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Communication in my Relationships!

Workshop with Benoît Foucher Tuesdays 2nd, 9th and 16th of June

Do you want to improve the communication in your relationship?
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Does the communication in your relationships get tense sometimes without your knowing why or what to do about it? Is it difficult for you to express your opinions and feelings? Are you able to do it peacefully and in a positive manner? Can you argue in a constructive manner? Can you express appreciation during the discussion in order to show the positive points? Can you keep your focus on the topic without bringing in past arguments? Can you show respect, compassion and listen respectfully even in critical moments? Do you sometimes keep your feelings hidden (anger, sadness, deception, guilt…) and express them later when it’s no longer appropriate? How can you communicate with your partner in order to keep the passion in your relationship?

What to expect from this workshop: the benefiits You Will Learn:
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How to communicate with my partner in order to keep the passion in my relationship. How to communicate with authenticity and in a positive manner : what I like, what I don’t like and what I need. How to end every argument in a win-win situation, when both you and your partner feel alright. You will gain confidence during times of conflict which can be real opportunities for growth in your relationship. You will come to understand the advantages of a win-win relationship and the challenges that need to be overcome. You will learn how to break the false idea of compromises! You will go to a deeper level of intimacy through communicating more effectively.

Note: Personal privacy is respected during the whole workshop which is designed to learn while having fun at the same time!

Both practical and theorical, you will learn and apply the followings: Tuesday 2nd June Arguments : keeping the connection during conflict to be in tune with your partner, obtaining a mutual winning agreement. Tuesday 9th June Win-win communication: challenges, stopping compromises, active listening Tuesday 16th June Expressing what you like and dislike, the 5 languages of love, differences between men and women in communication

What some previous participants of this workshop have said : “Empowering, funny, intense, positive!” “This event is useful and it helps to express the difficult thing (give acknowledgement) to someone I really appreciate” “Yes, it opened my eyes in dealing with relationships, either personally intimate or with workmates”

About Benoit Foucher
Co-active Coach, NLP Practitioner, and former international tennis professional, Benoît moved to Hong Kong in 2007 to pursue his life coaching career specializing in relationships. He assists and encourages his clients with his profund, authentic and humorous style, to be connected with themselves in order to better connect with their partner (current or future) and live a passionate and impassioned life. He is writing his first book, which shows how we can apply the tennis mental skills to be successful in our life and relationships.

Communication in my relationships !
Dates Tuesday 2nd June 7-10 pm Tuesday 9th June 7-10 pm Tuesday 16th June 7-10pm

Venue Bishop Lei International House 4, Robinson Road, Mid-Levels

Investment: Before ?: the 3 workshops: HK$1080 Each workshop :HK$400 Then: The 3 workshops: HK$1080 Each workshop : HK$400
Payment by Paypal or cash/cheque

Information You can contact Benoit for any enquiry: 9651 8536