Knifty Knitter Spiral Ribbed Hat

Materials: • • • Green Knifty Knitter Loom (36 peg) 1 skein of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Tapestry needle

Directions: (Knit this hat in the round) 1. Cast on using your favorite method. (I used the non-loopy cast-on method you can find at Décor Accents page.) 2. Next four rows: Knit 2 pegs and Purl 2 pegs. This creates a ribbed brim. 3. Row 5-30: Knit 3 pegs and Purl 2 pegs. Note: This creates a spiral ribbing. Because the green Knifty Knitter has an even number of pegs, you need an odd number for the ribbing. This means you don’t start at the same place each time you come around to Peg 1. 4. After your hat is long enough, take the loops from the oddnumbered pegs and place them on the even-numbered pegs. For instance, the loop on Peg 1 goes on Peg 2. Knit off. Peg 3 goes on Peg 4. Knit off, etc. 5. Cut a 12” tail of your working yarn, and thread a tapestry needle. Loop the remaining loops through the yarn, pull tight, and tie into a knot.

Feb. 2007,

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