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HP BIOS security features

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HP BIOS security features

The following firmware security features are available in the Hewlett-Packard Setup Utility. Menu Feature Purpose Prevents booting from the removable media drives. Prevents transfer of data through the integrated serial, parallel, USB (universal serial bus), or infrared interface. Prevents reconfiguration of the computer (use of the Computer Setup Utilities) until the password is entered. Prevents use of the computer until the password is entered. This can apply to both initial system startup and restarts. Locks the smart cover lock. When the smart cover is locked, the cover cannot be removed from the computer. Enables the hood sensor, which detects when the cover is removed from the computer. When enabled, this option issues an alert to notify the user that the cover is removed. Specifies how the operating system treats integrated devices. Hiding a device suppresses its functionality. Prevents the use of the PCI slot. Prevents the computer from being booted over the network.

Storage Removable Media Boot Control Security Serial, Parallel, USB, or Infrared Interface Control Setup Password Power-On Password Smart Cover Cover Lock Smart Cover Cover Removal Sensor Device Security Slot Security Network Service Boot

DriveLock Security Prevents use of the SATA hard drives until the password is entered. System Security Data Execution Prevention Setup Security Level BIOS Smart Card Support Master Boot Record Security Ownership Tag Remote Wakeup Prevents execution of application program code in memory regions that do not normally contain program code, thereby helping the operating system to detect and abort security threats such as viruses and worms. Allows an administrator to set a security level for each individual setup option. BIOS pre-boot smart card authentication (passwords) using USB CCID compliant smart card readers. Might prevent unintentional or malicious changes to the Master Boot Record of the current bootable disk, and provides a means of recovering the last known good MBR. Displays ownership information, as defined by the system administrator, during system startup (protected by setup password). System administrators can power on, restart, and power off a client computer from a remote location. Enables cost-effective power consumption when the administrator needs to distribute software, perform security management, or update the ROM. This solution enhances the security capabilities of the operating system and complements authentication technologies such as smart cards and fingerprint readers.

HP ProtectTools Embedded Security

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