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The Dominions Guide to Cooking:

How to prepare an Aurin for a meal By Shibousha

One of the privileges of living within

Now that your catch is down to the meat, the Dominion is the amount of delicamake sure to use precision tools to get cies we have access to. One of which is it off those satisfyingly breakable bones [Grilled Aurin]. Some people, well call for the best results. Dont worry about them Sympathizers arent comfortable the organs at this point, well get to that. eating such a meal but, as we know these Make sure to keep the meat cooled as you woodland creatures are NOT real people. cut it, you dont want to have a rotting mess on your hands. There are many ways to get this succulent meat; A butch, the battlefield, the As you finish removing the deliciousworkers without compensation market, ly blood meat from the animal, treat or possible the wild. For all extensive yourself to a nice drink. When youre done purpose we are going to start with a wild enjoying yourself well move on to the Aurin. messy part, the organs. Most of these you can dispose of but, make sure you keep First you must capture one of these creathe heart, liver, and the brain as these tures. You can often find them in wooded are great to put into a nice stew. areas with floral life. As these creatures are quite agile, its best to use traps rather When the organs are disposed of, you than chasing after them, we recommend are left with a skeleton, along with a tail the good ol bear trap. That way you can and some ears. These two are great for a get a free rabbits foot with your meal. childrens costume for holidays and fetch (Excuse the dry humor.) a great price from those furries. As for the bones, take them to the nearest Once you have your prize you must make outpost for some well earned rewards. a choice, live or dead. We recommend dead, except for you sadists out there. (You cute bastards.) After make your choice, the next step is now skinning (or flaying) the creature because, who doesnt want a nice fur coat during the winters. (Remember not to remember the fur on the ear or tail!)

Now we are at the cooking part - AKA the boring part.

6. Grill eat side for 8-10 minutes each on wood burning grill 7. Shreg Rootbrute Tentacle

8. Place the three items on plate and Enjoy! The average Aurin weighs 130 lbs (~ 59 kg) and has a very low fat content, remove bones and organs will leave you with a nice 87 lbs (~39 kg) of meat, giving you about 39 servings. Not bad for such a weak creature. For one serving you will need: 2 1/4 lbs (~1 kg) of Aurin flesh 1/2 lbs (~1/5 kg) Rootbrute Tentacle 2 Snoglug eye stocks 3/8 cup of your favorite Dominion spice oil

So easy a Granok can do it! ~ Jonny Aurin Flayer ~

1. Place the Aurin Flesh into a bowl 2. Add Spice Oil to bowl and let set for 5 minutes, 10 if you really want to get that Dominion kick. 3. Mince the Snoglug eye stocks 4. Boil eye stocks until steaming 5. Remove Aurin flesh from bowl and place on grill