Developing an Orthodontic Service scape: Dr.

Crane’s Dilemma In layman terms, orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry that addresses the treatment of improper bites that are the result of tooth irregularity, misalignment of the jaw, or both. The term, orthodontics, originates from the Greek words orthos (meaning straight or proper), and odons (meaning tooth). The majority of clients that seek out orthodontic services are looking to improve the general appearance of their teeth and/or to improve the functionality of their teeth by improving bite. Dentists seeking to become orthodontists typically engage in two- to three-year full-time postgraduate study. The typical orthodontist in the United States earns approximately $121,000 a year. As a young orthodontist, Dr. Crane started in his practice in Fort Collins, Colorado. His office was quite small but accommodated the functional needs of his early practice. The vast majority of Dr. Crane’s patients consisted of young clients between the ages of 8 and 16, but also included a growing practice of adult orthodontic patients. The typical fee for orthodontic services ranged from $3,000 to $5,000 per patient. Over the years, Dr. Crane’s reputation as an orthodontist and the professional and friendly manner in which he and his staff treated patients spread quickly throughout the town. Within a handful of years, Dr. Crane’s office was typically mentioned as the number one provider in terms of orthodontic care. In fact, Dr. Crane’s services became so popular that his waiting room often overflowed onto a deck located outside the office. The deck offered comfortable seating during warmer months, but was not a practical solution during the snowy Colorado winters. As adding on to his office was not a viable option to increase space, Dr. Crane considered building and designing a new office for his practice. Upon visiting fellow orthodontist offices for design ideas, Dr. Crane sought additional innovative ideas from the Internet. A Google search of the phrase “orthodontic office design” generated over 96,000 search options, including floor plans, ideas to consider, and a growing list of companies that specialized in dental office design. As he pondered the intricacies of orthodontic office design, Dr. Crane was feeling a little overwhelmed by all the decision he would soon face. Furthermore, realizing that his medical practice was indeed a service business, Dr. Crane began to ponder how service marketing concepts, specifically servicescape design, should factor into his office design considerations. Discussion Questions 1. When considering the servicescape design of an orthodontic office, discuss whether orthodontics is a self-service, an interpersonal service, or a remote service, and how this will impact the design of the office. 2. Given that an orthodontics office is typically divided up into a number of rooms, specify the rooms you believe would be necessary for an orthodontics office. 3. In addition to space allocation for the necessary rooms, what other factors should be considered when designing an orthodontic servicescape? 4. Service firms often have to balance effectiveness and efficiency. Discuss what this tradeoff means and how it impacts the design of an orthodontics office. 5. If an orthodontist and his/her staff can serve six patients per hour, how many chairs need to be available in the waiting room?

So what I personally believe is that apart from the basic necessary rooms which are required for an orthodontics office it is must to have a waiting room where the people accompanying the patient can sit comfortably as this service is usually time taking and the the person accompanying patient has to wait for usually long hours.Landscape 5.Parking : Parking facility should be available or the customer may not feel any problem or difficulty in parking his vehicle. 4. Below are some Exterior and Interior Facilities that should be considered.Waiting area should be very comfortable having proper seating arrangements.Signage: It should be attractive and meaning full 3.Surrounding environment must be safe. . 3.Equipment: Hygeinice equipments should be used. 2. 2. providing them excellent services and making their overall experience very good so that the customer is satisfied and become loyal with the services which generally leads to customer retention.Orthodontic Treatment Area with advance and hygienic equipment Ans No: 03 Orthodontics service scape designing requires a number of fastors to be considered in order to provide comfort to the customer so that he may be retained for future business .Air Quality/Temperature: Temperature of the office should be kool so that customer may feel relax. Facility Interior : 1. 4.Ans No :01 Orthodontics is a interpersonal service as its a kind of service business and the challenge in a service business is to attract customers .Layout: It should be very well desinged and managed so that customer do not face any difficulty. Ans No: 02 Orthodontics office is divided up into a number of rooms . As the basic motive is to satisfy the customer and retain them for future business so it is very important that the design of orthodontics office should be made in a way as to increase customer satisfaction level.Exterior Design: It should be very attractive and eye cathing.Radiographic Room with advance technology 3. Facility Exterior: 1. 2. 1.Interior Design: It should be very nice and attractive and very well designed.

The customer will be satisfied if he has to wait less and provided best services.Ans No: 04 Service firms have to balance efficiency and effectiveness as in service business the service provider has to fulfil customer's needs and values in order to give them maximum satisfaction along with performing the service in a manner as to least time and effort and increase customer satisfaction.Business Office: Should be located directly behind the front desk. 2. Ans No: 05 If an orthodontists and his/her staff can serve six patients per hour then approx 12 to 15 seats should be available in the waiting area as to provide suitable seating facility to the customers. should be designed in a way as 1. This tradeoff is important in design of an orthodontics office in such a way that the patient has to face no difficulty. .On-Deck:Should not be visible from reception area.Circular traffic flow :pattern around central cluster with front desk facing entry door and patient flow around on three sides.

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