Style's Uncensored Undisclosed Seduction Techniques

WARNING: These 3 field reports contain explicit adult material. If you don't want to read it, close and delete this PDF.

Evolve Field Report: Tiny Demon

Debauchery was the name of the game, and in my hometown, I was taking the lead. I had been sleeping with Becky for about two weeks. I picked her up by telling her I was a magic unicorn. I was driving to a party that she’d invited me to for the sole purpose of introducing me to a good friend of hers. A friend who had just returned from studying abroad in Italy. It was a small townie party, with a bunch of college kids. Amber, Becky’s friend, was a small Italian girl who had graduated from high school at 16 and was now finishing up her undergraduate degree in pre-med at 20. Some young Italian guy took a liking to Amber and spent the night bothering the poor girl. While he tortured her, I had sex with Becky in a car that was neither mine nor hers. It was easily one of my most memorable drunken mix-ups. Before we left, I made sure to have a short conversation with Amber about her time in Italy. As the conversation came to a close, Becky suggested that the three of us get together sometime. My threesome sense was tingling. *** A week later, I invited Becky over to watch some movies. “Yes, I’m coming over, but I’m upset you didn’t get to spend much time with my friend,” she yelled, over the phone. “Amber was really cool. Let’s hang out with her tonight,” I told Becky. “It’s a long drive for her. She has work in the morning. I doubt she’ll be able to make it.” Amber said, disappointed. “Where does she work,” I asked. “Downtown.” “Just have her stay over. She can use the extra bed. My place is right near her work.” **** Three hours later Becky and Amber arrived at my house. If I want this to be a

A few minutes later they walk back in giggling.” Then they leave. “Plus. get them to explore their sexual identities with me. From there I’d bridge the conversation to Taoist philosophy. it has to be natural. “We thought about having a threesome with this guy. They find the book.Style's Uncensored Undisclosed Seduction Techniques threesome night. They started qualifying themselves. touching her ass. If she moved herself or my hand then I had more work to do. there was no way my hand wasn’t going to touch her ass. This material easily moves into how sexology and martial arts have a lot in common. and then. I leave my hand on the open side of the futon. I don’t think you should have one. It all works like a charm. They tell me. If Amber sat down. slightly under pillows in front of the couch. Becky says that she wants to go to bed.” “Sure. I have to make the whole seduction about sex and freedom.” I told them. now that we’ve talked about it there’s almost no chance of it happening. My first happened by accident. once I appear as an authority. Then I followed up with. I leave a sexology book on counter and another sexology book on floor. Becky climbs on top and cuddles me. I invite Amber to come sit with us so I don’t have to speak across a room to her.” they told me. My plan is to catch them giggling about.” Then finally. She complies. it was on.” I say. because this makes Amber feel comfortable while talking about sex. Then the girls do something weird.” Bam. but it didn’t work out because he tried to set it up. It could fuck up your friendship. not a horny guy. So I pull out the futon and lay down. I mean unless we’re in love or something. If she let it stay there. “You can’t set it up. She sat on my hand felt my finger tips. “We have to go outside for a minute. which helps. It was on. “We’re not really jealous women. whatever. it wasn’t very big and Becky and me were taking up almost all the room. “And. you too would probably be weirdly jealous. and then pushed her ass into my . I talk them into believing that I’m a sexual guy. Eventually they open up to me like sexy little flowers and I lead them into a conversation about threesomes. Becky admits that I’m the best she’s ever had.

from the roots. So I petted her lightly and kissed her softly. Surely. remember how you said you liked getting your hair pulled.” she replied. I could tell the situation was making Becky was a bit awkward. without any idea that she’s in the middle of a threesome.” Becky starts crying harder. While I lovingly seduce Becky – Amber gets completely naked and starts deep-throating me. right? Wrong.” I asked. She kissed me back with some serious ferocity. Becky pulled herself closer to me. “Hey Amber. so the ringing phone gives her the perfect opportunity to get up. I pulled her hair hard. with a vengeance.” Amber looks down at me and then rolls her eyes. then starts riding. “Maybe we should stop. Amber says the most awesome thing ever. “Yeah. glaring at Becky from the other side of my glorious erection. Earlier Amber had told me that she liked really rough sex and that it really turned her on to get her hair pulled. “Are you going to fuck this guy or not?” she yells. “Can I try something?” “Sure. but she’s fucking me. Her up and down motions switch to the soft. This was going to be how I initiated the sex. Amber is going to stop giving me this masterful felatio when she sees her fried crying. I immediately pulled her down on the other side of me. I slowly pulled her top off and massaged her shoulders while making out. It is at this moment when I realize that god hates me. She’s still feeling awkward. and I attempt mercy by saying. Amber is still glaring at Becky. who starts calling her a whore. Becky then stops crying and watches for a few minutes.Style's Uncensored Undisclosed Seduction Techniques hand. On the phone is Becky’s Satellite friend. Now they were cuddling me from both sides. Then turned her head and started kissing her. She starts crying and all seems lost. Becky runs out the front door. I pushed Ambers head to my neck and turned to kiss Becky. wet. and then says one of the most . Amber slides me inside of her. Becky’s phone starts to ring. back-and-forth of girl-on-top grinding.” she said and then she turned her head away so I could grab her hair. I wonder if I’m being used by Amber to teach Becky some sort of life lesson. “Because I am.

“I don’t care if she’s my friend.” .Style's Uncensored Undisclosed Seduction Techniques selfish things a girl has ever said to me. You’re already inside of me. so let’s just do it and deal with her after.

The first thing that came to mind was something that had happened earlier that night in a different set. While we all chatted. “Yeah.” “Hey Jenny. Approaching her won’t be difficult. “Are you from this city?” This time she replied. By this time. I transitioned into my identity routines. I decided to ramp up the kino by giving Jenny a reason to have her hands all over me. "I didn’t get your name. I was now standing facing her and detached from my group. One of my students winged while I spoke to the florescent brunette. She’s by herself for now. but probably waiting for friends.” She stared at me blankly long enough for me to realize that I might have spoken too fast and abruptly.Style's Uncensored Undisclosed Seduction Techniques Evolve Field Report: An Uncomplicated Cold Approach There’s a thin brunette standing in the smoking area. I just got here last night from LA and I’m looking for some cool places to hang out. I just arrived in town last night and I’m looking for a place to hang out that only a townie would know about. wearing a bright yellow seethrough shirt over a black bra. I moved my group of friends closer to her.” “Great. While we chatted her friend came out and joined the conversation. I just have to be prepared for her friends to come back. telling her what kinds of bars I was into and the reasons those bars excited me.” I was teaching a bootcamp so I had to move this set along faster. and then I opened her. Making sure that my reasons were not just technical. There was even some light touching happening when I made jokes and disqualified her. ." “I’m Jenny. but personal. I’m Evolve. Where should I go?” She responded positively and listed a few different places I should check out. so I downshifted to something simpler. the two of us had given each other our full body language. I leaned back making sure to keep a majority of my body towards the group I came with. “Hey.

but I forgive you.Style's Uncensored Undisclosed Seduction Techniques “Can I tell you guys something insane?” They both seemed excited to listen. a little. “Oh great.” She laughs and yanks hard this time. “I met this girl earlier in the night. We ended up talking about how humid it was here and when she asked if I liked it .” “Oh my god. Don’t be a pussy. I stayed behind to explain to my students what was going on – and to plot my next move. but I ignored them and went on with the story.” I say. “Why didn’t you go home with her?” “She wasn’t my type and I’m not as slutty as I look.” she says. it was way harder than that. We kept chatting until the girls needed to use the restroom and get new drinks.” She grabs my belt from behind and pulls me into her." she says.” “You were way too good at that.I told her that humidity turned me on. while I pull her in front of me. find a place to sit with the girls. All I had to do now was create a window of opportunity to make out with her.” I say. When the girls come back. “I’ll show you what it was like. “You are. now I’m going to feel weird around you all night. “It’s good to know I’m capable of that. “No. “Grab my belt. so I continued. with my hands still on her hips.” “No I’m not.” Jenny and her friends made a joke.” I tell the Jenny. “I told her that humidity always reminds me of sex. .” The girls laughed again. “It was exactly like that.” The girls responded. It was obviously on at this point. and the girl responded ‘now you’re speaking my language’ then grabbed me by the belt and pulled me into her. me and the student who’s been winging me. still leaning against her. I purposefully crash into her chest and reach my hands back to grab her hips. Now her ass is pushed up against my crotch.

“The best place to bite someone is the back of their neck. After she bites him I ask him how it felt and he says. Eventually we end up outside the bar. You’re going to do it to him. that biting thing . “I can’t believe your friend actually bit my friend’s neck. which I am very excited about because it allows for me to easily create a window for a makeout. Okay?” She seems willing so I grab her hips and pull her towards me.” I change conversational topics and bide my time until I see another opportunity to return to this biting gambit or create a new window to kiss her. I can feel the Goosebumps on her arm. “You just haven’t had anyone do it right.Style's Uncensored Undisclosed Seduction Techniques Somehow the conversation shifts onto the topic of biting. Now that you’ve said that we kind of have to make out. “It also kind of turned me on.” she leans in next to my ear. I’m not.” I tell her. they keep things exciting.” “No. I’ll show you. but now that she had said it out loud I’d have to change my strategy. I say. seriously. Her friend jumps in. moving her hair away from her neck. that was the plan. that hurts. knowing it did. She’s crazy.” “Oh. Then I turn her around and slide my hand up the back of her feels awesome. “No.” “Hmm.” “It’s good to have crazy friends. because she could have simply said “no” but I was lucky and she went for it. “Feels good right?” I say. “But. I totally believe it. It wasn’t the best response.” Jenny says. “Yeah. “great. I bend her over just enough so that I can bite the back of her neck.” I tell her. I try to get the whole back of her neck in my mouth then squeeze the muscles tightly and slowly pull back and release.” I said and pointed towards my student. “Oh and I suppose you’re going to show her how.” She was right. right?” . giving her a little shove.

and seed a date for the next day. .” We kiss. get her number.Style's Uncensored Undisclosed Seduction Techniques “You’re correct. All-in-all a very straight forward cold approach. I stick around for a while longer.

) So. I knew it was easy to transition a conversation from Yoga. and anecdotes about my experiences with martial arts. and One Sexy Swede Tyra was a twenty-five-year-old Swedish girl with stereotypically blonde hair. pushing and pulling. 5) You have to move really slowly. by the way. started asking about Tai Chi. but in my opinion the most seductive rules are: 1) Your feet have to stay fixed 2) if you take a step you lose. I ran out the door to find Mojofist. You put your feet in a fixed position and then try to physically off balance your partner by making maneuvering them until their forced to take a step. Push-hands. first I talked it up.” Push-hands. I jumped in. . 3) You have to keep connected physically.” I told him. “We need a quiet place to play. Taoist philosophy. “In about three minutes come to the garage and act like whatever I’m doing is totally normal. I sensed some hesitation. “Hey man. 4) You can’t grab. I had isolated a little too quickly. Once we found ourselves in the garage. she left to use the bathroom. Strategically leading the conversation to a game called push-hands. Come with me. I first noticed her sitting behind me talking to a redhead about yoga. He was standing in the living room. and I’m looking for a good class. a thin pale model’s body and a Scandinavian accent.” He looked at me wide-eyed with the kind of understanding that only a long time wingman could have and nodded his head in agreement. Once she looked like she was excited to play I changed the subject back to Yoga. I did some damage control by comforting her with some short stories. Which led to a number of identity stories about the time I spent in china. While she did that. From past experiences. is an old Taoist game that involves lots of touching. There are a million ways to play. A few moments later. an art that I have little experience with.Style's Uncensored Undisclosed Seduction Techniques Evolve Field Report: Pirates. “Hey. “I feel like I need to teach you this game. but I thought it’d be fun to do something new. After a moment they predictably. I’ve done a lot of Tai Chi. telling her about the meditative aspects of the game. and creating a little extra space between us.” Then I isolated her by saying.” I was quickly welcomed into the conversation. I met her at a dinner party in North Hollywood with Mojofist. I need your help. Asking her a few questions to fill a moment of time then I explained. to Tai Chi (an art that I have learned years ago in China. I seeded it just like I would a date. not to butt in. the lessons I’d learned by playing it and a little about the game’s root in martial arts. my old college roommate. but I heard you talking about Yoga.

” Her nervousness was gone. did something way better. Mojofist said. things like. “I don’t know how long you’ve known Evolve. and shouted. But. He walked towards us and pushed himself into the game. I still felt that awkwardness. The shame is that he hates doing it. looked into the room. So.” I responded. “Are you guys playing push-hands?” “Absolutely. The plan was: When I came back into the room. do you mind if I show him using your arm?” She agreed. “Hey. As planned. being an awesome wing. builds it up. Mojofist pulled up a chair next to her and did the same thing. He said this. Mojofist left the room. He used to sneak into massage class at school to get more practice. Once everything was under control. and said.” She nodded to him while melting into the chair. However. After a few rounds. Try some two player rounds with Mojofist. When I came back into the room. I said.Style's Uncensored Undisclosed Seduction Techniques I made it back to the room before Tyra. Instead Mojofist. “you look so much more comfortable” and “isn’t that relaxing. He mentions it.” Think of this like having a wing seed something for you. you’d be lucky. let’s try the game. .” The reason that I had Mojofist play with her one-on-one before me is because I wanted to transition to a two player game. “I have to get in on this. it was just something his Kung Fu teacher told him he had to learn. “Okay. Having that extra bit of social proof can really help tone down the anxiety in certain situations.” “Tyra.” We put the backsides of our wrists together and started to play the game. but I didn’t want it to seem like I was trying to sleep with her. but if you can get him to give you a massage. can you show her that arm massage you taught me in college. Mojofist walked by. I sat her down on a comfy chair that I found in the hallway. it’s such a great game. I pulled up another chair next to her and held a pressure point on her arm. That’s not what happened. Mojofist would hand her off to me for some two player games and it would look like we were just really into the game. “I’m going to go grab a drink. whispered in her ear. and when you return you can close whatever he’s set up for you.” “Sure.

Without hesitation I started kissing her. when I was separated from Tyra. I will do pretty much anything to avoid that awkwardness of lying next to a girl.Style's Uncensored Undisclosed Seduction Techniques After a few minutes of light massage around the arms and shoulders.” I was sure that they meant to write “1920’s party. I told him. who you should have kissed five minutes ago. then I explained to her that we had to go as pirates from the 1720’s. She jumped at the opportunity to accompany me. I called Tyra and invited her. She agreed. We continued making out. Eventually. I walked Trya to the backyard where we could hang out in the warm California night.. It’s all been very normal. When we stopped I looked deeply into her eyes and said. I noticed a hammock hanging up in the backyard. We chatted for a while and eventually I asked her to come to a party I knew was going on later in the week. When we walked into the party we were greeted with lots of WTs and "I don’t understand" because (nobody how Pirates fit into the "20s" theme.) She loved the attention." Once she was on the hammock she rolled over onto me. “All you have to do is get on the hammock.” but I really think you should specify a century if you’re going to have a historically themed event. Then each went our separate ways. . …. The kiss was passionate and slow. you’re as good as gold. if she joins you. I thought to myself." She pushed me playfully. and now you’re just there in sexual tension purgatory.. but you didn’t. She agreed.. "That was my first time with a Viking. The facebook invite said “20’s Party. and saw my window of opportunity.” . this guy at the party started telling me about how he had dated a Swedish girl and found her to be really forward when it came to anything sexual. but wasn't without its moments of intensity. “I haven’t really experienced that. We walked around for a while chatting with random people.

Tyra in hand. grabbed my hand. whispered.Style's Uncensored Undisclosed Seduction Techniques Less than five minutes after this conversation. “You will take me like pirate?” With a question like that you don't hesitate: I grabbed her hand and marched towards the back yard. kissed me on the cheek then leaned in and. Trya. walked up to me. with that sexy accent.” . As soon as we stepped out the door I turned her around and pushed her up against the wall and initiated what she later described to me as “very pirate sex.

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