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Thomas Byers has been publishing Hubs at Hub Pages for over six years now. You can check out his profile at Hub Pages by Clicking Here Now. Thomas Byers is a priest with the Independent American Catholic Church and he has seen ghosts and other forms of paranormal activity for over fifty years. He likes to help people with ghost or paranormal problems and this publication was created for the purpose of helping people to determine if they really are seeing ghosts, shadow people, or other forms of paranormal activity and to help you to know what you should do about it. This book will always be free. If you paid for it you were ripped off. Email me and I will help you to get your money back.

How To Know If You Have Real Paranormal Activity I've been seeing ghosts and other forms of paranormal activity for over fifty years. Almost everyday I receive a email asking me questions about ghosts and paranormal activity. Most often its a person who was sure until they first saw a ghost or another form of paranormal activity that ghosts were fake. Most emails start with I hope you can help me. I have been getting so many of these emails that I decided to write a book to try to help people who are seeing ghosts or other forms of paranormal activity. What I decided to do was to create a resource book for people who were desperate for help with ghosts or other types of paranormal activity. I'm really here to help you and the best thing I can do is to provide you with a book to determine if you really are seeing ghosts or experiencing paranormal activity. Start Keeping A Carefully Detailed Journal What I suggest you do is to purchase a notebook and start keeping a carefully detailed journal about what is going on in your home or other location right now. If your seeing a ghost or ghosts write down what your seeing and make your notes as detailed as possible. The same thing goes for paranormal activity. If something strange is going on in your house make carefully detailed notes about it. Some of the things you should always write down in your journal are. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. What Did You See? Did Something Strange Or Unusual Happen? Did Other People See Or Experience The Same Thing You Did? Do You Have A Dog Or A Cat? Did It See What You Saw? What Did Your Dog Or Cat Do? Have You Recently Did Remodeling In Your Home? Does Your Dog Or Cat Act Strange Or Unusual At Times? Does Your Cat Or Dog Seem To See Or Play With Something You Can't See? 7. Do You Have Children In Your Home? 8. Do Your Children Seem To Be Experiencing Something Strange Or Unusual? 9. Do Your Children Tell You About Seeing A Person You Don't See? 10. Does Your Child Or Children Tell You About Playing With An Imaginary Friend? 11. Do You Experience Cold Spots In Your Home? 12. Do Lights Go On Or Off On Their Own? 13. Do You Hear Walking Or Other Noises You Can't Explain? 14. Do You Hear Voices Where You Should Not? 15. Do You Ever Smell Floral Scents Or Other Strange Or Unusual Smells.

16. Do Any Of Your Appliances Turn Off Or On By Themselves? 17. Do Any Of Your Doors Open Or Close On Their Own? 18. Do You Find Drawers Or Cabinet Doors Open When You Shouldn't? 19. Do Objects Like Keys Or Remote Controls Seem To Get Moved Or Hidden From You? 20. Do You Feel Like Something Or Someone Is Watching You? 21. Have You Ever Felt Like Someone Touched You? 22. Do You Catch Movement Out Of The Corner Of Your Eye When You Know No One Is There? 23. Is There A Area In Your Home That Makes You Feel Real Uncomfortable? 24. Is There A Room Or Area In Your Home That Your Dog Or Cat Seems To Avoid? 25. Do You Ever Find Objects Moved Around In Your Home? Those are twenty five things that you should pay careful attention to in your home and make carefully detailed notes about in your journal. Always write down what happened or what did you observe and write down the date and the time when the event happened. The more detailed you can make your notes the better off you will be. If you make carefully detailed notes you can refer back to these notes in the future and see what you or other family members have observed and you'll often see patterns develop. Always write down what the weather is like outside if you see a ghost and write down as detailed a description of what you saw as possible. Is There A Logical Explanation For What You Are Seeing Or Hearing? Always look for logical explanations for what your seeing or hearing. Old plumbing in a old house can make sounds that can really scare a already scared or nervous person. Air conditioning or heaters turning off or own can often cause doors to open or close. For instance let me ask you. Is a door in your home apparently opening or closing on its own. The next time it happens be sure to see if the heater or air conditioner turned off or on at the same time. The difference in air pressure can open or close doors. Squirrels Or Raccoons Could Be Making The Walking Sounds In The Attic If your hearing sound or sounds of walking coming from upstairs or from the attic check to see if it is a animal making the noise you are hearing. People will often hear ghost stories about their house and then a squirrel or raccoon will get up in the attic and the person hearing the noise will be convinced they are hearing the ghost of Aunt Ethel or Uncle Marvin up in the attic walking around. If your hearing sounds coming from a attic, crawl space, or basement investigate the area thoroughly. Do you see an animal in the area that could be making the noise or noises you are hearing. Put down baby powder over a area of the floor and go back the next day and check for animal footprints. Look to see if you can find animal droppings. If you suspect its a animal try to close up all entrances or holes and search to make sure the animal is outside. After making sure there is no animal present and making sure it can not get back in do you still hear strange or unusual noises. If you can try to make a tape recording of the noise or noises that your hearing. You can purchase a small electronic digital voice recorder for under fifty dollars. Look for one that is voice activated so you can leave it in a attic or crawl space overnight. The next day carefully listen to any recordings you may have recorded and see what you hear if anything.

One time in a home in Florida a family was hearing what sounded like small children running coming from the attic or upstairs area in their home. When we went out and investigated we discovered it was two large field rats running and playing inside the crawl space that the family was hearing. We recorded the sound and it sounded exactly like small children running and playing. Two small children had died in the home of yellow fever over a hundred years before and the family living in the home had convinced themselves that the sounds of the two field rats running through the crawl space was the ghosts of those two children. If your scared or nervous you can often talk yourself into believing almost anything. Always Look For Logical Explanations For What Is Going On Around You Car lights on a road that is a few streets over can shine through your window at night and reflect in a mirror making you think your seeing a figure or a ghostly light when your in fact seeing the reflection of car lights. When I first investigate a report of a ghost in a new location I go in with a open but skeptical mind. I always try to find a logical explanation for what is going on. If you look for all the logical explanations and your still seeing a ghost or hearing a strange noise you can't find a explanation for you just may have real paranormal activity going on. Ask yourself the below questions. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Am I Really Seeing A Ghost? Or Is There A Logical Explanation For What I Am Seeing? Is It Really A Shadow Person Or A Light Reflection? Could What I'm Hearing Be A Animal Or Possibly Even The Wind? Why Is My Dog Or Cat Acting So Strange? Does My Dog Or Cat See Something I Don't? Does My Child See Something I Can't? Is There A Logical Explanation For What Is Happening In My Home?

If your hearing a knocking sound look around carefully to see if the wind could be blowing a loose board or partly open screen door. Ask for the ghost making the knocking sound to repeat the knocking sound. Use a digital recorder to record the sound if you can. If you ask for the knocking sound to be repeated and it happens two or more times after your initial request then you may really have paranormal activity going on. Or you may not.

The Brown Lady Ghost Photograph In the photo above is the Brown Lady. This is one of the most famous ghost photographs that was ever made. The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall is a ghost, which reportedly haunts Raynham Hall in Norfolk England. It became one of the most famous hauntings in Great Britain when photographers from Country Life magazine claimed to have captured its image. The "Brown Lady" is so named because of the brown brocade dress it is claimed she wears. Experts called in by Country Life stated that the photograph and its negative did not appear to have been interfered with. Since then, however, some critics have claimed that Shira faked the image by painting grease or a similar substance on the lens in the shape of a figure, or by himself deliberately moving down the stairs during an exposure. Others claim that the image is an accidental double exposure or that light somehow got into the camera. Do You Have A Digital Camera If you think you have a ghost or other paranormal activity going on in your home purchase yourself a digital camera. If you think you have ghosts or other paranormal activity in your home take a lot of photos and see what you capture in your photos. If you hear a strange noise in your home aim your digital camera in the direction of the noise and take a few photos. You can upload the photos you take to your computer and blow them up large to check out the photos. Orbs In the below photo you can see orbs. You should know that there are many causes for orbs besides paranormal activity. Insects and reflections of light are two of the most common ways that orbs are created in a photo. Dust and dust particles also create orbs. Though I will tell you that some orbs are a form of paranormal activity.

As with anything else you should always approach a picture of a orb or orbs with skepticism. Ask yourself if its possible that the orb in the photo was created by a insect or dust. If its 20 degrees outside in the winter time it is most likely not a insect causing the orb. But it could be dust or a reflection of light. If you take a photo and a orb shows up in the photo take more photos from various angles and see if you capture more photos of orbs in your photos. Orbs Can Be A Form Of Real Paranormal Activity At one location in a very haunted apartment in Newberry South Carolina I experienced seeing orbs that would come in one bedroom window and seem to bounce around the room before they would go out a different window. That was real paranormal activity. It was not dust or insects causing the orbs we saw in that bedroom. The orbs in that bedroom had an intelligence and they would move about on their own. If you see something like that then your probably seeing something paranormal. History Of Your House Or Property If your seeing a ghost or ghosts or experiencing some form of paranormal activity then you need to find out everything about the history of your house or other type of dwelling and the property it sets on. Just because your house is new doesn't mean that there couldn't have been a old house on the property years ago that was torn down or possibly burned down.

You need access to the deed to your property and you need to do a through back ground check on the property to see what has gone on down through the years on that particular piece of property. Sometimes a ghost or other paranormal activity can be coming from the house down the street. Check out everything with in a mile of your house. Check back issues of your local newspaper. Did something bad happen at your house or the house next door 50-75 years ago. Is it possible that what your experiencing is a residual haunting. If you own the property talk to the former owner or owners to see what they know about the history of your property. Ask if they experienced something strange or unusual when they lived there. In some states in the United States property owners must tell a prospective purchaser of their property if they think the property is haunted. See if you can find out if anyone has ever died in the house where you now live. Under what circumstances did the person die. Often if its a murder or a suicide you may have a ghost in the house. If you do have a ghost try your best to find out who it was when it was alive and try to learn the history of what happened and why might the ghost be there. Often in locations where a suicide happened or a violent or accidental death happened you will have a haunting. If you think you know who the ghost is try to talk to it and try to record its voice with your digital recorder. Ask questions and then play back the recording to see if you quite possibly caught something being said on the recording that you did not hear. This quite often happens. Many times over the years I've caught voices on the recording that I did not hear answer me while I was making the recording. So be sure that you carefully go through and listen to your entire recording. Sometimes you'll be really surprised at what you hear. It can at times get real spooky. Things You Will Need To Do Your Own Paranormal Investigation 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Digital Electronic Recorder. Digital Camera. Journal , To Record What Happens , Your Observations And Notes. An Open Mind. Do Careful Detailed Research To Learn Everything You Can.

You just never know what you will discover. Keep your recordings, digital photos , and journals so you can refer back to them and possibly you will be able to gather evidence that ghosts and paranormal activity really do occur. Make careful detailed notes about what you see. Be sure to record as much detail as possible. Be sure to include the date and the time that anything happens. If anyone else sees what you see or experiences what happens to you make a careful detailed note about this.

Old graveyards like the one above in the photo can be a hot bed of paranormal activity. The graveyard in the photo is the old cemetery on Boundary Street in Newberry South Carolina. This is one of the most haunted cemeteries that I've ever been around. Often if a graveyard is not kept up it seems that it can cause spirits to become restless. St Michael's Prayer Of Protection

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle; be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray: and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen. If you feel the need for protection from a spirit or ghost pray the above prayer and it will help to protect you.

Ask A Priest Or Preacher To Bless Your House If you live in a house where you fear that there is a evil presence then you may want to ask a preacher or a priest in to bless your house. Most preachers or priests will be glad to help you with this if you ask them. I suggest going to the church or church parsonage and ask the preacher or priest to please come to your house and bless your house. Ghosts Can't Hurt You But They Can Scare You A ghost or spirit is most likely not going to hurt you. But if your a person that's easily scared or your a real nervous person you can be scared really bad by a ghost or by paranormal activity. I've been seeing ghosts and various forms of paranormal activity now for over fifty years and other than a couple of scratches I've never been harmed by a ghost or spirit. But there have been times when I felt the hair stand up on the back of my neck and on my arms. The first time that you see a ghost or a spirit I guarantee you that its going to be an experience that your never going to forget. The first time I ever saw a ghost that I remember I was four years old. I and my Grandfather were walking down a dirt road when we came walking up near a old house from the Civil War era. As we approached the front of the house there was a lady wearing a gray dress sweeping the front porch. As I looked at her I suddenly noticed her feet didn't touch the floor of the porch. I grabbed my grandfathers hand and he told me don't worry everything is okay. He told me she can't hurt us. At about that time she vanished and the broom she had been holding fell to the floor of the porch. I remember to this day the feeling that came over me at that moment. Its something that I have never forgotten. I later found out that she had died many years before and that she stayed there because she had unfinished business. Her sons had been killed in the American Civil War and they never came back home. As far as I know that lady is still trapped there in time waiting for her sons to return home. Its often reasons like this that a person doesn't move on when they die or are killed. They think or feel like they have unfinished business and they stay around trying to finish what ever they were doing while they were still alive. Let me tell you something. I don't know if you believe in ghosts and paranormal activity or not but I can assure you that ghosts are very real. Once you ever see one you'll know. I like knowing that life does not end when we die. There is life after death. A Word Of Caution Is Needed Here

Never play with spirits or ghosts. I believe that people can play with things they should not mess around with and get themselves into trouble. I would never play around with objects like Ouija Boards. You could with out meaning to open a door way and allow a demon or dark spirit into your house. I will tell you here that demons are very real. Never play around with the Occult, Ouija Boards or similar objects. If you have played with a Ouija Board and bad things have started to happen at your house you need to seek the help of a preacher or priest. Tell the preacher or priest what you have been doing and ask for help. Ghosts Are Not Demons I know there are people who believe that all ghosts are demons. That is simply not true. I have seen the ghost of my mother and her mother who is my grandmother many times after their death. I and my mother had a deal that which ever one of us died would if possible contact the other and let them know that everything was okay. Just a few days after my moms death in 2010 she let me know that she was still around. When it happened it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. At the time I and a friend had a toy rocking horse in my living room. If you slapped the horse on the side it would make a sound like a real horse galloping. A few days after my mom's death I was in the living room. All at once while I was looking at my mom's pictures on the wall in my living room the horse started making the galloping sound and started rocking back and forth on its own. It did it for about a minute and then it stopped. I said mom if that's you do it again. Almost at once the horse started up again rocking and making the galloping sound. I was stunned. There is no way it was anything but my mom. She was letting me know that she was still around and that she was okay. It was truly one of the most amazing things that ever happened to me in my life.

If you would like you can read all about my experiences with my mom's ghost. Click Here to read all the stories about my mom's ghost which started appearing after my mom's death in 2010. One Of The Most Amazing Ghost Stories Ever Told My Mom down through the years told one of the most amazing ghost stories that you have ever heard. Before her death I was able to video tape my mom telling her amazing ghost story. You can Click Here to hear my mom tell her amazing ghost story in her own words. Have You Been Seeing A Ghost Or Shadow Person?

If you've been seeing a ghost or shadow person don't think your crazy. I know it may be hard for you to believe but some people can see ghosts and other forms of paranormal activity while other people can not. Why this is I don't know. But I do know its true. I know a lot of people who see ghosts and I know people who claim that they have never seen a ghost or any type of paranormal activity. No one knows why this happens. But it does happen. Over the last fifty years or so I've collected many ghost stories from many different people. Some people may be making up stories. But in many cases people are telling the truth. They really are seeing something. Something is really there. Something is really happening. Why don't everyone see ghosts I don't know. If your seeing ghosts or experiencing some type of paranormal activity your not crazy. Other people just like you including myself and a lot of people I know see ghosts and other forms of paranormal activity on a regular basis. Its okay if its happening to you.

If it is happening to you I would like I said earlier start keeping a journal and make carefully detailed notes about what is going on. If you can do your own research and try to find out everything possible about the history of your house. Try your best to discover the identity of the ghost that is appearing to you. You can do your own research and try to find out why the ghost or ghosts in your house are still there. What is the unfinished business that they need to finish. Contact Me If You Wish If you want to you can contact me if you would like to talk about your experiences. Send a email to with “ Ghosts “ in the subject line and I will contact you as soon as possible. Yes that is the correct email address. Send it just like that and be sure to put “ Ghosts “ in the subject line. If your experiencing seeing a ghost or ghosts or your having paranormal experiences I really would like to hear from you. I would like to hear about what your seeing. I may not be able to tell you why your seeing what your seeing but I'm willing to listen. And if I can help you in any way I will. If you have specific questions feel free to ask them.

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The next section of this book is to help you if you plan on becoming a ghost hunter, plan on doing paranormal investigations, or you need to remove a ghost or ghosts from your home.

How to Become a Ghost Hunter
Becoming a ghost hunter is a fun and educational hobby that's bound to pique a lot of interest when brought up at dinner parties. If you have always been fascinated by the paranormal and think you have the chops for doing some investigation on your own, becoming a ghost hunter may be just the path for you. Study the subject. Read everything you can on ghost sightings, spirits, orbs and apparitions to get an idea of what these phenomena are and how ghost hunters go about investigating them.

Join a local ghost hunting group. The best way to become a ghost hunter is to just get out there and do it. If there's not a local group in your area start one. Consider taking a class. While formal training isn't required to become a ghost hunter, the information that can be gleamed from an organized class with a knowledgeable instructor is invaluable. Buy some ghost hunting equipment. If you don't have these already, invest in a digital camera, a notebook and pens, a tape recorder and a flashlight. As you gain knowledge and experience, you may also want to consider purchasing an EMF detector-a device commonly used by ghost hunters to detect disturbances in electric and magnetic fields. Start hunting. Research local sites that are rumored to be haunted or where ghostly activity has been witnessed or recorded. Use the techniques you learned from your fellow ghost hunters or from your own studies to conduct an investigation. Be sure to record your findings for the benefit of other ghost hunters. Never trespass when ghost hunting. Always ask permission before you go onto private property. Get permission in writing if you can. Be sure to have the phone number and name of the person who gave you permission. This way you won't get in trouble with a angry police officer.

Doing A Paranormal Investigation
Research the site of the paranormal experience. Ask neighbors about the history of the house or look

for old newspaper articles that give information about past happenings in the house. The former property owners and the local police may also have some enlightening information. Set up a video camera in the area where the paranormal experience occurred. The camera may catch objects moving or lights being turned on or off. Walk around the house, looking for dramatic changes in temperature. These can be detected with a thermometer or by physical feel. Paranormal beings are said to create cold spots in the area when a manifestation occurs. If a cold spot is detected, take pictures with a digital camera in all directions from the cold spots. Remember to take photos toward the ceiling also. Carry a voice recorder from room to room. Ask the questions, "Is anybody here? Would you like to tell us anything?" Wait a few moments and continue to the next room. Paranormal voices or sounds may be heard on playback. Use a motion detector to monitor for movement. Some nightlights will activate if they sense any movement. Set up another video camera where the motion detector is located, allowing the investigator the chance to see what sets off the motion detector.

Tips & Warnings
Always trust your "gut" feeling. If it says, "Time to leave," it would be a good idea to listen. People's intuition can pick up on paranormal activity, creating an uncomfortable feeling. Don't investigate paranormal activity alone. In case of an accident it is always good to have someone around to help in an emergency. Also always tell someone where the investigation is occurring, in case something happens and assistance needs to be sent. Never threaten or dare paranormal activity to occur. Some spirits may not react very nicely if they are not respected or treated politely. Always pray a prayer of protection if you are doing ghost hunting or paranormal investigations. You can find the prayer of protection to St Michael in this book.

How to Remove Ghosts From Your Home
The joy of having your own home can, at times, be lessened by the addition of less desirable inhabitants. Sometimes, you realize that your home contains residual energy that manifests as a haunting. It can be strange noises, apparitions or poltergeist activity. Whatever the energy chooses to show itself as, you may wish to have it removed from your home to restore some peace, regardless of whether it is malevolent or friendly. The steps you need to take in order to safely remove the spirit are fairly straightforward, and both you and the entity can be put at ease. Try talking with the spirit before any attempts to remove it. Most spirits are harmless and will respond positively if you simply talk to them. Tell the spirit that you mean it no harm and that you would like to coexist peacefully with it. Buy or make a smudging stick from dried sage leaves. To make one, simply gather a large bundle of dried sage leaves and tie them together with string. Light the smudging stick and walk around the house, allowing the smoke from the leaves to cleanse your home of any negative energy. Say a prayer to whichever deity you choose as you cleanse.

Call in a medium or a priest if your home is still experiencing activity after following the above steps. Have them perform a blessing on the home to try and make things more peaceful. See if the medium can figure out what it is that the spirit wants from you before it will pass over. Do not pay anyone for this service. You should be able to find someone to do this service for you for free. Perform an exorcism on your home only if you feel there are no other choices. Have a trained priest perform the exorcism to get the spirits to pass into the light and leave your home.

Tips & Warnings
Only resort to an exorcism of your home as a last result. Try sprinkling salt around your home, as salt is said to have spirit-warding properties.

Despite it seeming like a good idea, the use of a Ouija board or a seance to contact the spirit or spirits is not recommended. By using such a board, you are opening yourself and your home up to more paranormal activity and it may be even harder to rid yourself of whatever chooses to contact you. Do not antagonize whatever is within your home, especially if it is malevolent, as it may choose to do harm to you or your family.

How to Remove Spirits From Your House
Paranormal activity in your home may range from disquieting to downright dangerous. Even if the spirits mean no harm, you may be keen to get them out of your house. Methods exist for cleansing your home of this activity, but you must exercise caution. Doing this alone is a risky procedure. You should always consult a local exorcist or a trusted clergy member before attempting to cleanse your home.


Step 1
Write out a prayer or chant for cleansing your home. This may include firm (but not rude) commands to leave in the name of Christ or your personal god or goddess. It may also include reasons for wanting the spirits to leave and what they should take with them, such as, "In the name of God, let all spirits and negativity leave this house in peace." Keep the chant concise and simple.

Step 2
Fill a small glass bottle with holy water. You can get holy water from a Catholic church or have water blessed by clergy from your religion. Place your thumb over the top of the bottle so only a little comes out at a time.

Step 3
Walk slowly around your house, starting in the back and moving toward the front door. Sprinkle holy water around doorways, windows, closet doors and other openings as you go. Repeat your chant as you walk in an authoritative, firm voice.

Step 4
Repeat the chant with sea salt. The salt crystals contain pure energy that will banish negative spirits and encourage others to leave. Sprinkle a little across each door, on window sills and in the corners of rooms.

Step 5
Repeat your chant with a smudge stick. The sage smoke is cleansing and will drive out anything trying to linger. Wave the smoke as you sprinkled the water around all openings in your home.

Step 6
Light a black candle in each room. Black banishes negative presences. Say your chant as you light each candle. Let them burn about halfway, and then light a white candle next to each black candle. White is purifying.

Step 7

Light a small stick of sandalwood, frankincense or myrrh incense in each room. Let the incense and white candles burn down together to finalize the purification of your home.

Tips & Warnings
Cleanse each story of your home, including the attic and the basement. If one part of your home seems more haunted than the rest, end the removal ritual in that place. The spirits shouldn't be able to escape into your freshly cleansed home. They will be forced to leave. If you or your family has been scratched, made ill, burned, or severely oppressed or emotionally attacked by the spirits in your home, do not try to remove them on your own. Contact a local exorcist, paranormal expert or trusted clergy member immediately. If you are attacked during your ritual, stop and leave your home. Contact a trusted clergy member or exorcist immediately.

Some Final Words
If you have a ghost or ghosts in your home your not crazy. Lots of people see ghosts and other forms of paranormal activity including me. I hope you found the information in this book helpful. If you still need help and can't find it in your local area contact me. I will answer your emails. If you want to you can contact me if you would like to talk about your experiences. Send a email to with “ Ghosts “ in the subject line and I will contact you as soon as possible.

Yes that is the right email address and yes it does have a + sign in it. This is the way G Mail is set up to make sure I get your email. Again this book was put together to help people who are having trouble with a ghost or with paranormal activity. This book is free and will always be free. If someone charged you for it let me know. I hope you found the information helpful and thanks for reading. I hope you find peace. Thanks Thomas Byers