THIS LOAN AGREEMENT AND PROMISSORY NOTE, is made this 26th day of April 2009, by and among CYNTHIA LARIBEE (hereinafter, known as "BORROWER") and LOLA LARIBEE (hereinafter, know as "LENDER"). BORROWER and LENDER shall collectively be known herin as "the Parties". In determining the rights and duties of the Parties under this Loan Agreement, the entire document must be read as a whole.

FOR VALUE RECIEVED, BORROWER promises to pay the order of LENDER, the sum of $600.00 dollars, (hereinafter, "the Loan Amount"). The entire outstanding Loan Amount shall become fully due and payable by BORROWER within 60 days of receipt of written demand by BORROWER from LENDER or any subsequent assignee of this note. The method for making a proper "demand" upon BORROWER is set forth below. The LENDER in return will hold 14K Gold neckless with 5 diamonds at about .96Ct. each, and a makers mark next to the 14K, valued at aproximatly $30,000, (herein after known as "NECKLESS").

The BORROWER and LENDER, hereby further set forth their rights and obligation to one another under this Loan Agreement and Promissory Note and agree to be legal bound as follows: A. Loan Repayment Terms. BORROWER may make payment(s) to LENDER in amounts and at times as it chooses upon the Loan Amount, until which time BORROWER shall repay to LENDER the entire Loan Amount. B. Demand by Lender. This is a "demand" loan agreement and promissory note under which BORROWER is required to repay in full the entire outstanding Loan Amount. C. Method of Loan Payment. The BORROWER shall make all payments called for under this loan agreement by either the BORROWER handing payment directly to LENDER, or HUSBAND (Mark Laribee), handing payment directly to LENDER. D. Proof of Payment. LENDER must give credit to amount paid by BORROWER, by written receipt and show on receipt the new amount due. Final Payment must be made by BORROWER within 60 days of this signed Loan

Agreement. F. After Due Date. Once Loan Amount is due and paid in full, the LENDER must return NECKLESS to BORROWER. G. If payment is late. BORROWER must pay LENDER an additional $20 for every day payment is late until Loan Amount is paid in full in addition to the accumulated late fees. Once this is made LENDER must then return NECKLESS to BORROWER. H. Document copies. There are two (2) origanal Loan Agreements, both with original signiture. No other copies shall be made. Only the original Loan Agreement will be accepted. I. Payment Reciepts. All receipts shall be in the same two (2) original document form that is attached to this Loan Agreement. Signature of both parties must be on both receipts from LENDER to BORROWER. Both parites will have one (1) original each. J. State Law. This Agreement shall be interpreted under, and governed by, the laws of the state of California. IN WITNESS WHEREOF and acknowledging acceptance and agreement of the foregoing, BORROWER and LENDER affix their signatures hereto. BORROWER LENDER


LOLA LARIBEE DATE:________________________

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