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1. ________ are those for which it is impossible to compute a dollar value. 2.

Market-based analysis computes the correlation of items on past orders to determine items that are frequently purchased together. 3. A common title is chief information officer, or CIO. Other common titles are vice pres-ident of information services, director of information services, and, less commonly, director of computer services. 4. Data-mining analysis is the application of statistical techniques to find patterns and relationships among data and to classify and predict. 5. Unsupervised vs supervised 6. ________ measure the amount that demand rises or falls with changes in price. 7. Information systems improve decision making by using the discovered patterns and relationships to anticipate events or to predict future outcomes. 8. A ________ is a company that obtains data from public and private sources and stores, combines, and publishes it in sophisticated ways. 9. After planning for information systems and IT infrastructure, the next step is ________. 10.,, and are examples of companies that use ________ information systems. 11. Benefits for which the dollar values can be computed are ________. 12. E-commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services ________. 13. If Patient_Temperature > , Then Initiate High_FeverProcedure. This sort of a rule is most likely to be found in a(n________ system. 14. In a typical distribution system, raw material suppliers sell to manufacturers, manufactures sell to distributors, and distributors sell to retailers. All these transactions are categorized as ________ transactions. 15. In marketing transactions, the fact that customers who buy product X also buy product Y creates a cross-selling opportunity. 16. Jackson Enterprises sells products online to the state-run Environmental Protection Agency. This is a B2G transaction. 17. Problematic data are termed as Dirty Data 18. Reporting systems improve decision making by providing the right information to the right user at the right time 19. Sales between a supplier and a retail consumer are B2C transactions. 20. The ________ group within the IT department manages the process of creating new information systems as well as maintaining existing information systems. 21. The facts about data, such as its source, format, assumptions, constraints, and the like, are called metadata 22. The U.S. Census Bureau defines ________ as companies that take title to the goods they sell. 23. Traditional BC information systems rely on a(n________ that customers use to enter and manage their orders. 24. Traditional software companies rely on ________ for revenue 25. Using e-commerce to buy directly from the manufacturer eliminates the middlemen in the supply chain. Which of the following terms best explains this elimination?

26. When a business engages in e-commerce, the manufacturer may be able to offer a lower price and still make a profit, which may cause price conflicts with its traditional channel members. The ability of the manufacturer to offer a lower price and still make a profit is largely attributed to ________. 27. When HP Computers began to sell directly to the public, some retailers resented the competition and stopped carrying HP products in their stores. This is an example of ________. 28. Which of the following expenses are likely to increase for manufacturers who use e-commerce to sell directly to consumers? 29. Which of the following is a way of analyzing and ranking customers according to their purchasing patterns? 30. Which of the following is true for the technology group in most IS departments? 31. Which of the following is true of Social CRM? 32. Which of the following marketing techniques refers to the application of business intelligence systems to the planning and execution of marketing programs? 33. Which of the following nonmerchant e-commerce companies supports a competitive bidding process? 34. Which of the following systems use If/Then rules? 35. With ________ data mining, data miners develop a model prior to the analysis and apply statistical techniques to data to estimate parameters of the model. 36. Suppose your company is developing a new IS project using team members from a number of different countries. Which of the following is most likely to be true? 37. The international exchange rates (the amount on one national currency that can be bought for an amount of another national currencyare set by: 38. The cafeteria at Google was used as an example of outsourcing in the text to make the point that. 39. We spoke of making management reports better by creating drill down reports. You know that these have the characteristic: 40. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of information systems which generate information from 41. The book says that a market basket analysis can create cross-selling opportunities. This kind of analysis identifies 42. According to the book, Database Marketing refers to 43. In important thing for companies to remember when they use social networking sites is: 44. Which of the following is NOT part of an ERP solution? 45. A big advantage of ERP systems is that they 46. Which of the following would be most appropriate for a lead generation application? 47. assess advertising