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Issue No. 172 Fortnightly email mini-magazine from Gopal Jiu Publications
3 March 2008 Śrī Vijaya Ekādaśī, 11 Govinda, 521 Gaurābda Circulation, 2,047



His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


Sri Srimad Gour Govinda Swami Maharaja

Sri Sajjana Toshani

PREACHING AND MANAGEMENT movement are not different from the spiritual
His Divine Grace A. C.
cultivation of Krishna consciousness.
Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (Purport to Bhāg. 5.16.3.)
The first point of management is Just do all our routine work nicely. This
to see to it that each and every routine program is the backbone of our
member in the temple is chanting movement, and we stand solid on such
sixteen rounds regularly and programs as chanting, speaking, ārati, reading
following the regulations. That is the scriptures, and prasādam. These things are
our spiritual strength. That must sufficient for us. Any sane man will be
be executed. (Conversation with attracted to such a program. And if we
the GBC in Los Angeles, 25 May 1972.) perform everything nicely and always seize
every opportunity to preach about Krishna,
Preaching is more important than that is our formula for success. Of course,
managing. Because you are preaching nicely management must be there, but if the
and distributing so much prasādam, the preaching work is strong, the management
management will follow like a shadow, and will automatically be strong. So in all cases,
Krishna will send you no end of help. (Letter become a very good preacher, and this will
to Satsvarupa, 21 November 1971.) please me very much.
In our preaching work we deal with so As preachers, we do not require elaborate
much property and money, and so many temples for our work. No, we are content to
books bought and sold, but because these live under a tree. So long as the preaching
dealings all pertain to the Krishna work is going on, never mind that there is no
consciousness movement they should never temple. Of course, in your western countries
be considered material. That one is absorbed people must have a comfortable place to sit
in thoughts of such management does not down, otherwise they will not come to chant.
mean that he is outside of Krishna So as soon as possible you may get a nice place
consciousness. If one rigidly observes the and invite the general public by making it
regulative principle of chanting sixteen very attractive. (Letter to Lochanananda, 8
rounds of the mahā-mantra every day, his December 1971.)
dealings with the material world for the sake Since you are now a leader, Krishna is forcing
of spreading the Krishna consciousness you to become a very responsible and
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advanced devotee. This is Krishna’s special into a sadhu. That is preaching. (Room
favor upon you. So now you must make sure Conversation with sannyāsīs in Vrindavan. 15
that all the boys and girls who come to the March 1974.) [article to be continued] 
temple are given all facility to perfect their lives
in Krishna consciousness; you must give them GRHASTHA DHARMA AND THE
good advice and instruction. You must be the STORY OF THE JACKAL
perfect example of a Krishna conscious devotee. Sri Srimad Gour Govinda Swami Maharaja
How is that? Follow the regulative principles
Ghastha-āśrama means that there is some
very diligently, maintain the highest level of
concession for material enjoyment, but it is
standard in the routine work such as rising early,
restricted. As a brahmacārī, one is trained how
cleansing, chanting, temple worship, street
to control his senses and mind. Ghastha-āśrama
sakīrtana etc., and always keep the devotees
comes after such brahmacārī training. For
satisfied. If your preaching work is strong, the
twenty-five years, up to the fiftieth year, one
management will be automatically easy. And
remains in household life and gets some sexual
the preaching work is strong if our routine work
enjoyment. He has this enjoyment, and that
is strong. Never neglect our regular program,
enjoyment — sons and daughters — there is so
and that will be your success. (Letter to
much burden on him that he can’t sleep at night.
Suchandra, 11 January 1972.)
He is simply crying, crying, crying. The wife’s
If you get a place, simply hold our standard demands are there, the son’s and daughter’s
program of kīrtana with class morning and demands are there. He feels like, “Oh, they are
evening, inviting friends and other people that devouring me!” He is an old man now. “I earn
you meet. In this way develop things gradually. this much money, but there are so many
We are not in a hurry to get a big, big house demands. What to do?” Now he has gained
and a comfortable position. Our first and this experience. Therefore there is a saying,
foremost business is to spread Krishna “One who has eaten a dilīka la ū, he laments;
consciousness. So utilize every opportunity and one who has not eaten, he also laments.”
that Krishna gives you for preaching his There is a story about a jackal that once saw
message; that is the real meaning of temple a field of sugarcane. He entered into this field
management. (Letter to Sama Das and and had the desire to eat that sweet cane.
Sammita Dasi, 4 January 1973.) There he saw something that was shaped like
You can construct a nice temple there a honeycomb — a round shaped wasp’s nest.
immediately, but you say there are no He thought, “Oh, this is the fruit of sugarcane.
devotees, so how can the temple management A fruit like a big ball! Sugarcane is so sweet,
be executed? This is the problem. So you are thus the fruit must be much sweeter. So I must
eat the fruit first.” So he started to eat it. The
conversant in the local language. If by
wasps came out. Sting, sting...
preaching you bring some sincere souls to join
“WAAHAAOHHAHH!” “No more! No more
you then it will be successful. Just like in
eating from that ball-like fruit!” That is why
Europe and America, I went single-handedly,
it is said that in your youth you have the desire
and by preaching work the boys responded
to eat this round, ball-shaped fruit, but when
and therefore we can see some light of success.
you gain enough experience about what that
(Letter to Gour Govinda, 6 September 1976.)
enjoyment is, when you have gotten stung,
Our preaching means that people are useless you understand: “OH, NO MORE! NO
and we have to train them in such a way that MORE! NO MORE!” At the fiftieth year, one
they may take to Krishna consciousness. That who has been a ghastha, who has already
is our management. But if one is completely eaten a dilīka la ū, is crying. And one who
incorrigible, then he will be asked to leave. He has not eaten, he also laments, “Oh, I have
must be trained by our example, by our not eaten it. How is it? Let me eat.”
teaching, by our word. He should be corrected. Therefore the guru says, “All right. Go,
You cannot expect that everyone who has come become a ghastha. Accept a wife. Gain some
here will be a sadhu. It is not that. We collect experience. Enjoy ... and get the reaction.”
from ordinary men, but we have to make him Then, “No more.” You will give it up.
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Issue One hundred seventy two, Page — 3
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In the Śrīmad Bhāgavatam (11.18.43) K a-bhakta-putra, a vai ava son. One who will
Krishna tells Uddhava what the duty of a become a devotee and thereby render service
householder is: to the senses of Krishna.
brahmacarya tapa śauca santo o bhūta-sauhdam Krishna says in the Gītā [7.11]:
ghasthasyāpy tau gantu sarve ā mad-upāsanam dharmāviruddho bhūte u kāmo ‘smi bharatar abha
Chastity, penance, purity, peacefulness and “I am sex life that is not contrary to religious
kindness to all living beings constitute ghastha- principles.”
dharma. A ghastha approaches his wife for This verse says, “principles of religion”. This
procreation at the proper time after her is part of ghastha-dharma. This is a principle
menstrual period. Only on those days of religion: He must only go to his wife for
sanctioned by scriptures is it considered chaste. procreation when the proper time is there,
That is a ghastha. Worship of Hari should be when she has finished her menstruation, and
practiced by everyone, whether one is a she is willing, desirous of having a child. Then
brahmacārī, ghastha, vānaprastha, or sannyāsī. the husband must go and give her a child.
Brahmacarya means “celibacy”. A ghastha That is dharma, ghastha-dharma. 
is also a brahmacārī. He is known as an — From a lecture in Bhubaneswar, 12 April 1995.

upakurvā a-brahmacārī, one who takes the

vow of celibacy up to a certain age. There are ASSOCIATED COUNTERPART
two types of brahmacārīs: nai ika-brahmacārī, PART ONE
one who lives in lifelong celibacy, and Sri Sajjana Toshani
upakurvā a-brahmacārī. A nai ika-brahmacārī
strictly follows the rules and regulations of Vol. XXV June 1927
the brahmacārī āśrama and becomes free from Sri Sajjana Toshani did not cite an author’s
all material desires. He never discharges a name for this article. Since Srila Bhaktisiddhanta
drop of semen. brāhma o ‘gnir iva jvalan — Saraswati Thakur was the journal’s editor in June
A brāhma a observing the great vow of of 1927, so we can assume it was written either
celibacy becomes brilliant like fire. [Bhāg. directly by him or under his supervision.
11.17.36] He is not allowed to accept The Sanskrit word “guru” ordinarily means
marriage, but remains in the guru-gha, the “heavy”, as opposed to “laghu”, meaning
house of the guru, till the end of life. He is “light”. In its technical and etymological sense,
the proper candidate for sannyāsa. the meaning of the term is, “One who by his
If the guru observes, “No, he has material super-human (atimartya) personality, as well
desires, so he cannot remain a brahmacārī as by the light of the transcendent force of his
throughout life. He should go and marry.” He devout character, dispels the dark ignorance
has already practiced brahmacarya, he has of the human heart and instills himself into
already been given training how to control his
the lives of those who unconditionally and
mind and senses during the brahmacārī period.
sincerely surrender themselves to his divine
Unless one becomes a brahmacārī in the guru-
feet.” Such is the great personality, the highest
gha, he cannot become a proper ghastha. He
ideal that bears the appellation of guru in the
becomes a gha-vrata, a ghamedhī, attached
śastras. Hence the śruti␣says:
to home and hearth, wife, son and daughter
and all kinds of enjoyments until the last breath tad-vijñānārtha sa gurum evābhigacchet
of his life. He cannot give it up. Prahlad samit-pā i śrotriya brahma-ni ham
Maharaja says that he is adānta-gobhi — “He To know Godhead fully, one should completely
has no control over his senses. puna punaś and most humbly surrender himself to the holy
carvita-carva ānām — He is chewing the feet of a guru who is versed in the śrauta-śāstras
chewed again and again.” [Bhāg 7.5.30] and is ever devoted to brahman. [Mu aka
Upani ad 1.2.12]
Thus, brahmacarya comes first and foremost.
The upakurvā a-brahmacārī is one type of Some may question this, saying, “What can
brahmacārī. Therefore we have strict regulations. be more intolerable than to submit our
The purpose of marriage, of accepting a wife, is conduct — nay, the whole course of our
to produce a worthy son. Who is a worthy son? spiritual life — to another ’s control?”
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One é[q k* Z<ak QaaMa*Ta ibNdu
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Verily, resignation, submission or complete power of mundane knowledge. The ācārya is the
obedience come into direct collision with the embodiment of all godliness.
ordinary activities, based on empiricism, of Guru or the spiritual guide is the God-sent
our misdirected free will — activities that superhuman personality to save us from the
always lead us to the pursuit of the senses. bondage of empiricism. We are not to look
It is easier to tolerate fasts and austerities upon him or trust in him or his transcendent
or to part with any of the necessities of life wisdom as if he were a mortal being.
than to submit one’s will to that of another Thereby we would be totally led astray from
who is a devout follower of the the path of devotion (bhakti). The spiritual
transcendent truth (adhok aja satya). pastor to whom we submit is the
However, to sincerely surrender oneself to ambassador of Vishnu to lead us into the
the highest ideal is the greatest of all eternal kingdom of Vaikuntha, i.e. the
sacrifices, and it is the only royal road to kingdom that is free from all form of want.
the goal of unbounded eternal bliss. Godhead helps us, speaks to us through his
As students of the empirical school, we associated counterpart, our eternal spiritual
are also expected to think, “We may obey master, the guru. We can never so surely
discover God’s will, God’s voice, as through
god, but why do we need to obey a guru?”
the channel of humble obedience and sincere
In anticipation of such words coming from
surrender to our spiritual master, so
our lips as the outcome of unconscious
emphatically taught and devoutly practiced
apathy towards Godhead, God himself tells
by all true devotees of olden times. The
us in language that cannot be spiritual guide or ācārya is our model — the
misunderstood [Bhāg. 11.17.27]: highest ideal before us. Influenced by pride,
ācārya mā vijānīyān navamanyeta karhicit vanity or self-sufficiency, we should not
na martya-buddhyāsūyeta sarva-deva-mayo guru shrink from following in his footsteps. We
You should know that the ācārya is the associated should take a vow of sincere obedience to
counterpart of myself. He should never be the divine words of our spiritual guide,
disregarded in any way. The transcendent remembering him to be the most beloved —
conduct of the ācārya should not be measured the associated counterpart of Godhead —
and found fault with by using the very limited who condescends to come down from
) Vaikuntha to lead us to our original abode.
Without such a spiritual guide or guru, a
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