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Homemade brews and local favorites entice students

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WomenS track and field team WinS national title
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Hot and bothered
HI: 96
LO: 74
Partly cloudy with 12 mph
winds from the southeast.
Eighty-fve, lets jive
HI: 93
LO: 65
Partly cloudy with 11 mph
winds from the SSE.
Time for a swim.
HI: 87
LO: 65
Mostly sunny with 10 mph
winds from the ENE.
Eighty-four, Dumbledore
HI: 90
LO: 67
Sunny with 12 mph winds
from the southeast.
Page 2 Monday, June 10, 2013
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Kansan on
Unique caf gains popularity, expands to new location
Business wasnt booming when
Brad Walters opened his Basil Leaf
Caf in a Phillips 66 gas station of
of West Sixth Street.
It was the dead of winter in
2009, and the country was in
the middle of the recession. Te
weather and the roads were bad;
there was no trafc and no money
to advertise until the Lawrence
Journal-World printed an article
that shook the dust of of the Cafs
fve dining tables.
Tat just blew the roof of of it
Walters said, and weve been busier
and busier ever since,
Walters originally wanted to
be a teacher when
he dove headfrst
into the restaurant
business in college.
I just kind of
fell in love with it
and took naturally
to it, he said.
He worked
through the
kitchens of
r e s t a u r a n t s
in Lawrence,
including Tellers and the Alvamar
Country Club when he realized,
if he wanted business to grow, he
would have to do it for himself. He
always wanted to own a restaurant,
I fgured it was time to just
jump in and see if I could make it
work, Walters said.
Te Phillips 66 kitchen at 3300
W. Sixth St. was cheap and had
already proven itself as a successful
restaurant space it is the previous
home of Tortas Jalisco and Biemers
It was just a no-brainer
fnancially, Walters said. Tere
wasnt much risk to me if it did go
under and didnt make it that frst
Te success of the Basil Leaf
Caf is propelling it into a much
larger space at 616 W. Ninth St.
In addition to creating a fresh
atmosphere, Walters is getting a
liquor license and expanding the
menu. He hopes the new location is
up and running by mid-July.
Te current location is of-
putting and difcult to fnd.
Teres no towering neon sign that
announces it, and the Caf still relies
on advertising by word of mouth,
but Walters believes that treating
the customer right and giving the
community a tasty product speaks
for itself.
Lawrence has always been good
about that for local restaurants and
local businesses, he
said. [Customers]
tell their friends,
and their friends
tell friends, and
before you know
it, youre huge.
But lack
of traditional
advertising doesnt
mean the Caf isnt
serving up quality
food. Te lasagna
and tortellini cordon bleu are
crowd favorites.
Were not full of stuf frozen in
freezers, Walters said. Everything
is home-cooked and made from
Although the pricing is modest,
the heaping portions of upscale
Italian cuisine served in black
Styrofoam boxes can last a college
student for a few days or can be
perfect for a meal to split.
Its flling, good food at a great
value, he said. And it keeps people
coming back.
Edited by Megan Hinman
The owner of the Basil Leaf Cafe, an Italian restaurant located in a Phillips 66 gas station
off of West Sixth Street, is planning to move to a larger venue at 616 W. Ninth St.

Were not full of stuff

frozen in freezers.
Everything is home-
cooked and made from
Owner of Basil Leaf Cafe
Monday, May 13, 2013 Page 3 The University Daily Kansan Monday, June 10, 2013
Information based on the
Douglas County Sheriffs Office
booking recap.
A 27-year-old female was arrested
yesterday on the 2900 block of Lakev-
iew Road on suspicion of criminal
damage to property, valued at $250.
No bond was set.
A 27-year-old male was arrested
yesterday on the 500 block of McDon-
ald Drive on suspicion of two counts
of failure to appear in municipal
court and one count of driving while
intoxicated. No bond was set.
A 23-year-old male was arrested
on Saturday on the 900 block of New
Hampshire Street on suspicion of
urinating and defecating on public
property. No bond was set.
Nikki Wentling

poLice RepoRtS
Tere are many artistic endeavors
happening in Lawrence this summer.
One, the Lawrence Outdoor
Downtown Sculpture Exhibition,
will open June 15.
Te exhibition, now in its 25th
year, features eight Lawrence artists
sculptures placed at diferent spots
on Massachusetts Street as well as
some of the public buildings in the
area and the side streets.
Its truly public art that is
encouraging everyone to be able to
enjoy the sculptures, said Diane
Stoddard, assistant city manager.
Anyone who comes downtown is
going to see them. It will really give
local artists the opportunity to be
involved and showcase their talents.
While the sculptures are already
set up, the exhibition opening will
include a reception beginning at
5:30 p.m. with juror Porter Arneill
and some of the artists as well as a
walking tour of the sculptures.
Stoddard said this years exhibition
is particularly special because it is
exclusively for residents of Lawrence
or those who live within 15 miles of
the city.
Stoddard said that in the past, the
exhibition entries were also open to
regional and national artists pieces.
Entry pieces were due at the end of
January, and ofcial selections from
Arneill were announced at the end of
Artist Darin White, who submitted
his piece Tetramonobelos, said he
has meant to submit a piece over
the years and this year, being the
25th year, seemed an especially
appropriate time to submit a piece
for the exhibit.
As an artist, one of the greatest
prospects is to show your work in a
public place, he said. I hope people
interact with the artwork and that
it generates some discussions and
potentially other opportunities to
present work.

Edited by Megan Hinman
elly grIMM
Downtown exhibition showcases local artistry
erIn breMer/KanSan
this sculpture, titled Mirage, by Alan Detrich, will be part of the 25th annual outdoor
Downtown Sculpture exhibition on June 15.
See our website at for all the Upgrade Details!
1800 Naismith Drive Lawrence, KS 785.843.8559 www.nai smi thhal l .com
All-Inclusive - Great Value - Everything you need to succeed under one roof!

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Revolutions may not answer civil unrest
s cracking down on the
government all its cracked
up to be?
Conventional liberal perspec-
tives of international politics
hold that violent revolution is the
antidote to oppressive government.
To those who subscribe to this
paradigm, I ask one question. Can
you name one violent revolution
that lead to a democracy? Im sure
your immediate answer was, of
course, the American Revolution.
But upon closer examination, the
result of the American Revolution
was a thinly veiled oligarchy where
blacks, women and those without
property were not given voting
rights. Similar trends are even more
noticeable in the wake of the Arab
Te Arab Spring garnered a great
deal of attention in the last few
years, even leading Time Magazine
to bequeath the Person of the
Year title to Te Protestor in
2011. Indeed, Te Arab Spring has
been overwhelmingly venerated.
But for what reason? Te implicit
assumption is that these once-
despotic nations are better of now
that they are in the hands of the
people. Unfortunately, this is a
cursory judgment.
As many of these ruinous nations
climbed out of the smoldering heap
lef behind by the showers of de-
struction they were not greeted by
the righteous arms of democracy,
but by the iron fst of fundamental-
ist rule.
Not convinced? Lets take the
Egyptian revolution for example.
While they may be free from the
clutches of Mubarak, they are now
entranced by the Muslim Brother-
hood much to the misfortune
of the Coptic Christians. Far from
democratic, the government is rife
with corruption. In fact, the Egypt
Court just ruled that the Muslim
Brotherhoods ascension to the
legislature was illegal, demonstrat-
ing that democracy doesnt come
second nature to violent revolution.
Even Tunisia, arguably the most
moderate nation from the Arab
Spring cohort is slowly succumbing
to the Muslim Brotherhood. Te
assassination of Muslim Brother-
hood Coalition Opposition Leader
Chokri Belaid has proven that vio-
lence is still the rule of law in these
nations, while President Moncef
Marzoukis tepid resistance to these
terror tactics speaks volumes of the
powerlessness of the government.
Why do we see these trends?
Step back a few decades in history
and we have the Iranian theocratic
revolution which deposed the Shah
and installed the Ayatollah (who
went on to earn the prestigious title
of most evil man in history by
Why didnt they create a democ-
racy? Surely everyone in the world
must want democracy. Tomas
Sowell of the Hoover Institution de-
scribes that one of the fundamental
facets of democracy is tolerance:
the willingness to let other people
have freedom, not just want it for
yourself. Tis is what the Middle
East lacks.
So, how do we create peace in
despotic regimes? Te question is,
in itself, a fallacy because democ-
racy simply isnt whats best for
most despotic nations. You may still
think that these nascent govern-
ments will eventually evolve into
democratic societies in the same
manner America did.
But democracy cannot be
bestowed nor cultivated if the
lifeblood of said society, the people,
do not wish it.
So long as their implacable desire
for unadulterated monocultural-
ism persists, Middle Eastern and
Northern African democracy will
be a quixotic pursuit.
Ashley is a sophomore from Topeka.
Follow him on Twitter @punchlne-
By William Ashley
Two sides exist between the Turkish protests
urkey is experiencing the
largest protests since the
election of Turkish Prime
Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan 10
years ago.
Te root cause of these protests
was the announcement that a
famous park in Istanbul, Gezi Park,
would be demolished to make way
for a shopping mall. However, this
protest has become about so much
more. Protesters emerged who are
frmly against Prime Minister Erdo-
gan and his party, and the police
have been brought in to quell the
situation. But is Erdogan the fascist
dictator the protesters make him
out to be, or a decent leader?
Tese are questions to ask before
the United States gets involved.
If President Barack Obama an-
nounced that Central Park would
be destroyed in order to construct
a shopping center, it only makes
sense that there would be protests
in New York.
However, would these protests
last for over a week, with protest-
ers braving tear gas for their cause?
Probably not.
Te park demolition was simply
the spark that ignited Turkish
tensions about freedom speech,
and a government that they feel
is too heavy-handed. Perhaps the
Arab Spring has fnally reached
Turkey, where citizens want more
of a say in government and feel as if
Erdogan has taken too much power
for himself. Erdogans response to
protests has not shown the world
that he is a good leader, as he has
dismissed claims of violence against
protests (untrue) and maintained
that the park will be demolished.
However, is this truly a case
where the government needs to
be overthrown? Is Prime Minister
Erdogan bad for his country, or has
he just made a serious misstep?
Unlike many rulers in the Middle
East, Erdogan has been consistently
(and legitimately) elected by popu-
lar opinion. He has gone a long
way to ensure the future success of
Turkey as a nation, and benefted
the majority of the country. Tese
protests also happen to coincide
with a slowing Turkish economy,
which may be why protests have
just recently erupted. While the
violent response to protests cannot
be ignored, and the decision to do
away with Gezi Park was certainly
a mistake, are these reason enough
to depose a long standing Prime
Minister who was just popularly
reelected in 2011?
Whether Prime Minister Erdo-
gan is good or bad for the nation of
Turkey, it can be agreed that these
protests are an important signal to
the world, and cant be ignored. Te
frst step of the Turkish govern-
ment should be to resolve the issue
of Gezi Park, and cease the violent

Wefald is a sophomore from Man-
hattan. Follow her on Twitter at
By Mikaela Wefald
What are you
drinking this
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opinion. Tweet us your opinions,
and we just might publish them.
@UDK_Opinion Some
delicious Wisconsin beer.
Maybe some water. oh and
sweet tea.
@UDK_Opinion the tears
of my enemies.
@UDK_Opinion samuel
adams summer ale.
god bless america!
Even though you nailed the
interview, that one time you came
up short on a credit card bill or paid
rent a day late can prevent you from
landing a job.
Not only are employers looking at
your Facebook page and your Twit-
ter, James Gentry said, theyre also
looking at your credit scores in some
cases and making decisions based
on that.
Gentry, a professor of journalism
who teaches courses in fnancial
literacy and marketing communica-
tions, described the state of fnancial
literacy in the country as woeful,
and theres no sense of urgency for
undergraduate students to become
aware of their credit histories and
scores, even though they have infu-
ence in buying necessities such as
housing, cars and insurance both
now and in the future.
Employers checking credit scores
has become more of a hot button
topic in the past few years, he said.
However, the problem is that
students dont have a long credit his-
tory: if theres one small blemish, it
becomes a big red fag for employers
and lenders.
Seventy-six percent of college
students have credit cards, with the
average credit card debt carried
by undergraduates accumulating
to more than $3,000, according to
statistics from the Federal Reserve,
Join Economic Committee, Sallie
Mae and TransUnion.
In Gentrys senior-level classes,
less than half have credit cards.
Tat means theyre missing a
chance to be developing their credit
history, he said.
One of his students, Brendan Beg-
ley, grew up at a car dealership that
taught him the importance of a high
credit score. Before he graduated last
month, he got a credit card and now
has a clean slate for purchasing a
car or home in the future.
Being responsible with my credit
decisions now will pay dividends
eventually, he said.
At the Money Management Cen-
ter, peer educator Yoonsook Chung
advises that students hold of on get-
ting a credit card until their senior
year, or, if their parents have good
credit history, to get access to their
line of credit earlier.
Te most important component
of a credit score is payment history,
says Chung, and its difcult to
recover from late payments.
Its just plastic for them some-
times, Chung said of young credit
card users. A pair of $100 jeans can
turn into a $200 purchase if the
balance isnt paid on time or soon
To build a good credit history, get
the right kind of credit card, buy
what you already have money for,
dont use more than 35 percent of
the maximum credit limit and pay
more than the minimum as soon as
the bill comes.
Its a challenging enough world
under normal circumstances, Gen-
try said. But if your fnances are all
screwed up, its even worse.
Edited by Megan Hinman
Page 5 Monday, June 10, 2013 The University Daily Kansan
Poor credit scores limit jobs for recent graduates
The intersection between Iowa and Bobs Billings will be closed until August.
Here are detour routes from the Visitors Center and the Kansas Union.
Visitors Center
Kansas Union
Parking Garage

9th St.
(785) 842-4200
Studio, 1, 2, & 3 bedroom apartments
2 and 3 bedroom townhomes
2 outdoor pools, fitness center
Basketball & tennis courts
Walking distance to KU with several KU bus stops
Pet-friendly in all buildings
$250 per person deposit and NO APPLICATION FEE
Page 6 Monday, June 10, 2013 The University Daily Kansan
Remember the Boom Boom Cou-
ple? You know, the two who hooked
up at Te Hawk during Halloweekend
of 2012, and then photos of it spread
across the Internet like wildfre? Te
Boom Boom Couple is probably
not the frst twosome to be found in
compromising positions in a college
town. Te culture of hooking up is
everywhere, and it is nothing new.
Its become the norm for college
students because most of them arent
ready for a serious relationship, and
that makes dating in the traditional
sense unnecessary, said Andrea
Lavinthal, co-author of Te Hookup
Between 60 and 80 percent of col-
lege students in North America have
had a hookup experience, according
to Sexual hook-up culture, a 2013
article published by the American
Psychological Association. Laura
Stepp, author of Unhooked: How
Young Women Pursue Sex, Delay
Love and Lose at Both, defnes hook-
ing up as anything from kissing to
Hookups are prevalent on college
campuses, and so are the variety of
options and misinformation about
them. Tey can be fun, but they can
also be hurtful.
Why it Works for
college students
Afer a hookup, 82 percent of
college men and 57 percent of college
women were glad they did it, accord-
ing to Sexual hook-up culture.
Most college students are fguring
out who they are and who they want
to be, Lavinthal said. Its time for
experimentation and exploration, and
that extends to their romantic rela-
tionships. Tey can experience being
with diferent people, which is fun and
exciting. Hooking up is more about
you than it is about the other person.
Youre fguring out what makes you
happy in a partner.
Emma*, a junior from Shawnee,
said she has hooked up with guys
whom she thought were cute and
enjoyed them because of how she felt
while hooking up.
During a hookup, I feel good,
confdent, sexy and wanted, Emma
said. She has hooked up with about
a handful of guys, whom she usually
met at parties.
Hookups can be ideal for students
because they can still focus the major-
ity of their time on studies, and there
is no pressure to settle down. In 2010,
the average woman got married at 27
and the average man at 29, which is up
from 20 for women and 23 for men in
1960, according to Barely Half of U.S.
Adults Are Married A Record Low,
a 2011 article by the Pew Research
Social and Demographic Trends.
Both England and Stepp cited this as
a fundamental infuence in hooking
up as well.
Natalie Scott, a junior from Topeka
said she hooks up because it is excit-
ing, yet does not involve anything too
Its just fun to be attracted to
someone, Scott said. It can be self-
afrming, and I dont have to worry
about a relationship or baggage.
But hookups are ofen fueled by
alcohol. Sixty-four percent of hookups
hookups normal, overhyped by college students
Amber KAsselmAn
experts and students weigh the pros and cons of hooking up
photo illustrAtion by erin bremer
see hooKup pAGe 7
new issue every Monday
this weeks reward is sponsored by:
Page 7 Monday, June 10, 2013 The University Daily Kansan
followed alcohol use, with the average
occurring afer three drinks, accord-
ing to Sexual hook-up culture.
Under the infuence of alcohol, I
may not be interested otherwise or Im
not worried about the consequences,
Scott said.
Why it doesnt
Not everybody is hot for hook-
ups. Afer a hookup, 35 percent of
students felt regretful or disappointed,
11 percent confused and 5 percent
Hannah Whitten-Vile, a junior
from Oakland, Calif., said there has
been a couple of hookups she has
Sometimes I feel gross aferwards
because I wouldnt have done it sober,
or I didnt really want it, but I didnt
say no either, Whitten-Vile said.
Regret can result from feelings of
either using someone or being used
as well.
More men felt sorry because they
felt they used someone while women,
felt regretful because they felt they had
been used, according to Sexual hook-
up culture.
College campuses teem with mis-
conceptions about hookups, including
the prevalence of them.
Students overestimated the number
of sexual partners their peers had,
according to a 2006 study by the
American College Health Association.
Kathleen Bogle, assistant professor of
sociology and criminal justice at La
Salle University and author of Hook-
ing Up: Sex, Dating, and Relation-
ships on Campus, said the pervasive-
ness of hookups varies campus to
campus, including how ofen and
what it involves.
One misconception is that every-
body hooks up or that it just involves
sex, Bogle said. Its defnitely going
on and is common, but there is a
hyped view about it.
Tis glorifed view can create a
need to ft in and do what everyone
else is doing, a feeling Whitten-Vile
has experienced. I used to feel pres-
sure because the whole culture of
hooking up was the way to have fun,
Whitten-Vile said.
Both England and Bogle said hook-
ing up can create a double standard
against women, a principle that
proved true with the Boom Boom
is courtship dead?
No. About 52 percent of college
students are in a relationship, ac-
cording to a survey by the American
College Health Association.
Donna Freitas, author of Te End
of Sex: How Hookup Culture is Leav-
ing a Generation Unhappy, Sexually
Unfulflled, and Confused About
Intimacy, said that students may see
hooking up as their only option, but
many still want romance and to date.
Tere are a huge number of
students who value traditional dating,
Freitas said.
Emma, who has been in a commit-
ted relationship since December, said
she prefers relationships over hook
I have a strong connection with
my boyfriend, and even though were
in a long distance relationship, I would
rather have that any day of the week,
Emma said.
However, if students want to shif
from hooking up to dating and have
not had much experience with court-
ing, they might fnd themselves in
Some students havent developed
relationships skills or know how to
date afer college, Freitas said. If it
is all they know, then they replicate it
out of college.

*Last name has been withheld at the
students request to protect her privacy.
edited by Megan hinman
from hookup pAGE 6
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for sale
Page 8 Monday, June 10, 2013 The University Daily Kansan
Summer break provides ample opportunity to catch up on TV
Summer has ofcially started,
meaning that a much needed break
from school and homework is upon
us. What is the best way to fll that
break? Television and lots of
it. With all the choices available,
its hard to fgure out exactly what
fandom to immerse yourself into.
Tats why I am here to help you.
Here are my top three picks for TV
shows to watch this summer.
1. Game of ThroneS
Te newest season, while
moving a bit slowly, has really
been able to focus on the diferent
relationships, and it ended with
two killer episodes. Season three
ended last Sunday, so if you were
somehow able to stay away from
all the spoilers, now is the time to
watch the season (or if you really
have enjoyed living under that rock
and havent watched any of it, its
time to jump on that bandwagon).
It may seem like the obvious choice,
but that is only because it is, in my
opinion, the best television show
currently on the air.
2. arreSTed deVelopmenT
Social media has been abuzz
with the newest addition to the
critically acclaimed series that has
fnally made its return to Netfix.
Te newest season opens with a
scene of a young Lucille Bluth,
played by Kristen Wiig, and a
young George Bluth Sr., played
by Seth Rogen, and honestly, no
show could have started with a
better pair. Te cameos only get
better as the season continues,
and despite what audiences and
critics may be saying about the
show, the chemistry is there, the
writing continues to be hilarious,
and the acting is on a whole new
level. One recommendation: have
realistic expectations; understand
the show has been gone for a while,
so changes had to be made for the
story to make sense.
3. freakS and GeekS
Tis is the End, to be released
Wednesday, follows the story of a
party at James Francos house and
is a sort-of reunion of the 1999
show that was canceled afer one
wonderful season. Te movie is
already shown to have references
to the show (check out the artwork
in Francos house) and many of
the cast members are invited to
Francos party, such as Seth Rogen
(Ken) and Martin Starr (Bill).
Te show is defnitely worth a
watch, but it will slowly become an
obsession, so make sure to take it in
small doses.
edited by megan hinman
By Kaitlyn Hilgers
Page 9 Monday, June 10, 2013 The University Daily Kansan
The Internship works
overtime for laughs
By Landon McDonald
Eight years afer their uproari-
ous Wedding Crashers proved that
R-rated comedies could still score at
the box ofce, the once-dependable
Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson
have reunited for Te Internship, a
middling generational comedy that
doubles as an alarmingly shameless
two-hour infomercial about how
nify it might be to work for Google.
In fact, director Shawn Levys newest
flm may well represent the troubling
future of big screen product place-
ment: a movie where the characters,
plot and setting are little more than
the blunted utensils of a corporate
giant bent on improved brand man-
agement. Afer all, if a company can
be considered a person, why cant it
be a movie star?
When their shifless boss (John
Goodman) declares bankruptcy
to cover his early retirement to
Florida, unemployed designer-watch
salesmen Billy (Vaughn) and Nick
(Wilson) are forced to reenter the job
market with nothing to ofer but their
own motor-mouthed enthusiasm and
a supposedly hilarious lack of famil-
iarity with newfangled doohickeys
like webcams, Harry Potter and the
word online (all of which have been
around since at least the 1990s). A
combination of quick thinking and
dumb luck eventually lands the duo
in Googles summer internship pro-
gram, a mental Hunger Games that
wastes no time in supplying them
with the requisite team of freaks and
geeks to learn from and ultimately
rally behind.
Vaughn and Wilsons Wedding
Crashers chemistry remains largely
intact, even as it rails against the
labored blandness of the flms PG-13
rating. Its their individual shticks
that seem sadly played out at this
point. Wilson, whose surfer-savant
delivery and hangdog mannerisms
have allowed him to essentially play
the same character over and over
again (Te Royal Tenenbaums and
Midnight in Paris being two rare
and wonderful exceptions), looks
visibly exhausted at being asked to
once again summon the aw-shucks
grin when courting an impossibly
attractive workaholic (Rose Byrne).
Vaughn, who co-wrote the
screenplay with Jared Stern, certainly
hasnt done himself any favors by
saddling Billy with a seemingly inex-
haustible supply of 1980s pop culture
analogies. Te frst Flashdance
reference, delivered in the midst of
a team-building exercise disguised
as a real-world Quidditch match, is
admittedly funny. Te others grate
harder than frozen cheese.
Te younger interns, includ-
ing a snarky texting addict (Dylan
OBrien) and a sexually repressed
geek girl (Tiya Sircar), are all one-
note variations of the millennial
stereotype: entitled, tech-savvy and
deeply insecure about themselves and
their future. Aside from all-too-brief
cameos from the likes of Will Ferrell
and Rob Riggle, the one memorable
presence is Josh Brener (Te Big
Bang Teory) as Lyle, the put-upon
team manager who proudly sticks up
for his middle-aged charges.
For better or worse, though, the
real star of Te Internship is Google
itself, who apparently didnt have to
pay 20th Century Fox one red cent
to produce a movie that could easily
be mistaken for a feature-length
advertisement. Company executives
did exercise a degree of creative con-
trol, however, when they reportedly
requested the excision of a scene that
called for the destruction of one of
their experimental self-driving cars.
Teir beautiful Mountain View, Calif.
headquarters is likewise depicted
as a spotless technocratic wonder-
land, combining the fner points of
a college campus, a theme park and
an alien mother ship. I was honestly
amazed when the flms end credits
didnt include a link to the Google
Jobs webpage. Too subtle I guess.
Regency enteRpRises
Unemployed salesmen Billy (Vince Vaughn) and Nick (Owen Wilson) compete for a job at Google in Shawn Levys comedy The Internship.
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Page 11 Monday, June 10, 2013 The University Daily Kansan
Hot summer months mean
cold summer drinks, and a way for
students to expand their mixology
Tim Hewitt, a senior from
Arkansas City, has perfected his
summer brew, a homemade
drink comprised of lemonade,
beer, citrus vodka and champagne.
Hewitt said he uses two cans
of pink lemonade concentrate,
six light beers, two cups of citrus
vodka and about half a bottle of
sparkling champagne to make his
Hewitt suggests using inexpen-
sive ingredients, such as Andr,
for the summer brew. He said the
taste will basically be the same, so
theres no need to shell out extra
cash. His recipe for summer brew
makes about one gallon, which
he stores in a one-gallon sun tea
With a group of four to five
people, it takes about 45 minutes
to drink, Hewitt said. I try to
make it about once every three
weeks, or for small parties.
John Graves, the general man-
ager of Tonic Bar at 728 Massachu-
setts St. said that once school gets
out, customers tend to order more
drinks associated with summer.
We put out drink specials on
margaritas and Coronas. We tend
to sell a lot of tequila, Graves said.
People like to order drinks with
bright colors like green, blue and
Another Lawrence favorite, The
Sandbar, 17 Eighth St., is known
for serving summer themed drinks
year round. With tropical decora-
tions and a laid back atmosphere,
summer patrons can imagine
theyre sitting on a beach as they
sip the famous Shark Attack
Feeling creative? Crank up
some Jimmy Buffet and try one
of these homemade drinks this
Edited by Allison Kohn
jenna jakowatz
Its 5 oclock somewhere
Seasonal beverages attract summer drinkers
steep the tea bags in boiling water for four minutes then discard tea
bags. Place mint sprigs in large pitcher and mash with a wooden
spoon. Pour in the tea, lemonade and vodka. this recipe makes about 8
servings. Garnish the glasses with lemon slices and serve over ice.
Place all ingredients except for
pineapple juice in a shaker with
ice, and shake thoroughly.
strain into short glass with ice.
top with pineapple juice.
Liquid Marijuana
oz spiced rum
oz coconut rum
oz melon liqueur
oz blue curacao
splash of sour mix
1-2 oz pineapple juice
5 oz of rum
12 oz frozen strawberry daiquiri concentrate
12 oz of frozen Pia colada mix
Miami Vice Cocktail
1. Place the frozen Pia colada mix,
2 1/2 oz rum and ice into the blender.
mix it to your desired consistency and
put this mixture aside.
2. Place the strawberry daiquiri mix,
2 1/2 oz of rum and some ice into a
blender. mix.
3. Using a tall glass, pour both mixes
in the glass from opposite sides and
at the same time. the drinks will
separate cleanly in the glass.
tipsy arnold Palmer
2 large tea bags for iced
1/2 cup boiling water
8 fresh mint sprigs
4 cups lemonade made
from frozen concentrate
1/2 cup vodka
Ice cubes
8 lemon slices
Also known as sweet tea with vodka and lemonade
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Photocopying and Printing
Access to a KU checking account
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Page 12 Monday, June 10, 2013 The University Daily Kansan
Felix Greene creates unique sound
Kansan file photo
Ryan Nelson, a senior from Overland Park
and lead singer of the local band Felix
Greene, performs at Potter Lake in Novem-
ber 2012. Felix Greene will play Thursday
at the Jazzhaus starting at 8 p.m. The
band 2-Twenty-2 will also perform.
sarah noonan
It started in a basement lined
with rocky walls and cement foors.
Four boys were brought together
by a passion for music and a bright
idea to become something great. Te
product was Felix Greene, a now
local psychedelic blues band. Teir
mix of fawless vocals and addicting
rhythms has captured the attention of
many University students, local bar-
goers and trendy Lawrence venues.
With Ryan Nelson on vocals, Matt
Weiman on lead guitar, Sean Cahill
on the drums and Will Scherman on
the bass, Felix Greene has become a
local favorite.
Nelson, lead singer and songwriter
has been pursuing music since the
seventh grade. It took a year of col-
lege football to realize singing was his
true calling.
Teres not a whole lot of artists
who sing from the heart anymore,
Nelson said. Tats what I do. I sing.
But without my band it wouldnt be
Te aspiring band landed their
frst gig at Phoggy Dog last spring,
and have since played at Dempseys,
Jackpot Saloon and the Granada. In
return, they have built a signifcant
fan base in the Lawrence area.
Alex Shaul, a recent University
graduate, has watched the band grow
from day one, and has become one of
their biggest fans.
Tey have a stage presence unlike
any other band Ive seen, Shaul said.
Teyre from a diferent era. Its a
whole genre of its own.

Edited by Megan Hinman
pErforMancE info
When: Thursday, June 13
Where: Jazzhaus, 926
massachusetts st.
When: Doors open at 8 p.m.,
show begins at 10 p.m.
Cost: $3
Kansan file photo
The local band Felix Greene performs in November 2012.
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Monday, May 13, 2013 Monday, May 13, 2013 Page 13 The University Daily Kansan Monday, June 10, 2013
Page 14 Monday, June 10, 2013 The University Daily Kansan
max goodwin
All we do is win
a monumental victory
Womens track and field team claims first national title in Universitys history for any female sport
Te Kansas womens track and
feld team was welcomed at Allen
Fieldhouse yesterday afernoon as
they returned from Eugene, Ore.
with the frst national championship
trophy for the school in womens
track and feld.
Coach Stanley Redwine and
senior Andrea Geubelle thanked
the fans for showing their support,
and the team then raised the trophy
together on James Naismith Court
before walking over to the Wagnon
Student Athlete Center for a press
We knew we had talent across
the board, Redwine said at the press
conference. We knew it would be a
team efort.
Of the 13 women that qualifed to
compete at the national champion-
ship meet, 11 earned points toward
the overall team score.
Te only Jayhawk to win an indi-
vidual title was sophomore Lindsay
Vollmer in the heptathlon, which
came as a surprise to all six of the
Kansas coaches, as well as Vollmer
I never thought I was going to
place that high at a national meet,
Vollmer said. I just wanted to do as
well as I could do for the team.
Vollmer set a personal record
in six of the seven events of the
heptathlon, and set a school record
in the heptathlon as well as the tenth
best score in NCAA championship
history at 6,086 points.
Vollmer said each time she set a
new personal record in one of the
events of the heptathlon it gave her
confdence that carried over to the
next event.
A PR (personal record) impacts
you a lot, Vollmer said. It just
boosts your confdence and raises
you level of performance for the
next event.
Te Kansas victory was so
dominant that, as coach Tom Hays
pointed out at the press conference,
the team would have won the title
with just the 48 points it accumulat-
ed in the frst three days of the four
day competition.
Te Jayhawks scored a total of 60
team points, winning by 16 points
over Texas A&M.
Were talking about a total team
efort, Redwine said to the media.
It started with the coaching staf.
Te athletes did what we asked them
to do, and did a great job. Tey
bought into it because they wanted
to achieve it.
Edited by Allison Kohn
erin BremerKansan
The womens track and feld team were welcomed home at Allen Fieldhouse yesterday
after their national championship win on saturday.
Monday, May 13, 2013 Monday, May 13, 2013 Page 15 The University Daily Kansan Monday, June 10, 2013
NathaN fordyce
Mens BasketBall
Selfs former player
joins coaching staff
Kansas coach Bill Self added a
familiar face to his coaching staf
as he announced the hiring of
new assistant
coach Jerrance
Howard, a for-
mer player under
Self while he was
at Illinois from
2001 to 2004,
will be replacing
long-time Kan-
sas assistant coach Joe Dooley.
Its almost surreal, Howard
said. Its a dream. Im just glad to
be a part of this tradition and this
Howard comes to the University
afer spending
a year at South-
ern Methodist
University under
former Kansas
coach Larry
Brown. During
his experience
with Brown,
Howard said he
heard plenty of
stories and it was the icing on
the cake for wanting to come to
Me and coach Brown used to
walk every morning, and hear-
ing all the stories about the 1988
national title run and all the
players on that team, the people in
Kansas and how they still restock
the culture and it was still family,
Howard said. I was just so excited
about listening to those stories and
be apart of it now, its unbeliev-
In a press release, Self said he
is excited about the hire because
of the background that Howard
brings to the program and to the
Jerrance has great energy, is
unbelievably positive and in a
short amount of time has estab-
lished himself as one of the better
recruiters in college basketball,
Self said in the press release. Hav-
ing worked for one of my former
assistants, Billy Gillispie, and my
former mentor Larry Brown, Im
totally comfortable with him com-
ing in here, having a smooth tran-
sition and having an immediate,
positive impact on
our program.
Howard said he
wants to be the
one to bring the
energy and pas-
sion and keep the
players motivated
every minute of
the game.
He said what
makes the hire even more special
is that he will coach with Self and
Norm Roberts, who he also played
under while playing for the Fight-
ing Illini.
Edited by Megan Hinman

Its almost surreal. Its a

dream. Im just glad to be
a part of this tradition and
this culture.
Jerrance howard
new assistant coach
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Monday, May 13, 2013 Page 16 The University Daily Kansan Monday, June 10, 2013

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