The Mixing

Oops ... gotta go!

“He said, ‘My presence will go with you, and I’ll give you rest’” (Exodus 33:14 ISV). Resting in the Lord is a necessary part of our Christian walk. If we want to carry His peace, comfort, and counsel with us throughout the day, it benefits us to take time to pause and speak to God and let Him speak to us.
Jesus, how do I rest in You?

I have just the ideas for you!

Here's what'll help you personally!

If you find you don’t know how to rest in the Lord, it may help to tell Jesus, “Teach me something about Your stillness. Teach me how to rest in You.” And then wait a while. Let Him have your complete attention and your time, so that He can teach you. Ask Him what resting means for you, and how it would best work for you.

It’s as if Jesus has all the ingredients needed to bake a delicious cake for you, but in order to prepare it all, He needs a bowl where He can mix everything. Your time is like that bowl, without which Jesus’ ingredients will have no place to be mixed.

To learn how to rest in Jesus, go to His “kitchen” and place your “bowl” before Him and ask Him to mix those ingredients that He knows will work best for you. As you wait on His kitchen table, He can explain to you which ingredients are needed. Maybe He’ll show you that a teaspoon of praise mixed together with a cup of prayer will be the right ingredients for you.

Once those ingredients are in the bowl, once you’ve taken those steps, He’ll mix and prepare the batter—causing those steps to go to work in your spirit, heart, and life, baking the most delicious cake of benefits of resting in Him.

There, I think that covers everything the Lord showed me to do.

You’re doing so well!

As you give Him this time, He will do what you can’t do, making the time spent with Him effective, filling your heart and spirit with His peace, direction, comfort—whatever it is that you need.

The best part of baking this special “cake” with Jesus is that you’ll taste and see that He is good (Psalm 34:8). You’ll see how resting in Him makes your day go better. It gives you more peace; it helps you to get your schoolwork and other jobs done peacefully and calmly, without feeling frazzled, stressed, and under pressure. I’m so
happy I got to bake this with you!

Mmm … excellent!

“Give your burdens to the LORD, and He will take care of you” (Psalm 55:22 NLT). Today give Him your time and watch as He fills it with what He knows is best!

Originally published July 2009; adapted. Illustrations by Sandra Reign. Design by Stefan Merour. Copyright © 2013 by The Family International

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