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This fixed blade, axial flow turbine may be considered as the prototype form of a propeller turbine, itself a forerunner of the Kaplan turbine. The inclusion of angled inlet guide vanes and the design of the runner blades utilise both impulse and reaction effects. It can be demonstrated that this type of machine works most efficiently where high flows at relatively low heads are available.

Due to its operating requirements the Propeller Turbine Demonstration Unit is supplied with its own integral floorstanding self-contained service unit, consisting of a reservoir, circulating pump and associated pipework. The turbine consists of a 50mm diameter bronze rotor and stator having the same blade profile with nominal inlet and exit angles of 90 degrees and 30 degrees respectively. The rotor is mounted on a stainless steel shaft. The bearing at the inlet is water lubricated whilst that at the load end is sealed. The turbine housing is fabricated in heavy duty PVC with a clear plastic viewing section immediately surrounding the runner and stator. The centrifugal service pump has a head of 14.3m at a flow of 4.4 litres/s. This pump draws water from a plastic reservoir sump tank, via an inlet pipe containing an orifice plate used for flow measurement. The outlet from the pump includes a valve to adjust the flow to the turbine unit. Four measurement sensors are included in the supply: P across the orifice plate (hence flow rate) pressure drop across the turbine turbine rotational speed brake drum belt tension

A CD-ROM with data logging educational software is included in the supply of this Unit.

INSTRUCTIONAL CAPABILITIES Measurement of turbine performance in terms of

torque, brake power and efficiency as a function of runner speed Introduction to specific speed as a comparative criterion Comparison of student calculations with computer results

ESSENTIAL ARMFIELD ACCESSORIES IFD6 Interface Device (page 35) OVERALL DIMENSIONS Height: 1070mm Length: 850mm Width: 700mm SHIPPING SPECIFICATIONS Gross Weight: 160Kg Volume: 1.00m 3

Single phase electrical supply, with the following choice of voltage: FM33-A: 220-240V/1ph/50Hz FM33-B: 120V/1ph/60Hz

A small-scale hydropower unit designed to demonstrate the principles of design and operation of a propeller turbine. Equipped with electronic measurement sensors for inlet pressure, orifice differential pressure (flow-rate), rotational speed and brake force. Capable of being linked to a PC (not supplied) via the IFD6 interface console (available as an accessory). Self-contained, floor-standing unit. Service pump, reservoir and associated pipework. 50mm diameter bronze rotor and stator ring. Supplied with software providing full instructions for setting up, operating, calibrating and performing the teaching exercises. Facilities are provided for logging, processing and displaying data graphically. Full theoretical back-up is included together with a student questions and answers session.