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PILIH DAN HITAMKANLAH HURUF A, B, C, ATAU D JAWABAN YANG ANDA ANGGAP BENAR DAN TEPAT! Read the text to answer the questions !. Dear Phatony Were spending a week at a resort on the coast. There are lots of plastic donkeys and silly hats in the shops. It really a touristy place. I think its a horrible place.I rode a bike on Monday, but I fell and hurt my leg. I wanted to try waterskiing or windsurfing, but I couldnt . Yesterday, Mum and Dad just lay on the beach sunbathing all morning. Then we had a picnic, but it was too hot and there were lots of flies. I wanted to go on a boat trip in the afternoon, but we went sightseeing instead. They took a lots of photos, but I thought it was really boring. Even the weathers boring. Its just sunny the whole time. I cant wait to pack my bag and go home. Ramadhan 1. The tekt is about Ramadhans................................................... a. holiday at a touristy resort c enjoyment of his holiday b. activities at the beach d. boat trip to the touristy resort 2. In Ramadhans opinion , whats the resort like?

2 a. silly b. nice c. Sunny d. horrible

3. Which is not true about Ramadhan based on the tekt?. a. He fell of the bike, but didnt hurt himself b. He wrote a letter from a touristy place c. His parents took lots of photos. d. He really enjoyed his holiday 4. I cant wait to pack my bag and go home . The underlined word means ........the bag. a. ask someone to bring. c. put his belongings into b. put on his clothes in d. carry things with

5. There are lots of plastic donkeys and silly hats............................................. The word there refers to........................................ a. touristy place c. resort on the coast b. horrible place d. on the beach .

MANDALA UTAMA (Cargo Service) One day service to the main destination Two main destination : Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Medan and Makassar Three day service max to other cities Just send your important parcels and documents with us. Satisfaction Guaranteed! Jl. Kembang 26, Bandung Telp. 011 5678910 Fax. 022 - 3456789
6. What is the text about? a. An invitation b. A piece of news Sydney, 29 February 2009 a. In Bandung b. In Surabaya c. Travel brochure d. An advertisement c. In Jakarta d. In Medan

7. Where is the head office of Mandala Utama? 8. What is the name of the company? Dear Mum and Dad, a. Cargo service c. Satisfaction Mum, On Thursday we went on an excursion to observe plant. b. Service max d. Mandala Utama First, we went to Port Kembla Beach. There were not many plants because of the salt and the sand. Then we got back on the bus. Next, we went to the steelwork. We sat on a hill and observe the plants. We saw bushes and grass. Not many plants grow because of pollution. We got back on the bus and went to Mt. Keira rainforest. We got off the bus and ate our kitty lunch in the cleaning area. We saw many different types of plants and trees. We saw wattle trees, thin trees and rock plants. After that we got back on the bus and went back to school. We arrived at school at 12 o clock. Then we went into school and talked about our excursion to our teacher. We had Great fun !!!!!!!!! Love, Darry.

9. Who wrote the letter above ? a. Mum & Dad b. Darry c. Darrys mum & dad c. Mt Keira rainforest b. Mt. Keira rainforest. d. The steelwork d. mum. d.Sydney 10. Where does Darry live now ? a. His parents house b. Kembla beach a. An excursion to observe the plant c. Port Kembla beach. 12. What is the third event of the text ? a. We sat on hill and observe the plants. b. We got back on the bus and went to Mt. Keira rainforest. c. We saw bushes and grass d. We went back to school 13. What is Darry ? a. student. b. biologist. c. voluunteer d. teacher 11. What did Darry want to tell about to his parents ? He wanted to tell ..

Bank A bank is a financial institution that provides banking and other financial services. It is an institution that holds a banking license. The word bank is derived from the Italian banca. This word is derived from German and means bench. Typically, a bank generates profit from transaction fees on financial services or the interest from the loan.The type of services offered by a bank depends on the type of bank and the country .However, bank services usually include lending out money to companies and individuals, issuing checking and saving accounts, cashing check, facilitating money transactions such as wire transfers, issuing credit card, ATM, debit card, and also storaging valuable things in safe deposit boxes.

14. Which statement is not true according to the text above a. The word bank is derived from the Italian banca. b. The word bank is derived from German means bench. c. A bank generates profit as many as possible from the costumers d. A bank is an institution that hold a banking license

4 15. The word profits have the same meaning as the word.. a. services b. benefits a. Automatic Telling Machine. b. Automatic Technique Machine a. interest b. financial c. provides d. depends c. Automatic Teller machine d. Automatic Teaching Machine c. account d. credit

16. What is ATM stand for ? It is .

17. If we save money in the bank, w will get ..

18. It is an institution that holds a banking license. The word it refers to .. a. institution b. bank c. bench d. service Last week we went on a trip to see a waterfall. We left from school at seven thirty in the morning. We arrived on the waterfall site at nine oclock. It was a nice place, especially the waterfall. Its so high, more than 100 metres. The air was so fresh, and the water from up was so clear and cool. Some of us played with water, and the other just watched the scenery. At noon, we had lunch together. We were really happy. 19. What is the purpose of the text? a. b. To describe something. To retell past events b. 7.30 p.m b. It was cool c. to give a report d. to tell how to make something. c. 9.00 a.m c. It was clear. d. 9.00 p.m d. It was fresh

20. What time did they leave from school? a. 7.30 a.m. a. It was hot. 21. How was the air? 22. Here are some childrens activities in the waterfall site, except .. a. Watched the scenery b. Played with water c. had breakfast together d. had lunch together

23. Which of the following underlined words has incorrect spelling? a. The mans face showed that he was displeased. b. It is impossible for parents to shield their children from every danger. c. The man wlaked briskly to keep warm on the very cold night. d. The little boy had a long day he was feeling tyred 24. Lana : Are you sure you are going to your singing course this afternoon ? Siska : .. Because my uncle is sick, and my sister asked me to visit him at 5.00 p.m a. I ve no doubt about it. c. Of course without lip sync. Krisna : But.. b I m still in doubt about it d. Im really sure

25. Surya : There s some doubt in my mind that Britney Spears can really sing well

5 She can sing beautifully without lip- sync a. Im sure 26. Sony John 27. Ratna Rina b. maybe c. possibly d. perhaps . : .John As the winner of the English competition : Thank you, Sony. But I have to study hard again for the next competition. b. really c. Youre right d. thats fine : If I call susan to help us to discuss this problem? : No, I dont think we need her. lets discuss together here now!. c. Would you like d. Can you tell me a. Congratulation

a. I dont agree b. Do you agree

28. Tia : I Forgot to bring my money. .Rp 5000,00 Lia : Dont worry. I bring enough money to day. a . Can you lend me? b. Can I help you? Cough syrup Shake well before use! Indication : To relive cough and flu Dosage : Children under 12 : One tea spoonful after meals three time a day Adult : Two teaspoonful after meals three times a day Expirations : Nov. 2010 c. Would you like? d. Do you need my help?

29. Shake well before use. The statement means . a. You have to shake before use b. You have to shake after use 30. Anita is 10 years old, she has got flu. How many teaspoonful of syrup did Anita have to drink a day? a. 1 teaspoonful b. 2 teaspoonful c. 3 teaspoonful d. 6. teaspoonful 31. Which statement is not true according to the text a. The syrup is for the children b. The syrup is to relieve flu c. The expiration is on November 2011 d. The adult cant drink the syrup The Naughty Brothers Kim and Sandra were doing their homework from school. They had to make a cloth puppet and a paper house. c. you have to shake after drink d. dont shake it before use

6 At noon, Kim and Sandra left their room to have lunch in the dining room.While they were busily eating and chatting, their brothers Alex and Tim sneaked into the bedroom. They took the puppets and hid them behind the wardrobe After lunch, Kim and Sandra couldnt find the puppets anywhere. They searched everywhere, but still the puppets were missing. Meanwhile, Alex and Tim were playing outside. Kim and Sandra cried ,because they would not be able to hand in their puppets the next day. In the morning ,Tim remembered that they hadnt returned the puppets to the girls. Here are the puppets. Im sorry we hid them yesterday,Tim said. Grandma was very angry, Dont do that again! she said. Kim and Sandra handed in their puppets and paper house to their teacher, and they got very good mark.

32. Paragraph two tells us about of the text. a. orientation. a. One. b.resolution b. two c. complication. c. Three. d. four. d. moral value. 33. We can find the resolution of the text is in paragraph.. 34. While they were busily eating and chatting,{ paragraph two} What does the word they refer to? It refers to a. Kim and Alex. b. Kim and Sandra. c. Sandra and Tim. d. Alex and Tim.

35. Which statement is not true according to the text? a. Kim and Sandra had to make cloth puppets. b. Alex and Tim hid the puppets behind the wardrobe. c. Their Grandma was very angry. d. Alex and Tim handed in their puppets to their teacher. 36. Rearrange these words into good sentence ! kingdom West Java A time a long there ago was in 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 a. 4- 7- 5- 9- 8- 10- 6- 1- 11- 2- 3. b. 4- 7-5- 9- 2- 3- 10- 8- 11- 6- 1 1 2 3 4 c. 2- 3- 4-7- 5- 9- 8- 10- 11- 1 d. 8- 10 6- 1- 4- 5-7- 9- 11-2- 3. 5 6 7 8 9

37. Magazines mass newspapers- a- media and are of kind a. 1- 3- 2- 5 7- 6- 4- 9- 8. b. 1- 6- 3- 7- 4- 9- 8- 2- 5c. 4.- 9- 8- 3- 7- 1- 2- 6- 5 d. 2- 5- 7- 4- 9- 8- 1- 6- 3

7 How to Cook Instant Noodle Ingredient : Instant noodle Water Equipment: A pan A bowl Vegetables One fried egg. A spoon

Steps : * First, boil the water in the pan for three minutes. Then, put the noodle into the boiled water, wait for three minutes. After that , put the vegetables into the pan. Mix with the noodle. Next, put the ingredients into the bowl. Pour the mixture of noodle and vegetables into the bowl. Mix the noodle with the ingredients . Finally, put the fried egg on the noodle.

38. The purpose of the text above is a. to tell the procedure b. to entertain someone a. a.frying pan c. to describe something d. to tell experience c. a. glass. d . a bowl

39. One of equipments needed to make instant noodle is. b. a. spatula

40. The second steps of making instant noodle is a. boil the water in the pan for three minutes b. put the noodle into the boiled water c. wait for three minutes a. six steps. b seven steps d. put the fried egg into the noodle. c eight steps d nine steps 41. How many steps do you need to make instant noodle?

The polar bear is a very big white bear. We call it the polar bear because it lives inside the Artic Circle near the North Pole. There are no polar bears at the South Pole. The polar bears live at the North Pole. There is only snow,ice and water.There is not any land. These bears are three meters long and its weight 450 kilos. They can stand up on their back legs because they have very wide feet. Thy can use their front legs like arms. The Polar bears can swim very well.They can swim 120 kilometers out into the water. They catch fish and sea animals for food. They go into the sea when they are af raid. People like to kill the Polar bears for their beautiful white coats. The government of Canada, the United States,and Russia say that no one can kill polar bears now. They do not want all of these beautiful animals to die 42. The polar bears habitat is a. South Pole a. animal b. North Pole b. Ice c. Atlantic c. water d. Iceberg d. land 43. There is no . In the North pole

8 44. The polar bear eats . a. fish and sea animal b. plankton a. meat b. blood c. seaweed c. skin c. Europe,British, and Canada d. Russia, US, and Canada Dolphin For many years, many people47..that the cleverest animals are dolphin. After man were the chimpanzees. Now, however, there is proof that dolphin may be even 48..than these big apes. Although a the sea it is not a fish . It is a 50 7. 48. 49. 50 a. believed a. more stupid a. drinks a. mammal b. talked b. lazier b. sleeps b. rattle c. told c. angrier c. lives c. poultry d. listened d. cleverer d. stays d. insect d shrimp d. flesh 45. People like to kill polar bear because of its.. 46. countries those forbid the polar bear hunting. a. Canada, US, and Europe b. British, Canada, and US