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NetApp Operations
Simplify management of your NetApp storage environment


Taming your complex storage With NetApp Operations Manager, you
Simplify Management infrastructure can streamline management of your
Use minimal IT resources to centrally As your enterprise grows, so do the NetApp storage infrastructure. Our simple,
manage your NetApp® SAN and NAS challenges of managing it. With numerous centralized administration tool enables
infrastructure. business-critical applications perpetually comprehensive management of your
expanding your data storage needs, enterprise storage with minimal IT resources.
Maximize Availability maintaining visibility into your complex
Automatically detect potential storage infrastructure is a tough challenge. Control management resources
problems and take corrective action You get flexible control of your management
to prevent downtime. THE SOLUTION resources with role-based access controls
Centralize management of your that let you assign roles to users based on
Enable Business Policy Compliance their specific responsibilities.
NetApp storage infrastructure with
Meet business policy requirements
NetApp Operations Manager
with our enterprise-wide configuration Reduce downtime
NetApp Operations Manager provides
management, distributed policy With NetApp Operations Manager, you
you with the centralized management,
setting, and customized reporting. can detect potential bottlenecks and take
monitoring, and reporting tools you need corrective action before performance is
Reduce TCO to optimize your NetApp storage and meet impacted. Using the Performance Advisor
Reduce costs by optimizing your your business policy requirements. As the monitoring feature, you establish thresholds
resource utilization and increasing key component of the storage suite in our and alerts for all metrics that are key
the productivity and efficiency of your integrated manageability software family, indicators of system performance.
storage management. NetApp Operations Manager helps your
storage administrators resolve problems Automatic monitoring and alerting enable
faster and improve capacity utilization by you to proactively solve problems and
providing a full picture of your NetApp maintain high system availability. Once you
storage resources. receive an alert, our software tools provide
you with the ability to easily drill down
for details about any event or device and
uncover the information you need to quickly
resolve potential problems.
ENABLE BUSINESS POLICY File Storage Resource Manager, a licensable REDUCE TCO
COMPLIANCE option of Operation Manager, helps you With NetApp Operations Manager, you can
You can achieve complete compliance with understand and manage the types of dramatically reduce costs by optimizing your
your business policies using the enterprise- files in your storage environment. Data is existing storage utilization and minimizing
wide configuration management, distributed classified by file size, file age, modification the IT resources needed to manage your
policy setting, and customized reporting history, access history, file type, usage, and storage infrastructure. You’ll buy less storage
features provided by NetApp Operations file owner usage. This data classification and increase the efficiency and productivity
Manager. information provides a clear picture of your of your IT staff.
company’s data, enabling you to put policies
Enforce standardization in place to automatically eliminate stale data, PARTNER FOR SUCCESS
By standardizing the configuration unused data, and data stored by personnel When you partner with our Professional
process, you can accelerate deployment who are no longer with your company. Services and Global Support teams, you
and mitigate operational risks. To simplify gain access to our extensive storage
configuration, NetApp Operations Manager Get detailed reports
expertise, innovative technologies, and best
lets you view, edit, and apply one or more Make storage management more proactive
practices. You can accelerate the return
configuration templates to any number or and effective with reports to track storage
on your infrastructure investments and get
group of systems. growth and trending. See how each volume
the most business benefit from them. We
is being used, graph respective data growth,
respond quickly to your problems, no matter
Gain visibility into your storage and apply this information to existing and
where in the world they occur, and with one
infrastructure future storage requirements and utilization.
of the most flexible support programs in the
With NetApp Operations Manager, you can
You can also create your own customized industry, you always get just the support
continuously monitor and analyze the health
reports to meet your individual business you need for your unique IT and business
of your storage environment. You get a
requirements and implement storage requirements.
better view of what is deployed and how it
is being utilized, enabling you to improve charge-back processes.
your storage capacity utilization and
increase the productivity and efficiency of
your IT administrators.

Figure 1) NetApp Operations Manager monitoring and management tools.

NetApp Operations Manager helps your storage administrators resolve problems
faster and improve capacity utilization by providing a full picture of your NetApp
storage resources.

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