Amazons in Warhammer!

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The Amazons of the Warhammer world were originally documented by Richard Halliwell in the Second Citadel Compendium, around 1985. The scenario was primarily intended for Warhammer FRP, which explains the "RPG-like" aspects of the following write-up.

The Amazons of Southern Lustria, with details of Rigg's Shrine
The dense tropical jungles of the Cadiz Basin are inhabited only very sparsely. Occasionally, primitive bands of nomadic hunters will pass through, or wary traders from the Nordic settlements on the coasts will brave the treacherous rivers in order to ply their wares. By far the most populous of the native groups are the wild and matriarchal Amazons. The Amazons live in the hundreds of scattered villages throughout the jungle, and in the Amazonian city of Genaina. Genaina, though incorporating many stone buildings of considerable size, is mostly built of grass and mud in the same way as the smaller villages. Amazon villages can be easily recognized by the manner of construction, for the builders nearly always erect their dwellings upon tall piles of solid wood, so as to raise the living areas away from the ground. In this way the Amazons avoid the worst excesses of periodic flooding.

Amazon Religion
The Amazons worship their own Gods. The hate all worshippers of Quetzalcoatl, particularly the Slann. In addition to the many small village and way Temples dotted throughout Amazonia, there are two main cult centers, the Temple of Karra in Genaina and the Great Shrine of Rigg standing on the shores of Lake Lokka. The mysteries of the Temple of Karra, and the untold riches of the Royal Palace at Genaina, lie outside the immediate scope of this write-up.

Rigg's Shrine
The Great Shrine stands on the shore of Lake Lokka, deep in the forests of Amazonia. It is said to commemorate the mythic union between Rigg, Amazon Goddess of War, and Amex, Sea Elf God of Wealth and Happiness. Here they brought into the world Kalith, Mother of all Amazons. This creation myth lies at the very center of Amazon religious dogma. Worshippers of Rigg amongst the Amazon tribes make regular Pilgrimages to the Shrine. The administration of the center is in the hands of the Amazonian Sisterhood. Its buildings house a Sisterhood diocesan center along with its offices, a library, and a meeting hall. Like all Amazon holy places, the Shrine and its precincts are forbidden to non-Amazons, except those with special dispensation from the High Priestess. Even then, the privilege is bestowed only on women, and they would find themselves under constant guard.

Rigg is the leading figure in the Amazon Pantheon. She is neutral. Her spheres of influence are Warfare, Blood, Koka, and Violent Death. Her physical manifestation is a giant Amazon woman, 9 feet tall, with red hair and eyes. She wears no armor. She carries a

magical fighting knife and 4 magical throwing knives. The throwing knives have a range of 18" and hit at strength 4.
Profile Rigg M WS BS S T W I A Ld 8 8 6 6 5 4 10 3 10

The Sisterhood
The Sisterhood originates from the High Age of Southern Lustria, a golden age of science and technology. Even then, Amazonia was a wild and fiercely independent land. The technocratic and wise Old Slann accepted this and respected Amazon territory. While other Humans were regarded as inferior, enslaved, and treated little better than cattle, the Amazons retained their freedom. Old Slann and Amazon were able to exist, almost entirely peacefully, side-by-side. There was even a measure of trade and cooperation between the two races. Amazons were particularly valued as Acolytes and as Thralls by the High Age Magi. These Amazon émigrés were the ancestors of the present-day Sisterhood. They were to gain, through their work and their studies, a close familiarity with the High Age sciences. Eventually the Old Slann fell, their civilization was destroyed, and their knowledge lost even to their own descendants. Modern-day Slann regard any trace of the old times with fear and suspicion; the Old Sciences have been lost to them. Not so the Sisterhood, who retained and preserved much of their knowledge. Whilst they could not hope to re-create the products of the High Age, they could still use and maintain many of the artifacts which they had salvaged from the fall. This knowledge became the basis of the Sisterhood's power and authority within Amazon society. The careful organization, fanatic devotion, and above all the secrecy of the Sisterhood ensure a continuing hegemony in the religious, political, and scientific spheres of Amazon life.

The Koka-Kalim
The Koka-Kalim are religious zealots, fanatically dedicated worshippers of the Goddess Rigg. The Kalim stress greatly the religious value of the narcotic Koka. They are all addicted users. Constantly within the grip of the drug's effects, they eat, sleep, and say very little. Deprived of normal sensory functions, they can overcome great pain, and have little natural aversion to blood, slaughter, or death. Their state of mind makes them very edgy, unpredictable, irrational, and strung-out. They make ideal fanatic warriors. The Sisterhood, with their monopoly of the theological establishment, maintain a small army of Koka-Kalim as servants, guards, and fighters. Koka-Kalim serving the Sisterhood are known as Devouts. Many are issued by the Sisterhood with Old Slann weaponry. Most commonly they will be given Power Swords or Bolt Guns.

Mother Samantha
Samantha's birthplace lies somewhere in Eastern Amazonia. Born into a nomadic tribe, she eventually became a member of the Kalim and from there joined the Devout.

She rose with remarkable speed from the Devout to the Sisterhood, and then upwards through the ranks of the Sisterhood. She is now a High Priestess, the Head of the Holy Shrine of Rigg. Samantha is still surprisingly young. Because of her nomadic background she is an agile and able fighter, as well as a powerful magician. Her characteristics are: M-5 inches; WS6; BS-4; S-3; T-C; W-2; I-8; A-2; LD-5; Int-8, Cl-8; WP-8.
Profile Samantha M WS BS S T W I A Ld 564342827

Samantha is armed with the traditional weapons of the High Priestess of Rigg. She carries a long-bladed knife and 4 throwing knives. She has a magic level of 4 and may take High or Battle Magic.

Amazon Profiles
The individual warriors and people of Amazonia have talents and abilities unique to themselves; their characteristic scores would vary from individual to individual. However, the following values represent the average scores for each type, or class, of Amazon.
Profile Noble Tribeswoman Beserker Koka Kalim M WS BS S T W I A Ld Save Equipment 5 4 4 3 3 1 5 1 7 6 Spear, Throwing Knife, Light Armour 5 3 3 3 3 1 5 1 7 - Bow, Throwing Knife 5 4 4 3 3 1 5 1 10 - Two swords. Subject to Frenzy 5 4 4 3 3 1 7 1 10 - Throwing Knives

Queens Bodyguard 5 5 5 3 3 1 5 1 7 6 Bow, Sword, Spear, Light Armour

Koka Kalim Devout 5 4 4 3 3 1 7 1 10 - High Age Weapons

High Age Weapons
These weapons date back to Old Slann times. They have been carefully maintained and preserved by the Sisterhood. High Age Weapons include Needlers, Bolt Pistols, Bolt Rifles, Power Swords, and Arcane Rods. Needler This is a powerful airgun that fires steel or chemical needles. The Sisterhood employ hollow poisoned needles. The poison used is ineffective against Dwarfs and Elves, stuns Humans for 5D6 turns, and kills Slann. After each shot the weapon needs to be repressurized, which takes 1 stationary and otherwise inactive Move Phase. Needlers are silent and very accurate, and make ideal weapons for assassins. Range: Short-8 inches/Max-20 inches Armor Penetration: -1 (giving a +1 Saving Throw) Attack Strength: 1

In the original write-up, there followed 8 pages of scenarios, including a burglary of the Shrine by adventurers and a Raid on the Shrine by Norsemen. The scenarios provided full floorplans for the Shrine and a dozen accompanying illustrations, including one depicting a Koka-Kalim using a Bolt Gun to blow a Norseman literally to smithereens. (Even the horns on his helmet are shattering. That's gotta hurt!) The illustrations are uncredited, but John Blanche was working on the Compendium back then, and the artwork has a definite Blanche feel to it. Also included was a 2-page color map of the area around the Shrine, and a page of illustrations (no photos) of the then-new Amazon minis. Items of interest in this write-up: Norse colonies in Lustria, mention of the Sea Elves, no mention of the role of men (or children) in Amazon society, specs for some WH40K-like weapons. The Amazons pre-dated the Skaven, but I imagine there would be no love lost between the ladies and the rats, for many of the same reasons as the enmity between the ladies and the frogs/lizards. By the way, does any of the above information conflict with the details given in the Lizardmen Army Book? I'll get my own copy one of these days . . . As for the minis themselves: They bear a striking resemblance to, and are obviously a major inspiration for, Necromunda's Escher minis, although much more modest in proportions and attire. Heads are mostly bald, with mohawks, plumes of hair, numerous wild braids, etc. They wear primarily deerskin dresses and tunics with lots of pseudoAztec ornamentation, including colorful feathers in their hair, on their clothes, and on necklaces, bracelets, and armbands; lots of beadword, especially big earrings; and face and body paint (or tattoos), including lots of lightning bolt designs. The Amazon minis available in 1985 included: The Goddess Rigg, a 9-foot woman wielding a large knife, wearing ornate robes and a feathered head-dress Mother Samantha, wearing robes of office, a skull-topped staff, and a feathered headdress A Sisterhood Mage, similar to Mother Samantha A Sisterhood Novice wearing a hooded cloak, armed with a dagger A Noble wearing a feathered cloak, armed with a spear and shield 2 Tribeswomen with bows 2 Bodyguards with light armor, one with a bow and one with a spear and shield 1 Berserker with 2 swords 3 Koka-Kalim, each with 4 throwing knives strapped to their hips, one armed with two knives, one striking overhead with a blowpipe, and one with a Bolt Gun. The throwing knives are especially interesting, very short and very wide-bladed. The Bolt Gun is MUCH smaller than the guns in WH40K or Necromunda, more like the size of a .38 Special. The minis look good, similar to the current Lizardmen line in decoration and details, but different enough that they wouldn't look derivative on the battlefield. Could one of the UK list members find out if these minis are still available from GWUK?

If you wanted to field this force, and the old minis are no longer available, Eschers could easily be modified into Amazons. Cut off any decoration that looks too high-tech, add feathers and plumes in various locations, maybe make the tops a little more covered up and the skirts a little longer (using lead foil or epoxy putty). Add some suitable knives strapped to their hips, maybe from the Space Marine Scout sprue, and replace the handheld weapons with knives, short swords, spears, bows, and the occasional Power Sword. A cut down Shuriken Pistol would look about right for a Bolt Gun or Needler. There are also many other lines of Amazons/woman warriors out there, although some may no longer be available. Grenadier's Amazons were female barbarian types. Ral Partha once did a line of Greek Amazons, and has recently begun a new line of Amazons. RP's Dark Sun, Shadowrun, Planescape, and Player Character lines also include a number of minis that have much of the feel of the old GW Amazons.

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