Breeding Sheep Terminology Frame Desirable Larger Outlined Taller fronted, longer bodied More skeletal extension Growthiest

, most extreme pattern Structure Straighter about its top line Stronger loin, leveler dock Straighter in its lines More correct on its feet and legs Stronger pasterns Moved more correctly Femininity More feminine head More extended about her front one-third Smoother, neater shoulder Lighter conditioned Muscle Thicker top Thicker, fuller leg More muscle volume More natural thickness Heavier muscled Wider based or wider tracking Body Capacity narrow based narrow top flat, tapering leg lighter muscled coarse, open shoulder fat, heavy conditioned coarse or plain headed weak pasterns, coon footed bow legged or in at the hocks Undesirable Small Framed Low fronted, short sided Short coupled

easy about its top weak loin, droopy dock

Longer, cleaner neck, trimmer breasted short, thick neck

wider chest General Appearance Nicer balanced. durable More size and scale Higher performing Breed Character Open-faced. broodier More rugged. pinched fore rib Blacker about the points.More internal volume More body dimension Deeper ribbed Bolder sprung Deeper.helly or flat loin. narrow loin narrow. fuller wool cap Cleaner about the channel closed faced broken wool cap wool down the channel frail poor balanced. thicker. freer from wool around the eyes More distinct wool cap. shelly top . course tight ribbed shallow bodied flat sided narrow chest. darker at the brown headed and/or legs points Market Lamb Terminology Most powerfully constructed More muscular hind saddle More muscular from his last rib back More muscular top More expressively muscled top More dimension to its loin Longer. fuller rump Squarer dock tapered out its rump short loin. more eye appeal More stylish nicer profiling Stouter made. deeper loin Meatier turn to his loin edge Thicker.

wasty lamb soft handling square topped wasty middle thick hided least desirable yield grade the least amount of red meat lower percent hind saddle most fat trim . more shapely leg Condition/fat Freshest handling Leaner handling Firmer handling Harder topped lamb Cleaner over the fore rib Trimmer middle Cleaner breast Trimmer in the lower one-third Tighter hided Thinner hided Carcass Terms More desirable yield grade Lower numeric yield grade More pounds of red meat A shapelier carcass with a higher Conformation score More pounds of saleable product More pounds of edible portion Higher percent hind saddle Less trimmable fat More product from his last rib back pelty flat tapering leg funneled in its leg stale handling fat. fuller leg Deeper.More inner and outer flare to its leg More bulge and center dimension to its leg Plumper.

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