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What Socrates had to say about Lyndon LaRouche!

Is the LaRouchecult a cargocult?

A dialogue between a member of the LYM, a university student and Socrates!

STUDENT: I am afraid the party has already begun.

SOCRATES. Are we too late??

STUDENT: I hope not!

LYM. Yes, you are dear friends. The party has begun. But be welcome still. It is calm here, te
party has moved down to the basement.

[The student and Socrates are led in and the three walks towards a sofa and sits down)

SOCRATES: Oh, ok. But lets sit down and dicuss here, upstairs, first, for a while, before we go
down to the others.

STUDENT: What is happening here tonight?

LYM: Downstairs, in the Grand Academy of the Basement, we are doing new experiments to
prove that the universe is basicly LaRouchian and not Newtonian. They are led by the LaRouche
PAC coordinator Procrustes.

STUDENT: I just hope that the LaRouche PAC-man does not chop of some of the better parts of
the poor LYMs and Lymettes!

SOCRATES: Parts? No, he is only interested in stretching out their brains, and emptying their
wallets, if they still have wallets!

The Grand Academy of the Basement

STUDENT: Please tell me what they study in the Grand Academy of the Basement.

LYM: One research group in the grand academy down in the basement has recently found a
method to extract light out of cucumbers by using the LaRouche-Riemann formula. Another group
has finished a new Lpac TV-program on the LaRouche-Barry Fell model on the study of ancient

STUDENT: Tell me more about the model.

LYM: With pleasure! This last model is fascinating. They have actually proved that the ancient
seafarer Meow travelled to Latin America 500 years B.C. and made a worldhistorical forecast
about the coming of a GREAT economist 2500 years after his time. When studying some
mysterious drawings on the wall, using the LaRouche-Fell model it suddenly became clear that
this was an ancient text.
STUDENT: Interesting!

LYM: Yes! It appears that Meow and his cousin Miaou wrote a text in an ancient Nubian alphabet
but they themselves spoked hieroglyphic!

STUDENT: You mean ancient Egyptian?

LYM: No, hieroglyphic. We transcribed it using a dictionary of old Egyptian hieroglypics! And it
was actually an interesting form of hieroglyphic, they did not use grammar at all! Fascinating! And
it appears that they also found some ancient runes there, The wiking, who was soon-to-be-
decladed-god, Othin travelled to this cave in what is today Peru, after visiting the interior of
Canada, but 1000 years before Meow, and wrote perfect old norse, just as they did 2500 years
afterwrds. Fascinating! But without grammar to, amazing!

STUDENT: Ah! What else is studied in the Grand Academy of LYM?

LYM: An internal project for the LC, led by the wife of Lyn, Helga Zepp La Puta! It is an attempt to
reduce human excrement to its original food, by separating the several parts, removing the
tincture which it receives from the gall, making the odour exhale, and scumming off the saliva. If
this could be done, the LC would save lots of money in food costs. This project has a weekly
allowance, from the Windy Hill, of a vessel filled with human excrements

SOCRATES: Off course, it has to come from Windy hill! From where else?

STUDENT: And more?

LYM: My favourite project, is the one I am working with myself, on the Leibnizian universal
language. And then, off course, the economy project!

STUDENT: Tell me more about your project.

LYM: I will. It has to do with the Leibnizian project to create an universal language. The idea is to
interpret all sentences that people say, as metaphors, and to investigate the underlying axioms
behind what people say. It is moddelled upon the methods the ancient platonic kingdom of Tribnia
used, for Instance, they used to decypher a Close-stool to signify a privy council; a Flock of
Geese, a Senate; a lame Dog, an Invader; the Plague, a standing Army; a Buzzard, a Minister;
the Gout, a High Priest; a Gibbet, a Secretary of State; a Chamber pot, a Committee of
Grandees; a Sieve, a Court Lady; a Broom, a Revolution; a Mouse-trap, an Employment; a
bottomless Pit, the Treasury; a Sink, a C---t; a Cap and Bells, a Favourite; a broken Reed, a
Court of Justice; an empty Tun, a General; a running Sore, the Administration and...

SOCRATES: I think we understand by now, please continue!

LYM: The model of the kingdom of Tribnia is updated a bit. All bad words are in reality metaphors
for the brittish, and perhaps some jews, and all good words are in reality metaphors for Lyndon
LaRouche. So if you meet a person on the street that wants to buy a tasty slice of Pizza, you can
be assured that he wants you to organize him to give his last 1000 dollars to you, including the
pizza slice. Similarly, if any local organizer says that he or she thinks the office is a bit untidy and
needs to be cleaned, you can be sure that this organizer in reality is an agent of George Soros.

STUDENT. What will happen to that person?

LYM: If the person is a boomer, he or she would have to confess and work even harder at the joy
camp (we have renamed the phone team room, the joy camp). If the person does not confess
and gets angry and leaves the organization, we just declare him to be an eternal enemy of the
King of Laputa, Lyndon LaRouche. Everything good they ever did is thrown into the fires in the
memory hole and destroyed, and they are declared to be eternally evil.

STUDENT: Fascinating!

SOCRATES. Yes, but i actually think this project stinks even more that the food project you talked
about before!

LYM: Both projects originates from Windy Hill!

SOCRATES: Or rather from the excrements of Windy Hill! But, enough about that. tell me about
the economy.

LYM: Lyndon LaRouche has recently issued his 3435:th forecast! I have the Morning Briefing
where it is printed here!

First LaRouche declares that the organization has to demand that LaRouche gets exonerated.
LaRouche was imprisoned for five years due to manipulations, involving false cheques, made by
an ex. member, M. LaRouche explains that M an angloisraeli, babylonian, venitian and newtonian
agent. Apparantly M tried to assassinate Lyndon back in 1983. Lyndon ate a piece of Belgian
chocolade that year, that M had given to him, and it got stuck in his throat so he almost choked.
Apparently his aidee Rick has saved the piece of chocolate from the vomits of LaRouche back in
1983, and the fingerprints of M is all over it, and the fingerprints of the anonymous frogmen that
gave the chocolate to her!

SOCRATES: It sounds like the Grand Academy of the Basement made that discovery!

LYM: They did!

STUDENT: But the economy?

LYM: LaRouche declares that LaRouche, the greatest LaRouchian economist using the
LaRouche-Riemann model, that ever has lived on this galaxy, now forecasts the total collapse of
the global financial system.


LYM: I am quoting Lyn:"Unless LaRouchian governments are established in the U.S.A. and key
sectors of Western Europe during the next several years, the coming depression means an end
to the existence of humanity as we know it. From the standpoint of theoretical economics, the
predicament of the entire advanced capitalist sector coming depression will be like that of the
economy in 1933. The continuation of the capitalist system into the latter part of this decade
means fascism. Fascism, in turn, means nuclear holocaust by the end of the 1970's..."

SOCRATES: I think I've heard that one before...

STUDENT: Tell me more!

LYM: The basic conclusion is: "The time for this reform is now. Every government which opposes
such a reform should be promptly replaced by one of a more sensible, more productive
disposition in favor of global cooperation to this end.The question to be posed to governments is
not the silly question: "Do you agree?" but, rather, "Are you actually committed to surviving?""

SOCRATES questions the LYM-member.

SOCRATES: Thanks for all your explainations. Now I want to ask you a few questions!

LYM: You may ask me questions. As long as you let me show you how to double the cube

SOCRATES. You may! Now... let me ask you seriously. Is Lyndon LaRouche the worlds greatest

LYM: Yes! No one else than him forecasted this financial crash that occurs now and no one else
has the solution to this crisis!

SOCRATES: Now tell me why we have this crisis.

LYM: Because the economic "experts" are fools that believes that wealth comes from money. So
they simply does not know how wealth is produced and where the goods are coming from!

STUDENT: I read an article from 1998 by Lyndon LaRouche on this, it is about Paul Krugman and
the cargo cult. ( ) In it LaRouche writes:

"To understand how "techno age" clockwork minds, such as Strauss-Kahn's and Krugman's, tick,
consider the following illustration of that elementary principle of economic sanity which... they

Somewhere, among the Pacific islands, we should be able to find at least one pair of greying
senior Melanesian cultural anthropologists, shaking their heads in wonder at the primitive
superstitions of such assorted folk as U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan,
Krugman, and Strauss-Kahn. One can hear one such anthropologist saying to the other, "Would
you believe it? These dumb French and American academics still believe in a `Cargo Cult'!"

That anthropologist might point to the French socialists, for example, who wait for mysterious
German ships to leave a cargo of money on the shores of the Seine. In the old days, there were
those, in parts of Melanesia, who longed for the return of those ships which had delivered the
war-time cargos of real U.S. manufactured goods to the island's shore. Compared to today's Wall
Street Journal and other Mont Pelerin Society's loonies in general, any emphasis by Melanesian
veterans of World War II's Pacific, upon the acquiring of useful goods, back then, reflected a
commendable sense of economic reality, at least relative to the folly of economists such as
Krugman today. We justly point the finger of ridicule at those, today's monetarist savages of
Paris, Washington, and elsewhere, who are content to wish for cargos of that virtual IMF money,
which is never actually delivered, but flashes on the screen of a handheld calculator, for but one
wispy, Black-Scholes micro-second.

So, we must regard the economic professionalism of such Internet-Age "cargo-cultists," as we

should the foolish bankers responsible for the Long-Term Capital Management disaster. So, we
should regard Strauss-Kahn and Krugman. Unfortunately, the President's remarks at the recent
Washington conferences were devoted largely to a litany from the domain of today's "Cargo Cult"

SOCRATES: With the metaphor "cargo cult" I suppose LaRouche means the belief that emerged
during World War II, when tonnes of US materials arrived to remote Pacific islands by ship and
plane. When the soldiers left it is said that cults emerged that said that all this wealth came from
the gods and that the gods were now angry, since the goods were not coming to them anymore.
Thus wealth comes in mysterious ways from the gods, right!
LYM: Yes!

SOCRATES: What would you say if I say that it is opposite... That it is Lyndon LaRouche that
seems to believe that wealth comes from nowhere, that it is the organization of Lyndon LaRouche
that seemingly is more like a "cargo cult"?

LYM: That sounds like a new kind of slander against him. Tell me more!

LaRouches dirty underpants!

SOCRATES: You said that Lyndon was innocently put in jail back in 1989. If you look at the
transcripts from the trial you will find some interesting quotes by the great economist Let me read
them to you! ( ) The Q stands for the
questions by the prosecuter and the A, are the answers by LaRouche.

"Question: Do you pay the rent at Woodburn Farm?"

"Answer" — and this is Mr. LaRouche talking — "I personally? I personally do not pay the rent at
Woodburn Farm."

"Q Does Helga LaRouche pay the rent at Woodburn Farm?

A I do not believe so.

Q Do you know if anyone pays the rent?

A I assume someone does.

Q Who do you assume pays it? -

A I don't know.

Q Where does the money come from?

A What do you mean?

Q Where does the money come from which pays for your stay at Woodburn Farm?

A Obviously, I don't know, do I.

Q Did you eat dinner last night?

A Yes.

Q Where did you eat?

A At the house.

Q Was there food in the house?

Q Did you buy it?

A No.

Q Did Helga LaRouche buy it?

A Not to my knowledge.

Q Who bought it?

A I don't know.

Q With what money?

A I don't know.

Q How do you take care of daily living expenses, Mr. LaRouche?

A I don't know.

Q Do you live free?

A I don1 t know."


"Q Who paid for the suit you are wearing, Mr. LaRouche?

A I don't know, Mr. Cavalier (phonetic)" — the name of the lawyer.

"Question: You just found it in your closet, did you?

A No. It was a gift by persons associated with me some years ago.

Q Are the other suits in your closet ones that you went out to a store and bought?

A I have on no occasion gone out to a store and bought any articles of more than a haircut, a $5
price in the past ten years.

Q Do you know who pays for all the suits in your closet?

A I do not, Mr. Cavalier. I do not know in detail. I have some general idea that they are gifts from
people associated with me or other."

STUDENT: Is this LaRouche, it sounds ridiculous!

SOCRATES: Yes. Can you believe that the worlds greatest economist does not know where his
underpants comes from, how it is bought? Was there food in the house and who bought it? I dont
know, answers LaRouche. "With what money? I dont know! How do you take care of daily living
expenses, Mr. LaRouche? I don't know. Do you live free? I don t know." Can you imagine how
much the judges must have laughed when they heard this!!

STUDENT: Ha, ha, ha... Yes, this is definitely an evidence that it is LaRouche that believes in the
cargo cult!

The LYM member tries to find a plausible answer

LYM: Well, yes, it sounds a bit strange. But cant you see why he said so at the court?

SOCRATES: What do you mean?

LYM: I can see two reasons. First... Could it not be that he is so occupied with ideas that he does
not really care about material things! So fortunately Rick and La puta and the others have created
conditions for him to function and to be able to do what he is good at, thinking, without having to
worry about the material problems. They, and the friends from the organization, bought him a
home, and buys clothes and stuff!

SOCRATES. That might be one of the reasons. The other one?

LYM: The organization had used all the money they received and borrowed, for the political
organizing, and perhaps used the money in a more informal way, so when the government and M
and others made their attacks on LaRouche the defence just sounded stupid. I mean. We in the
LYM try to avoid to pay our parking bills when we make deployments. When some agent tells the
guards that we have parked in a way that is not lawful we have to defend ourselves to the guards
that ask why we have parked our LaRouchemobile wrong, and that might sometimes sound
crazy... "Well we did not really know"...

SOCRATES: Yes, but in that case you confess that LaRouche committed a crime, as you did
when you parked wrong! You must have heard that some people ended up in jail, like Mike
Billington and Shelley Asher. They were put in prison for committing fraud with credit cards. they
borrowed money without the intention to pay back the money. The court came to the conclusion
that Lyndon conspired to make them do that, and that he also was guilty of tax fraud.

LYM: I have not seen any evidence that the members did so!

SOCRATES: You have, but you dont recognize the evidence. Have you not heard the older
members explain that the organization used to borrow money and that it WOULD HAVE BEEN
ABLE paid back IF the enemies of it had not intervened to try to stop the organization by shutting
down Fusion and other magazines, and by preventing him from winning an election?

LYM: Yes, i have heard that.

SOCRATES: Well... The organizers borrowed money from people but KNEW that they only would
be able to pay back IF LaRouche won the election and IF it got power. And that, my dear friend, is
fraud, even if the organizers were so brainwashed that they believed they would win!

STUDENT: It reminds me about some lousy businessmen I heard about that started a new
company and borrowed 5 million with the aim to be market leaders within a year, but without even
having made plans about how to produce the items (clothes). So after a year they had 5 million
that had to be repaid, some thousand people had bought clothes in advance and had not
received it yet and still no clothes had been produced. And what was more strange, the company
had borrowed yet another five million! The entreprenaurs ended up in jail for that!

SOCRATES: Exactly! And by the way. The informal way the organization used the money
involved buying a farm for LaRouche, the Ibykus farm!

LYM: I know...

STUDENT. Yes, like the businessmen I heard about that rented the most fancy apartment thay
could find, without having the means to support the rent, IF THE COMPANY DID NOT BECOME

SOCRATES: Exacly. So can you imagine what the judges thought when they heard Lyndon
LaRouche, the greatest economist that ever has lived, explain that he did not know where the
money came from! Certainly it was not M that was the reason as to why Lyndon ended up in jail.
Lyndon was responsible for his own actions!

LYM: But could it not be that he did not care about material things?


SOCRATES: It is not the conclusion the judges made. They came to the conclusion that it was a
willful fraud! But lets assume it is so... Lets assume that he was innocent and that he simply was
impractical, and did not care about material things, and that he still does not care. Let me ask
you. Is LaRouche a leader?

LYM: Yes, and a very good one. At least that it what I thought up until today!

SOCRATES: Is he a leader of the organization?

LYM: Yes he has declared himself to be the leader of ICLC. He has declared that he personally
leads the LYM and he leads the political work of the organization.

SOCRATES. What kind of leader will a person be that is so much concerned with ideas that he or
she does not care, or even know, where the trousers and underpants he is wearing comes from?

LYM: I dont get it!

STUDENT: Well. I had a teacher once that did not care about what he said or did or how he
dressed. generally speaking, such people become tyrants as leaders. I hava a cousin that works
for one person who is a bit like that. He, the director of the company, demands that people work
like him, and he works eight days a week!

SOCRATES: Yes, something like that. Such a person steps on people and hurts people much.

STUDENT: Well Lyndon does not sound like a great economist. Either he committed fraud, stole
money from individuals and from the state, or he is just plainly speaking a stupid son of a bitch
that is so distanced from reality that he does not even know where his underpants come from!

SOCRATES: Lets forget about the crazy statements he did at the court. No person is so stupid
and irresponsible that he or she does not understand even where his own underpants comes
from. It was clearly a lie. But there might be some partial truth to this. I actually believe that
Lyndon might be both a stupid son of a bitch and a fraudster!

LYM: Why?

SOCRATES: Look at the recent health care problems in the organization in the USA. The
boomers are getting old, and are getting health problems, right!

LYM: Well, yes! Lyn is quite frisky still, but the boomers are generally in a lousy shape, mentally
and physically.
SOCRATES: To be a great economists means that you have to look at the future, especially if you
lead people. What you do today affects the future. Do you agree?

LYM: Yes.

SOCRATES: Look at the boomers in the phone teams, sales teams, joy camps, or whatever you
call them today, in the USA. The generally work in a VERY unhealthy environment. Dust
everywhere, the office is not cleaned as often as they should, the chairs and tables are not the
best for their bodies, you often have ten to fifteen people talking loudly in the same room. Do you
know what happens to people that live in such conditions?

LYM: Yes!


LYM: They get sick!

SOCRATES: So look at the health problems again. How many boomers do you know with
hearing problems, with asthma and allergies, with back problems?

LYM: Many!

SOCRATES: What happens when an employee in a company gets ill and cant work with full

LYM: The company produces less and earns less money!

SOCRATES: Right! So why has Lyndon, the great economists, not cared about the working
environment of the people in the locals that help him to raise money?

LYM: But we are in war for mankind, and there is not time to think about these things! The
civilization might end tomorrow!

SOCRATES: The organization has been in such a war for forty years now... The fact is that if you
dont care about the people you lead, you are an incompetent ecnomist, because you dont look to
the future wellbeing of the people you lead!

STUDENTS: Such must be the case with all the work the members do. It is slave labor! I mean,
they even worked seven days a week for two years, then they shifted to six and a half days!

SOCRATES: Yes, six and a half days a week for the boomers in the office, in an unhealthy
environment. Do you know what this is called? - Primitive accumulation! Slave labor, labor
intensive work. The leader cares so little about the people he lead that he does not even see that
their working conditions are lousy and that they are forced to work as hell! And what is worse... It
is a conscious attempt by laRouche to gain political influence and to earn money by squeezing as
much as you can from the people that work for him. It is worse than Shylock. Shylock only
demanded a portion of the body, Lyndon demands the whle body and the soul!

LYM: But we are in war!

SOCRATES: And no competent general would ever let his or her troops work six and a half days
constantly for YEARS, without rest, without holiday, without days off! But lets skip that bull****, the
organization is not in war. It is a political organization, and as such the people working in this
organization for the last forty years, have been mistreated!

STUDENT: While the leader is still "frisky".

SOCRATES: While the leader eats good and healthy food, the Lym and the bomers have to
survive on unhealthy junkfood. The leader can take some time off without getting yelled at, and
does not have to worry about getting the time to do the laundry, someone else does it for him.


SOCRATES: Have you practiced mountainclimbing, dear LYM member?

LYM: No, I have no time to visit the nature. We have to organize.

SOCRATES: Ask Lyndon about this. he used to climb mountains when he was younger, in his 20s
and 30s. In the age you are. He has often said that it developed him as a human being. And you,
the LYM today, dont even have the time to go out in the local forrest to look at the trees. To take
two days off to go to the mountains to climb must be like an impossible dream for you! Ask the
members if they ever had the time to do that. How many of the boomers have gone out in the

LYM: I hardly think they have the time!

SOCRATES: let me tell you that they dont. There is local members in some cities that has not
been away from the town for the last 30 years, except to some conferences many years ago!
There are members that were asked about if they liked to visit the nature said almost twenty
years ago that they had not had the time for many years to go out in the nature. When one asks
them the same question today, they would answer the same, while still dreamingly say that they
enjoyed it when they were youth. I know that there are persons that for the last thirty years have
wanted to do research at local archives, but have not been able to, due to "lack of time".. I.e. they
have had no free time at all! All time is spent in the dust and fumes on the streets, doing
"organizing", or in the unhealthy offices!

STUDENT: It should be a human right to be able to go out in the nature!

LYM: Yes!

SOCRATES: Yes. But they dont have the time, you know! And lots of their health problems would
vanish if they could do so!

STUDENT: Isnt it a bit dusty in here, by the way?

SOCRATES: And the excrement experiments in the basement stinks, let us leave! But I only wish
to say that IF Lyndon really is the greatest economist that has ever lived, he would have known
where the underpants he was wearing came from! Right! And he would not have let all the prople
that work for him work seven or six hours a day, for up to fourteen hours a day. And he would
have cared about the environment in which the people that are working to promote his ideas
work. He dose not, he thereby is NOT more than a fraud! And he would not have repeated like a
drunk parrot for the last forty years that the "collapse of the global financial system will occur
within a year or so"...

STUDENT: With other words, the cargo-cult of Lyndon LaRouche, is a fraud!

SOCRATES! Yes! It is a kind of cargo cult, in one sense. And I am not only talking about the
spooky story about his underpants and suits... If you look at how he treats the members it is the
same. Just work, work, work and like a miracle wealth is created! But I would still add that it is
more than this, LaRouche is a cult leader and a person that willfully has broken the law. He is a
fraudster! But perhaps we can discuss the further evidences about the cultmethods of the
organization at a local café.

LYM: I will join you!