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002-1314 Date: June 5, 2013 To: College of Nursing Community From: Lenie Rose Veronilla, CONUS Executive President Subject: Final List of CONUS Officers for AY 2013-2014

Prior to the proclamation of the elected officials on the 31st of March, council officers of the academic year 2013 to 2014 were determined by the incoming Executive Body. These officers underwent interviews, meetings, seminars, and project management this summer. They indeed strived to equip themselves with the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to serve their constituents. I am pleased to introduce the following Council of Nursing Students Officers for Academic Year 2013 to 2014: EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Lenie Rose C. Veronilla Rainier Joseph M. Arquillano Erika June M. Nacario Karla Erika L. Demo Audric D. Tiu LEGISLATIVE COMMITEE Jessa Joy D. Tocaldo Eduardo B. Olango Jr. TC C. Pahuyo Ken Uriel T. Kwong Sharmaine Mae P. Lobido Lloyd Lyle O. Ravidas 4th year level representative 4th year level vice representative 4th year level secretary 4th year level treasurer 3rd year level representative 3rd year level vice representative Executive President Executive Vice President Executive Secretary Executive Treasurer Finance Officer

Charlyn Mae G. Fernandez Jean Camille V. Arboladura Coleen Mae C. Maneja Samantha Allison M. Cortes Ma. Minvilu V.Marbella Mikee Ann B. Adviento DEPARTMENTS

3rd year level secretary 3rd year level treasurer 2nd year level representative 2nd year level vice representative 2nd year level secretary 2nd year level treasurer

Department of Academic and Co-curricular Affairs Agnes Enya Lorraine U. Edio Grace Marie M. Aguilar Llybe Kristen S. Lobido Secretary Associate Secretary Undersecretary

Department of Mission and Social Action Nikki J. Diocampo Fel Maila D. Tejada Recca Jane B. Lauro Erik M. Precillas Secretary Associate Secretary Undersecretary for Spiritual Formation Undersecretary for Community Involvement Department of Student Services and Welfare Angeliza P. Sumbeling Apple Angeli G. Micabalo Jyrill Mae T. Pielago Irah Michelle J. Goyeneche Secretary Associate Secretary Undersecretary for Human Resource Undersecretary for Entrepreneurial Engagement OFFICES Office of Administrative Affairs Kemmie Caey A. SyCezar Hernanne Marie D. Gutierrez Mary Jo B. Bautista Director Associate Director Assistant Director

Office of Artistic Hemisphere Ruby M. Petallo Gievan Novie U. Sabellina Nieva Beatrice L. Salino Office of Communications Nia Venice O. Rosales Jebb Paolo B. Rosales Defelia Mae L. Sagetarios Reximee Sheen P. Galarrita Charisma A. Necessario Office of Events Ma. Christina U. Jamero Jamaima S. Orculio Charisse O. Ubalde Airyn Jade F. Uy SPECIALIZED UNITS Intracom Erikko Miguel L. Dimitui Alnie Fay Camille J. Rajal Adrian Rey del L. Fierro Harold Dave D. Igcalinos Adrianne G. Tong Nursing Diagnosis Ken Jeryle M. Papelleras Editor in Chief Head Associate Head Associate Head Assistant Head for Cheerdance Assistant Head for Sports Director Associate Director Assistant Director for Talent Scouting Assistant Director for Operations Director Associate Director Assistant Director for Mobile Communications Assistant Director for Web Communication Assistant Director for Digital Promotions Director Associate Director Assistant Director

I am grateful to you, student leaders, for taking the challenge of keeping the heart of Magis beating!