Be Careful What You Wish For I wish I had a better looking house. I wish I was richer.

I wish I could wish for wishes.

It was a sweltering hot day, only serving to make the sky seem bluer and the grass greener. Perfect for lazing about, which was exactly what Tulo was doing. It was an art, in his opinion. He chose to practise this art by lying underneath a shady tree in the park. Tulo was small for his age, and pale . Sometimes his Ma worried that he wasn’t getting any exercise, always lounging in the shade! Though he loved her dearly, he wished she was more understanding. All of a sudden, Tulo felt the ground fall from under him, and the world grew pitch black. He could hear a terrified scream that progressively got louder: ‚AIEEEEEEEEEE!‛ He realised that it was coming from him. Then he seemed to float in nothingness. “CONGRATULATIONS, BOY! YOU’VE JUST WON THREE WISHES!” boomed a Voice.

ICCHAA!” Abruptly. that was all for show. what’s your first wish. It spoke in his head. ‛ Tulo nodded cautiously. I’m Icchaa. “SURELY. rubbing his hands together. “I expect it’s because of that raise they wanted. although now it was just a voice. Tulo looked in astonishment at the man lounging on the sofa. silky smooth yet rough as sandpaper. ‚Of course. by the way. “Didn’t the minions explain on the way down? Little green fellows? No?‛ Icchaa sighed. wearing thick glasses with slicked back hair.‛ said the Voice. He smiled agreeably at Tulo. spoken with the force of a thousand gales. TULO.It was the softest whisper. ‚Hello.‛ he muttered.‛ . I AM THE GRANTER OF WISHES. Anyway. of a young man. boy?‛ said Icchaa. Quite a feat. we’re wasting time. ‚A-are you a genie?‛ ‚I suppose so. He frowned at the look on Tulo’s face. Tulo found himself in a room that looked just like his own living room. “W-who are you?” Tulo asked. So. YOU WOULD KNOW ME! YOU HAVE ASKED MUCH OF ME. ‚Never mind! So here’s the deal. You’re entitled to three wishes for being the first person to have wished wishes amounting to more that the current global population. That’s Sanskrit for ‘wish’. The Voice chuckled.

how he’d love to show this to the boys at school! ‚I’m going to see my parents!‛ he called to Icchaa. the stained ceiling and the old television.. ‚Are you ready for your first wish?‛ Tulo nodded eagerly.Icchaa didn’t seem too pleased.. They’re changes that bring about good. and when he opened them.‛ said Icchaa.. Wishes are for hope.‛ he announced grandly. gasped in wonder. He got to his feet.. A plush Persian carpeted most of the floor space. ‚Wishes aren’t meant to be so frivolously used. ‚Isn’t it brilliant that I’ve managed it? More than seven billion wishes in ten years!‛ Tulo exclaimed. ‚I wish. and the room was so big! Oh. Was that a flat screen TV? Lovely carvings decorated the ceiling. . not greed or material wants. ‚for wealth!‛ With an impatient motion Icchaa boomed out. But Tulo was past listening. “YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND!” Tulo closed his eyes against the sparks that enveloped the room. Icchaa noticed.. His eyes roved past the threadbare carpet.

‛ . He wanted to believe that it was just one of those pranks Ma was so fond of pulling. Icchaa appeared beside Tulo. “You! What did you do to Ma!‛ ‚Nothing. ‚I just gave you your wish. So they had a cook! Tulo ran back to the main hall. Why. We are not to act in such a rough and lowly manner! And change out of those clothes. ‚MA!‛ Tulo shouted.. his mother was coming down the stairs. ‚Tulo!‛ never had his mother spoken so coldly. Tulo stared. but this is your reality now. ‚I know.. ‚The guests will be here soon.He silently willed her to turn around and laugh. she looked beautiful. There. Tulo chocked back a sob. The woman stirring the pots and pans was not his mother. But she didn’t look back. Look back..‛ cried Icchaa.‛ said Icchaa.‚Tulo. Tulo stared after her. She just kept walking. Tulo narrowed his tear filled eyes at him.look back. They look cheap!‛ She swept on. but Tulo had already run into the kitchen.‛ ‚It’s horrible! My Ma’s not like that!‛ Tulo burst out. Icchaa looked pained..

‛ said Icchaa. ‚I guess I don’t need to if you already know.‛ said Icchaa. ‚ It wasn’t supposed to happen like this! I only wished us to be rich so Pa and Ma wouldn’t have to work anymore and we could be happy together! I could invite my friends over to play! I wish we were dirt poor instead!‛ Icchaa groaned. Bare walls. Icchaa looked on as Tulo looked reluctantly around. but it was too late. Silence cast its spell. ‚for a better life. and settled on the grass. Not even a television. “Don’t you know what you’ve done?” he cried out. Icchaa was not cruel. ‚So he’s not home?‛ cried Tulo. He led Tulo out the door into a sparse garden. Tulo followed suit. The boy was learning a harsh lesson for one so young.‚What about my father?‛ Tulo asked desperately. “MY WISH IS YOUR COMMAND!” Tulo gasped in horror as sparks filled the room. I suppose that’s why you’re rich.‛ ‚Isn’t the part where you say ‘be careful what you wish for?‛ Icchaa laughed. Do you know why I chose to grant your wishes?‛ .‛ said Tulo. ‚Yes. Cracked ceiling. after a while. ‚He’s probably working to make money for your family. ‚I expect they’re both working.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise... Presently Tulo said. that YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND!” . ‚Then. please‛ ‚Very well‛.. Tulo. This way.upset you. So I wish for nothing else. but only if you act on them yourself..‛ Icchaa smiled in wonder. ‚Exactly.‛ said Icchaa awkwardly. ‚I am proud to say.‚Because I wished too much?‛ Tulo guessed.‛ They smiled at each other.I wish for my old life back. ‚No.‛ said Tulo.‛ said Tulo thoughtfully. The sky burst into flames. “It’s alright.‛ said Tulo. said Icchaa. ‚I think I understand now... The day grew longer. Icchaa mouth curved. I’d like my third wish now.‛ said Icchaa. I’ll know exactly what I’d be getting for wishing without thinking. “Children are capable of the most wonderful things. Wishes are good. I-I’m sorry if I’ve. Tulo. ‚what do you wish?‛ ‚For my third wish. “Why do you wish so?” ‚I don’t wish for a different life because my parents love me and I already have good friends in my own life.

‛ he murmured against her pretty dress.” Pa stood in the doorway. a smile on his face. Ma met him at the gate. They locked gazes. He picked up his bike and raced for home. “just glad to be home. ‚Pa’s home from work. As he followed her inside. She smelled like dinner and love. ( 1199 words) . “What’s the matter?” she asked. a man from across the street laughed.‛ she said and laughed as Tulo crushed himself to her. ‚Nothing. The sky was in flames. The sky burned brighter. and grinned at each other.Tulo woke with a start.

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