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Curriculum De velopment Division Ministry Of Education Malaysia Additional Mathematics Project Work 2/2013 Name I/C Number Class : Ummu Aina Nabilah Bt Shaiful Azmi : 960325-10-6304 : 5 Zuhal Teacher’s Name : Madam Siti Azzah Bt Yaacob Date : 10 Jun 2013

CONTENT NO. TITTLE PAGE 1. Acknowledgement 2. Objectives 3. Part I 4. Part II 5. Part III 6. Part IV 7. Reflection 8. Reference

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT First of all, I wish to express gratitude to Allah SWT for His guidance and also give me strength and health to do this project work. Finally, the Additional Ma thematics Project Work 2 was successfully completed with inspiration, the gift a nd the instructions were given by Him. Peace and blessings be upon our Prophet M uhammad SAW and the family, next to his companions and tabi’in, the gentlemen scho lars until the servants of God who follow in their footsteps. Not forgotten to m y parents who always make sure that I have been educating and nurturing of small though this day in devotion to God Almighty. They also had providing everything such as money , to buy anything that are related to this project, their advice, which is the most needed for this project and facilities such as internet, book s, computers and all that. They also supported me and encouraged me to complete this task so that I will not procrastinate in doing it. Then, infinity of apprec iation and gratitude goes to my teacher, Madam Azzah bt Yaacob for guiding throu ghout this project. Even I had some difficulties in doing this task, but she tau ght me patiently until we knew what to do. She tried and tried to teach me until I understand what I am supposed to do with the project work. Besides, my friend s who were doing this project with me. Even this project is individually but we are cooperated doing this project especially in discussion and sharing ideas to ensure our task will finish completely. Last but not least, any party which invo lved either directly or indirect in completing this project work. May Allah give a great reward for all His servants that are always helpful in upholding His re ligion. Thank you everyone.

OBJECTIVES Every student taking Additional Mathematics is required to carry out a project w ork in Form 5. The aims of carrying out project work are: a. to apply and adapt a variety of problem- solving strategies to solve problems; b. to improve thinki ng skills; c. to promote effective mathematical communication; d. to develop mat hematical knowledge through problem solving in a way that increases students’ inte rest and confidence; e. to use the language of mathematics to express mathematic al ideas precisely; f. to provide learning environment that stimulates and enhan ces effective learning; g. to develop positive attitude towards mathematics.


a. Describe in brief i. Price Index ii. Weightage iii. Composite index EX


Measure of change in a set of prices, consisting of a series of numbers arranged so that a comparison of the values for any two periods or places will show the change in prices between periods or the difference in prices between places. Pri ce indexes were first developed to measure changes in the cost of living in orde r to determine the wage increases necessary to maintain a constant standard of l iving. There are two basic types. Laspeyres-type indexes define a market basket of goods in a base period, then use the prices for those goods to examine change over space and time. In its simplest form, this is simply the ratio of what tho se goods cost today to what they cost in the base period. The two most familiar indexes of this type are the consumer price index (CPI) and the producer price i ndex (PPI). The CPI measures changes in retail prices in such component parts as food, clothing, and shelter. The PPI (formerly called the wholesale price index ) measures changes in the prices charged by manufacturers and wholesalers. Pasch al-type indexes define a market basket of goods in the current period, then use the prices of those goods from past periods. The most familiar index of this typ e is the GDP deflator, used in the U.S. in the national income accounting to dif ferentiate amounts in constant dollars from those in current dollars. WEIGHTAGE Weightage means preference of one product in comparison to other product. On the other hand we can say weightage means giving the value of the specific or parti cular matter or subject higher or lesser than that of or in comparison to simila r one. The factors of weightage are The more risk, the more weightage, the longe r the period, more the risk, more the uses of Bank’s facility, less the weightage and last but not least less the Uses of Bank’s facility, more the benefit weightag e and moral dimension or ethical values. COMPOSITE INDEX A grouping of equities, indexes or other factors combined in a standardized way, providing a useful statistical measure of overall market or sector performance over time. Usually, a composite index has a large number of factors which are av eraged together to form a product representative of an overall market or sector. For example, the Nasdaq Composite index is a market capitalization-weighted gro uping of approximately 5,000 stocks listed on the Nasdaq market. These indexes a re useful tools for measuring and tracking price level changes to an entire stoc k market or sector. Therefore, they provide a useful benchmark against which to measure an investor s portfolio. The goal of a well diversified portfolio is usu ally to outperform the main composite indexes.

b. State four ways of weightage representations. Find the examples of the repres entations using internet or any printed materials. Degree For example :

Bar chart For example :

Ratio For example :

Pie chart For example :


We often hear complaints from the public about inflation. It causes an increase in the household expenditure in a family. The household expenditure for every fa mily is different. a. Complete Table 1 for your family’s monthly expenditure for t he year 2013 Item Average Monthly Expenditure for the year 2013 (to the nearest RM) 700 650 Percentage of monthly expenses (to the nearest %) 13 12 Food Accomodation (Rental / Loan) Transportation (Petrol/ Loan / Bus fare etc) C lothing Education Recreation Utilities (Water / Electricity / Telephone) Medicat ion Miscellaneous TOTAL Table 1 350 450 1500 200 350 300 1000 5500 6 8 28 4 6 5 18 100

My Family s Monthly Expenditure 5% 6% 6% 4% Education 28% Miscellaneous Food Accomodation 8% Clothing Recreation Transportation 12% 18% 13% Medication Utilities Comment : My family used up money on education as education is important in our life. My family often buys new books every weeks as for us reading is the key to success in life no matter how much the cost of the book. Instead, my family use d least money on recreation due to busy of works and studies.

b. If we want to compare the cost of living from one year to another, we have to calculate the price index that involves some of the items mentioned above. i. I n order to calculate the price index of all the items above, we have to consider the average monthly expenses of any previous year as the base year. Select the appropriate year as the base year. My Family’s Monthly Expenditure Base on Year 2011 Mont h/ Item Jan Feb Mac April May Jun July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dis Total Avera ge Food 580 610 600 600 610 600 580 580 600 610 580 600 596 Accomoda tion 550 540 5 30 550 550 540 550 560 550 545 550 560 548 Transporta tion 250 230 240 250 250 2 50 260 255 260 250 245 250 250 Clothi ng 350 340 350 350 350 350 350 350 350 350 350 350 350 Educati on 1350 1340 1300 1300 1310 1320 1300 1300 1280 1300 1285 1 280 1305 Recreat ion 80 90 100 90 100 100 100 90 80 100 120 110 97 Utiliti es 28 0 250 260 250 245 250 260 250 240 245 250 255 253 Medicat ion 180 190 200 200 19 0 190 200 170 180 200 220 210 194 Miscellane ous 880 910 920 910 895 900 900 945 960 900 900 885 908

My family’s monthly expenditure based on year 2013 Mont h/ Item (RM) Jan Feb Mac April May Jun July Aug Oct Nov Dis Total Avera ge Foo d 710 690 690 700 695 710 700 710 700 700 700 642 Accomodat ion 650 650 640 660 640 650 650 650 655 635 650 594 Transporta tion 365 365 340 350 350 340 355 340 350 350 350 321 Clothi ng 440 440 450 455 450 460 440 450 455 450 450 412 Ed ucati on 1550 1510 1500 1450 1500 1490 1510 1500 1480 1500 1500 1374 Recreati on 210 200 220 200 180 200 180 190 220 200 200 183 Utiliti es 350 350 345 350 345 350 350 345 350 355 350 320 Medicati on 290 300 280 300 310 300 315 300 290 310 300 275 Miscellane ous 935 995 1035 1035 1030 1000 1000 1015 1000 1000 1000 920

ii. Hence, complete Table 2 below : Item Food Accomodation (Rental / Loan) Transportation (Petrol / Loan / Bus fare etc) Clothing Education Recreation Utilities (Water / Electricity / Telephone) M edication Miscellaneous TOTAL Average monthly expenses for the year 2011 as the base year (RM) 596 548 250 350 1305 97 252 194 908 4500 Table 2 Average monthly expenses for the year 2013 (RM) 642 594 321 412 1374 183 320 275 920 5041

c. ) 3 ty / Telephone) Medication Miscellaneous TOTAL Price indices for the 2013 based on the year 2011 108 108 128 118 105 189 127 14 2 101 1126 Weightage 35 35 41 38 34 60 40 45 32 360 ii) Hence, calculate the composite index for the average monthly expenditure in the year 2013 based on the selected base year. = 101.94 d. Make a conclusion about your family’s expenditure based on your findin gs. From the findings, I can see the increasing of my family’s expenditure especia lly on recreation. When all of us are bigger, more pressure on us as more thing have to be done. So, spending time with family for recreation will be the best s olution for us to handle the pressure. = 36698 360 = 108(35) + 108(35) + 128(41) + 118(38) + 105(34) + 189(60) + 127(40) + 142(45) + 101(32) 35 + 35 + 41 + 38 + 34 + 60 + 40 + 45 + 32


Your family is planning to buy a new television set. a. You have conducted a sur vey on the price of the television for two different brands from three different shops. You would like to make a comparison between two modes of payment, namely , cash payment and payment by installment. Table 4(a) shows the prices of televi sions by cash payment in three different shops whereas Table 4(b) shows the pric es of televisions by installment. Complete Table 4(a) and 4(b) using the data yo u obtained. Cash payment Size of Television (inches) 24 32 40 24 32 40 Price (RM) Shop A 1650 2050 2999 1 900 2300 3050 Shop B 1900 2300 3150 2300 2500 3300 Table 4(a) Shop C 1500 1980 2 890 1650 2050 3000 Mean Price (RM) 1683 2110 3013 1950 2283 3117 Standard Deviat ion (RM) 168.4 137.4 106.6 267.7 188.2 123.1 Brand A B Payment by installment Brand Size of Television (inches) 24 32 40 24 32 40 Price (RM) Shop A 1950 2350 3299 2200 2600 3350 Shop B 2185 2585 3435 2585 2785 3585 Table 4(b) Shop C 1950 2430 3340 2100 2500 3450 Mean Price (RM) 2028 2455 3358 2295 2628 3462 Standard Deviation (RM) 116.7 97.55 56.96 209.1 125.3 83.45 A B

b. Determine the brand and size of the television that you have decided to buy. Give your reasons based on the findings from part (a) above. I have decided to b uy television from brand A with the size of ’40 inch. The reasons of my choice are because the prices for brand A are more cheaper than brand B paid by cash nor i nstallment. We can see it from my findings as the measure of dispersion for bran d A is lower than brand B. The lower the measure of dispersion from the mean and standard deviation from zero, the lower the prices of the televisions. So, I st rongly choose television from brand A with the size ’40 inch. c. The Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs wishes to present the Fai r Prices Shop Award for one of the above shops. If you are one of the panels for this award, determine the shops that deserve the award. Do you consider the val ue of mean and the value of standard deviation in making your decision? Give you r justification. In my opinion, the Fair Prices Shop Award should be given to Sh op B. As one of the panels, I consider the value of mean and the value of standa rd deviation in making my decision as I think it is important for us to know the unit of dispersion for each shop. Here are the brief reason why I used the meth od. The mean of set of prices the sum of the prices divided by the number of pri ces. Along with the median and the mode, the mean is just one measure of the cen tral tendency of a set of scores, but the mean is by far the most common and the most useful. Although the mean tells us where the center of a set of scores is, it does not tell us how variable those scores are. So in addition to a measure of central tendency, we need a measure of variability. Standard deviation measur es how spread out the values in a data set are around the mean. More precisely, it is a measure of the average distance between the values of the data in the se t and the mean. If the data values are all similar, then the standard deviation will be low (closer to zero). If the data values are highly variable, then the s tandard variation is high (further from zero). So, from my calculation and findi ngs it is clearly shown that Shop B have a lower measure of dispersion means the prices is maintain at one stage. So, in my opinion I will choose Shop B to rece ive the Fair Prices Shop Award.


a. Your family has a fixed monthly income. In order to buy the television, your family needs to make some adjustment on the various types of expenditure. [You c an choose to pay by cash or by installment] Show the average monthly expenditure that you have modified in a table. b. Assuming you has just started working wit h a monthly salary of RM 2500. You intend to save 10% of your salary every month . Plan your monthly expenditure as in Table 1 above and add other items such as savings and contributions to your parents.

REFLECTION While doing this project, I have spent countless hours doing this project. I rea lized that this subject is compulsory to me. Without it, I can’t fulfill my big dr eams and wishes. I used to Hate Additional Mathematics… It always make me wonder why this subject i s so difficult… It always an absolute obstacle for me… Throughout day and night… I sac rificed my precious time to have fun… From… Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Fr iday… And even the weekend that I always looking forward to… From now on, I will do my best on every second… That I will learn Additional Mathematics full of effort!! ! And with the help of Madam Azzah…

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