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YEAR 2004

.............................5 ..............Location 1 IV.................................................4 Return on investment (rate of return 14%)..........................................................Table of contents Page I..............The Company 1 III........Executive summary 1 II........Investment options 2 Financing the first payment of the car (expected rate of return 15%)......... Cars rental service 2 V...................................2 Financing the whole cost of the car ................................................................5 Ownership in the Company’s equity.........

The Company is specialized in cars sales and car rental services and operates at its location on the International Airport Highway in Beirut . 7 minutes drive from Beirut Center and 15 minutes drive from Baabda.Business Plan For the year 2004 I.Al Badiya S. Location The Company is located at The International Airport Highway in Beirut at a distance of 3 minutes drive from the airport. purchases. Al Badiya for Cars Sales and Rental Services has gathered the knowledge.L. The Company The Company is a limited liability company (S.A. 1 . II. sells. Executive summary The cars sales and rental industry is one of the most growing sectors in Lebanon.A. Moreover. exports and performs all other trading and car related activities. Investment opportunity .R. to build a business plan that would make it a leader in the industry. experience and communication skills. Al Badiya has been in the market since 2001 and in a short time it has gained a high reputation and goodwill that reflects its commitment and expertise. The Company leases.L. cars for rentals in the market lack at most times the minimal required standards of a good service and maintenance. III. The Lebanese market is in huge need of car rental services. Interested investors are invited to join the bright future of Al Badiya through the following investment opportunity plan.Lebanon.) registered in Baabda Commercial Registry.R. imports. This need is highly noted in the summer season and at holidays where tourists and returning Lebanese have to exercise huge efforts to find a car for rental.

Cars rental service Cars rental includes providing the clients rental services of all types of cars all over the Lebanese territory.Al Badiya S. V.Business Plan For the year 2004 IV.L. Investment opportunity . the accounting department prepares a summary of the net income (after operating costs) for each car bought by the investor’s funds.A. this is done by having a big portfolio of cars estimated to reach 50 cars by the end of year 2007. Following is the expected income from one car: 2 . Investment options The Company provides the investors four options to choose the type of investment that bests suits them: Financing the first payment of the car (expected rate of return 15%) At the end of each month.R. The investor would then receive 50% of the net income generated by the cars bought by his funds in addition to this at the end of the 4 th year the cars are valued at market price and either the investor receives 50% of the car sales price or pays 50% of the car price to Al Badiya SARL and receives ownership of the car paid for. Each investor is provided a list of the cars that were bought by his fund and a guarantee covered by the cars itself.

600 6.902 15% 3 .New Nissan or Deawoo Interest-4 years at 11% Total car cost plus interest Payments by investors: First payment to be paid by investor 50% of registration cost paid by investor Total to be paid by investor Payments by Al Badiya: Balance to be paid on installment by Al Badiya 50% of registration cost paid by Al Badiya Total to be paid by investor Additional balance paid by Al Badiya depreciated Interest charged to car expense Monthly installment . Investment opportunity .50% (Cash) Total cash collected by investor per car 4 years At sale of the car after 4 years Share of investor of car sale.Al Badiya S.000 4.400 600 5.400 2.640 18.L.600 2.A.902 8.Business Plan For the year 2004 1 Financing the first payment of the car (continued) Car cost .R.000 600 11.000 11.640 284 8.000 Salvage value after 4 years Monthly income per car Avg number of days rented per month Daily rental fees .000 7.4 years USD 15.040 4.USD Total monthly car revenues Direct car costs: Depreciation @ 25% of additional balance Insurance Maintenance Mechanic Finance cost car agency Estimated operating expenses/car Monthly income (Cash) Share of investor .50% 15 30 450 138 43 20 16 55 16 287 163 81 3.

L. Investment opportunity . payment of all installments and car registration).Business Plan For the year 2004 Financing the whole cost of the car This option is similar to option 3 above except that the whole financing is made by the investor (i.USD Total monthly car revenues Investor's share of revenues Car cost Car registration Total investment by investor Car residual value Monthly depreciation Net monthly income for investor Return on investment Al Badiya share of revenues: Direct car costs: Insurance Maintenance Mechanic Administrative expenses Al Badiya cost Profit margin USD 43 20 16 16 95 Rate to income 10% 4% 4% 4% 21% 9% 30% USD 15 30 450 315 15. Monthly income per car Avg number of days rented per month Daily rental fees . In this case the investor shall receive 70% of the gross return of the car and Al Badia SARL shall pay the maintenance.400 1. government mechanic and car insurance of the car.Al Badiya S.A.R.200 16.e.000 179 135 10% 70% 4 .600 8.

R.Business Plan For the year 2004 Return on investment (rate of return 14%) This scenario ensures the investor a rate of return on their investment of approximately 14% paid at the end of each year.A. The investors’ funding is guaranteed by car collaterals of value equivalent to the amount funded.000 parts each part values USD 100. 5 . Investors who are interested in owning equity in the Company (at a minimum of USD 20. The founding partners shall contribute to the capital through providing 5 cars already in use by the Company and a 5 years free management contract of Al Badiya Establishment and the parking plot currently in use by the Company (approximately 320m2) which value USD 106. Investment opportunity .000 thus owning 1. The investors may withdraw their investment after the 4 th year or may decide to re-invest their funds.000 split into 2. Ownership in the Company’s equity The capital of the Company shall be raised to USD 200.060 parts.000 investment) shall own equity from the remaining 940 parts which value USD 94.000.L.Al Badiya S.