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Uttara Bank Ltd

General Banking and Loan/Advance Activities of Uttara Bank Limited

General Banking and Loan/Advance Activities of Uttara Bank Limited

Submitted To:
Coordinator Internship & Placement Committee BBA Program Faculty of Business Administration, Northern University Bangladesh

Bulbul Ahmed Senior Lecturer (MIS and Marketing) Northern University Bangladesh Department of Business Administration

Prepared By:
Towhidul Alam ID # BBA 110103944 Department of Business Administration Northern University Bangladesh

Date of submission March 04, 2013

Letter of Transmittal Date: 02-March-2013 Coordinator Internship & Placement Committee Faculty of Business Administration Northern University Bangladesh Subject: Request for Acceptance of the Internship Project Proposal. Dear Sir,

With great gratification I am submitting my proposal of internship report on General Banking and Loan/Advance Activities of Uttara Bank Limited that you have assigned me as an essential requirement of Internship program. It is really an enormous prospect for me to congregate vast information and grasp the subject matter in an appropriate way. I have found the study is quite interesting, beneficial & insightful and will try my level best to prepare an effective & creditable report. I honestly, not only anticipate that my analysis will assist to provide a clear idea about the overall condition of General Banking and Loan/Advance Activities of Uttara Bank Limited, but also optimistic enough to believe that you will find this reports worth for all the effort I have put in it. I welcome your entire query & take pride to answer them.

Yours Sincerely

Supervised by

---------------Towhidul Alam ID# BBA 110103944

---------------Bulbul Ahmed Senior Lecturer(MIS and Marketing) Northern University Bangladesh


Topic Identification

I have chosen this topic General Banking and Loan/Advance Activities of Uttara Bank Limited because I would like to get of the regular activities of Banking and Loan and Advance to know the procedures and how bank keeps day to day observation on them to reduce default case and classified loan as well as how they sanction loan and measures credit worthiness of the loan applicants.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Program requires a three months attachment with an organization followed by a report assigned by the supervisor in the organization and endorsed by the faculty advisor. I took the opportunity to do my Internship in a banking service provider organization which is the largest and oldest private-sector commercial bank in Bangladesh Uttara Bank Limited Under the proper guidance of onsite supervisor Md. Amjad Hossain who is the AGM of Uttara Bank Limited, MoghBazar Branch. I have conducted my study on General Banking and Loan/Advance Activities of Uttara Bank Limited. My faculty supervisor Bulbul Ahmed Senior Lecturer of Northern University Bangladesh also approved the topic and authorized me to prepare this internship report as part of the fulfillment of requirement and gave me proper guidance and assistance over time. This internship proposal is prepared as the degree requirement of BBA, Northern University Bangladesh. As practical orientation is integral part of BBA, I was sent to the Uttara Bank Ltd, Moghbazar Branch to have real life exposure on a 90 days internship program (from January 30 to April 29, 2013). The academic study has a great value when it has practical application in the real life. Theoretical knowledge has little significance unless it is applicable in the practical life. In order to consolidate the theoretical

learning some practical exposure is need. With this motive in view this intern report titled A Study on General Banking Activities of Uttara Bank Ltd. is prepared to show the reporting, analyzing and analytical ability of the individual knowledge seeker.

2) Background of Uttara Bank Limited

Uttara Bank Limited is a private commercial Bank in Bangladesh. The Bank started its operation on 28th January 1965 as a named by Eastern Banking Corporation. During this period it could improve its image in the society as a Commercial Bank. Now it has 211 Branches in Bangladesh. All branches are situated in till highly demanded areas. As an old Bank, Uttara Bank Limited (UBL) has been completing with the other private banks where all the Banks are adopting different intensive programs to attract the customers. Accordingly, UBL is offering different type of deposit schemes bearing, highest note of return Deposit Scheme, Monthly Income Scheme and Millionaire Scheme are till most popular offers, which are completely new innovation in tile banking sector and widely accepted by the clients.

UBL is one of the largest private banks in Bangladesh. It operates through 215 fully computerized branches ensuring best possible and fastest services to its valued clients.

The bank has more than 600 foreign correspondents worldwide. Total number of employees nearly 3,562. The Board of Directors consists of 13 members. The bank is headed by the Managing Director who is the Chief Executive Officer.

The Head Office is located at Banks own 18-storied building at Motijheel, the commercial center of the capital, Dhaka.

3) Objectives of the study

a) Main Objectives: The objectives of practical orientation on bank are to get a clear idea about banks, how it runs and what function it does, that is, how an account is opened, how remittance is sent, how various Department of bank performs their functions specially General Banking department. Again, as the environment of a bank is totally new, the trainee gets a chance to familiarize himself with a new situation. Furthermore, the orientations is very useful to detect whether the theoretical knowledge match with real life scenario or not. b) Supporting Objectives: To identify the existing procedures and techniques of general banking of Uttara Bank Limited To find out the overall features deposit scheme of UBL To know about account opening process of UBL To get idea about remittance section, clearing & collection section, Demand Draft (DD), Pay Order (PO), and Telegraphic Transfer (TT) of UBL To get an overall idea of banking operation of Uttara Bank Ltd. To identify the effectiveness of Uttara Bank Limited, Moghbazar Branch. Critically analyze the functions and the operations of general banking of Uttara Bank Limited. To find out the various types of problems of Uttara Bank Limited.

To suggest suitable measures to remove the existing problems and improvement of general banking services of UBL. To apply theoretical knowledge in the practical field.

4) Significance of the study

The significance of the report is multi-dimensional. This kind of research is pretty much applicable for all. Firstly, I would be benefited by gaining a firsthand experience into the corporate world and learning how to measure something so abstract like quality. Also engaging in conversation with the corporate people as well as the customers will definitely improvise on my interaction capability that is of so much importance to any business graduate. Daily scrutiny of the Bank will also help to understand the cultural attributes and the reasons behind how they became so successful. My Internship report will also help the bank as they can take my findings into account and assume their current standing. All in all, anyone in the society who is interested in this arena should find my report interesting and something to learn from as I would try my level best to make it a qualitative work.

5) Methodology
This internship report has been prepared on the basis of on the job experience with the Uttara Bank Ltd., Moghbazar Branch. In spite of the scarcity of published data, it has been tried to make the report informative and handy. The data used in the report have been complied through different complicated ways- direct questionnaire to executives, continuous search on the ongoing accountants, and interview with internal auditor and external auditors report. Working with the organization for a meager period of three months is the main aspect of acquiring data and information to evaluate the culture, working environment and similar sort of affair of the organization. a) Data collection procedures: There are two major methodologies of the study. Describe which are below:

i) Primary Sources. It is obvious that the research will require a lot of primary data. For the organization part of the report, a lot of secondary resources will also be used. This will provide a theoretical basis of the report. Such data will be collected mainly from the bank as well as the Internet. Interviews will be conducted on the managers of the bank for insights and clarification. The clients of the bank will also be interviewed as they are one of the primary data sources. There are four items of primary sources which are below: Face to conversation with the respective officers and stuffs of the branch. Discussing with my supervising teacher and manager. Practical work experience in the different desk of the department of the branch. In-depth study of selected cases.

ii) Secondary Sources. As for secondary resources, I would use relevant journals and various publications of UBL. Also, I would like to collect data from the NUB library, newspaper and the Internet. Also, some of the published statistics by the Bangladesh Bank and Uttara Bank Limited (UBL) would be used. There are some secondary sources: Annual Report of Uttara Bank Ltd. Website of the Uttara Bank Ltd. Several books and periodicals related to the banking sector.

Bangladesh Bank Report Different circular sent by the head office of Uttara Bank Ltd. Various documentary file of Uttara Bank Ltd. Prior research report.

b) Data analysis
In order to analyze gathered data, I plan to use statistical software like SPSS that will run z-test, t-test, regressions and such. The data will be presented in graphs for better understanding and clarity. c)

Final format of the report

The report will contain mainly two parts. The organizational part shall give the idea about Uttara Banks historical background, different divisions, banking services and branches. And the project part shall contain research part with two researches; one is about the General Banking and the other is the Loan and Advance of Uttara Bank Limited, literature review and hypothesis development and lastly data analysis part. The report will also include a work report that will mainly discuss about my experiences during my 3 months internship at the bank. There will also be a segment where my point of view will be expressed along with some conclusions and recommendations to ensure their quality service.

6) Scope of the Study

The conventional banking system is acquired by the practical knowledge of the Uttara Bank Ltd. Moghbazar Branch. They are nationally Commercial Banks, local private Commercial bank. I am working condition set up air-condition. The bank is working processed used by computer excel. I am acquiring by the knowledge observation face to face conversation. I required by the one desk to other desk. I am working conventional banking system of Uttara Bank Limited. The banking

division in internship is practical report of the general banking division. The internship report of the University is an integral part of the BBA program. So it is obligatory to undertake such task by the students who desirous to complete and successfully end-up their BBA degree. This also provides an opportunity to the students to minimize the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge. During the internship the teachers of the department are attached to actively and constantly guide the students. Students are required to work on a specific topic based on their theoretical and practical knowledge acquired during the period of the internship program and then submit it to the teacher. That is why we have prepared this report.


Limitation of the Study

There were some problems while I conducting the orientation program, a whole hearted effort was applied to conduct the orientation program and to bring a reliable and fruitful result, in spite of having the whole hearted effort, there exit some limitation which acted as a barrier to conduct the program. The limitations were a) Lack of Information or Data: The Bankers are very busy with their jobs, which lead me little time to consult with. Adequate and in-depth well-organized literature was not available because a few researchers endeavored to work on such project in the past. Though the officials tried to assist, sometimes their working pressure couldn't give me proper assistance what I needed. There is some information which needed special permission from top level, is not always achievable.

b) Time Constraint: Three months time is not enough for such an extensive study. It is very difficult to collect all the required information in such a short period of time.

c) Comparison Status: I have had no opportunity to compare the General Banking of the Uttara Bank Ltd. with that of other contemporary and common size banks. It was mainly because of the shortage of time and Internship nature. In spite of all the drawbacks, everything will be managed well at the end. I believe the report will be quality report on General Banking and Loan/Advance of Uttara Bank Ltd. d) Confidentiality Another limitation of this report is banks policy of not disclosing some data and information for obvious reason. Due to some legal obligation and business secrecy banks reluctant to provided data. For this reason, the study limits only on the available Published data and certain degree formal and informal interview.

8) Budget of the study

a) Financial budget 1. Transportation cost TK 3000

2. Report preparation cost- TK 3000 3. Other cost 4. Tuition feeTotal TK 2000 TK 12000 TK 20000

b) Time budget Time budget for the study is three months from January 30 to April 29, 2013

Time frame: Gantt chart

Task schedule of three month internship at Uttara Bank Limited, Mogh Bazar Branch, Dhaka
WEEK 6 7

Telegraphic transfer/Mail transfer/DD/PO Transfer Scroll Voucher forwarding Cash receipt and withdrawal Online Posting Account Opening(SB,CA) Account Opening(FDR,MMP,USSP) Loan(USBL,NSPR,UHRL) Advance(CC A/C) Report preparetion




..End of the Proposal