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Narrowcasting Startup Offers said Caro. He got into the field because of his
friendship with De Alba, company president.
Targeted Exposure Once Caro saw what narrowcasting was all about,
he was hooked on the business. He estimates the
company will have the system installed in nearly
Plasma display screens show mix of music videos, movie trailers, and ads 100 locations within a year.
BY LORELEI ALBANESE In the U.S., the narrowcasting
field is estimated to be a $452 mil-
rime Time Web Media expects to change lion market, Caro said. Studies con-
P the advertising landscape at fast-food
restaurants and other public places. The com- "Traditional mail has been surpassed by email,
ducted by Massachusetts consul-
tants InfoTrends/CAP Ventures indicate the
pany, headed by Carlos de Alba, installs 20- music is purchased online in MP3 format, and market will grow on average 20% yearly and
inch plasma display screens resembling TV now the time has come to change advertising," reach $1.3 billion by the year 2009. •
sets that show a mix of music videos, movie
trailers, and advertisements. The locale—a
restaurant or other business—gets up to two
minutes of free advertising per hour, right on ntereses que dejan su huella dondequiera
its premises.
The concept of narrowcasting—an alternative Aprov^chalos y o b t ^ la casa que tanto te gusta.
media to traditional TV advertising—was bom Refinanda y pasa tus mepres vacadones de verana
of Internet technology. Unlike "broadcasting,"
which transits the same message to all locales,
"narrowcasting" targets the distribution of mul-
timedia content to specific venues and permits
a network operator to change the content at one
locale or the entire network. The programming
by remote software is done from the Bayamon
offices of Prime Time Web Media.
"Narrowcasting is an advertiser's dream
because it allows the transmission of totally
targeted ads to a select audience within a given
market at a very low cost," said Daniel Caro,
Prime Time Web Media sales executive. "It
also allows for instantaneous distribution of
new advertisements."
Each locale has an antenna for transmitting Etempio Ejcmplo Z
I'PtAUM K>O0NVg<Cia»W.
the programming from the office. A log of the TOOaAos

content, which is shown at each locale, is trans- $75,000 IW $75,000

mitted to Prime Time Web Media's office.
$695 $150,000 $1,128
$300,000 $1305
While a restaurant, for example, gets its free ABt
J200.000 $926
$2SD.OO0 $1,156 $250,000 $1^1
$359,650 $2,706
advertisement every hour, other ads could be 7 S3S9.650 $I.6M

programmed—but not in the restaurant cate- Ejamplo 3

gory, Caro said. This alternative advertising 30»Bo«

medium is being installed in about 35 Church's $75,000 $391

Chicken (South American Restaurants Corp.)
restaurants from Vega Alta to Humacao and is .75% 9150.000
in place at Hospital Perea in Mayaguez, which $359,650
is part of the Pavia Health System.
Prime Time Web Media also is testing the
system at selected Encanto Restaurants (Taco
Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut) and negotiating to Llamanos desde donde quieras al mow^m%3M^M%JM%3
place the screens in the other Pavia hospitals in
San Juan. I-866-3S8-7070 - lsla,libre de cargos.
"Internet technology has changed data trans-
mission throughout the world," Caro said.
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Sales of Panadol
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The Lopito, Ileana & Howie creative team hasta un mdiximo de $359,650 con resutado "Approved ElegSjle' deJ sistema 'TXJ" o "Accept Plus" d d pro^ama I P " con un LTV mfbdmo de hasa
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Davila, director of the creative department; APR de 4 . 7 ^ tendrl un pago de principal e interte de $463 por Ios primeros 7 aAos d d pr^stamo y unfaahnceresidualde $86,020.71. Al finalisr
d r^rmino el diente puede solicitar iffi refinanciamiento o pa^ar d balance residual en su totalidad. Se honnr^ d 2.50% por debajo d d interte
Nestor Rivera, copywriter; and Janice Arroyo, pf^valeciente de Popular Mortj^ge en el mercado al momento del cierre. ^emplo 2- Un prestanto convencional de $100,000 a 15 aAos con un
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ha sido redondeado al d6lar mis cercano. Lic.H-970919 de la OHcina del Comisionado de Institucionei Financieras.
Plaza Films. •