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Transport & amenities

The three stations on West End Lane are used by more than 13 million people each year Whos responsible? Underground: TfL Overground: TfL West Hampstead Thameslink: Network Rail (land) and First Capital Connect (service) Roads: Camden (except Kilburn High Road and Finchley Road: TfL) Buses: TfL Traffic Lights: TfL Whats the big thing I need to know: The Overground SHOULD be getting a lift, the Underground probably wont be Who can I speak to about issues here Either the responsible body, or local lobby group WHAT (

Business mix
There are 30 estate agents in West Hampstead Whos responsible? The private sector Camden for its own properties and for licence applications/change of use West Hampstead Business Association Whats the big thing I need to know: If you dont use a shop you like then the chances are it wont survive Who can I speak to about issues here For a licence or change of use app: your local councillor (see page 5) For broader issues on the business mix youd like to see: the NDF (see page x) CAMDEN TOWN CENTRE POLICY

Business mix
Isnt the government trying to revive the High Street? The Portas review concludes with a vision of the high street as ...a civic not a private space...a shared resource in which people come together to create value and share experiences... multifunctional and social places which offer a clear and compelling purpose and experience thats not available elsewhere, and which meets the interests and needs of the local people.

Sounds great?
Ten of the 12 government-funded "Portas Pilot" towns have seen a fall in the number of occupied retail units.

Housing, development and architecture

The architects behind the proposed Handrail House development on Maygrove Road, also designed the Olympic Velodrome Whos responsible? Camden planning department and Camden councillors (for large developments) City Hall for setting the London-wide plan National planning frameworks (and Eric Pickles, minister for Communities & Local Gov)

Whats the big thing I need to know: West Hampstead has been identified as an area for intensification in the London Plan and a growth area in Camdens Local Development Framework (LDF). The LDF suggests capacity for ~1000 new homes and 7,000 sq m of business space over the next 15 years Who can I speak to about issues here For existing plans: Camden (councillors or planning dept.) To shape the areas future development: Neighbourhood Development Forum

Who are my councillors?

Greater West Hampstead covers all of West Hampstead and Fortune Green wards, and a large part of Swiss Cottage ward (South Hampstead) and Kilburn ward. Councillors: West Hampstead: Keith Moffitt, John Bryant, Gillian Risso-Gill (all Lib Dems) Fortune Green: Flick Rea, Russell Eagling, Nancy Jirira (all Lib Dems) Swiss Cottage: Andrew Marshall, Don Williams, Roger Freeman (all Conservatives) Kilburn: Mike Katz, Maryam Eslamdoust, Thomas Gardiner (all Labour) To e-mail them: Next election: 2014

How do I find out which ward Im in?

Whos my MP?
Glenda Jackson, Labour. Shes standing down at the next election

Whos my MEP?
London has 8 MEPs they are not allocated regions within London

Whos my London Assembly Member?

Andrew Dismore (Labour) represents Barnet & Camden

Whats the Neighbourhood Development Forum?

A voluntary organisation set up in response to the Government's implementation of the Localism Act. Its main aim is to create a Neighbourhood Development Plan. This is a statutory planning document, containing planning policies relating to our area, which will influence planners and developers when making planning decisions. The area around the underground and railway stations is due for renovation there are many local people who are concerned that the final overall outcome will not match local aspirations. Although some development has already started, or has been approved, there is still power for local residents and businesses, through an NDP, to influence the overall final impact of the independent developments. There is also concern that smaller scale development is not always in keeping with the needs and character of the area, and here an NDF can prescribe quite closely how the area will develop in the future.

Background reading (1/2)

The London Plan: Camdens Local Development Framework: The Neighbourhood Development Forum: West Hampstead Lifes planning articles:

Section 106 and the Community Infrastructure Levy

Camden planning policy Camden Core Strategy (contains specific policies that planning applications should meet)

Background reading (2/2)

Making the planning system work more efficiently and effectively Camdens Placeshaping Document: Camdens website is generally a good place to go for information on anything in the borough. For West Hampstead news, its always worth searching on or look at the word cloud on the site.