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L o c a l i z a t i o n U t i l i t y ( L 1 0 nTo o l ) fo r R P G M a k e r X P a n d R P G M a k e r V X l10ntool provides the ideal solution to localize any rpg maker xp and vx games using state-of-the-art technologies, seamlessly integrating a translation process without any major changes in the implementation of a game. an easyto-use solution to leverage indie developer's business and customer value. let's expand the market of your games to reach a wider audience all around the world...

Localization Utility Pack age Includes:

l10ntool for rpg maker xp and vx d e p l o y m e n t u s e r- m o d i f i a b l e s c r i p t game localization manual o n e - y e a r f r e e u p dat e s a n d b u g f i x e s one-year limited technical support flexible licensing scheme

E X P O R T | T R A N S L AT E | I M P O R T

and it's done.

L o c a l i z a t i o n U t i l i t y ( L 1 0 nTo o l ) fo r R P G M a k e r X P / V X i s . . . no more hassles digging through a maze of events and pop-up windows to translate an rpg maker game. l10ntool is a professional tool for exporting and importing texts and dialogues from rpg maker xp and vx databases using open source gettext's po file format. professional and amateur translators will benefit from smart extraction and representation (sear), which cross references information and produces quality extracted comments, giving meaningful hints during the translation process. sear also organizes files according to game's layout and existing information. translators can proof read their work in-game at any time and as often as desired using import feature.

E f fe c t i v e Tr a n s l a t i o n Pr o c e s s U s i n g To d a y ' s Te c h n o l o g i e s a n d To o l s the translation process is greatly improved and sped up using l10ntool since it exports data in a comprehensive format allowing a translator to use a commercial or open source computer-aided translation (cat) software. a cat software provides facilities for translators such as a spell checker, translation memory (tm), terminology database and so on. and it also furnishes a seamless translation workflow where translators can create reusable building blocks with the help of the translation memory. the translation memory further suggests nearby or exact matches on untranslated sentences, which is then marked to be reviewed by the translator.


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