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Technical Specification for Fume Extraction System of Cast House of BF#1 in RSP Consultant: CET

A. Climatic Conditions Climatic data in the vicinity of the Rourkela Steel Plant is as follows: 1. Barometric Pressure: 760 mm of Hg 2. Ambient Temperature: 55 Deg C(Max.) and 8 Deg C (min.) 3. Relative Humidity: 100% (max.) 4. Wind Load: As per IS 875:1987(Part-3) 5. Earthquake Load: As per IS 1893:2002(Part-1) 6. Atmospheric Condition: Dust Laden However, maximum temperature and maximum relative humidity shall not occur at the same time. B. Cast House: The new reconstructed furnace shall have twin cast house installed at 90 Deg apart. The cast house shall be flat cast house and equipped with facilities such as covered main trough with forced air cooling, covered runners, new hydraulic mud guns, hydraulic drilling machines, trough cover manipulators, rocking runner assemblies with drive, mobile equipment, Tuyer platform etc. The cast house layout has been shown in the enclosed drawing no. CET RN 3170 ME1 00 001, R=0. Both the cast houses shall have rocking runner in the metal side only. The cast house shall be designed taking into consideration metal tapping through torpedo ladle of capacity 350t in future. C. Scope of work: The Blast Furnace # 1 after proposed upgrdation will produce 2900 tons hot metal per day. The scope of work of the turnkey supplier of cast house fume extraction system shall include the design, manufacture / procurement, inspection, supply, transportation to site, storage, testing, erection, painting, commissioning and performance testing of Fume Extraction System as per requirement. Flat cast houses (90 Deg apart) with new configuration of hot metal & slag runners suitable for higher hot metal production is envisaged. It is generally experienced that huge amount of corrosive fumes are evolved during the pouring of pig iron hot metal from tap hole through trough. A complete fume extraction system is envisaged to dispel the above fumes to avoid corrosion of building structure and other equipment. Cast house de-fuming system shall be installed to take care of the fumes generated during tapping of hot metal. Work zone dust level will be 3 mg/Nm3 (max.) above ambient RSPM. The scope of work covers Cast House De-fuming System as detailed in the specification and terms & conditions given herein after. It also includes all related works of civil, structural, electrical, instrumentation & control, interconnections and other accessories as required. The broad scope of work is given below: 1) Hoods and ductwork for fume extraction at the tap hole area. 2) Runner covers (one in each cast house) for main trough. 3) Hoods and ductwork for fume extraction at skimmers. 4) Hoods and ductwork for fume extraction at rocking runners. 5) Ductwork from all suction points upto the inlet of ESP and from ESP outlet to the inlet of ID fan and from outlet of ID fan to the entry of the existing Stack. 6) Required nos. of motorized system dampers.
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7) Heat shields at the ductwork, wherever required. 8) New ESP with all accessories including dust hoppers, rotary airlock valves, TR sets, canopy roof at top, handling facilities, dust disposal system consisting of chain conveyors, bucket elevator, dust storage silo etc. From dust storage silo, dust will be unloaded directly into dumpers. Necessary motorized retractable chute will be provided below the dust silo to prevent any fugitive dust emission during unloading of dust. The storage silo will have a storage capacity of 2 days of dust generation. 9) 1 no. self supported steel chimney. 10) I.D fan (s) with drive and accessories. 11) 1 set of ID fan impeller with shaft in assembled condition after dynamically & statically balanced as mandatory spare. 12) Monorail with electric hoist of suitable capacity over fan and motor. This is not included in scope of supplier of de-fuming system. 13) All special tools & tackles for smooth functioning of the equipment. 14) Dismantling of the existing de-dusting system equipments like ID fan with motor, Bag Filters, all existing fume ducts along with dampers, chimney etc. Dismantling is not included in scope of supplier of de-fuming system. Drawings and Documents The Bidder shall submit the following details/ information along with the offer: 1) General description of system with design consideration and all the assumptions made by the Bidder for the design of the system. 2) GA of ESP. 3) Data sheet of ESP. 4) General layout of duct work inside & outside of the cast house. 5) GA of ID fan along with data sheet. 6) Reference list, List of exclusions & deviations list along with technical justification, if any. 7) Any other details which may be felt necessary. 8) GL drawing of the Cast House De-fuming system showing the complete duct work. 9) GA drawing of the Fume collection hoods. 10) GA drawing of the motorized dampers along with technical specification. 11) GA drawing of ESP. 12) Technical data sheet of ESP. 13) GA drawing of the double cone valves. 14) GA drawing of ID fan. 15) Performance characteristic curve of the ID fan. 16) Basis of calculation for selection of ID fan motor power. 17) GA drawing of self supported stack. 18) GA drawing of chain conveyors. 19) GA drawing of bucket elevator. 20) GA drawing of dust storage silo. 21) GA drawing of retractable chute. 22) Load data of the equipment for construction and civil foundation. 23) P&I drawing. 24) Interlocking and interfacing schemes and control philosophy detailed write up. 25) Lubrication schedule giving type of lubricants frequency of lubrication and quantity of initial fill.
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26) System configuration diagram of PLC, communication and bill of materials. 27) Instrument list. 28) Operation & Maintenance manual. 29) List of two years Operation & Maintenance spares. D. System Design 1) The design of the system shall be such that 100% evacuation of fumes is achieved from the tap hole (under operation), skimmer and rocking runner during tapping of hot metal. The system capacity shall be optimized based on PLC operated dampers in the system, according to the operation of two tap holes. The control of the dampers shall be from local control room as well as from Furnace Mudgun Control Room. The PLC shall be hooked up to the main Furnace PLC. 2) The system shall be designed based on the following considerations: i) System capacity: 4,20,000 m3/h (minimum) ii) Inlet dust content: 5g/Nm3 (max.) iii) Outlet dust content at stack exit: 50 mg/Nm3 (max.) iv) Dust particle analysis: Supplier to indicate v) Chemical analysis of dust: Supplier to indicate E. System Description During tapping operation, dust laden fumes along with air shall be drawn out by suitable collection hoods placed by the side/ and (or) above the tap hole and the collected fumes shall travel to the fume ducts laid below the cast house, where fumes from skimmers and iron runner areas shall also join. Finally, the fumes from the rocking runners along with the above fumes shall travel to the inlet of ESPthrough a header duct to be laid outside the cast house along the building columns. Location of new Cast House Defuming System is shown in Drg. No. CET RN 3170 CE0 00 001, R=3. F. Technical Specification 1. Fume Collection Hoods i) Fume Extraction at Tap Hole Area and Skimmer Necessary hood shall be placed by the side/ above of each of the tap hole of each cast house below the Tuyere maintenance platform with associated under floor ductwork leading to the main fume collection header outside the cast house building. One no. hood/ fume extraction duct shall be provided at skimmer. ii) Fume Extraction at The Rocking Runner Area: Necessary enclosure/hood of suitable size and configuration above the rocking runner area with duct attached to it for aspirating fumes generated during ladle pouring to the main header outside the cast house building.

2. ESP Brief Specification of the proposed ESP shall be as follows: 1. 2. 3. Quantity Type Inlet Dust Content One (01) Dry, Horizontal Supplier to design
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4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

Outlet Dust Content Inlet volume No. of fields Gas Temperature Maximum design temperature Collection Efficiency Dust Handling Specific collection area Collector electrode spacing Collecting electrode thickness Emitting Electrode Dust Hoppers Structural shed over Transformer sets at ESP top

< 50mg / Nm3 with all fields working 4,20,000 m3/hour (minimum) 3 (minimum) Supplier to design Supplier to design Supplier to design Rotary air-lock valves, drag chain conveyors. Supplier to design 400 mm MOC:CRCA, 1.2 mm thickness (minimum) Supplier to design Pyramidal To be provided.

3. Duct Work Ducting shall be of welded construction with mitre bends, required no. of fabric expansion joints, flanges, associated supporting saddles, brackets, etc. Material used for ducting shall be MS plate sheet having thickness not less than 6 mm. Ducting shall be suitably routed without infringement with any equipment and facilities. The elbow in the ductwork shall have at least 2D centerline radius. The velocities in the ducts shall not be less than 22 m/sec to avoid deposition of dust in the duct. Measuring and cleaning hatches shall be provided at suitable locations in the ducting. Clean out doors shall be provided on horizontal runs before elbow junctions and at lowest points of slopes. Ducts shall be laid in such a way that the same shall not interfere with either normal operation or maintenance of the cast house. It is necessary to coat a layer of high temperature resistant and corrosion proof paint along entire length of ducting. The suction hoods / ducts shall be complete with dampers, hand holes, flange joints, supports, compensators, etc. Minimum thickness of hood / duct shall be as per design basis. All bends shall be provided with suitable liners as required. Necessary manholes with access platforms, ladders, handrails, etc. shall be provided as required by the Bidder. Suitable supports shall be provided for ducting and hoods. 4. Dust Disposal System Dusts from the ESP hoppers shall be conveyed to the drag chain conveyors through rotary air-lock valves and then through a cross conveyor, dust shall be fed into one bucket elevator. From bucket elevator, duct shall be discharged in to a dust storage silo. From dust storage silo, dust shall be unloaded directly into dumpers. Necessary motorized retractable chute will be provided below the dust silo to prevent any fugitive dust emission during unloading of dust. The storage silo shall have a storage capacity of 2 days of dust generation. 5. Stack Stack shall be self supporting type of structural construction and its design shall conform to IS 6533 :1989 (RA 2006). The stack shall be provided with necessary manhole, spiral staircase, platforms, lighting, lightning arrestor with earthing provision, monitoring ports with power connection for stack monitoring, continuous stack monitoring kit, etc. The dedusting stack shall be monitored for SPM
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only. The stack height shall be based on the existing norms and the stack height shall be minimum 35m Height and shall be minimum 5 m taller than the tallest building in a surrounding area. 6. Centrifugal ID Fan The fan shall be with backward curved blades double inlet double width type and shall be complete with driving arrangement, electric motor, inlet & outlet dampers, flexible connections, lubrication system, etc. The thickness of the fan casing shall be adequate and the impeller shall have necessary protection / hard facing to take care of dust load during eventual situation of ESP bypass. Rain protection shed for the fan & motor and maintenance platform will be provided by the Bidder. VVVF drive shall be provided for dedusting fans. ID fan shall be of double suction type. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. Quantity Capacity Static Pressure at inlet Type MoC of Blades MoC of shaft Drive RPM (max.) Inlet damper Fan & Motor bearing temperature scanner. Fan & Motor vibration monitors. Drain Plug. Noise Level. Handling Facility 1 no. 460000 m3/hour (minimum) Supplier to design Double inlet, double width, centrifugal type with backward curved blades. Suitable for the application with wear resistant lining EN-8, statically & dynamically balanced ultrasonically tested. Direct with flexible coupling 1000 Motorised To be provided. To be provided for both X & Y directions. To be provided. Less than 85 dB (A) at 1 m distance from source. Manually operated monorail beam with chain pulley block of required capacity for ID fan & motor to be provided.

7. Noise The noise level in the work zone shall be within 85 dB(A) at 1 m from the noise generating source. The supplier shall include adequate noise pollution control measures in offer. 8. Instrumentation - High level and Intermediate level switches in hoppers and silos. - Hopper heating units interlock with thermostat - Temperature and pressure transmitter - Temperature and vibration monitoring device for fans and motors. G. General The Bidder shall include in his offer adequate measures to undertake pollution control and management of waste generated. The provisions kept for the same shall be adequately listed out in offer. The Bidder shall note and confirm that any other items not mentioned in this specification but required to make the dedusting systems complete in all respects and to meet the guaranteed parameters shall be in the Scope of the Bidder.
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The Bidder shall note and confirm all clauses of Technical Specifications with respect to air pollution control systems without any deviations. In case the Bidder intends to take a specific deviation, the same shall be clearly mentioned with clause number under a separate section. H. Performance Guarantee Parameter: The dust emission from the stacks shall be restricted to less than 50 mg/Nm3 as per latest norms for the CPCB and its surrounding areas as per State / Central Pollution Control Board. Concentration of total suspended particulate matter (SPM) in work zone shall not be more than 5 mg/Nm3 (at 3m distance from source) above ambient level. The Bidder shall specifically take care of the above limits and design the systems accordingly and confirm that all leakages will be suitably arrested. The number and capacity of the dedusting systems shall be suitably decided by the Bidder to meet the performance guarantee requirements for stack emission and work zone and they shall justify the same in their offer. 1. 5mg / Nm3 above ambient at 3meter from source of dust generation. 2. 50mg / Nm3 at stack emission. I. Supply of following equipment at site as mentioned above with all accessories & fittings mentioned below. a) Fume Extraction system with necessary following items: i. Hoods, Ducts, Vanes with support. ii. Spark arrestor assembly. iii. Complete Electrostatic Precipitator. iv. Inlet & Outlet plenum with short bends v. Dust disposal hopper and storage silo fitted with level indicator and vibrator. vi. ID fan with motor and VVVF drive vii. LTMCC with rubber mat, shock treatment chart etc. viii. Motorized Damper ix. Self supporting stack with lightning arrestor and aviation lighting. x. Rotary air lock valve with gear motor xi. Hoppers, chutes, silo with double cone valve xii. Pneumatic dust conveying system with drag chain conveyor xiii. Foundation bolts with matching flanges, nuts and bolts xiv. Header assembly with manifold pipes xv. Telescopic chute for storage silo xvi. Microprocessor based sequential timer xvii. U-tube manometer xviii. Isolation valve xix. Pressure transmitter & Differential pressure transmitter wherever required xx. Temperature transmitter wherever required xxi. Filter regulator with pressure gauge xxii. Hopper high level switch for bag filter hopper xxiii. Hopper level switch for storage hopper xxiv. Hopper heater with thermostat xxv. Slide gates for hoppers xxvi. Drag Chain Conveyor
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xxvii. Junction box with flexible cable to individual solenoid valves and LPBS for Junction box. xxviii. Inlet & outlet non metallic flexible connection for ID Fan xxix. Motorized Actuator operated butterfly damper ( Regulating type ) with limit switch for ID Fan inlet. xxx. All instrumentation & control cables with cable trays & glands between junction box & solenoid valve. xxxi. Earthing within battery limit. xxxii. Support structure (considering 4500 mm ground clearance from discharge end of Rotary Airlock Valve of Storage Hopper.) with maintenance platform, stairways railing for all platforms & stairways. xxxiii. Insurance spares. xxxiv. Commissioning spares. xxxv. Special tools & tackles if any. xxxvi. Consumables like lubricant. xxxvii. Any other as suitable for trouble free reliable continuous operation. xxxviii. Surface preparation of the equipment for inside and outside surface as per General Technical specification of RSP. xxxix. Painting of the equipment for inside and outside surface as per General Technical specification of RSP. J. Design, Engineering, Complete Supervision of Installation, Erection, Commissioning and Performance Guarantee Test shall be the responsibility of the supplier. K. Commercial terms & conditions: 1. Validity of offer: 30th September 2013 2. Price will have the breakup for supply & service (erection, installation, commissioning, PG test, training etc). Required number of man-days for erection, supervision of commissioning shall be mentioned. 3. Separately mention the applicable taxes and duties 4. Separately mention the packing, forwarding and transportation charges 5. Price basis shall be Ex works 6. Initial fill of cartridges, lubricants and consumable: To be included in basic price 7. Deviations and exclusions from scope of work are to be separately mentioned. 8. Spares: List of commissioning spares with separate price break up is to be furnished List of insurance spares with separate price break up is to be furnished List of two years spares for trouble free O&M (optional) L. Note: Handling and Hoisting equipment are not included in scope of de-fuming system supplier. M. Drawing Reference: CET RN 3170 ME1 00 001, R=0. (Layout for proposed Cast House) N. List of Approved Make

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