Antoine Desjarlais (b.

Antoine Desjarlais was born in. 1818, the son of Francois Desjarlais Sr. and Madeleine Roy. He married Louise Richard (b. 1821), the daughter of Francois Richard and Marguerite Saulteaux. They appear on the 1840 census for Sualteaux Village (Baie St. Paul, Manitoba). In July of 1832 Father Belcourt selected a site for this mission along the Assiniboine River where a large number of Indians and Metis gathered in the spring. The mission was to be named under the protection of Saint Paul, Apostle of the Gentiles. Belcourt then returned in the spring of 1833 with Bishop Provencher’s approval. He erected a chapel during the summer, but in September the site, sixty kilometers west of Red River was attacked by a group of Gros-Ventres Indians from the south. Bishop Provencher, concerned for the safety of the priest and the continued success of his work, had the mission re-located closer to St. Boniface.1 Children of Antoine Desjarlais and Louise Richard: • Antoine, born September 1842, married Marie Falcon, the daughter of St. Francois Xavier buffalo hunt leader Jean Baptiste Falcon and Marie Nolin. • Gregoire, born 1848, married Julie Pepin, the daughter of Narcisee Pepin and Marie Beaulieu. • Stanislas, born October 1849, married Marie Virginie McKay, the daughter of Ignace McKay and Josephte Bercier. He then married Mary Jane Brosser in 1895. • Bernard, born December 17, 1851, married Rose Sayer, the daughter of the famous Pierre Guillaume Sayer and Josephte Frobisher. He then married Marie Perraeult dit Morin, the daughter of Xavier Perreault dit Morin and Marie Bonneau in 1877. • Jean Baptiste, born August 26, 1853, married Marie Whitford, the daughter of James Franciois “Jimmy” Whitford and Maguerite Fagnant. • Euphrosine, born 1854, married Jean Baptiste Chaboyer, the son of Louis Chaboillez or Chaboyer and Louise Chartrand. • Rosalie, born March 3, 1858, married Pierre McKay, then married Francois Richard, the son of Francois Xavier Richard and Anne Braconnier. • Madeleine, born March 4, 1858, married Alexandre Bremner, the son of William Bremner and Marie Hogue on October 3, 1878. They lived on the west half of River Lot 33 and the west half of River Lot 34 at St. Louis de Langevin. During the 1885 Metis Resistance Alexandre signed a petition protesting the 1883 Orderin-Council transferring the Metis lands at St. Louis to the Prince Albert Colonization Company. He served under Gabriel Dumont in Captain Corbet Flamant’s Company. • Charles, born February 3, 1861. • Josephte, born September 3, 1864.

The exact location of the first mission, known as St. Paul des Saulteaux, is difficult to pinpoint. Two reliable sources locate it on the left bank of the Assiniboine, some eighty to ninety-five kilometres from St. Boniface. If measured in river distance, the site would have been situated somewhere near St. Eustache, but if measured as-the-crow-flies, it would have been located in the vicinity of Portage la Prairie.

Edited and Compiled by Lawrence Barkwell Coordinator of Metis Heritage and History Research Louis Riel Institute

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