Introduction This is a three (3) days course is intent to provide aviation; engineers, technicians, students and other technical staff knowledge on aircraft “Primary and Secondary Radar” system.

DCAM No. AO/0110 /03

Course Objectives At the end of this course participant would be able to:1 Understand the principle of primary and secondary radar systems. 2 Identify parts used as radar signals processing. 3 Describe principle of operation of primary ands secondary radios used in aircraft. 4 Identify and replace the defective part of an aircraft radar system. 5 Comply with safety standard in handling radars system used in the aircraft. Course Contents 1 Primary radar operation and the type of radar used in the aircraft. 2 Radio altimeter and GPWS operation and its usage during flight. 3 Secondary radar principles and type used in the aircraft. 4 RNAV operation using DME/TCAN/VORTAC. 5 TCAS system operation in the commercial aviation. 6 Stormscope usages in the aircraft. Course Leaders 1 Mohd Fakhrulrazi Acho bin Abdullah was with the Royal Malaysian Police as a Senior Officer, Air Unit from 1988 to 2004, currently he’s the Section Head of Academic Services in MIAT, coordinates all training including the BCAR and JAR66 courses. Holds a diploma in Electrical engineering specialized in Communication from UTM, Malaysian DCA category EIR License and completed his Masters of Science in Emergency Response and Planning at the UPM. 2 Abdul Hamid bin Nor Mohammad was in the; Royal Malaysian Navy from 1962 to 1975; Malaysia Airlines from 1975 to1997 and with GE Engines Services Malaysia, from 1997 to 2002. He’s with MIAT from 2005 involved in BCAR and JAR66 training program. Hold a Diploma in Telecommunication; Malaysian DCA radio licenses and MSc in Transportation Planning from UTM.

Who Should Attend Aviation engineers technician and mechanics who’s involved in line, hanger and workshop maintenance and other engineering planning and supporting staff in aviation. Course Duration: Course Date: Course Fees: Size of Class: Venue: Contact person: Last printed 3 working days TBA RM 1150 per person (breakfast lunch and tea will be provided) Minimum of 6 to 20 participants. UniKL MIAT, Dengkil, Selangor Darul Ehsan. shortcourse@miat.com.my

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