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Gregorian Liturgy


Agios. Agios. Agios. Holy, Holy, Holy are You, O Lord, and Holy in everything, and most
excellent is the light of Your Essence. Unexplainable is the power of Your wisdom, and no
manner of speech can measure the depth of Your love for mankind.

You, as a Lover of mankind, created me as a man. You had no need of my servitude, but
rather, I need Your Lordship. Because of the multitude of Your tender mercies, You brought
me into being when I did not exist. You raised heaven as a roof for me, and established the
earth for me to walk on.

For my sake, You restrained the sea. For my sake, You manifested the nature of animals.
You subjected everything under my feet. You did not leave me in need of anything of the
works of Your honor. You are He who formed me, and put Your hand upon me. You inscribed
in me the image of Your authority. You put in me the gift of reason. You opened for me the
Paradise to enjoy.

You gave me the learning of Your knowledge. You manifested to me the Tree of Life, and
made known to me, the sting of death. One plant did You forbid me to eat of, that
concerning which You said to me, “Do not eat of it only.” I did eat, out of my will. I put away
from me Your Law out of my counsel. I became slothful about your commandments. I
plucked for myself the sentence of death.

Lord have mercy.

You, my Master, turned for me the punishment into salvation. As a Good Shepherd, You
sought after the one who had gone astray. As a True Father, You labored with me, I who had
fallen. You bound me with all the remedies that lead to life. You are He who sent to me the
prophets for my sake, I the sick.

You gave me the Law as a help. You are He who ministered unto me salvation when I
disobeyed Your Law. As a True Light, You shone upon those who went astray and those who
had no knowledge.

Lord have mercy.

You, who exists at all times, came to us on earth. You came into the womb of the Virgin.
You, the Infinite being God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God. But You humbled
Yourself, and took the form of a servant. You blessed my nature in You, and fulfilled the Law
on my behalf. You showed me the rising up from my fall.

You gave release to those who were bound in Hades. You cast out the curse of the Law. You
abolished sin in the flesh. You showed me the power of Your authority. You gave sight to the
blind. You raised the dead from the graves. You established nature by the word. You
revealed to me the economy of Your tender mercy.
You endured the injustice of the wicked. You gave Your back to the scourge. You left out
Your cheeks to those who smite. For my sake, O my Master, You did not hide Your face from
the shame of spitting.

Lord have mercy.

You came to the slaughter as a lamb, even to the Cross. You manifested the greatness of
Your care for me. You put to death my sin by Your burial. You raised up my first fruit into
heaven. You manifested to me the revelation of Your advent, when You will come to judge
the living and the dead, and give each one according to his deeds.

According to Your mercy O Lord, and not according to our sins.

I yield unto You, O my Master, the counsel of my freedom. I direct my works according to
Your sayings. You are He who granted me this service, full of mystery. You granted me to
offer up Your Flesh in bread and wine.

We believe.

For in the night when You gave Yourself up, of Your own will and authority alone…He took
bread into His holy spotless, unblemished, blessed and life giving hands.