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Dear Sir, SPONSORSHIP LETTER FOR OUR STUDENTS HALLS AND HOSTELS WEEK CELEBRATION The Students Representative Council (SRC) of the Methodist University College Ghana in collaboration with the halls and hostels seeks sponsorship from your reputable company. This celebration would simultaneously educate and entertain students body as well as promote corporate organisations and public education on health related issues. However faced with the challenges of limited finance, we humbly write to seek your kind support. We believe our humble request will be given due consideration and duly honoured in good faith. Please find attached the proposal and the budget. Thank You. Yours faithfully, PATRICK ASFORD BOADU PRESIDENT EMMANUEL DANQUAH EVENT CORDINATOR








DATE: 20TH 26TH MAY, 2013


Background about The Halls and hostels The Students Representative Council (SRC) is the mother body of the students of METHODIST UNIVERSITY COLLEGE GHANA (MUCG), one of the nations premier private Universities in the country. The School is located at Dansoman and shares boundary with Wesley Grammar School, in the Greater Accra Region its hostels and halls are the places student reside in place of their homes. The Hostel and halls has among its aims and objectives the following: serving as the an accommodation and grooming centre of the entire student body, establishing good relations between members of the halls and the outside world as well as promoting university to the outside world on the basis of her core values, excellence, integrity and service. For the purpose of achieving these aims and objectives, the Hostels and Halls organizes Educational trips, Publications, Radio interactive programmes and other activities such as the event under consideration that are necessary to help the entire student body and the nation as a whole. The population of the student body is over 6000 with about 1000 living in the hostels around including day, evening and weekend students from different cultures, diversities and nationalities. Hostel and Hall week celebrations An open air/arena event on the main campus of MUCG-Dansoman which is organize annually for a whole week, thus less academic activities take place during this period in order for over 800 students to have access and participate in event such as Seminars/Debate/Quiz Sports and entertainment activities. As part of activities making our annual weeklong celebration, the executive bodies of the Hostels and Halls in collaboration with the entire student body of MUCG wish to introduce to your reputable organization the Hostel and Hall week Celebrations on the theme: THE ROLE OF HOSTELS AND HALLS IN STUDENTS BEHAVIOUR AND DEVELOPMENT.

EVENT HIGHLIGHTS Slated for a period of seven days, the activities starts with a launch by the executive presidents of the S.R.C and Hostels and Halls amidst a night of fireworks. Kindly find attached of the program line up of the activities marking the event.

EVENT DETAILS Launching of Week Celebration The launch is to usher the students fraternity into the week celebration and inform them about the various programme line up as well as the initiatives the Hostels and Halls is taking to ensure that they participate fully in the week celebration. The date for this memorable event is slated for 20th May, 2013. The date time and venue for this event we believe is strategically positioned to ensure high patronage and full participation of the programme. It is with this cause that the Council seeks to organize a morale night on the evening of this day.

CAMPUS RADIO As part of the activities scheduled for this programme, the Hostels and halls has set aside the 5 days that is from 20th to 24th May 2013 as days where campus radio will be in effect. The radio aims at educating students on issues of health ,politics ,Sports and also provide a platform for entertainment for hall mates and hosteliers.

Book and Job Fair A book and job fair will be organized during the day for students since there is the need to create awareness on the need to read wide. This will help especially in broadening their horizon as participants will be exposed to all kinds of books including religious, inspirational books, text books and others. Various book merchants would be invited to erect their stands to sell their

books on campus. The job fair will also create an arena/platform for corporate organisations to exhibit their products and services to the students populace. This will afford your company to increase its market base by attracting potential clients and customers and it is scheduled on 21st May, 2013 Inter Hostel and Hall Cooking/Eating Competition and Charade Night. This aspect of the celebration will examine the cooking abilities of students in the various halls on how best they can prepare both local and continental dishes. The eating competition will be done for students participating in the said programme to consume the cooked/prepared food within the shortest possible time or in a competitive manner and respective packages/awards given. The charade night will also take a form of variety night with: it takes two (2), karaoke, rep your school, rep your country etc. to educate students on our business development, political and foreign issues thus educating and entertaining students as well and is scheduled to take place on the 22nd May, 2013. GOSPEL NITE This is the spiritual aspect of the celebration that seeks to draw students and renew their faith in Christ. Student gospel musicians will sing to glorify God; pastors will evangelize to win new souls all in promoting the Kingdom agenda slated on the 23rd May, 2013, commencing from 6:30pm to 10:30pm with the motive of praying till something happens

Inter Halls and Hostels Sports Fiesta This activity intend bringing together Hostel and Halls in Mucg as one people through sports. Invited hostels and halls will compete on campus in the various sporting disciplines. Sports such as football, basketball, volley etc will be competed on. This is to create a platform for students to socialize with students from different halls and hostels . The winners will be giving trophies, packages and certificates and it is expected to take place on 24th May, 2013 on the Universities sports arena. Recreational Trip and Champions League Final

This is where students would be sent outside campus to a place of relaxation to make merry, socialize and have fun. Students from all hostels and halls of MUCG (Dansoman) and some invited students from campuses in and around Accra will meet at the venue for this event. Eventually the UEFA Champions League Final will be aired for students during the relaxation period.The event is on the 25th May, 2013. Thanksgiving Service There will be a thanksgiving service on campus for students to meet and thank the Lord for the week celebration. The Bishop of Accra Diocese as well as other Ministers of the Methodist Church has been invited to worship with the students on the 26th of May, 2013.

Target Groups and Participation Groups who have been targeted for this event includes the Methodist University College Community, the Students Representative Council, the media and other private Universities and corporate organizations in the country. Major participants include the SRC and residents and halls of the University. Cost Because of the nature of the event, the entire cost cannot be borne by the SRC and hence the reason for your support to this worthwhile event. Attached is a copy of the Budget Statement for the HALLS AND HOSTELS Week Celebration.

Management Team The team which has been put in place to under see the implementation, of this program are the Executives of the HALLS AND HOSTELS of Methodist University College Ghana, These people will therefore be held responsible for the implementation of the entire program.

Event Promotion Media support Due to the intention of the Council to take coverage of this event, the media will be invited as part of the participants to execute this task. The SRC and the halls will therefore seek the services of reputable media houses including GTV, E-TV, VIASAT I, TV-AFRICA, TV 3, NET2, Y FM, JOY FM, RADIO GOLD, OMAN FM, ASEMPA FM, CITI FM, ADOM FM, RADIO UNIVERSE, and HITZ FM to cover the entire programs as well as promoting the theme of the programs. Promotional activities/plans The organizers of the program would be on the media to create more awareness of the program to encourage maximum participation of the public. Moreover, banners, posters, memos, course representatives and hall or hostel representatives would also be involved to encourage maximum participation from the students, faculty and the staff of the university. Announcements would also be made at the various worship centres on campus.

Sponsor Benefits

*Branding opportunities in the halls and hostels on campus of MUCG- the event ground *Brand activation campaigns at all separate venues of activities. *Unlimited acknowledgement of your brand on both our print and electronic media partners. *Logos and organizational wages to be displayed prominently on all promotional materials like flyers, brochures and tickets for the event. *Special stand for the display and sale of products. *Acknowledgment of your brand and logos in our post publicity campaign-school magazine.

Sponsorship Investment The entire event will cost GHC 5865. This can be a cash contribution, contribution in kind or combination of cash and contra. We plead that your noble organization will help the SRC and Hostels in making this event a success as it goes a long way to render benefits for all. Evaluation The outcome of the whole event will be appraised and a written assessment written to RLG GHANA LIMITED as to how the sponsorship was used and how it benefited the entire program. Conclusion We, at Methodist University College Ghana believe that this is an event worth supporting. This will help contribute to the well-being of the entire University and the community as well as promoting your noble organization now and for the future. Thank you and God bless your willingness to give towards this event.