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Appen Butler Hill Monthly Invoice Process Non-US Consultants Process Description This process explains the Appen

Butler Hill (ABH) invoicing and payment information. It provides information on how to use the ADP system to submit invoices and check payment status.

Appen Butler Hill contracts with ADP for the use of their application. This is the system that Appen Butler Hill uses to track consultant hours for invoicing purposes. ADP is not an Appen Butler Hill proprietary system. All language used in the ADP EZ Labor Manager is ADP exclusive language.

Payment Information Introduction Appen Butler Hill processes consultant payments on a monthly basis. The payment process is initiated by consultants entering hours each week in ADP EzLaborManager for hours completed. The deadline for monthly invoices is the 3rd Friday of each month. Payments are sent out during the first week of the following month. Setting up Payment Non-US Citizens living outside the US are paid by bank wire (see payment information below) after completing a banking information request form which will be sent via email from Renee Kimble ( Payments Anyone living outside of the US and who doesnt have US Citizenship is paid by wire services that will be sent within the first 7 business days of the month following the end of the invoice cycle. A copy of your contract can be used in response to requests for a reference and/or proof of contract work with Appen Butler Hill. It is the responsibility of each consultant to retain a record of their earnings, as annual totals are not provided by ABH for non-US payments. Please be aware that ABH does not provide references or verifications of contracted work. Late Invoices If you do not submit your consultant hours by the deadline (3rd Friday of each month), you will need to enter this time on the next invoice cycle. Contact for instructions Payment for late invoices will be paid the following invoice cycle

ADP Process Overview

*Please note that the ADP system has many different features available but at this time Appen Butler Hill (ABH) is utilizing the features referenced and described in this document. As other features are customized for ABH, we will roll out updated instructions.

ezLaborManager is the ADP tool to log your Butler Hill Group hours to be invoiced. Please follow steps listed below. I. ADP ezLaborManager Link 1. For the first time you access the link, please visit below and bookmark. a. b. Click Bookmark ezLaborManager c. Close browser. 2. After the steps above a. Go to your favorite folder and click ADP ezLaborManager or b. Follow below steps to log in. Log In 1. For the first time logging in a. Client Name or ID: Enter ButlerHill (Please enter exactly as listed here because this is case sensitive and one word) b. User ID: Enter first initial of first name and full last name. [Example: John Smiths user ID would be jsmith.] If your last name is hyphenated or more than one word, use only the last word in the last name. c. Password: Enter adpadp11 d. Users will be prompted to change password All users are required to select and answer security questions which are used to validate you when you forget your password. Select a password that contains between 8 to 20 characters and at least one alpha and one numeric character. e. If you are not prompted to change password or unable to log in, please contact 2. After initial log in a. User ID: Enter first initial of first name and full last name. b. Passcode: Enter password created. c. If you do not recall your password, and are unable to reset it yourself using your security questions, please contact Enter Timecard



1. On the right hand corner, select the drop down option of Employee Services. (**) a. This will be the only option for most users. (**) Notwithstanding the use of the word Employee in these screens, Independent

Consultants are not employees of Appen Butler Hill or its clients. 2. Click => Home Tab then, Click=> Timecard

3. Pay Date Range a. Select=> Current Pay Period drop down. b. Dates should reflect the current pay period. c. The Current Pay Period will refresh shortly after the end of each pay cycle. Until the refresh, please select the Next Cycle drop down to enter the date for hours worked for the last week of the month. d. Some Pay Periods will have more than 31 days since some months overlap and the tool will not let you view more than 31 days. i. For these Pay Periods with more than 31 days, you much select other options to view the period of time to enter your hours. ii. Options are to change the pay date range to a s horter period of time or select other drop down option to view. e. Pay periods end the 3rd Friday of each month. 4. Enter Hours Worked a. Hours worked should be entered by midnight eastern time zone of each Friday. This is the deadline for each week. b. If you have been paid differently than described in this document, please contact i. Examples are projects such as Evaluations c. On the appropriate date of the Date In line, enter a number for the hours worked in the Hours box. i. Hours should be rounded up to the next quarter of an hour or .25. ii. ADP ezLabor manager will not accept zero hours on any given day. You must just leave the day blank. You can always include a note if necessary.

d. Ignore the Earnings Code box. This will NOT be used by BHG at this time. e. For the Invoice Code box, please scroll your mouse over the invoice code box, you will see a finger pointing to the box, click the finger and the magnifying glass icon will appear, click and a pop up window of the codes of your projects will appear. Select the appropriate code. i. Select one of the appropriate codes in the ID column ii. DO NOT write in your own code. Please select from one of the options available. iii. If your code is not available, please contact iv. Ensure the codes you utilize have the green checks under the Active column. v. Once you make a selection, you will be back on the Time Sheet page. f. To insert an additional line for a day

Click the button in front of the selected day. Enter your time as instructed above. ii. Use this feature when working on different projects on the same day where you will need to select more than one invoice code. iii. A different invoice code should be coded for different projects. g. To insert any notes regarding the hours worked i. Click the button and enter any text. ii. Click the Done button. h. When you have finished entering all hours worked i. Go to the bottom of the page and click Submit button. ii. You will receive an Operation Successful message.


5. To Log Out of ezLaborManager a. Click .