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Instruction : Answer ALL questions.

A typewriter B letters


The computer is a collection of devices that function as a _________ . A unit B symbol C menu D typewriter 5.

C output D input

When you delete a file or folder, it doesnt actually get deleted right away, it goes to the _________ . A Recycle Bin


The most basic collection includes a computer CPU, a monitor, a ________ and a mouse. A desktop B case C keyboard D calculator

B My Computer


Internet Explorer My Document


The computer monitor is the computer users __________ into the workings of the computer. A video B signal C window D television


Things you can see and touch on a computer or inside a computer are called ___________ . A B C D hardware software instruction data


The keyboard is the primary ________ device used to communicate with the computer.

7. ___________ is the result of a computer process. It can be viewed

on a monitor screen, heard through speakers, or printed on papers. A B C D hardware software output input 11.

C computer D monitor

It is best to ask and to compare ______ before you buy a computer A shapes B monitor

8. Processing which is the conversion of input to output is done inside the computer in an area called the ___________ . A B C D CPU modem hard disk networking 12.

C features D casing

In November 1985, Microsoft came out the first version of __________ called Microsoft Windows 1.0. A operating system B graphic card C sound card

9. Input, Processing, _________ and Output are the four basic operations of a computer system. A B C D Storage Document Accessories Windows 13.

D hard disk

A computer is an electronic device that can perform a variety of operation with a set of instruction called _________ . A process B program C procedure


Using the _____________ , its easy to add, delete, or rearrange words. A typewriter B mouse

D product


Paint includes a handy collection of __________ tools in the toolbox. You can use these tools to create freehand drawings and add a variety of shapes to your pictures. A painting B drawing C computing D spelling


colours lines curves shapes

18. Microsoft Paint is a simple _______ editing program that is included with Microsoft Windows. A sounds graphics video word

15. After you have started the computer, the area you are looking at is called the __________ . A B C D desktop windows icons taskbar 19.


16. Windows have frames and contain minimize, resize and close button in the upper _________ corner. A B C D top left centre right When started, Paint displays a default drawing area which is called the ___________ . A area B window

17. Some tools, like the Rectangle and ellipse, let you add __________ to your drawing.

C frame D canvas


There are ___________ running along the side and base of the Paint window with which you can draw or alter your picture. A drawing tools B programs C colours D toolbars