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He looked up and found the secondwoftian, with the whiter hair, looking at him with strangelyempty eyesagain, waiting Jor her tall Jiend to come back. He did not like it. Why did she look at him that? It wonied him. John and Laura are on holiday in Venice. Their daughter, Christine, is dead and they need time - time to forget, time to live again and be h.ppy. But it's not going to be easy. When they see the two tall, thin oid women again and again, they know that something is wrong. And then the women say Christine is here, with them, and there's something she wants to say . . . Daphne du Maurier was born in t9o7 in London. She did not go to school but had lessonsat home. She wrote and sold her first stories in 1928, and her first book, The Louing Spirit in r93t. Jamaica lnn ca.me in 1936. After Rebecca,in r9j8, she was famous. She wrote that book in Alexandria, in Egypt. But, like many of her books, it is about people living in Cornwall in the west of England. She loved Cornwall and lived there for many years. She liked walking, gardening and watching birds, and loved the sea. After Rebecu she wrote fourteen more books. But she also 'Don't wrote many stories. Look Now' is from a book, Not After Midnight from rg7t.'The Birds' is another farirous story. In her last years, Daphne du Maurier saw few people and stayed at her home in Cornwall. She died in 1989, when she was eighty-one. There are many films of her books and stories. Alfred Hitchcock's films of Rebecca(r94o) and The Birds (1963) are famous. Don't Look Nory was also a film, tn t973.

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further prepositions and prepositiorlai phrascsof placc and tinre o adjectives:comparison of similars (as. St lves plc Filmset in I l/14 pt Lasercomp Bembo Exccpt in the United To the teacher: In addition to all the language forms of Levels One. . because (reasons). ) . Statcs of America. furthcr adverbs of place and time . this book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not. . Eneland 'Don't Look Now'copyright @ Daphne du Maurier 1970 Published by Victor Gollancz Ltd.. Ringwood. Toronto. Registered Officcs: Harmondsworth. conjunctions: io (consequences). . the main verb forms and tensesused at Level Two are: .New Zealand Penguin Books Ltd. Specific attention is paid to vocabulary developnrent in the Vocabulary Work exercisesat the end of the book.brfonl qlierf when (for scquencing) o indirect speech(statements). 1971 in the collection Not AJter Midnight This adaptationwas publishedby Penguin Books 1992 13579108642 Text copyright @ Derck Srrange1992 Illustrations copyright @ PiersSandford1992 All rishts reserved The moral righr ofthe adapterand ofthe illustratorhasbeen asserted Illustrations by Piers Sandford Printed in England by Clays Ltd. -estinf of. 182-190Wairau Road.375 Hudson Steet. modal verbs: will and won't (to express willingness) and (to expressobligation or necessity). New york 1ml4. Ontario. common irregular forms of past simple verbs. and look them up later. New york. by way of trade or otherwise. These exercises are aimed at training studentsto enlargetheir vocabulary systematically through intelligent reading and effective use of a dictionary. more and most . Canada M4y 3Fi2 PenguinBooks (NZ) Lrd. somewords in this book are darker black than others. Australia Penguin Books CanadaLtd. Middlescx. . published and without including this condition on the subsequent purchaser i To the student: Dictionary Words: . ds) and of dissimilars (-er than. .Look them up in your dictionaryor try to understand them without a dictionary first.-------=z=E€Ft: L PENGUIN BOOKS Publishedby the penguin Group Penguin Books Ltd. Auckland 10. prepositions: of movenlent. or otherwise circulated without the publisher's ptior consent in any forrrr of other rhan that in which it is a similar condition being imposed binding 61 6or". 27 Wrighn Lane. f- - \t N I . 10 Alcom Avenue. the . going to (for prediction and to state intention) and common phrasal verbs . resold. London Wg 5TZ. Victoria. hired out. which are used again at this level of the series. England PenguinBooks USA Inc. be lcnt. ?nust Also used are: o adverbs: irregular adverbs of manner. USA Penguin Books Australia Ltd.

.'he said.t htrn round quickly. immediately interested.'They're men. going round Europe. drink some water. so Laura had dme to drink some of her wine. slowly turned her head. He quickly took her . perhaps. wanting to laugh. Behind you i Johtt sait! to his wife. You mustn't laugh.' The man brought the coffee and took away the fruit..d - - 'Don't look now. brothers tomorrow' or tonight. 'Don't turn round quickly' They'll know you're looking at them. back in Venice. 'I don't think they saw you looking.' 'Murderers?' askedLaura. There's something very strange about their trNs 'l w.' Laura turned round more. sisters here on Torcello this morning. . Perhaps they're dangerous.Don. excited.. I must say!' She must not laugh. changing their clothes in each place.ll know you. Very strange. her eye on me again. Murderers or something. and then looked quickly at the table behind her before she turned back again' She was red in the face. 'Behind you.' Laura. You know.'John said to his wife. to stop herself wanting to laugh so much. But why me? Why are they looking at me all the time? Oh no! The sister with the white hair has got 'Don't look now. Murderers. 'Yes. Running from the police.Y4A .'she said. They.re lookiug at them. John thought. looking at me all the time. 'but there are two old girls two tables away. I don't like it.'John said. caught the eye of the man to bring them some more coffee now.(l eyes. .glassand gave her some more wine. giving her the glass. 'Here.John. 'They're not old girls. dressed up in women's clothes.

'You 'that know. long brown skirt. Laura stood up.t* L^ttt" t"cl ""o'ht' .. Do you think she's going to change her clothes or hair again?' 'Don't say anything.'.' she said. for the first time on this holiday. trying not to laugh and going red in the face. he thought. like sisters. o :i T:: J H iffi to' 'Thev said' slowlv" verv better have .-" .'. I think they're two old women from Australia or somewhere. of them is standing up. Perhaps.' said Laura.' She took her handbag and walked away from the table.. don't think they're murderers. 'l Laura is herping horidav il:t': ffi:i:'::'J'?::t.T. The woman was not very unusual. 'I'll follow her and see..lii4tfl&&$. Perhaps she's got a bag out there... that was all. But the interesting thing was that there were two of them . in Venice on holiday together.' she answered.' Suddenly. he thought.: a h hn i'il.he thought. . making up stories about people sitting near them irt restaurants. that's better . Trying not to laugh again. following the tall woman to the door at the back of the restaurant. .s thc Christine" go on living without forget. 'I 'Don't mustn't laugh. the same. with a man's shirt and a heavy. when you saw her from near to. looking at the back of the restaurant. Called Tilly and Tiny. and very quietly he said 'One to her. . Suddenly she didn't look sad and afraid any more.rry to say world' to Laura' was everything-'the Ct""tite ' . look at me when I come back or I know I'll laugh. Perhaps she will begin to forget and then we can go on together.' Good. was a very good lunch. but it ttk"' still young' you 'Oo"'' and you're ti*O to son your young daughter' perotht' chiidren' another and Laura. she was like the old Laura again. Christine child' anotherdaughter' *tilt And he k.the -tloctor her time' You still tt'tl. Strong black shoes. visiting old churches and looking at famous pictures in different cities with him again. he thought. Where is she now?' 'Coming past our table in a minute. to be happy .:-". perhaps she's starting to get better.'he told her. About sixty-four or -five.:li d. or something.j r. starting to laugh and live again. with a long thin nose and short hair. You'll t"ut n"li son' but loved Johnnie' their she ' ' ' that .'* : . good for walking.' t" t.Jfit:et ti"te' Gi"e alwaysdo. with all their different clothes in it.two. Tall. ready to follow. Her friend's hair was whiter.

".I.t be unhappy. up and found the second woman. with the _He whiter hair. John.. Iooked at us all the time. you took your rime . looking at him with strangely empty eyes again. Not the beautiful limle girl with dancing eyesand thick black hair. seeing her face. slowly looking happier. What do I do? F{ow can I help her? 'I must tell you. Her friend stood up urra in.lty to their table and sat down. Laura?Tell me. TeIl me' Are Youill?' 10 .sgoing out of her head.s why they . 'fh. he began. not rhe same. She was there with you at the table. H. They could see Christine. waiting for her tall friend to come Ur... My sister saw your little girl. looked. 'What 'lVhat happened? did she do?. now dead. John could nor hear the words..s what I was afraid of. and stopped. isn't dead. taking a long time. out across the garden of the hotel.shere wiih us. so happy! When I went our rhere.y moved away to_ gether.' Oh no. He knew her eyes were on him all the time. . _ so excited.f. L"u. laughing. It. '!Vhar's Where is she? she doing in there? Suddenly. She. He looked at his watch. Something was wrong. 'What 'What is it' Laura? What did shedo?'heasked' happened."r. the tall woman walked slowly past their table..yes. he thought. stood next to her friend and said something ro her quietly. her face very white. I was washrng my hands and suddenly the'tall woman turned to me and said. those two sisters. arm in arm through the tables. She. he asked. did not like it.Don. 'Well. Laura came out of the door ar the back and stood there watching them leave. but not Christine. between you and your husband.' Laura went . he thought. That. Are you ill?' She turned and looked ar him. . .t . He quickly pulled up a chair next to her. love..m on. Why did she look at him like that? It worried him. More than ten mrnutes now.What is it. . She walked . He took a cigarette and played with it in his fingers.

He took Laura's arm and began to push her in front of him. I . to the door. Never. happily. it was dark. so she said nothing. the two sisters. she said Christine was in that blue-andwhite dress she wore for her birthday lasr year. that woman. You know. looking at him again. not crying.ry$ll'ry34 f!trF' 2 She said Christine wanted us to know she was here with us. I can't tell you how happy I am. walked down to the water.' Suddenty Johfl saw theftt otherpeople' ' o*oy f'o* all the a dark cotnet 12 id' . Her sister can see things other people cannot see. waiting to take them back to Venice again. now that we're here. but she thought he was not interestedin seeingthe church.' What could he say? 'We She stood up. love. John? You don't believe me. Laura. back to Venice as quickly as they could. must see the church here on Torcello. do you? But that. He wanted to get out. Everything will I in together standing again ' the two s. 'Come on. I think I'm starting to have a very. I'm so happy. colder than in the sun in the square.isters. They moved slowly along with the other people. 'What a good day! I'll never forget it. through all the people. It's going to be all right. She smiled up at him. away from all the other people. all talking to each other quietly. He smiled back at her. and walked slowly through the market with its clothes and fruit and cheap sunglasses. They took their places in the boat and he put one arm round her. . very good holiday. get away from the two strange women. They came out into the sun. standing together in a dark corner. Inside. Smiling at him. Americans and Germans and Japanese. not excited. I know she was right. he thought. looking h"ppy for the first time in days. Quiet. She did not want to leave so soon. . . across the square and into the church. Then suddenly John saw them again. 'Yes. Remember?' What couid he say? How could he answer her? She sat there. .' So they left the resraurant."-\. She's coming back ro me again.s what she said.' And she laughed. and found their boat.

he thought' down the street' heard her feet coming back 'What are you doing? I nearly lost you'' ' S o r r Y .' she said later. when they heard the cry . '-r"t"* of the houses' climbing from the dark door of one to the house' A child' a small boat in the water next -rirt. not the place we usually go to. he thought as he went back into the bedroom. Shall we have a quiet evening and eat here in the hotel?' 'No. to be together again after all these weeks. not very hungry. drinking wine togcther.ri. help us to start living again without Christine. in hand.' So they walked. into a a short coat' John of only five or six' wearing U...John did not know where they were. wanting a bath before the evening. wasn't it?'he said' 'Ristorante' in orange lights at the They saw the word were inside' th" square' and soon they corner of a street "l'o" men in white shirts and with the people eating and drittkit'g' tf tb""1':1.!' " ev r$r{lll*l'w2 v' tffi* be the same as before between us. d*rytrr .' he said. comfortable place. Laura thought they were somewhere near the church of San Zaccaria. is the time to make love. shouting back to at a table in the corner that they could not understand' They sat looked at the menu' andJohn looked about him while Laura taking their places Then he saw them. dark place 'We can sit hand where the Italians eat whcn they're in love.' 'Let's They went out laughing into thc warm quiet night. John turned on the hot water in the bathroom. somewhere good to eat. 'so that you're hungry by the time we find walk. 'The thing is. Now. It came from one of the houses with its windows closed.nnft and watched the door acrossthe water' and then to another and to another' and house' through its black door' of an old blacklooking away. doing her hair in front of 'I'm the looking-glass.tThey were at the conler of another dark. waiting for rnidnight. black and dead.^ dying cry. empty street. and soon they lost themselvesin the small dark backstreetsof the city. no. Venice will bring us together again. away from the sounds of the boats and the water. the same as all the others. Somewhere new.:l: black trousers pushing Pastchairs' carrytng-pla:tt the kitchen rn tast ltalran ing bottles of wine. The houses stood tall and dark above them. ' h e s a i d '' l ' m c o m i n g ' ' fast along the little street He took her arm and they walked Not a square behind a church' and came out into a small on across the squaie' into church he knew' They walked in and more lost' Suddenly' another street' down it' more people walking in front of front of them they o* it*nt' and He turned and smiled another beautiful church'\^nZ^t"ra' at her. and thought there was a restaurant in a small street next to the church. Laura in front' away quickly up the street' *"lt. 14 + . She understood. their windows closed. the two old sisters. But which one? They stopped and listened.d his eye: someone Suddenly something cau-eft tohn b. The man at the front desk smiled and gave them their key. first boat to her' She jumped from the t.. Let's go and find a small. suddenly stopped. near the Grand Canal. 'What was that?' said Laura' worried and afraid' said 'someone with too much wine inside them' perhaps" 'Come on'' But it wasn't like that' he knew' fohn quickly' '"'in. he thought.hind. love. Let's go out. It took onlY a minute' He was h"ppy about that' He Laura didn't see. opened her arms to him and smiled. We'll go out and find somewhere different for dinner this evening. Their hotel was a small. From the window of their room they could seethe boatscoming and going along the canal in the late afternoon. 'Let's go and find your restaurant' then' That was qutte exciting.

He was immediately uncomfortable. And he ordered another drink and a bottle of cold white wine to have with his food.John . suddenly not hungry any more. All right. . Why were the two old women in the same restauraut? Of all the hundreds of different restaurants in Venice. He watched her stop by their table. They're looking over here. What do they want to talk to Laura for? he thought. in this restaurant? And why did Laura want to come to a restaurant near the church of San Zaccaria? Did she know the two sistersate here. smiling. I must tell them how h"ppy they made me today. I must go and talk to them for a minute. Why are they after my wife like this. 'Oh John! Look! It's those two strange sisters we met on Torcello ttris afternoon.e stopped and watched her. John thought. then pull up a chair and sit down with them.at a table across the room.v. but then he pushed the plate away. not saying anything. then. I'll have a good evening without you. she got up and. sometimes asking a question. telling her things about Christine? A child' a little girl of only. to get out of the place. starting to eat her own food. I'm not h"ppy about it.' Before he could stop her. why were they here. Laura. following her.f or six. He watched the three women at the table across the room. sitting down again at their table. but Laura was happily looking at the menu. listening to the taller sister talking. walked across the room. It took only a mittute. not seeing that he was 17 *. sitting at that table over there. Then Laura was back. His food came and he started to eat. wearinga short coat. moving quickly past the man arriving with their drinks. and wanted to meet them again? Laura looked up from the menu and started to look round the room. He wanted to leave. beginning his second drink. waiting for her drink to ernve. The smaller sister with white hair said nothing. She saw them and gave a little cry. some fish. but looked quietly acrossat his table.

' said Laura 'don't be angry. She finished her fish. Christine is more worried about you than about pg.saying.rrter sister. and saw them eating big platesof food. saying nothing. unhappily. . but you can. lo. 1 d6 . She says Vou don't know it. Not very strange. why don't you come over and 11s et them? They could tell you about it themselves and perhap'. with the white hair. They said that Christine wanted us to leave Venice immstdiately. 'but 'I the sister know you won't believe it.. She said she thougHrt Christine wanted to tell her something about us. go. That's it. It's you they're talking about. Then we'll be all right. was tmltappy. And I do believe that Christine is trying to tell us co g.too. tomorrow. John.' glass of wine for himJohn just laughed and took anotlier self.. Don'v take it like that.?' not eating.There's not much more for gs g62se€ here. want anything more to eat now?' John.o. now and tell them that we're leaving in the morning.John looked quickly acrossat the sisters'table two or three times as they waited. 'Are you ready?' he asked. immediately.' 'One thing Icansee.ffti.' 'We'll 'Right.ry. with a bottle of good red wine. Christine is worried abouF us.ve. 'Please believe them. . Laura. Just two hungry women. playing with her handbag as they waited to pay and leave.to 18 s . Do you 'Oh. I-don't believe a word they say. I don't believe anything your two old sisters tell you. that q76z wer€ in danger here in Venice. He paid and pushed back his chair. We'll go back to the hotel OK. That's what they said.' she said. I'd like to see some of the other famous ltalia-n cities. . they said.' He was angry now. I don't and what to do on his holiday. dr:ank a little of her wine and began to speak. She says you thing?' 'Because sometimes see Christine yourself. he thought. Then perhaps we can talk about leaving Venice. is that I want to get out of this restaurant now. when we'te back at the hotel-' Laura was unhappy. playing with lrcr handbag ilrcy waite( |ay and leave. These two old girls could not 5311t telling him where to go you're right. . you know. after we left the restaurant on Torce llo this afternoon. . says that you can see rhings e1 her people can't see. John? Why don't you say sorrlebelieve it. She wants us to leave here as soon as we can. in the church there. you'd believe it all then. but you don't know you're doing it. And the strange thing is that the 5[6. with the white hair said she saw Clhristine with us again. John. Look.

When they arrived back at the hotel. comfort_ able evening before they gor lost and went into the little restaurant. when rhey say Venice is dying.going to say goodbye to them. enuelope. across to the two sisters. in the rain.he thought. he thought.The evening startedso happily. laughing rogether. in winter.and he left the restaurant before her. but doetor toldmeto let you know. like a lost world. in England. He opened it immediately. Soon it will all be under water. their headsdown. to wait for her outside. when everything is quiet. Do not worry. 'I'm When they arriuedbackat the hotel. He opened 20 H . John asked for their key and the man gave him an envelope at the same time. Nobody was ar the caf6tabiesin the squarenow. with not a word berween us. In the Piazza San Marco it started to rain morc heavily and they stopped in the door of some shops. and people will come to visit it in boats. This is what the people who live here see. It was from the head of their son's school. She went through the tables and chairs. They're right. Yours CharlesHill. Taken ill yesterday. Laura came out and they started to walk back to their hotel. it started to rain. out of the rain. The streetswere nearly empty. waiting for Laura to come out. when there are no British and Americans and Germans in the city. looking down at the buildings and churchesbelow them. there were not many people in the squareby the church now . but it is ending like this. Outside. He read Johnnie in city hospitalhere. the mangaue him an it immediately and read. an under-sea city. He was sad. People walked past quickly. her un_ happy mouth and eyes looking for a minute like their little dead child's. Everyrhing was wet.She was always very like christine when she was angry.' said Laura. he thought sadly. under the water.h"ppy and hungry.it was quite different from the warm.

waiting for him.' he said. to be with him?' 'Oh yes. Laura answered it. .. John gave her the hotel's number.bfr. This is what Christine wanted to tell the two old sisters. she was still speaking.' said Laura. my wife and I thought perhaps come back.' I First thing the next morning.Then you'll be come back on the train with the car..vhat Christine wanted to tell them. then walked slowly over to the door where Laura stood.ifeanswered and said that her husband was ar the hospital. isn't it? We can't stay. horzn' they could get thenrselves and their car on the through train from Milan to Calais. Ithe head of their son's school in Englantl. His rr. and the doctor knows what he's doing'' 'Yes. shewas but he couldseethat shewas worrieil' 'He's worse than he was yesterday' That's nothing very have a small unusual. 'The doctor says Johnnie didn't have a good night last night.i''!"'-" " He read it again. It's Johnnie who's in danger. 'We 'Well. I'm afraid.' She read it and looked up. very good. yes' assoon aswe can' You're quite right" Laura said' 'But please don't worry too much' The hospital here is . trying to tell her something' ''We and then I can can try to get you on a plane' today' . They did not talk about the two old sisters.' Mr Hill said." f.' he said. was r.' €rEryF Fr-- - . the doctor says' But he's going to -W'e're very sorry about this' operation today or tomorrow' you could but perhaps . and about 'Don't how Mr Hill's letter said worry'. but he could call back in an hour.!\*\ \* . but he could see that she was worried. Then he told the hotel that they wanted to leave later in the morning. But she said nothing. aboutJohnnie being in hospital. Laura believed that the letter from England. there by this evening. and they started to put some of their things into their bags. 'This 'Not came when we were out. . not us. They had breakfast and talked about how they could get home. The call from the school in England came when John was in the bathroom. she knew John did not believe it. that's it. He gave her the letter.or about the day before. still speaking' WhenJohn camein a minute or two latet.r. ready to go. visiting Johnnie. can we? rnust leave Venice and go back to be u'ith Johnnie. John tried to telephone Mr Hill. then. '' and then stopped becauseJohn was behind her.y good. 'good . When John came in a minute or two later.

standing there watching her from the square. 'and I can come back later to get the car and drive it back through But she did not want that. Mr Hill.W. so I'll phone you there later this evening.' he began. and boats came and went in the sun. She was leaving. . he was as worried about Johnnie as she was. She went down to the hotel desk to ask the man about the 'All 'We 24 25 . warm.' Laura put her arms round him for a minute and they stood together quietly before she climbed down into the boat with all the other English people going back to England after their holiday in Venice. My husband will follow on the train with rhe cano_o.I'm sorry. The telephone went again. for me? One place. h"ppy. She was at the desk when he went down. I think. 'I'll 'Mr telephone you tonight from Milan.' plane ticket.' he told her. she went on.'shesaid. The boatman called out something in Italian. for the next night. He had places on the train to London for them and their car. but we're not going to lose another child. so he turned back to his clothes and his bag.And we can't go off and leave all our things and the car here. love. and Mrs Hill will give you a bed at the school. without the car?' She was right. and a boat is going from the Piazza San Marco for the airport in about ten minutes. Ir'll be all right . but he didn't want to say so. sitting next to it. looking happier. It was the man from the hotel desk. John finished putting his things into a bag.' He pur his hand on her arm. . Goodbye. .'he told her. right. and then to the telephone.well. and for him to follow with the car. He stosd watching it. It was too expensive. and the thought of the long hours on the train back to Calais from Milan the next night did not make him any happier. She telephoned up to the room from the desk a minute or two later.. picked it up again. not so white and worried. .' she said. a plane leaving from Venice to London in under an hour. Better ro let her go quickly on the plane.ro*. and the boat began to move away across the water.' said Laura. waiting to go into their bags. 'How will we get to and from the hospital. I. too. Laura. and found the boat for the airport.. 'Perhaps we can fly back together.re going to try to get back as soon as we can. too. They walked along to the Piazza San Marco. He wanted to be leaving with her. lost Christine. please thank your wife for helping him. clean and new-looking after the rain. She found a place next to a smilingi man and his smiling wife.m sure Johnnie will be all right in the hospital.e. but she pushed it away. then. 'Yes. looking up at the front of the beautiful big church. 'Look. near the front of the boat. . but one of us musr be back in England by tonight.' "*'rcwtwE *F?"!ry:lnAr she answered. Her face was white with worry. when you're back from the hospital. She put the telephone down again.' 'I'll bring your bag down immediately. It was no good saying anything more. but can you get a place on today's plane from Venice to London. And he was worried about Johnnie.. I'll be in England by this afternoon. 'It's 'There's all going to be all right. It was only . he did not want to stay in Venice or drive to Milan without her. They started to talk to her immediately and she looked up at John. to visit Johnnie.. She put down the telephone and looked round at all the books and coats and other clothes all over the room. But then he had another thought. People walked slowly past.

sitting outside '. about hinr bringing the car back on the train. light now with the sun on it. looking at their b. at Laura's secondcoat lying on the bcd. a lor. he thought. the greens and brorvns. But even in the hotcl restaurant. ar'vaytrom the windorv. of the clothcs of the othcr people in the boat. he thought. It rvas all empty. Hc could scc Lanra here in so many things in thc room. not secingthe sun on the city ail round him. bcfore thc next visitors arrivc.her coffce cup on thc snrall table by the windorv. Well. beforc gettinv the baes down to thc boat at the Piazza and then across to thc garagc whcre thcir car rvas. He imagined Laura telling them aboutJohnnie in hospital. They walked along to the Piazza San Marco. Her pcn.rgs. but shc wasn't there to listen to or watch it all rvith him. That's what they wanted. nothing as sad as a hotel room rvith its last visitors leaving.rgh:rir on the bc'd. talking to the man at the desk. 27 .er in a garden of darker colours. to pay. so he sat irt a snrall table tbr onc. She's in tl-replane now.rc'w people at the table he and Laura usually had by the windorv. left by the telephone. and soon her red coat rvas likc the only small flo'*.rnd walked arvay.vatching the boats on the Grand Canal. Hc turncd . 'We're leaving.sad and lost insidc himself without her. and could not sce the canal or the people outside. Going home. Thcrc w-eri r. Jolur asked for an early lunch. those two strange sistersrnusr be happy about it.things rvere different. the holiday was suddcnly firrished. Hc left their bags ready and went down to the hotel desk. with ali thosc other English peoplc in their green and brown clothcs. cleanand newlooking after the rain. thinking about what to do that day. snriling and talking to her. New people were there. here at thc l-rotei. back to the hotcl. andfound the boatfor the airport. He could hcar the sound of thc peoplc and the boats outside. he thought.a place he knew. There was nothins. FIc was hungry. nolv finished with.

Then he saw her. looking worried and afraid? He could think of no good answers to all the questions in his head. paid the boy. He could see the famous square. he was '\I/ill sad to be leaving Venice. He asked someone to bring their bags down from the room. he walked back to San Marco.?AZ Then he saw her. therein the other boat in her red coat. he was arnazed. and with the two strange sistersnext to her. The boat moved away quite fast. we come here again? he asked himself. to try and remember. walking slowly together. pasr the little red house where d'Annunzio lived. with its garden .Lunch finished. Will we come back to finish this holiday. Smaller and smaller. waiting to go. So much here that he knew now. talking. stopping. and for a minute he wanted to jump into it. to go back to Venice again. ro be happier here some time later? The boat moved out.and with the two strangesisters next to her. he didn't sit with a cup of coffee and a slow cigarette at a table outside in the sun. He wanted to leave as soon as he could. The other boat was past them now. so they couldn't seeor hear him.and turned left to the Piazzale Roma. people on holiday. with the hotel boy carrying the bags behind him. looking. with all its tall. said goodbye to the people at the hotel desk. to all that was now behind him. up the Grand Canal. got all the bags into it. For a minute. He found the right boat. talking to her. Laura looking sad and lost. And now. He didn't move. Another boat went past them. to get the car and start for Milan. like the Rialto. Why didn't she get the plane? And why didn't she phone me at the hotel before I left? She knew I was there.'our house' Laura called it . What happened?he asked himself. so that they didn't go past some of the best placeson the canal. Laura. Laura. 28 . sitting there before they started. and sat among the people. I . why was she with those women again. white buildings in rhe sun. there in the other boat in her red coat. some wearing dark glasses. and. to the boats.

'Is my wife here?'John asked. I think you said? Perhaps she is with them' at their hotel. . . 'No. The easiest thing now was to take all the bagsto the car in the garage.*ldih-"':*{"--' "d#n. She is not here.' the man said' friends. . in through the doors. I don't understand . The man with their bagsstood waiting for him to finish on the 'phone.. . sir. he thought. be asquick asI can. Luckily again. yesterday evening. In San Marco.'he said. She could tell him everything when he got back to the hotei and found her.' he said. She was with two friends ten minutes ago. sir. 'I'll back into Venice. and all the time worrying. I don't understand why not' She was on one of the boats coming back from the airport'' 'She was with 'I don't know what to say' sir. where I thought she So where was she?It was after three now' 'Do you know where they are staying. . r.' . Well. and will come here later" 'Yes.a. I think my wife is back at the hotel. He walked quickly back to the hotel.* Perhaps she wants to drive to Milan with me. andJohn put down the telephone. sir?' the man asked' trying to help. I think. two women we met on Torcello yesterday' 'We 'We saw them again later' didn't know them before. He found the number and the right money and luckily the man he knew answered the telephone. after all. A mi5take. waiting inside with her story to tell him.I'II be as quick as I can. the same rnan was there. Why didn't she get the plane?What's wrong? Why didn't she telephoneme? It was no good trying to imagine. coming back into Venice.' The man with their bagsstoodwaitingfor 'Phone' him tofnish on the 'That's very strange. . The only thing to do was to telephone the hotel as soon as they arrived at the Piazzale Roma and tell her to wait there.'The man understood everything. He found a man to take the bags and to look after them for five minutes when he went to telephone the hotel.. as usual. The minutes went by slowly. there were more people than before.put them all in it and then come back and get the next boat back to the hotel. . Then he could go back and get hcr. '.r'-. . .'. ready to smile at Laura. everyone pushed to get off the boat. When the boat arrived at the Piazzale Roma. I'm sorry. Ile went to the desk. . at a restaurant here in Venice' I was at amazed to see her with them today on the boat. ashe waited by the water for the next boat to come. .--.vhenthey arrived half an hour later. and is going back to the hotel to find me. 31 l\ -tV- .' Could 'I'll get a boat the man find her and ask her to wait there. get her away from those two old women. She was not there. and not was'' the airport or on her plane. .

It was the only thing to do. looking for Laura's red coat or those two sisters. She no. 'I 'I can't wait here any more. The plane left on time.' 'Yes.They looked nearly the same. I will do The man looked very worried now. 32 . He looked into all the shops and at all the cafi3tables. that. But why go to their hotel.!:.oy. sir. the canal. he went back to the hotel desk.:.'saidJohn.but he saw was on tt' 'Very strange.' John went out and began to walk back to the Piazza San Marco. Then we will know about that. The plane left on time. sir. Where was Laura? Was she all right? The man looked worried too. . and everyone was on it. sir. more worried now than before. At halGpast four.': : :.' said John. waiting for the man to finish talking on the phone. the airport and ask about that plane.' He lit another cigarette and went out to look at the street.sir. you made a mistake? Perhaps it was not your wife on the other boat. 'Perhaps. and eueryone .' the man said. they say.". He lit a cigarette and walked up and down.. They think your wife was on it with the others. sir. He finished and put down the telephone.:4rgfstigr I don't.hry . I know it was. And I don't know the names of these two women.i. please.' 'Yes. must try to get to Milan this evening. q+. Laura was out there somewhere. Please tell my wife.' he said. It took a long time and the man's Italian was too fast for John to understand what he said. when she comes in. that I came back and waited.' 'I'll 'I'll telephone tell you what I'11do. to look for a woman in a red coat . They think your wife was ort it with the othets'' 'No. coming back from the airport?' 'It 'Oh was my wife. but I think they were sisters.:T1€':1r'.' John was quiet. and not here? That's what I can't understand. 'Very strange. red coat she had on when she left here was wearing the same this morning. .

that isn't.The man said he remembered them.' 'Murderer? What murderer?' askedJohn.' A door opened and someone called the man and his wife away to talk about their lost handbag. Womanfounddead somewhere near herelast night. another woman was dead. this is it. There was another Englishman and his wife in there. he did not know where their hotel was. Now Laura was not there and he could not find her. wanted 'It's on the radio. yes. 'You don't know?' the man asked. -Woman everyone's talking about it. She was here on holiday. but he was very sorry. near the little restaurant they were at last night. too. found dead somewhere near here last night.nobody he knew. Their hotel could be anywhere. He went inside. How could he tell them he wanted to speak to someone about a lost wife? 'They won't do much for us tonight. He was afraid now. The only thing ro do was to try to find those sistersnow.to someone about a lost handbag.' 34 . John sat. they say. I'm going inside to ask them to help me.eueryone's talking about it. Killed with a knife. He could not rell the police that he believed those two old sistershad his wilb somewhere.' the man said unhap'not pily. but perhaps they were at a small hotel somewhere near San Zaccarja. So he walked slowly back to the little restaurant near San Zaccaria. murdered with a knife. John walked out into the street again. and asked one of the men getting the tables ready for the evening about the two old sisters. waiting to speak. with this murderer somewhere out there. How could he find Laura? And what did those two women want with her? Suddenly he saw a police starion and thought. I can't find Laura. It's not good for Venice. remembering calling the two sisters'murderers'at the restauranton Torcello and laughing about it with Laura. 'It's on the radio. Killed with a knife.

'Pleasego back to your hotel now. Johnnie had an operation this morning. perhaps. you can sleep well tonight. the name of the hotel. won't You?' 'Yes. it's all right. Say sorry to everyone and leave early in the morning' Get out of the place as quickly as I can' He went down to the bar and had a quick drink' then he went out to the front desk. the two sisters.' i 'In Venice? Why. He wanted to stop talking. sir. Are those two women playing games with me? Are they trying to make me believe in them? But why? And what do I do now? Go down and tell the man at the hotel desk that it was all a big mistake?That Laura is in England? He put on his shoes. 'l'm at our hotel in Venice. There was nobody there' He walked on. the plane to England and seeing her with them larer.' He went back to the hotel and they gave him a room for the night. 'Well. . to speak to Mr Hill again. etc.' the policeman said. I'll get there. What do I say. Then he tried to telephone England. Then he told the man about Laura. then? he thought. what are you going to do? You'll catch the train at Milan tomorrow evening. HalGpast six. He washed and asked them to send half a bottle of nice cold wine up to his roorn. John? Is the car all right?' 'Yes. How was the drive to Milan? And where are vou staving?' 'I'm not in Milan.' she went on. 'Well.'he told her. He heard Laura say. then I'll talk to the man at the desk. and the doctor says he. I know shewas there' and they were. Now your wife's here with me. I'll go to the bar and have a drink. to go to sleep and try to forget about everYthing. out into the street. saying. I didn't imagine that I saw Laura with those two women in the boat. etc. Look after yourself and drive carefully'' They said goodbye and he drank some of the wine. 'Oh. .-r. 'We will telephone you there as soon as we know any more. tell him everything is all right' Then perhaps I'll go and tell the police to stop looking for Laura. he told himself' He went to a restauranrnear the hotel and sat at a table in the corner and had another half-bottle of wine with his food' It j r I 36 I I I 37 . After a minute or two he heard Mrs Hill answer. He could not believe it. He gave his name. 'Yes.' He was suddenly so tired. he couldn't tell her about it all' He did not want to talk any more. to find out how Johnnie was. Bye. I'll have some dinner somewhere and then tell them later. he couldn't hear Laura very well. he thought. stood up and went acrossto the window' So what's happening? he thought. 'Hello?. John could seethat he believed him. standing looking out at the little garden at the back of the hotel.'he said quietly. I'm so happy you rang. I must stop now. He told her who he was. amazed. after nearly a minute. a small room at the back of rhe hotel. John. It was empty.' she said' 'lt's dinner time here. The man looked worried. John? Are you there?' He could not answer.' John sat up on the bed. I'm here. 'Everything is all right here now. Johnnie is sitting up in bed again after his operation and he's quite comfortable in the hospiral. on the boat coming back into Venice. He looked at his watch. too' I know it. love.It was ten to eight. " to kill her too. I'11tell you when I see you' There was a mistake.' he answeredslowly.ll soon be much better. All is well here. He was very happy to see me there. and she wants to speakto you. So you mustn't worry any more. Another door opened and a policeman asked him to go into a small office.

and suddenly she ran past him. 'I'll . and said he was sorry three or four times. when we were lost. wearing a dark coat. looking round him. But I must take my sister in now.John stood in another dark door. Perhaps I walked down here with Laura yesterday evening. watching. He said he was happy to go with the policeman to the police station to seethe two sistersand to say sorry to them himself. He went down the dark little street. Goodnight. running behind them in the dark. leaving him standing outside. Trying to get away from someone. She's trying to get away from the murderer! He wanted to run away himself. in this all right.was nearly half-past nine when he finished. Coming back to Venice. lit a cigarette and paid. without a word. when he saw the child. 'Next week? I don't understand. was empty and quiet. 'Yes. Not today. He could hear the sound of the murderer. stopping outside their little hotel and looking ar him again with her strange. The murderer! thought John. Where was he? The square. and he wanted John to go with him to ask them some quesrions. and into the dark house. Afraid. John was more and more uncomfortable. When he arrived back at the hotel. . It was the same little girl as last night. 'It's help you. now standing open. So he walked back across the piazza San Marco ro the police station. There is nothing for you to say sorry for. but he could not leave the child to die at the hand of this man.just down that street next to the church . It was too late. and said he was very sorry. He must go and tell them now. and so.empty eyes. he said. The little girl ran into a dark door. after a very uncomfort_ able half-hour or more. f A man ran into the street behind her. on chairs in the small office. but then he thought he knew the street. very unhappy and worried. Quite near all the lights and the people of San Marco. not seeing him.' he called.' the sisterwith the white hair said. He looked at the name of the church and thought he knew then where he was. The police asked him more difficult questions. there was a policeman there. you did seeus with her. Iohn told them immediately. She is very tired. John told him and the man ar the hotel desk about his mistake. They did not want rhe police to make things difficult forJohn. This isn't right. through the dark door where he stood. The two old sisters only wanted to go back'to their hotel. you know. FIe drank his coffee. He looked round him. What could he do? How could he help her? He ran after her. with another little church in it. The two sisterswere at the police station.' And the two old women went into their hotel. He remembered the sudden cry of the night before. into the house. My sister and I know that. he thought . nor believing his story any more. This is it. crying.'saidJohn. .' She spoke more quietly and slowly than her sister. He walked with the two old sistersback to their hotel and tried to tell them about seeing Laura with them in the boat that after_ noon.' But she ran on into 'We're the house. next week. he thought. angry with him now. with the angry policeman following him. The two sisterswere there. 'She seesthings that other people cannot see. 'but not today. he thought. through the door. He heard her running again. This is it again. you saw us with her next week. the police let him go. I told your wife yesterday. Why is she running? he thought. looking for her. The door closed. trying to get away. a woman dying. but the policeman was angry and spoke quickly in Italian to the hotel man. He was nearly at the corner of the street.

not tomorrow. . The police started to break down anything now. but he could not hear I No. but a very short. but the day after that. . followed her into a room and shut the door behind him. . It's all right now. the door.. turning the key. . 'It's all right.looking sad and lost. . he thought. on the Grand Canal. I don't want to die like this . He tried to turn. And he knew why they were together. . He looked at her. He heard the man outside cry. on the left. \-_11" . . very strong-looking old woman with a big head. He ran after her. . the child and I. He could not believe what he saw. but it hit him below the ear. why Laura was back in Venice again.I don't u. 41 .'he said. He saw the boat again. ' ' The woman pulleda longthin kniJefrom her coat andthrewit at him as hardasshecould. Not today. \ '\4c. Not a child. No. with the two sisters and Laura.afitto die like this . not crying now. The child was sitting on the floor by the open window of the empty room her coat pulled up over her head. but smiling at him with 'Open dirty teeth. the door! Police!' and the short woman pulled a long thin knife from her coat and threw it at him as hard as she could. The child stood up fast and pushed the coat back off her head. he thought.together now.

W h y ? 5 O n p a g e 2 8 .-' . J o h n s a w s o m e t h i n gt h a t a m a z e d h i m .EXERCISES Work Vocabulary 'Dictionary Words'in the story. In which of these places do they see them? a the restaurant on Torcello b the churchon Torcello c J o h n a n d L a u r a ' sh o t e r d the San Zaccaria church e the restaurant near San Zaccaria O n h i s e v e r . Laura was worried about her son Johnnie'soperationand went immediately. b a c kt o E n g l a n d Comprehension Pages6-17 1 Look at the pictureon page6. Whattime of day is it? Whatare the peopledoing?Who are the two peoplenearestyou? Who are the two other women at the table behind? John and Laura see the two sisters again and again. forexample: about hings John'smurdererwas a slrangelittlewomen. W h a t w a s i t ? 43 --:. H o w o l d w a s t h e c h i l d ?W h a t c l o t h e sd i d s h e h a v e o n ? W h e r e d i d s h e go? Pages 18-27 4 Who was Christine? L a u r a b e l i e v e dt h a t C h r i s t i n ew a n t e d t o t e l l h e r s o m e t h i n g .W h a t w a s i t ? 5 L a u r a w e n t b a c k t o E n g l a n d ..W h y ? J o h n s t a y e d i n V e n i c e .Do you know how to Lookbackat the Use the words in sentences say the same thingsin your language? h a p p e n which i n t h es t o r y . r i nw g a l k . J o h n h e a r d a s t r a n g ec r y a n d s a w a l i t t l ec h i l d .

3ay howJohn dies. t { D o y o u b e l i e v et h a t t h e o l d s i s t e rd i d s e e C h r i s t i n e J . the strangest thingaboutit?Why? .' In on€ or two sentencas. Review 1 Whatdo you find the mostdifficult thingto understand in this story.' 8 On pag6 38. You are one of the two old sisters.w o r d s t o r ya b o u tJ o h n ' s m u r d e rf o r t h e E n g l i s hL a n g u a g e n e w s p a p e ri n V e n i c e . c You saw us wilh her nextweok. John wants ro go to ths polic€ starionto say sorry to rh€ two s. ohnand Laura's d e a d d a u g h t e r ?D o y o u t h i n k t h a t s o m e p e o p l ec a n ' s e e t h i n g s o t h e r p e o p l ec a n ' t s e e ' ? Who were you most sorry for in the story: John or Laura? Why? Writing W r i t ea 1 0 0 . Write a short letter to Laura in E n g l a n d .s i r . Nottodsy.whydoes he want to say sorry? I The lasl words or ths stofy are: 'l don't want to die ttke this . . I m s o r r y s l r .Pages 30-41 7 Who say6the8€words?Who is ths sp€akorspeakingto? a ' N o . A s k h e r t o c o m e t o V e n i c e quickly. ' b Look aft€ryourssll and drive carstully.sters.T e l l h e r w h a t h a p p e n e dt o J o h n . .S h € i s n o l h € r e .S a y w h a t h a p p e n e da f t e r t h e m u r d e r .

Editoris DerekStrange. rsBN0-14-081516-3 0PENcurN ilililililJllllilllilll ililtltlilllil .Penguin Readersis a seriesof simplifiedstories which introducesyou step-by-step to the literature that has made PenguinBooksworld famous. This seriesoffers you classics.They are published (300words) to Advanced at six levels from Beginner (3000words). Eachbook has extensiveexercises. film-ddesand originalstories. best-sellers. London). Postersand Design. Tle Series a leading authority on reading (3000 6 Advanced words) (2300 5 UpperIntermediate words) ( 1650 4 Intermediate words) (1050 words) 3 Pre-lntermediate 2 Elementary (500words) (300words) I Beginner The cover shows a film stilllrom Don't Look Now@Lumi€re Pictur66Ltd (Photo:BFI Stills. schemes. a detailed introduction and clear information about the syllabus.

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