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Suromak (True Shapeshifter) RCC by DreamFox "You made a big mistake, you walking gold mine.

I was only going to kill your friends, nobody would've noticed them gone, but now that you've shown what you really are, they're going to go through so much worse. You will make me rich." -Vilas, bounty hunter speaking to a Suromak The Suromak are the last survivors of a long ago destroyed universe on the far edges of the Megaverse. There are perhaps fewer than 300 of these miraculous creatures left in existence, and these are being hunted by every greedy soul that learn of them. What makes these beings so thoroughly sought after is their natural powers of shapeshifting... not the normal powers that some magical creatures possess, Suromak can change every aspect of their form to mimic atomic structures, DNA patterns, complex machinery and electronics, or anything else they wish! Ironically, because they can change into anything they wish, they have no true form, forever condemned to having to live their lives as other people, but never as themselves. Despite this, most Suromak are surprisingly cheerful. The key to their powers is their structural make-up. Every aspect of a Suromak's body is composed of subatomic-sized, cybernetic nanites, meaning they can change themselves right down to their atomic structure. Each nanite contains a portion of the Suromak's brain, meaning they retain their memory, mental powers, awareness of their surroundings, and self awareness even if they have changed themselves into an inanimate object. Once any amount of these nanites are detached from the rest, they decide which part retains the brain, the nanites in the other portion instantly die. They reform into actual subatomic particles almost magically once they die, so no attempts to clone or otherwise reproduce their form is possible (even methods that normally negate magic does not stop the deterioration of the nanites). Reproduction is rather difficult for these creatures. Once they have True-Morphed into a form (see powers below), they may mate normally with another member of the species. The offspring will be fertilized and begin to grow, but their is only a 3% chance that it will be another Suromak (note that if two Suromak are True-Morphed into the same species and mate, their will be a 7% chance that the offspring is a Suromak). Because of this,

many of these beings have numerous children in half a dozen different species, without a single young of their own species. Despite their tough bodies, incredible powers, and agelessness, they are certainly not immortal. Where it is possible for them to stop death by simply never allowing their bodies to grow old, many do decide to choose a form to assume and grow old, and finally, die in after they have lived what they believe to be a full life. In addition to this, they can be killed as well. If they die by any other means other than old age, their bodies will melt into a disgusting green and silver ooze that will biodegrade within 48 hours. Most Suromak tend to be loners and are normally not found in number any higher than two, if that many. They depend on the company of others, however, do to their dependence on emotional energies to retain their coherency. Most tend to be very friendly and polite until their are made angry (most Suromak are very patient and are not easily angered), then watch out! You have a lot to fear from a species that can transform themselves into a Dragon, Glitterboy, or Splurgoth at will! Their companions usually travel with the alien for months, or even years, without ever learning what they truly are, most simply assume they are simply some kind of exotic magic user. They are usually reluctant to reveal their true abilities and will not do so unless their friends' lives are threatened. When a PC starts as a Suromak, they start out as whatever species they were born as. This is the only True-Morph they possess initially. (Note: this original species is human 90% of the time, and, for the sake of ease, all Suromak PC's are considered to start out as human. All the attributes and other stats listed below are form their human True-Morph form. -Typical Alignment: good or selfish, evil Suromak are hunted down by others of their species and destroyed -Attributes: IQ: 3D6+2, ME: 3D6, MA: 3D6, PS: 3D6, PP: 3D6+1, PE: 5D6, PB: 4D6, Spd: 5D6 -Hit Points: PE plus 2D4 per level of XP -SDC: (2D6 X 10) plus (PE X 2) -Magic: none unless True-Morphed into a magic user, PPE is 1D6 X 10, plus PE, plus 2D6 per level -Psionics: none unless True-Morphed into a psionic, ISP is 1D6 X 10, plus ME, plus 1D6 per level NOTE: ISP and PPE remain constant no matter what form the Suromak has changed into -Height and Weight: average human levels -Average Life Span: technically immortal, but most choose to die after about 5,000 years

-Experience: use Dragon table -Natural Powers: 1.) Shape Mimicry: The Suromak can change into any form they can visualize, however, this is not a true shape-shift, they simply take on the size, appearance, and natural weapons ( even if the form's natural weapons normally do MD, they now only do SD) of their new form. They do not gain any natural (or supernatural) powers, magic potential, psionics, memories, hand-held weapons, ect. Mimicking something about the same size as their current form costs 4 PPE. Doubling in size or cutting the size in half costs 6 PPE. Cutting to one fourth or four times current size costs 9 PPE, every foot increased in size after that costs 2 PPE. Becoming any size smaller than one quarter costs 12 PPE. The smallest size that can be reached is a little under one centimeter, about the size of a mosquito. The largest size that can be mimicked is 3 feet for every point of PE. Returning back to natural form from a mimicked shape costs the same amount of PPE it took to change into the shape. Attributes for a mimicked form are as follows: for every foot increased in size, add 1 to PS, 10 SDC and 50 lbs to weight (actually, weight is just an estimation, if you have the actual weight of the shape they are mimicking, use that). When size is reduced, reduce PS and SDC by the same fraction (round down). Inanimate objects can be mimicked for the same PPE costs, however, mimicking the shape of machines does not mean they will work (see Machine Forming). Only the simplest of mechanical devices will function when a Suromak mimics it (basically, anything small, usually hand-held, without any kind of motor of its own and nothing more complex than a few simple gears and pulleys). A hand-held egg-beater is a good example of this (the hand-cranked type, not the electric ones), as are melee weapons. 2.) Atomic Manipulation: Rather than just taking on the appearance of another substance, a Suromak can actually transform themselves into any substance. This can be very handy if the group begins running low on credits, because a Suromak can transform a piece of themselves into diamond, gold, plutonium, or other valuable mineral, detach it, and sell it (the piece will remain in whatever mineral form it was when the nanites died). Transforming themselves into a pure mineral costs 5 PPE per half pound, plus does 2D6 damage when it's detached 3.) Machine Forming: Unlike most shapeshifters, Suromak possess the unique power to reproduce machines and their functions! The being becomes the device in every aspect of

design and function. The only limitation, is that the Suromak must know exactly how they machine functions to be able to reproduce it accurately. This takes the form of skill choices, the number of skills one device takes up depends on its complexity. Simple, small machines, like pistols, rifles, energy weapons, virbo weapons, most kitchen appliances, clocks, telephones, basic cybernetic limbs, ect can either be formed in their hands, or they can transform completely into the object for 10 PPE. Memorizing these types of devices only takes one skill selection. Forming it in their hand, then giving to another or otherwise loosing contact with it does 4D6 damage, but the weapon remains real and functioning. Larger, more complex devices, like computers, wristwatches (I know they're smaller, but they are very complex), civilian vehicles (nothing with weapons or spaceworthy), large weapons, small power armor suits, complex cybernetic systems, big screen TV's, jet packs, ect require two skills per device and cost 20 PPE to morph into (they can only morph into it, they cannot create it then separate from it). Extremely large and potent devices, like Glitterboy armor, large vehicles, military vehicles, spaceworthy vessels, robots, rune weapons, Techno-Wizard devices (must be based after an actual, existing TW device), ect, require three full skill sections and costs 30 PPE to morph into (they cannot be detatched). Each specific device must be memorized individually. For example: if a PC want to be able to change into both a NG Ion pistol and a Coalition military-issue laser pistol, they will have to devote two separate skills for these separate weapons. The Suromak can pilot itself naturally at a skill proficiency of 99% if in vehicle form. In mechanical forms, they possess the same SDC as the device they have changed into, but retain their normal HP's. Firing off weapons that the creature has changed into cost 1 PPE per die of SD or 2 per die of MD each time they are fired (ex: a laser pistol doing 4D6 damage costs 4 PPE to fire, but a large, vehicle-mounted cannon that does 1D6X10 MD would cost 20 each time it is fired). Vibro weapons cost 1 PPE to run each melee. Morphing back from a mechanical form costs half the PPE required to change into the form. Finally, a Suromak can only copy a machine or device that actually exists, they cannot create new inventions out of themselves. 4.) True-Morphing: The most powerful in the Suromaks shape-changing arsenal, True-Morphing lets them not only change to look like another, it lets them actually become that person or thing! A Suromak must bond with what it wants to be able to True-Morph

into. This is done by touching and/or holding onto it for one full minute (four melees) without interruption. This can be very difficult if the subject is unwilling to share its identity. The subject must be alive at the time of the bonding, but it does not matter if it dies afterwards. Pieces of the subject, like hair, scales, severed limbs, will not be enough, the whole body, alive and mostly intact must be there. Once a Suromak has bonded to a being, they can True-Morph into them for 25 PPE. Once True-Morphed, they take on EVERYTHING about the original: shape, voice, supernatural powers, magic, psionics, cybernetics, SDC, MDC, aura, everything! Everything, that is, except actual personality and memories (including skills). The Suromak retains its own personality and identity no matter what its shape may be. In addition, they retain their own PPE and ISP stores, rather than copying those of their True-Morph forms. Suromak can copy any living creature for their True-Morph library, from Borgs to dragons to normal humans to rats. Any and all features the original possessed at the time of the bonding are reproduced and function the same way. The only limitation to this power is the Suromak's ability to memorize the aura and essence of a being (which is what happens during the bonding). They can only accurately handle two True-Morph forms per level of experience, but once they have bonded to a form, that form is permanently a part of them (no erasing memory a re-recording over it). In addition, PC's must search out whoever or whatever they want to be able to True-Morph into, they don't simply receive the new forms upon reaching the new levels. That means if they want to be able to True-Morph into a Dragon, they must search out whatever type of Dragon they wish to True-Morph into and either convince it to let them bond, or knock the thing unconscious so they have time to bond to it without being eaten (yes, Suromak can be digested just like any other type of animal). A PC only begins with his original form (the form they were born as, note that the original form does NOT count as one of their two True-Morph forms at first level) While Morphed, they also gain and use all of the original's combat and save bonuses rather than their normal ones. 5.) Other Abilities: The Suromak's nanites reproduce themselves at an amazing rate, allowing them to heal at a rate of 3D6 SDC every hour and severed limbs are regenerated within seconds. Their very alien brain structure makes them immune to psionic presence sense while

not True-Morphed (while True-Morphed, they will emanate the presence of the being they are copying), as well as a +6 to save vs. mind control psionics and magic. They can be turned into a vampire, but upon doing so, they lose all shapeshifting powers and become a vampiric version of their original form. Their bodies are well built for modifying elements, making them immune to all poisons and diseases, even magical ones. Time to change shape for anything is one melee action for anything equal to or smaller than their current form, or one full melee for anything over twice their current size. -Penalties/Vulnerabilities: Once all the SDC/MDC has been drain from the Suromak, no matter what form they are currently in, they will melt into a two gallon, disgusting blob of green and silver ooze. In this form, their PS and PP are reduced to 1 and Speed is one tenth normal, they cannot use any of their shapeshifting powers until they are returned to at least one SDC point. They are still vulnerable to all weapons as normal, but once the HP are wiped out, they are destroyed (they can, however, lie motionless and appear to be dead). While in the presence of a strong magnetic field, they will be forced to remain in whatever shape they were in when the field began. A Suromak cannot willingly kill a creature they have bonded to, however they are not required to protect the creature's life. A Suromak is dependent on psychic energies to sustain himself. This is in no way harmful to any other beings around them, in fact, it may even be thought of as a custodial duty. They simply absorb the emotional chaos from around them to hold themselves together. Without contact with humans or other emotional beings for more than three days, they will begin to loose their coherency, dripping and melting away slowly. After twenty days, they will be reduced to a blob or green and silver ooze, identical to that of when they are badly injured. After another forty-eight hours, they will die. -Appearance: anything, but original form is usually the average version of whatever species its Suromak parent was, there is no actual description or universal appearance for the Suromak other than the green and silver ooze left when they are gravely injured or dead -RCC Skills: Read/Write/Speak Native Language: 98% Any 3 additional Languages (+20%) Literacy in Any 2 Languages (+20%) Imitate Voices: 90% Lore: Suromak History: 85% Swim (+10%)

Any 1 Domestic Skill (+10%) Any 1 Science Skill (+15%) Any 1 Technical Skill (+10%) HTH: Basic (may be exchanged for Expert at the cost of one "other" skill, or Martial Arts for two "other" skills -RCC Related Skills: Select an additional 10 skills, either from the list below or using them to study machines that they want to morph into. Select an additional skill at every level of experience. These skills earned from levels of experience can be saved until future levels, then pooled to be able to morph into more complex devices. Communications: Any Domestic: Any Electrical: Any (+10%) Espionage: Tracking, Counter-Tracking, or Wilderness Survival Mechanical: Any (+10%) Medical: Any (but any other than First Aid, Paramedic, or Holostic count as two skills) (+5%) Military: none Physical: Any Pilot: Any Pilot Related: Any (+5%) Rogue: Any Technical: Any (+5%) WP: Any Wilderness: Any -Seconary Skills: select five skills from the above list, but without the bonuses listed in parenthesis. Secondary skills CANNOT be spent to learn how to copy machines. -Armor: normally doesn't need any armor, or even clothes (can grow their own clothing over their skin), if they wish to shapeshift, they must remove the armor first, unless it's something that would normally fit into the armor -Weapons: one energy pistol or rifle of choice, with four E-clips for it -Staring Equipment: don't really need much of anything, but will probably have a canteen, box of matches, elastic belt (can stretch to fit something from man-sized to 15 feet tall) -Starting Money: none, but can grow precious minerals and the like from their bodies, as well as hand weapons and similar small objects for sale or trade (although removing each damage, see powers) -Cybernetics: none unless they are created through shapeshifting -Value: anyone who knows of the true powers of these creatures would be willing to pay billions of credits or sacrifice an army to get their hands on one, it would definitely be worth the effort for a creature who can produce pistols, vibro-weapons, gold, platinum, and weapons-grade plutonium from its hands or change into a Dragon, Death's Head Transport, powerful wizard, or nuclear warhead at will

NOTE: The Coalition currently has one of these unfortunate beings locked away in a top secret, drop-dead-before-viewing-this, facility. It is kept in check the largest EMF generator in the known world and is protected by a dozen backup generators and, if all else fails, three enormous lodestones that are still enough to nullify a Suromak's powers. Fortunately, the Suromak has proved incredibly uncooperative and has resisted all attempt to control its mind by psionics and magic with little effort. The magnetic fields are too strong for any delicate electronics to function, totally ruling out the possibility of any mind-controlling technologies.