276. 121 — 121 anti-emperor. and beheaded in Naples Sicily in in the battle of Benevento. Conrad IV.) — 1250. was crowned king of he is mentioned as an Palermo 1258 and was defeated by Charles of Anjou where he lost his life. a sister of Nicephoros I. 1285— 1314. 1198 1208. 1223 1226. Manfred was married to Helena. Frederic 1 198 II. Innocent III. Philip III. son of Conrad. invited by the Ghibelline party in Italy. passed the Alps with a considerable army and was defeated in the battle of Tagliacozzo (Scurcola) by Charles of Anjou. 1261 Gregory X. 1254 — 1261. — — — Celestine IV. 1180 Louis VIII.


TA XPONIKA TOY M0PEQ2 ABBREVIATIONS. H = Codex P = . H. Havniensis Parisinus 'T= The „ Taurinensis notes of Cod.. T refer to Cod. .

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thus concluding with part has the word riXos. and only such deviations from the common romaic form as are perceptible to the ear and thus denote a variation of sound will be registered. "Wagner. Still I am in favour of this which seems . Vcofialov' ivifiecvav k iKCtvot. romaic. H and T. placed perspicuously at the head of a division new section. were written. nor is it med. current in the times when the MSS. ed. 1. '^Tov vre Ae<nrrjyyd<i koX irKelaroL aWoL (TipyevT€<. 1342 we be suggested by the words of the Chronicle. Furthermore. Misspellings. cod. H. and 1. to e7re%6t/[)7. 32 ov Kal dvofi. Nt6 'A/JLTrrf rjo-av reaaapOL aheX^oi^ vre ^Avrj rjaav 38' dWot 1330 Bvo. 35 dWaSri ek dpxv^ toO Xoyov.. come to an end. T 1327 Seta ^epyeaia rrjv apKadia tov Scice ijffav 28 vri fixXaffrel Kal KilfT] fxrk ^epedt XeffiriU/Kas 37 eirifK-qprjaa —&\v ff^pyevres —TovWdyov 29 fXT^ a/iiri —vre &vv d6o dXr) 30 dXos rp-ov re 31 ofios 32 ovKcvoixai^o yap 36 aTOvdi^o) In the edition of Buchon the I prefer to first book or Prologue ends with the first line 1332. Trdyfrcj 'Ej/raura OeKw diro rov vvv vd Te9 TTpd^e^ OTTOV eirpd^ao-Lv ol rd ae eKelvoL. as is usually the case. to show that k.X. and in the same way the line of the Chronicle very It is only contained in clearly expresses the argument of the following part. ^acnXeh 35 JlaXatoXoyo^ dXXd Btarl aTTOvBd^o) Kada)<. oiroiov^ (1) ovk ovofjid^co ere Bed rrjp 'Tro\vypa(\>iav. f. the lines of the Chronicle continuously. will be excluded from the apparatus. aevi. to contains the original chronicle. and is not. TOv<. written in red ink. 33 ivravda 34 oirov Cod. title The of the following line: t6 ^pdyKOL has been selected as the Metrical titles second part and numbered as line 1339. Xeyo). But add the following which seems ttcDs ol six lines to the Prologue. cf.cra Bid vd 7rXr)p(6a(o tt)? 1328 Perhaps also fJurXaadoL eiraOcraai. puristic spellings and — For the sake — mere abbreviations. I remark once for all that in the second part the notes relating to H and P will be shortened as much as possible. and only mark .t. *Ev€fieivav ol vre MirXaOol k iKelvoL ol vre B€pi]6ot. not even cod.90 TA XPONIKA irplr/KiTraq evepyeariav rrjv ''KpKahiav H rod iS&K€v.. for instance : are quite frequent in t^<j}v. Br) ki 6 BaXBov^r}<i eKelvo^. while those which refer to the eye. vd aTpa^M ek ttjv to irpOKeifievov fiov. 1338 must also consider that none of the mss. of unity I have numbered all and indicated in parentheses the corresponding lines of Buchon's editions of H and P. 51777770-15 iraidofppacxTos rdv TerpaToduiP Carmina gr. dpxv^ tov irpoXoyov to TsXof.' KoX apxovT€<. "AXXo? 6fjbOL(o<.

. airb toUHIw va iraiiau) 38 In the finis primi traditional or arbitrary spelling. however. '^ad-rfKev P 1189 etc. ira'^^a} ^EiVravra deXco aTTO rov vvv va tcl ae Xeyco. In some special cases. 6iroiov<s Sod rrjv TroXvypa^iav. will be noted. 33 ivTWLida libri 6. graphical peculiarities. Bid vd TrXrjpooa-ay tt]^ dp^rjf. /jlov. will be omitted. dWd Brj kl 6 ^apBov^r)^. e/€€cvo<. ive/jueivav iicelae. they are important. 1328 margin aiiTT^ : VT€ jS. 01 Kol VT6 'Att^ ^(Tav reaa-apoi. tov irpooTov \6yov TeXo<. considered from the point of H view of romaic phonetics. 35 TIa\. as for instance cLKovfi^pKevdos 1282.TOY MOPEQZ P Kal eSeoKev rov 6 fiTrpiyKLira^ Bcjpov ryv ^ApKaBlav.. 'EiV6/jL6i. ol vre ^Avrj rjaav Bvo. T69 TT/jafe? OTTov eirpa^av ol ^aaikel^ iK€tvoc. TO e'n'L')(elpr}a'a et? Tr]v dp')(r)v tov \6yov. 1330 *'AXXo9 17TOZ/ VT6 A6(T7rtya<i ki dWot ttoWoI a-epyevTe^' dWoo dp^ovre^ Vcofiaiot ov vofid^co tov<.vav 91 ol vre UXadrj kl avrol ol vre ^eprjOce.. Btarl (TTrouBd^ci) vd GTpa<^5i el^ to irpOKelfJievo Ka6ti><. Tov<.ato\6yo<.

tottov^. eKclvof. 7rpoK6-yjrrj<. — Xeyco. otl vd Sca(f)op7j<Ty<.... TO 7r(o^ Toif<. OTTOv elira eh ttjv dp')(r)v Stovtov tov ^ifiXiov. 50 iXKAxil 1341 X^ets Cod. Kt dv €^^9 ope^LV vd 50 dKovrj<. T0VT(p dp^ojxaL dir iBcj kl d<f>Kpd^ov Trj<. inda-e v dvayLvaKrKTjfi' /jlov. vd eKardXa^e^. irpd^e^.'!} ypdfifiaTa. ra ce 'O KovTo^i 6 irapd^evof. vd fjuddjjf. rov TrpoXoyov oirov elira ^i^Xlov fiov Trfv dp')(r)v to ttw? to CKaraXi^a eh rov dp')(r)V — f- ^Ti Sl 45 defJLeXlov elira to ttJ? Xvpla<. d Xd')(rj vd Et (20) /jL€v i^evpei. a7r€LKd^r)<. dcbKpd^ov* K dv elaav (f)p6vLfio<. iTrpoKoyjrav fieyaXw^i. KaXwv aTpaTicoTOOV. icddov aifid iXTTL^co.. fcal TracBeveaai. (T€ TaafjL7rdvia<. iirel TToXXol diro dcpijyrjcre^ €KeLV(ov tcov iraXalcov.. Trj<^ ma'avTco'i tt}? 'Ai/aToX^9. 01/6x0X17$ 46 iKip5e<Tav ai^ 44 de/iiXiov 43 KaraXi^a 49 vaKoOs 51 i] fih Kal ^eipen . 55 oTTov 'Ei/ rjXOaaiv fieTa i/ceivMv.. et T€ elaai irdXi dypdfi/juaTOf. eireiTa TVoXeov. eKeL\vov<^ (pepo) iKephiaav ol ere ^pay/cot — 39' | OTTO)? vd eXOo) Kol ae koX vd KaTaXe^cOy h TO TTW? ol ^pdyKOL eKephiaav ojjloIw^ koX tov Mopeav.TO nns 01 ^PAFKOI EKEPAIIAN TON TOnON TOY M0PEQ2 H 1 34 1 'EttcI Kal eypoiKO^ TTpeTrec av elaai yvcoarcKo^ k i^evpea ra et? rrjv ypa<f)rjVy rd Xeyco vd ere 7/3a</)ft).. 45 T 1339 ffep5e(ra»' 42 CKaraivaPes f.

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(p. 73)

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(p. 74)

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(p. 75)

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copyist observes:



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(p- 77)

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(p. 92)

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(p. 93)

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(p. 94)



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(p- 95)





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