Question: You just came back from holidays.

You met up with friends and have a chat with them.

PK: Hi, everyone. I just came back from Korea and bought souvenirs for everyone. SW: Really? I just stayed at home during the holidays. However, I enjoyed my time listening to Korea’s pop music and watching their music videos. YJ: Thank you. I went back to my hometown in Johor Bahru and also to Kuala Lumpur. I went crazy because it is midyear sales and I bought a lot of fancy clothes. WK: Wow, I love to eat these seaweeds. Guess what! I played video games all day and all night. Look at my eyebags. YW: I accompanied my family to Genting Highlands. It was so exciting on the roller-coaster rides and I screamed my lungs out in the haunted house. JW: I am so jealous of all of you. I just stayed at home. I surfed the internet and watched a lot of movies. AKB: Stop talking and get back to class. All right. Take out your books and start copying!

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