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Executive Order No.

001-1314 The Departments, Offices, and Specialized Units of the Council of Nursing Students AY 2013-2014 WHEREAS, departments, offices, and specialized units are essential in the council to be able to distribute its workload systematically and execute its duties efficiently; WHEREAS, stated in Article VI. Section 1 of the 2011CONUS Constitution, the Executive President shall have the sole authority of the creation of departments that conforms to the general welfare and interest of the constituency and the creation and abolishment of offices and specialized units in the start of term which will monitor and coordinate with his plans and policies; NOW, THEREFORE, I, Lenie Rose C. Veronilla, as Executive President of CONUS AY 20132014, create the departments, offices, and specialized units as follows: Department of Academic and Co-curricular Affairs This department promotes the academic development of the students through seminars and tutorials. The academic needs of the students such as books and manuals are also being provided. It also stands as the liaison between the students and faculty and administration. Department of Mission and Social Action This department ensures that nursing students will have a channel to practice faith that does justice by providing venues for community-based activities, such as medical missions for the poor and marginalized, and spiritual formation.

Department of Student Services and Welfare This department provides accessible and affordable resources needed in the nursing program, facilitates student services, such as during the enrollment period, and oversees the volunteers of the council. Office of Administrative Affairs This office ensures the order and cleanliness of the office, facilitates monthly meetings of the council, conducts evaluations and recommendations, and compiles the different documentations of the transactions in the council. Office of Communications This office facilitates information dissemination through SMS, the social networking sites, and print and paper. Office of Events This office handles all school events and assists in facilitating community activities. Office of Artistic Hemisphere This office is in charge of all art-related requirements of the council. Intracom This unit facilitates the activities before, during, and after the intramurals. Diagnosis This is the official publication of the council. This Order shall take effect immediately and shall continue in effect until amended, superseded, or revoked by subsequent Executive Order. Given this 5th day of June, 2013.