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Zhan Zhong from the QiGong Therapist Perspective I was first shown Standing Meditation back in 2001, which

bored me, and I simply refused to do. After years of QiGong/Martial Arts and Chinese Massage Work, I have come to appreciate it as a vital tool to all human activity. 2001: Met a TCM Doctor who could make people jump and recoil from his touch (not fake). When I asked him how he got that ability, he said standing meditation, an hour a day. I dismissed this as some Chinese Secret he was not willing to share with an American and searched for secrets elsewhere. 2004: Met a Taijiquan (Martial) practitioner who had Fa-jin ability to throw people across the room with almost no visible external movement. I asked him the same question, to which he replied sink the Qi, and stand in standing meditation an hour a day. He is also Asian, which sparked the same seeds of doubt in his level of disclosure to the dumb American. 2007: Met an American Taijiquan, Baguazhang, Silat and Russian Systema fighter/teacher who had some AMAZING displays of Fa-jin, Qi emission for healing and so many skills. So, I asked my question to him, to which he responded standing meditation, an hour a day at least. He must have been brainwashed by his Chinese TeachersI didnt do it. 2009: Living in black mold infested house in West Suburbs about to die from weakness. I called my Sifu at the time, who showed me Zhan Zhuang or Shaolin Nei Jing Yizhichan with finger bending. At the brink of death, I FINALLY listened. Im obviously not dead, because its 2012 now. Lesson Learned! __/\__ When I began to do Zhan Zhuang, I started with 10 minutes, and was up to an hour a day in a week, as it was life or death for me. I had read some of Lam Chuens articles about a woman who cured cancer standing 4 hours a day. Eventually I was standing 90 minutes, twice a day. The longest Ive ever stood was 115 minutes straight without moving. I BELIEVE ZHAN ZHUANG, or standing meditation to be the ONLY way to get western people to experience real meditation. We sit too much anyway! Name one occasion where western people stand still???? Forcing myself to do something unnatural to me was the greatest breakthrough in all my years of training. My rooting, balance, self awareness, wei qi, power and bone density have all increased in a big way. I survived death standing! 2011, a difference of opinion. I was given the gift of Yellow Dragon (Huanglong) QiGong by my current Sifu. He showed me how to gain the benefits of an hour of standing in 5 minutes! Honestly, I had done two years, two hours every day of standing and was grateful for the teachings. That is a higher level skill. Summation: Stand Still or Fall For Anything. Yadi