2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Name of Subject : Advanced Management English Subject Code: BAE1024 Status of Subject: University subject Stage: Degree Version: Date of Previous Version – July 2010 Date of Current Version – Aug 2010 Name (s) of academic staff : Abd Rahim Abd Rahman Rationale for the inclusion of the subject/module in the programme : To develop competence and fluency in written and spoken English Semester and Year offered : Trimester 2, First Year Total Student Learning Time (SLT 9. Total Guided and Independent Learning

Face to Face

10. 11. 12.

L = Lecture L T P O Guided = 44 T = Tutorial Independent = 80 P = Practical 40 0 0 4 Total = 124 O = Others (Mid Term + Final) Credit Value: 3 (124/40 = 3.1) Prerequisite (if any) : Requirement for registration - Preparatory Management English Learning outcomes : Upon completion of this subject, students should be able to: i. apply knowledge in getting the main ideas from a text, meaning from a context, and in editing the text ii. demonstrate the skills necessary for effective oral presentations iii. analyse professional texts and evaluate arguments, separate facts from opinions, recognise points of view and acknowledge the diversity of views and styles of writing iv. apply the rules of grammar correctly in speaking and writing.

13. 14. 15.

Synopsis: The major areas of study include: Listening/speaking, reading, vocabulary and writing. Mode of Delivery : Lectures Assessment Methods and Types : Assignments Critique Essay Business Plan Presentation Final Examination TOTAL

10% 15% 15% 60% 100%

rhythm and intonation. cause and effect with grammatical appropriateness free from run-on.16. main ideas. summarising and simplification skills Critique Essay (Individual) 12 12 5 5 . Reading Subskills of intensive and extensive reading–for main ideas and relevant/specific Information. sentence fragment and modifier errors complemented by the inclusion of proper writing styles in the form of appropriate usage of transitional and cohesive devices. Vocabulary Word collocation. and as member/leader of a team in various context To acquire analytical and problem-solving skills To acquire lifelong learning skills and information management skills % of contribution 10 10 50 20 10 17. inferring. predicting. Speaking skills: speech training with correct pronunciation. paraphrasing. skimming and scanning. enunciation and proper stress. deductive and inductive arguments. Critical and evaluative reading of literature in English. Making oral presentation involving media and telecommunications for maximum impact. relevant and specific information to be used in argumentation. meanings expressions lexical and of words. Content outline of the subject/module and the SLT per topic : TOPIC 1 Content Outline Listening / Speaking Subskills of listening for overall comprehension. Mapping of the subject/module to the Programme Learning Outcomes: To acquire social skill and create awareness of social responsibilities To demonstrate moral and professional ethics and responsibilties To communicate and work effectively and independently. syntactical Idiomatic Lecture 10 SLT Tutorial Self-study 10 2 12 12 3 6 6 4 Writing / Grammar Principles of writing: paragraph organisation and development using rhetorical functions like definition. 16. classification. parallelism.

.6 7 18. S (2000) The presentation skills workshop : helping people create and deliver great presentations. B. Hall. iii. Cause/Effect.Sourcebook. Hamp-Lyons. Azar.J. Hazelgren. Great Britain: Pearson Prentice Hall Note: A short novel related to management is also required for this course. (2006) Study Writing: A course in writing skills for academic purposes. Covello. which can be accessed from Internet are encouraged e. L. ii. http://www. S. Educom Review. Bienvenu. B. Inc. (2009) Understanding and Using English Grammar Fourth Edition . The Complete Book of Business Plan: Simple Steps to Writing a Powerful Business Plan. Also available at 19. New York: American Management Materials of current nature and Management genre.g. say and do . iv. . Royal Bank Letter Archives etc. New Jersey: Prentice Hall Regents. R (2007) Brilliant presentation: what the best presenters know. Second Edition New York: Cambridge University Press. Business Plan (Group) Presentation (Group) 2 10 5 Teaching and Learning Activities/Total Student Learning Time (SLT): Face to Face Self Learning Lecture 40 40 Critique Essay (Individual) 5 Business Plan (Group) 1 12 Presentation (Group) 1 3 Final (1) 2 20 Sub-total 44 80 Total SLT(hours) 124 Main references supporting the subject : i. Additional references supporting the course: i.

Consultation Business Plan 15% DUE 11 • Using contextual clues 12 GROUP PRESENTATION 15% .Analysis .Body Language .Overview .Preparation .Overview .Overcoming Nervousness • Run-on • Sentence fragment • Faulty parallelism • Faulty modifiers • Faulty modifiers • Overall Grammar exercise LISTENING & SPEAKING READING & VOCABULARY WRITING GRAMMAR/ EDITING SKILLS COURSEWORK • Explain projects & assign groups • Business Plan .Consultation • Business Plan .Delivery • Presentation skills .Closing .Sample • Business Plan .Group member list submission • Critique Essay -Article selection • Critique Essay -Article selection / approval • Business Plan -Topic Selection • Critique Essay -Article approval • Critique Essay .Response .Checklist • Presentation skills .Visual Aids .Summary .Content • Presentation skills .BAE1024 LECTURE PLAN WEEK 1 2 • Critical reading • Listening for main ideas & specific details • Critical reading • Main ideas & Supporting details • Critique Essay .Consultation 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 • Novel • Business Plan .Consultation • Business Plan .Paraphrasing • Critique Essay .Topic approval Critique Essay 10% DUE • Business Plan .Format & Content • Business Plan .Reference • Business Plan .Overview & Format • Critique Essay .


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