Fire Signs Zodiac Elements (Triplicity



Fire Signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius Signifies will, these signs are fiery, active, outgoing, ardent, energetic, impulsive, sharp, dissecting, enthusiastic, spontaneous, selfsufficient and romantic. They have ‘drive’ and tend to be extroverts. Their minds are brilliant, original. The temperament is dynamic and magnetic. Fire people tend to push their way through life rather than wait for times when external energies can provide them with the needed impetus. A dramatic and intense quality, they do not enjoy standing still. Fire people are very demonstrative of love and affection and they do not like to show sadness or grief; their typical response is to make fun of their own unhappiness. Even when they are down, they are capable of making others feel better. They are apt to dislike weakness in others. Fire people perceive through pictures and sudden flashes of insight. A fire person will study something for a long time without comprehending it, and then the significance will become clear in an instant. They tend to be involved with abstractions and, often in an effort to bring them into being, with matters that do not yet pertain to the real world, at least the world of consensus reality. There is always a strong mixture of will or desire and a need to transform, and often psychic. Most powerful in 1st, 5th, 9th houses and also powerful if the majority of the planets are in Fire signs. The Moon in a fire sign is less powerful. Misused, they can be bossy and too forceful. Earth Signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn These signs are practical, inhibited in self-expression, earthy, dependable, stable, resists change, conservative and sensual. They love material comforts and have good recuperative powers. The temperament is more passive than active. Earth people are usually at their best when they can use their own experience and perceptions, when they do not have to rely on what others have told them. They have an uncanny ability to go right to the heart of the matter

and know what to do. Earth people are concerned with objective reality, they want to know what is really so, and defines their criteria according to what can be collectively perceived and experienced. They are not especially concerned with abstractions and may even be impatient with them. They are generally concerned with perceiving order in the world and with making that order more effective and apparent and is quite rational in their function. Most powerful in the 2nd, 6th, 10th houses and powerful when the majority of the planets are in Earth signs. If the Sun is in earth its effects are modified but the Moon in Earth is powerful, especially in Taurus. Misused, they can be dull and too materialistic. Air Signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius These signs can communicate well; they tend to be intellectual, a little superficial and they are able to handle abstract reasoning, good at planning and organizing. If too many planets are in Air signs the native will lack stability. They are logical, broad-minded, thinking, social, objective, idealistic and unprejudiced. The mind tends to the concerns of peace. Air people can deal with a great amount of data fast and efficiently. They are good at creative and original thinking. Air people are concerned with the relationship of things in the outer world but is more interested in abstractions. They are less taken up with the order that may be inherent in observed matter, and more with the order that mind impose matter. They will take simple sense data and build on it elaborate structures that will often lead away from the sense data. They are rational. Air signs are most powerful in the 3rd, 7th, 11th houses and powerful when the majority of the planets are in Air signs. The Sun in an Air sign it adds brilliance, if the Moon is in Air it contributes to the quality of ideality. Misused, they can be cold and impractical. Water Signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces These signs are feeling sustaining and receptive. They are emotional, changeable, emotional, usually victims of circumstances, intuitive, responsive, sensitive and deep. They tend to be susceptible to mood swings, and are easily influenced by the environment. Communication is difficult for water people and able to feel what others feel, they have the ability to

understand others feelings and emotions and are capable of great emotional depth and compassion for others. Water people get information from emotionally toned perceptions that may come through the senses, they perceive by means of feelings. They perceive in a very personal way, and are less concerned with consensus reality than it is with personal experience. They are psychic and it’s difficult for them to translate their perceptions into words. Most powerful in the 4th, 8th, 12th houses and still powerful when the majority of the planets are in Water signs. If the Moon is in a Water sign, its power is greatly increased, but the Sun in water is less powerful. Misused, these signs can be self-indulgent, self-pitying and wavering. Remember that water is found in three forms: liquid (water), frozen (ice) and gaseous (steam). Cancer is the liquid form; Scorpio is the frozen form, and Pisces is the gaseous form.

Zodiac Qualities (Quadruplicity) Cardinal Signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn Cardinal signs are initiates action, active, proud, enthusiastic, changeable, energetic, practical, progressive, organizing, independent and ambitious. Their minds are quick, fertile and insatiable. Used negatively, they can be hasty, inconsiderate and domineering; they may fail to finish what they start because they lose interest. Cardinal people have a fondness for starting things, often without regard to sustaining them in the future or planning for future growth. The pure cardinal type is extremely active but not very persistent. They are not daunted by a lack of precedent for whatever they do. These signs are the four cardinal points of the compass: east, west, north and south. Aries is east, Libra is west, Cancer is north, and Capricorn is south. These signs are called cardinal because they govern the change of the seasons: Aries, spring; Cancer, summer; Libra, fall; and Capricorn, winter. Fixed Signs Taurus, Lee, Scorpio and Aquarius

and adaptation.The fixed signs are determined able to concentrate. Fixed people have the function of preserving and sustaining. leadership. subtle. crafty. gold Governs = The 23rd – 41st years of life Travel Time = Takes 1 year to complete the cycle of the zodiac Time Spent In Each Sign = Moves at the rate of 28-31 days per sign Home = 5th house Glyph = Shield of Hellos. stable. the fixed signs are firmly set in the middle of each season. men in general. conscious aim. creativity. Virgo. they can be stubborn. Their minds are ingenious and flexible. brown. Whereas the cardinal signs bring the transition between seasons. energy. resolute. transformation. health. Their minds are penetrating. . personality. Mutable Signs Gemini. analytical. will power. orange. secretive. the urge to achieve. sympathetic and intuitive. ego. the masculine principle. and their memories are excellent. This is the time to complete the work of this season while planning for the new season to come. These signs are the middle month of each season. Used negatively. SUN SIGNS Sun (inner self) Rules = Leo Dignity = Leo Exaltation = Aries Detriment = Aquarius Fall = Libra Day = Sunday Colors = Deeper shades of yellow. success. sense of identity. they can be deceptive. accumulative and dignified. organizing. egotistical and too entrenched in their particular ways of looking at things. Sagittarius and Pisces The mutable signs are versatile. They achieve results slowly but surely. regretful. changeable. vital principles. These signs are the closing month of each season. firm. inconstant and undependable. patient. but they coexist with it well. They may not always initiate change. dignity. Mutable people are involved with change. Used negatively. or circle of infinity (the dot represents the person within) Represents = inner self. adaptable. The most obvious characteristic of the fixed signs is stubbornness and persistence and may not allow a change when it becomes necessary.

Oppositions give self awareness or awareness of someone else. growth.2 ½ days per sign Home = 4th house Glyph = Moon in first quarter Represents = The female principle. Anatomy = The heart. bosses. the need to touch. desires. sailors. sailing. Any aspects to the Sun stresses your inner self. fertility. needs. high office. liquids. Where you find the Sun in the chart is the life and heart of the horoscope. title. Inconjunctions tell you that an adjustment must be made before the inner self can express itself positively. right eye of the male. circulatory system. Where you find the .capacity for experience. left eye of the female. digestion. your personality and ego. magnetism. Trines give the personality an opportunity to flow harmoniously. nursing. moods. Sextiles make it easy for the ego to express itself. personal interests. the sperm. opal. personal health. The Moon’s influence in the chart is very important because it’s the closest planet to the Earth and moves through the zodiac rapidly. instincts. phases. growth of plant life. feelings. memory. receptivity. changes. Conjunctions emphasize the self. reflex actions. green Governs = The first four years of life Travel Time = Takes 28 days to complete 1 cycle Time Spent In Each Sign = 2 ¼ . tradespeople. consciousness. The Moon (emotions) Rules = Cancer Dignity = Cancer Exaltation = Taurus Detriment = Capricorn Fall = Scorpio Day = Monday Colors = White. fluctuations. commodities. women in general. impressionability. upper back. left eye of male. spleen. habit patterns. stomach. imagination. pearl. glandular secretions. and glory. tides. rank. right eye of female. the public in general Anatomy = Breast. honor. fluid balance of the body. this is where you want to shine. progress. authority. brewing. Squares challenge the ego and creates tension on the personality level. desire for new experiences.

destruction. tools. wounds. accidents. death. weapons. surgeons. strife. people in the armed forces. the god of war Represents = Male relations. violence. excess. deals with your animal nature. sudden illness. Where you find Mars in the horoscope is where you expend the greatest energy. and butchers. Scorpio Mars (energy) Rules = Aries Co-Rules = Scorpio Dignity = Aries & Scorpio Exaltation = Capricorn Detriment = Libra & Taurus Fall = Cancer Day = Tuesday Colors = Scarlet. Any aspect to Mars stresses the energies. motor nerves. dentists. war. Conjunctions emphasize applied energy. burns. Any aspects to the Moon stresses the emotions. Trines give flow and ease to your emotional capacity. construction. adrenal glands. work. power. operations. surgery. police. scalds. in a fighting way. competition. athletes. Mars’s action is sudden. Anatomy = The muscular system. red. head and face. desire. cuts. Conjunctions emphasize the emotions. Inconjunctions suggests an emotional adjustment to be made. action and the aggressive urge. passion. self-assertive and disruptive. inflammation. red blood corpuscles. Sextiles give the opportunity for positive emotional expression. Oppositions give awareness to of your emotional makeup. force. impulse. carmine Governs = The 42 – 56th years of life Retrogrades = Approximately every two years for nearly 80 days Travel Time = Takes 22 months to complete 1 cycle Time Spent In Each Sign = approximately 2 months depending if not retrograde and 6 months if it is retrograde Home = 1st house Glyph = Shield and spear of Mars. Mars can be used destructively and angrily.moon in the chart shows where you are subject to emotional ups and downs. Oppositions give awareness of your own . people who work with fire. or with courage and strength. ambition. Squares challenge you and creates emotional tension. sexual energies. external reproductive organs. quarrels. bladder. iron and steel.

Squares and Oppositions challenge you to the proper expression of your expensive urge. sports.or the other persons motivation. feet. bankers. the lawmaker and the helper. right ear. thighs. pancreas. Any aspect to Jupiter stress expansion. Conjunctions emphasize expansion. Jupiter's action is orderly and promotes health and growth. wealth. Jupiter (expansion) Rules = Sagittarius Co-Rules = Pisces Dignity = Sagittarius & Pisces Exaltation = Cancer Detriment = Gemini Fall = Capricorn Day = Thursday Colors = Purple. morality. height. uncles. aspirations. high position. higher education. hips. philosophic reasoning and protection. upper forehead. optimism. mixtures of red & indigo Governs = The 57th – 68th years of life Retrogrades = Does not retrograde every year but when it does it retrogrades for nearly four months Travel Time = takes about 12 years to complete 1 cycle Time Spent In Each Planet = 18 months when it retrogrades. enthusiasm. the average is about one sign per year Home = 9th house Glyph = first letter of the Greek spelling for the god Zeus Represents = Expansion. leisure time. power. luck. increase. growth. Where you find Jupiter in the horoscope is where you often have good fortune and like to spend your leisure time. Trines and Sextiles make it easy for . indulgence. people in confidential positions. 6 months when it isn’t. Anatomy = Arterial blood circulation. Jupiter is the judge. wisdom. big business. Squares challenge you and brings out your aggressive urge. philosophic reasoning. the higher mind. the liver. prosperity. Trines give flow and ease to the motivating force and energy you are generating. honesty. Sextiles provide opportunity for the expression of positive energy. glycogen and fatty tissues. hunting and the fondness for animals. Inconjunctions show that some sort of adjustment must be made before the energy finds a productive outlet. violet. long-distance travel.

Mercury (reasoning ability) Rules = Gemini & Virgo Dignity = Gemini & Virgo Exaltation = Aquarius Detriment = Sagittarius & Pisces Fall = Leo Day = Wednesday Colors = Slate. brain. Squares create mental tension. writing. general ruler of all hormones Any aspect to Mercury should be thought of as mental. tongue. reasoning ability. voice. means of transportation. words. awareness. In conjunctions require a reorganization of the protective principle. spotted mixtures. letters and mailings. royal purple Governs = the 5th – 14th years of life Retrogrades = 3 times per year for 19-24 days Travel Time = takes 88 days to complete 1 cycle Time Spent In Each Sign = 14 days Home = 3rd house Glyph = winged cap of god Mercury Represents = Rules young people. memory. Conjunctions give mental emphasis. Inconjunctions suggests a mental adjustment to be made. travel (especially short trips). versatility. hands and arms. Where you find Mercury in the chart shows where and how you communicate best. Saturn (the teacher) Saturn (the teacher) Saturn (the teacher) Rules = Capricorn Co-Rules = Aquarius Dignity = Capricorn & Aquarius Exaltation = Libra Detriment = Cancer Fall = Aries . ability to communicate. sensory perceptions. Trines and sextiles give mental flow and ease. children. to operate positively. Mercury is never located more than 28 degrees distant from the Sun. technique. secretaries. Oppositions give mental awareness or unawareness. intellect. emotional capacity. opinion. speaking. adaptability. brothers and sisters. mouth. respiratory system. neighborhood activities. transmission. sight. the mind. and trade. clerking. Anatomy = Nervous system. rationalization. dexterity.

change. responsibility. justice. older persons. inheritance. denial. sorrows. Venus (affection) Venus (affection) Rules = Taurus & Libra Dignity = Taurus & Libra Exaltation = Pisces Detriment = Scorpio & Aries Fall = Virgo Day = Friday Colors = lighter shades of yellow. depth. form. self control. illness. caution. and builders. organization. gray Governs = The 68th – to the end of life Retrogrades = Once each year for nearly 5 months Travel Time = 28-30 years to complete one cycle Time Spent In Each Planet = About 2 ½ years Home = 10th house Glyph = Sickle of Chronos. Trines and Sextiles give you the flow and opportunity to learn and concentrate. indigo. limitations. servants. Inconjunctions teach you to adjust to limitations and delays. patience. Squares and Oppositions challenge you to succeed or to become aware of the need to accept responsibility. to become disciplined and to give form and substance to your life. productive use of time. discipline. the god of time Represents = Father or authority figures.Day = Saturday Colors = Black. delays. handicaps. wisdom. the skeletal system (including the teeth). body protein. during retrograde it . endurance. pale blue Governs = the 15th – 22nd years of life Retrogrades = No more than once or twice per year for 43 days. misfortunes. conventionality. Anatomy = The skin. capacity for career. parathyroid glands. left ear and auditory organs. dk brown. ambition. fate. ligaments. Any aspect to Saturn indicates a lesson to learn. orthodoxy. Conjunctions emphasize these principles. timing. knees. theories. things we cannot escape. some years not at all Travel Time = Takes 244 ½ days to complete 1 cycle Time Spent In Each Planet = Approximately 26-30 days. aging. gall bladder. these aspects involve the abilities to concentrate. farmers. tradition. scientific law. Where you find Saturn in the chart is where you feel least secure and tend to overcompensate.

jewelry. second female figure. aesthetics. the urge to transform. the underworld and that which is hidden from view (including the unknown worlds within you. Also represents all replication processes like conception and printing. your submerged or subconscious self). possessions. pleasure. chin. it can bridge the spiritual and material worlds. Venus is never located more than 46 degrees distant from the Sun. sentimentality. love affairs. disposition. daughter. Pluto (transformation) Pluto (transformation) Rules = Scorpio Dignity = Scorpio Exaltation = Not yet established Detriment = Taurus Fall = Not yet established Colors = Smoky Day = Friday Represents = Both the reforming and the destroying urges. singing. Conjunctions emphasize the affections and love nature. loved ones. Inconjunctions suggests that an adjustment is needed in order to realize your feelings. ovaries. Venus's action is gentle and harmonious. venous blood circulation. appreciation. Trines and sextiles lend flow and ease in feeling love and affection. sociability. poetry. domestic relations. Any aspect to Venus should be thought of as affecting the love nature. color. sensory organs of the skin. beauty. emotional contacts. sense of taste. music. It’s the planet of love and sensuality.spends 2 months in each sign Home = 2nd house Glyph = Mirror of vanity of the goddess Venus Represents = Young female relations. beginnings and . sweets. marriage and unions of all kinds. affection. sisters. charm. paintings. good taste. tenderness. partners. Squares challenge your affections and feelings. peace. art. culture. friendships. Oppositions show your awareness or unawareness of your feelings towards others. people in artistic careers Anatomy = Throat. kidneys. harmony. internal reproductive organs. drama. Where you find Venus in the chart shows what you really enjoy. luxuries. moral character. cheeks. our deepest subconscious and because it embodies the principle of transformation and regeneration. wife. not sex.

sudden change. It is neutral and sexless and considered by many to be the upper octave of Mercury and the first of the transcendental planets. wide-scale terrorism. unusual people. moles. x-rays. body electricity. pituitary gland. birthmarks. atomic power and crime. awakening. mob violence and demonstrations. It exposes that which has been developed secretly or undercover. originality. electricity. large organizations. plumbing. bombing. murder. inventors. bacteria and viruses. earth quakes and other elements of nature. the ankles Where you find Uranus in the Chart is where you tend to do the unusual. inspiration. group factors. slow growth. the occult. airplanes. independence. Pluto's action is slow. ponderous and inevitable. rebellions and autonomy. uniformed workers. revolution. it is where you'll have to solve problems alone and unaided Uranus (the awakener) Uranus (the awakener) Rules = Aquarius Dignity = Aquarius Exaltation = Scorpio Detriment = Leo Fall = Taurus Colors = Streaked and mixed colors Represents = Individualism. dictatorships. Uranus is a breaker of traditions. Its action is sudden. kidnapping.endings. Anatomy = The higher nervous system. psychology. obsessions. creative will. magic. ingenuity. large groups of people. Recent research . anonymity. it rules phobias. Represents generation. originality. A transcendental planet and is considered a higher octave of Mars. abnormal growths (warts. inventions. isolation. disappearance. birth and death. regeneration and degeneration. insight to nature's laws. breaking with tradition. Anatomy The eliminative and reproductive system. light. tumors. unexpected and often violent. Where you find Pluto in the chart you’ll find complexity. transmutation. unpopular causes and the exclusive. destruction. astrology. science. dictators. etc. It governs vacancy. subversion. It influences masses of humanity. waste.

Squares and Oppositions awaken your individualism. gradual and sometimes insidious. psychic ability. petroleum. second sight. trances. Its called a generational planet because it stays in each sign of the zodiac for about 14 years. Conjunctions emphasize the creative will. maritime matters. nerve fibers. hypochondria. . Everyone born during this time has Neptune in the same sign. mystique. fragrances. It stays in a sign for about 7 years. intangibles. liquids. music. particularly earthquakes. feet. dancing. hypnosis. hunches. glamour. movies.also associates Uranus with natural disasters. ii is also where you seek the ideal. white corpuscles of the blood. anesthetics. kinesthetic functions. Any aspect to Uranus should be thought of as awakening. freeing and unexpected. for a personal reading the house position is the important factor. its house position is more important in describing attitudes and traits than its sign position. the father or stepfather. voyages. stage. Anatomy = The spinal column. dk blue Represents = both the spiritual urge and the escapist urge. dreams. confusion. mystery. lavender. ideals. sleep walking. Neptune's action is subtle. male role model. pineal gland. Neptune (intuition) Rules = Pisces Dignity = Pisces Exaltation = Not yet established Detriment = Virgo Fall = Not yet established Colors = Mauve. color. therefore. Where you find Neptune in the chart is where you tend to deceive yourself and/or others. alcoholism. Because it appears in the same sign for so many people. things we take deeply for granted in life without questioning. Trines and Sextiles free your inventive flow and make it easy for you to do the unusual. and abnormality. flattery. fog. love of poetry. spirituality. drugs and drug addiction. It is the higher octave of Venus and the second of the transcendental planets. telepathic functions. Inconjunctions demand compromise between acceptance and rebellion. television. deception.

It represents the not-self. They have an outward or humanitarian focus. They often prefer others to be the initiators because they enjoy finishing what others start. midnight to noon) – These people have a strong free will and the ability to take charge of their own life. The public and career will be important to them. noon to midnight) – These people are more flexible and involved with the destiny of others. These people will be somewhat subjective and content to work behind the scenes. the more conscious mind. the natives closest family and associates. The native will be candidate for responsibility. It symbolizes the self. They are self-motivated and do not depend on others to get them started. They are . they act first and observe later. East ‘left’ (rising planets. the basis of the natives conception of self. It is associated with those aspects of life that are less personal and more social. the social world.Meridian The horizontal axis refers to consciousness. Below the horizon (night planets) . They have a great deal of control in ordering up the events happening around them. This part of the horizon is more personal and less social. usually involving family concerns. especially if these include the Sun and the Moon). Above the horizon (day planets) . the outer self. They have an outgoing personality and may have many worldly interests. the less conscious mind. the vertical axis refers to power. West ‘right’ (setting planets. This is a sowing incarnation.represents an introvert. the natives role in the social world. other people. seldom afflicted with self doubt. They need to have an audience or someone to bounce their ideas off on. This person is inward looking and focuses on the personal side of life. People who have many planets on this side of the horizon take action. They don’t need too many people. These people will be quite objective and will want to rise above their position at birth. They initiate action and others follow. the inner self. These people are less anxious to be recognized out in the world. subjectivity and instinct.represents an extrovert.

Moon Phases In Spellwork Waxing Moon To draw something to you or make something grow. and initiation Waning Moon To send away or make something smaller. banishing. quick results. building businesses. energy. conflict. ego. warriors. expansion. increase psychic ability and dream spells Moon Through The Signs Moon in Aries health. diseases. new projects. planting herbs. start new projects or ventures. healing. love. Prophecy. . fertility. attraction. abundance. divination.receptive and others will have a great deal of influence over the personal choices that are made. rescuing people in trouble. Planets well divided above and below – indicates that the native has a good balance between outgoingness and a need to rise above his position at birth versus subjectivity and instinct. friendships. good luck. self. war. leadership. spirit conjuring. banish evil influences. ending bad relationships. weapons. increase knowledge. battles. making trouble. healing. developing psychic ability. remove unwanted influences. stop bad situations. ending bad habits. new beginnings/ventures. wishes. lessen or remove obstacles and illness New Moon Personal growth. decrease. The interests of others must be considered for the native’s own best interests. financial prosperity. courage. authority. protection. negative emotions. soldiers. spirituality. destructive spells. partnerships. working on tools. new beginnings. cleanse and consecrate ritual tools Full Moon Any work may be done during the full moon especially protection. harmony. hexes. peace fertility. This is a reaping incarnation. balance. ailments. reverse love spells.

investments. the arts. obligations. death. patience. endurance. mothers. uncovering hidden or lost things. learning. selling a home at a good profit. fun. and ears Moon in Gemini memory. siblings. gardening. willpower. willpower.spiritual conversion. dietary concerns. neck. or heart Moon in Virgo health/healing. healing rituals for ailments of the shoulders. money. healing rituals for ailments of the face. soldiers. organizing. hands. money. head. business. herbal medicine. wealth. travel. spiritual/emotional balance. public relations. gambling. commerce. tool consecration. healing rituals for ailments of the chest or stomach Moon in Leo love. fertility. crafts. ideas. contacting the . romance. law enforcement. romance. healing rituals for ailments of the intestines or nervous system Moon in Libra legal matters. children. court cases. good communication. business. war and peace. planting/farming. healing rituals for ailments of the upper back. pottery. teaching. justice. study. renewal. writing. greed. security. lawyers. dance. courage. bindings. justice. trade. past lives. childbirth. love/lovers. harmony. change of residence. relationships with relatives and co-workers. children. values. possessions. computers. negotiation. loyalty. sex. arms. co-workers. love. spine. strength. healing rituals for ailments of the lower back or kidneys Moon in Scorpio sex. or lungs Moon in Cancer for the home. sensuality. partnerships. authority. wellness. connections with neighbors and friends. contracts. intellectual matters. intelligence. police. the workplace. buying/selling. psychic abilities. family. weather workings. love. divination. creativity. socializing. self-esteem. music. or brain Moon in Taurus prosperity. logic. recognition. real estate. developing psychic talents. doing research. fertility. employment. artistic work. healing rituals for ailments of the throat. power over others. transformation. travel. cars. finding or buying a house. silence. dating. divination. dating. food. mental stimulation. vacation. real estate. unions. marriage.

good luck. contacting the higher planes. work. the head. places a focus on the natives approach to the world and his immediate reaction to the problems confronting him. telepathy. science. your health and your early childhood years. mediumship. laws. promotions. healing rituals for ailments of the liver. organization. criminals. creative expression. prisons/prisoners. fundamental transformations. luck. big business. thighs. music. It corresponds to the whole physical body. exorcism. it shows your outward behavior. It represents your physical body. It shows your approach to life. teeth. reincarnation. hidden enemies. dreams. or blood Moon in Pisces increasing psychic ability. publishers/publishing. and in particular the Ascendant. travel. your likes and dislikes. ambition. divination. secrets. and skin Moon in Aquarius freedom. hidden things. finding lost items. money. recognition. healing rituals for ailments of the reproductive organs Moon in Sagittarius legal matters. brain. brews. potions. your individuality and the way you express yourself. sexual matters. cleansing. and the beginnings of all enterprises. hidden talents. your outlook on life. truth. education. contacting other planes. healing rituals for the knees. reputation. healing rituals for ailments of the calves. bones. judges. secrets. eyes upper jaw and the face as a whole. political matters. extrasensory abilities. problem-solving. teaching. and the creative arts. friendship. dream work. clairvoyance. healing rituals for ailments of the feet or lymph glands Houses In A Chart FIRST HOUSE The first house. your physical appearance. business. It shows your personality. achievement. hypnotism. breaking of bad habits/addictions. learning. confinement. job. exorcism. publications. hypnotism. . what you want in life and how you go about achieving it. ankles. It shows how people see you and the way you want others to see you.dead. or hips Moon in Capricorn career. big business. your natural disposition and tendencies. power. new beginnings.

It corresponds to the lungs. your psychological roots and your . It is also the house of material debt. upper ribs. earning ability. heredity and ancestry. FOURTH HOUSE The fourth house places a focus on the native’s power of assimilation (his ability to draw upon experience gained in the past). your need for fulfillment. It shows the parent who had the greater influence on you as a child or the most nurturing parent. this house is where you can seek and find your freedom. your emotional feelings. ears and the thyroid gland. your neighbors and people we do not choose. tonsils. wireless.SECOND HOUSE The second places a focus on the native’s resources. It shows the local environment you live in and how you relate to it. telephone. It includes your heritage. and your taken-for-granted skills. and resources. such as speaking and writing. and any gain or loss through your own efforts. investments. your subjective self and your foundation upon which you build your character. your relationship with your parents. upper arm.. your conscious mind. portable possessions (except real estate). inner and outer resources. lower jaw. It shows your brothers and sisters and how you get along with them. newspapers. shows how you communicate your ideas. television. this is the house of personal liberty. buses etc. nervous system ant the oxygenation of the blood. It also indicates all means of land transportation such as cars. It corresponds to the neck. your sense of self-worth and your sense of values. It shows financial affairs. It shows the adaptability of your mind to learning and to new ideas. throat. including short trips. It indicates the conscious and objective portion of your mind and your early education. the family you came from (your roots) and the home you will establish. It indicates your inner talents. and all forms of communication. trains. THIRD HOUSE The third house places a focus on the native’s immediate environment and all the processes (physical and mental) by which he determines his relationship to it. It shows your home and your parents. larynx. shoulders. your ability to relate to your environment. Since many people believe that liberty is largely a matter of money.

routine matters. employees. It shows the beginning and end of life conditions. It shows your work. It . pets and dependents. amusement. It corresponds to the heart. It also indicates dramatic. It corresponds the stomach. Any groups you belong to which relate to having fun (Bowling League. FIFTH HOUSE The fifth house places a focus on the native’s power of individualism and desire for self-expression. your clothes and how you wear them.private life. It governs hobbies and avocation. and all that is secluded. It includes emotional attitude and the love you give. servants. diaphragm. pancreas. This house indicates aunts and uncles. SIXTH HOUSE The sixth house places a focus on the native’s power to utilize his resources. originality and creativity. your need to help others. the dorsal region of the spine and the forearm from the elbow to the wrist. your love affairs. the spleen. It corresponds to the abdominal region. fame after death and the place of burial.) are depicted by this house. pleasures. the ending of all matters. It shows your enterprise. pregnancy and the education of children. hygiene. the lower lobes of the liver. your health and your habits. the fine arts. holidays. as well as sports. breasts. the closing years of life. such as houses or real estate. tenants. This house shows property. not only gambling with money but with your life. spinal cord. social affairs. politics. the upper lobes of the liver. It shows your children. Bridge Club etc. selfadjustment and your unconscious mind. literary or artistic ability. risk and danger speculations and daring such as gambling. womb and ovaries. The fifth house shows publication. interest in food and diet. It shows service given to others. sickness and all conditions affecting your health. SEVENTH HOUSE The seventh house places a focus on all the things that help to complete the native’s experience and round off his relationship to the world at large. the elbows. Sewing Circle. It indicates employment. games. Here work and health are linked together. large and small intestines. romance. vacations. the duodenum and the hands.

It indicates other people’s money. your open enemies. It also includes the assets of partners and alimony. your attitudes toward marriage. The ninth house shows the church as a spiritual factor. dealings with the law.shows your grandparents. divorce. as well as secrets. partners in private and in business life. deep research. your dreams and your visions. It corresponds to the nose. bladder. trusts. insurance matters. spiritual and physical regeneration. contracts. It corresponds to the hips. spiritual and physical. your mate. TENTH HOUSE The tenth house places a focus on the way the native projects his assimilated . The eighth house also shows the end of life conditions for your children. sex. philosophy. ideals. including financial. moral. legacies. psychological rebirth and degeneration and death. any dealings with the public and the public's response. It indicates your cooperation with others or your lack of cooperation. science. marriage. sleep. EIGHTH HOUSE The eighth house places a focus on the native’s ability to develop his resources. the clergy. agreements. It indicates the lessons we learn through living. mentally. It is the house of surgery. intuition. the resources of others and the part they are likely to play in the native’s life. religion. in. laws. psychology. lawsuits. NINTH HOUSE The ninth house places a focus on the world outside the native’s immediate surroundings and the means by which he makes contact with it (either physically. it shows types of illness. and how many marriages you may have. other people. ethics and public opinion in general. foreigners. it shows distant travel. It indicates profound mental study. thighs and sciatic nerves. taxes. the kind and quality of the marriage. and any people who act on your behalf such as lawyers or agents. inheritance. and along with the sixth house. commerce. the higher mind. or spiritually) It shows you’re grandchildren. shows the support you receive from other people. foreign dealings. big business. investigation and hidden assets. higher education. occult matters.laws. wills. It shows your partners resources. imports and exports. bargains. It corresponds to the kidneys and lumbar region. your social activities. It also shows what you most lack in yourself. reproductive and excretory organs.

secret enemies. secrets. It shows your achievements. joints. Later in life it stands for anyone who has authority over you such as your boss. self-undoing and clandestine affairs. hidden dangers. the love you receive. mental institutions. It shows how you relate to people in a group situation. your goals. It shows the results of your ambition and describes the goals and aims you hope to reach through your career or business. how the world sees and evaluates you.. the law. It corresponds to the blood circulation. promotion. the parent who carried the most authority. limitations. It shows your profession. It indicates your ego. This house shows step-children. ELEVENTH HOUSE The eleventh house places a focus on the native’s ability to express his individuality in the world. inner . hopes and wishes. status. It indicates places of confinement. handicaps. people you select for shared interests such as your friends. background. exile. seclusion.experiences upon the world. and the influence you exert in your own circle. the government. It shows sorrow. etc. foster children and adopted children. what you most desire in life. and restraint. Here we see the church as an organization and the opposite parent from the one represented by your fourth house. etc. ambition. It also indicates research. Here we see large and small organizations. It corresponds to the knees. frustration and behind-the-scenes action. It indicates your humanitarian interests. and clubs you belong to. It shows the things we hide from others. hair and skin. money obtained from your profession and circumstances over which you have little control. business and social activities. It shows your unknown or hidden strengths and weaknesses. suffering. your reputation and your standing in the community. framework of the body. this is where you try hard to prove yourself. jails. the way you see others. recognition. fame. TWELFTH HOUSE The twelfth house places a focus on the native’s final adjustment to life as a whole. hospitals. and the leg from the knee to the ankle. inhibitions. your attitude toward your friends and acquaintances and all nonemotional relationships (social and mental).

7 and 10 Planets in these houses have great potential for dynamic action and their influences are intensified. and the probable way that they will leave this earth. Succedent Houses (corresponds to fixed) 2. 8 and 11 Planets in these houses are not as powerful. they are the psychoanalysts and religious figures. The 4th represents dependence. It is often called the closet or dustbin of the horoscope because it’s here that you sweep away or hide your problems that are too painful to face or difficulties that you refuse to acknowledge. More On Houses Fire Houses (life or personal houses) People with many planets in these houses are inspirational and dynamic. Earth Houses (substance or possessive houses) People with many planets in these houses are stable and usually are the backbone of their communities and families. spiritual debts to be paid (karma). the subconscious mind. or the relationship between equals. The 1st house represents independence or no relationship. These house placements all describe the individual in relation to other members of the community. just like the fixed signs. It corresponds to the feet. They have great energy and enthusiasm. just “how” Angular Houses (corresponds to cardinal) 1. 4. or the relationship of one needing care to those who provide it. They are also financial houses and often . The relationships of these houses are not necessarily social relationships. The 10th represents dominance or the relationship between one in authority and those who are subordinate. Their outlooks and vocational aptitudes are concrete and practical. charity. sympathy and public welfare.consciousness. 5. Water Houses (endings or terminal houses) People with many planets in these houses are sensitive and feeling. Air Houses (relationships or relative houses) People with many planets in these houses are the "people who need people". as they signify the four main orientations between oneself and anything. they give stability and purpose. These houses describe the inner most soul. Not “when”. but. The 7th represents interdependence. motivating power and religious convictions.

in that planets in these houses represent issues in life that must be handled well if they are not to become major sources of difficulty. 6. 4. The 12th house is the fears and phobias (among other things) that may condition its responses. 2. Check for out of sign aspects. For example: Jupiter at 40 degrees Leo square Saturn at 28 degrees Aries. The 3rd house signifies the mind’s routine. Each house does not necessarily contain thirty degrees. and it has thirty degrees just like any other sign. Aspects are always figured by counting signs. The 9th house is straining outward to comprehend the world. not houses.described as houses of resources. otherwise you might overlook a sign that is intercepted in a house. Houses 6 and 12 seem to be critical. these occur when a planet is at the very beginning or end of a sign. When a planet is exalted or dignified it can integrate well and can handle all aspects in a more positive manner. General Guidelines for Aspecting Keep these general rules in mind when you analyze a horoscope for aspects. but they are adaptable and get along well with others. They are to as the mental houses. It is. Just because a sign is not on a cusp does not mean that it is not there. The applying aspect shows something you are working . 9 and 12 These houses do not have as much opportunity for action as the angular houses. An applying aspect (gaining in light) is stronger than a waning aspect (decreasing in light). daily process. If the first house cusp is in Cancer and the second house cusp is in Virgo. from 0 degrees to 29 degrees. nor do they confer great stability like the fixed houses. Cadent Houses (corresponds to mutable) 3. Each sign has thirty degrees in it. the sign Leo is intercepted in the first house. 1. 3. Planets in these houses have a stabilizing influence and the planetary energies in these houses are not usually major sources of crisis. 5.

Sagittarius. seed and plant of the character. but your free will dictates how much or how little you do with it. When a negative sign rises. Planets in strong close aspect to an angle. the Part of Fortune as well as several fixed stars. 10 ASCENDING PLANETS = those between the 4th house and the 9th house APOGEE = the point in an orbit where the orbiting body is farthest from the Earth BENEFIC PLANET = a beneficial planet. 7. which are the four points dividing the chart (especially those in square to it). 3. Leo. the mother gives the greater impression… When a positive sign rises. 6. Aries. 10 are stronger 4. and Capricorn. Gemini. The most important angles are the ones made to the Ascendant and the Midheaven 2. Taurus. 5. Planets in angular houses 1. . In addition. these are traditionally Venus (the lesser benefic) and Jupiter (the greater benefic). the father gives the greater impression. In other words. Significators are the Sun. correspond to Cardinal Signs they are 1.towards. the natal chart shows your potential. the waning aspect shows something that has been recently learned. Sagittarius. 4. In horary. are bestial signs because these represent four-footed creatures BICORPOREAL SIGNS = also called Double-Bodied Signs. Ascendant and Midheaven Astrological Terminology ASCENDANT = also called “rising sign” ACTIVE SIGNS = also called “masculine” or “odd” signs ANGULAR HOUSES = are also called “angles” or “axes”. most notably Regulus and Spica are considered benefic BESTIAL SIGNS = a traditional division of the signs which appears to carry no practical application in modern delineation. Aspects show tendencies. Remember… 1. Aspects to the Sun are the root. abilities and disabilities. 7. rather than attainment. Moon. Basic character is formed by the most exact aspects in the horoscope. 4.

the transmitting planet is able to collect more than one pair of significators provided they are within the moiety of orbs. one at the beginning and one at the end of the month BOREAL SIGNS = an archaic term referring to the Northern Signs Aries through Virgo CADENT HOUSES = correspond to Mutable Signs they are 3. this third planet can act as a transmitter and collect their lights bringing them back into aspect again.Pisces. there is no way of telling the outcome to the question . Whether the planets apply by direct or retrograde motion to the transmitting planet is of no importance. Combustion can also occur when planets are within 8 degrees and 30 minutes of a parallel of the Sun. 9. When the Sun is conjunct the ascendant degree either separating or applying it can render the horary invalid. Although the outer planets are never used as main significators they can act as collectors of light COMBUSTION = when the Sun is within 8 degrees and 30 minutes of a planet. In other words. Combustion may occur as a result of collection or translation of light where planets are either separating or applying to combustion. When the Sun is conjunct the ruler of the ascendant it will result in negative answers. Combustion can occur either in or out of sign as it is the Sun's moiety of orbs that is the deciding factor. especially when it is not a significator. 6. it combusts that planet and renders it powerless. Combustion has always been regarded as highly malefic in horary. especially when applying and the Sun is not a significator in the question. 12 COLLECTION OF LIGHT = when the two main significators have already separated from each other but each applies by major aspect to a third planet. This condition will also occur when a planet is conjunct the Sun's antiscion point. Originally Ptolemy referred to all of the mutable signs as being bicorporeal and so Virgo was included BITTER SIGNS = an archaic term referring to the Fire Signs BLUE MOON = the expression refers to a relatively rare month in which two Full Moons occur. Furthermore. either applying or separating.

in horary astrology the co-significator refers additionally to a traditional planet or sign that relates to the matter under consideration because of certain astrological rulerships or associations CULMINATION = 1. the arrival of a planet at the Midheaven (M. Culmination also refers to the perfection of an aspect DEBILITY = a weakening of a planet because of its placement in certain signs and houses which are considered to be incompatible with the energy or characteristics of the planet. Sometimes called "southing. Thus. taking on a Sagittarian/Jupiter flavor. A person represented by a planet in detriment may feel out-classed or be obligated to work. the second decanate is sub-ruled by Leo and therefore takes on an additional Leonine/Sun flavor. or ruling sign. while the third decanate of Aries is sub-ruled by Sagittarius. or in a cadent house DECANATE (Decan) = each sign of the zodiac occupies 30 degrees. with respect to the slower one.CONTRA-PARALLEL = two planets possessing the same degree of declination. one in the north and one in the south CO-SIGNIFICATOR = along with the significator which is the ruling planet. the first decanate of Aries is the strongest because it is also sub-ruled by Aries. Lord. and in general will function at a disadvantage DEXTER ASPECT = dexter means "on the right-hand side. in the sign of its detriment or fall. Being in detriment weakens a planet and is a debility. There is a Chaldean division of each sign into three 10-degree faces ruled by the seven classical planets in Chaldean order starting with Mars ruling the first Face of Aries DETRIMENT = a sign opposite the one ruled by a planet." 2. while all three decanates are first and foremost Arian/Martian in quality. The faster (applying) planet is casting its rays to the right (dexter) to form the aspect because the more ponderous planet lies on the . For example." A dexter aspect is one in which the faster planet is waxing.C. upper meridian). the detriment of the Moon is Capricorn because the Moon rules the opposite sign Cancer. or increasing in light. A planet is said to be debilitated when adversely aspected.. Every sign is further sub-divided into 10 degree segments called Decanates ruled by the three signs of the same element.

the Sun will dispose by exaltation any planet in Aries because the Sun is exalted in Aries DIURNAL CHART = a reference to a chart where the Sun is in houses 7 through 12. in touch with the physical world and having the strength of persistence and endurance . "Dexter Aspects are contrary to the succession of Signs. Earth signs are considered practical. Dignity may be essential due to an affinity or sympathy of a planet with a particular region of the zodiac. a dexter aspect forms as a result of increasing angular distance between them so that the planets are moving toward an eventual opposition DIGNITY = a condition which strengthens a planet's influence. For example. favorable aspects. etc. etc. or accidental due to house position. a planet can Dispose (Receive) another planet through any of its essential Ptolemaic dignities. the dispositor of Mars is Venus. For example." that is.right side of the applying planet as viewed from the Earth. Virgo and Capricorn. if Mars is in Libra. “air” and “water”. Lilly says. the rays of the faster planet flow clockwise around the wheel to reach the slower planet as viewed from the Earth. “earth”. If Mars is in the 1st House it is said to be accidentally dignified DIRECT MOTION = eastward movement of a planet in the order of the zodiac signs from Aries to Taurus to Gemini. when the individual is born during the daylight hours ECLIPTIC = the path through the heavens that all the planets appear to follow ELEMENT = also called “triplicity” and are “fire”. they share certain common characteristics EQUATOR = also called the “horizon” is the horizontal axis of the horoscope and refers to consciousness EARTH SIGNS = the three signs in the Earth element are Taurus. In addition. If planets are direct in motion. Retrograde motion is opposite to direct motion DISPOSITOR = the planet that rules the sign or dignity another planet occupies. planetary motion. Thus. if Mars is in Aries it is said to be dignified.

Libra and Aquarius. Elevated planets are said to exert a strong influence on a chart EQUAL HOUSE SYSTEM = a house system in which all houses are equal in width. aspects a third planet therefore frustrating the faster significator and leading to a "no" or negative answer to the question. Scorpio and Pisces. Sagittarius. Are considered most fortunate when on the ascendant. Cancer. Virgo. Scorpio. (Taurus. Exaltation is next in power to dignity by ruling sign FEMININE SIGNS = also called “passive” or “even” signs* are the Earth and Water signs. Electional astrology is the reverse application of horary procedures ELEVATION = the angular distance of a body above the horizon. the 3rd House cusp at 5 Libra etc EQUINOX = the two points in the year when the length of the day is equal to the length of the night EXALTATION = a sign in which a planet functions well. Although the three . Gemini. A form of essential dignity. the planet doing the frustrating. Feminine signs are said to be more receptive and introverted FRUITFUL SIGNS = Cancer. therefore their 2nd House cusp would be at 5 Virgo. because they are of positive and have greater power naturally to cope FIRST NATAL PLANET TO RISE = the first planet counter-clockwise from the Ascendant FRUSTRATION = when two significators apply by major aspect to each other but before perfecting the slower of the two. leaves a sign ELECTIONAL CHART = a horoscope chart cast to determine the best time to take action. Capricorn. the point at which a planetary body. An elevated planet in a natal chart is generally at the top of the chart near the 10th House. Pisces). They are known as the generators of life atoms FORTUNATE SIGNS = Aries. or luminary. Leo. Someone born with 5 Leo on the Ascendant would then have each House cusp at 5 degrees of the succeeding sign.EGRESS = astrologically.

been disgraced. Called this because they are inferior in size and influence KOCH HOUSE SYSTEM = a modern intersection house system yielding similar results to the Placidus system LUNAR ECLIPSE = happens at the time of a Full Moon. helpless. When the Moon is in these water signs it is said to be a good time for planting GEOCENTRIC = the Earth (geo) centered (centric) view of the solar system. “mollifying” and “easy” HORARY = the branch of astrology in which a chart is cast for the time that a question is asked in order to determine the answer to that question IC = called “imum coeli” meaning the lowest heavens INHARMONIOUS ASPECTS = also called “challenging”. Also. A significator in its fall may indicate an unfortunate. it may have fallen down from where it was originally FERTILE SIGNS = sometimes called fruitful signs. any measurement taken from the center of the Earth HOROSCOPE = means “hour pointer” HELIOCENTRIC = when taking the Sun as the center HARMONIOUS ASPECTS = also called “flowing”. when the Sun and Moon are in opposition LUNAR RETURNS = lasts for 28 days…Solar returns for 1 year . A planet in its fall may literally refer to a person who has fallen. This is the first of two rules where inhibiting planets have the power to prevent major aspects from perfecting between significators even though they are within the moiety of their orbs at the time of the question FALL = a sign opposite the one in which a planet is exalted. or suffered some kind of limitation. In charts about a missing object. they are Cancer Scorpio and Pisces. or cruel person. The way the heavens appear from point of view Earth.outer planets are never used as main significators. they can be involved in frustration. “irritating” and “hard” INFERIOR PLANETS = Moon. “pacifying”. “tension producing”. Venus and Mercury. “stimulating”. insolvent. These signs are said to be productive.

Lunations average 29 days 12 hours 44 minutes and 2. self hatred in women. also referred to as a synodic month. repression and misogyny LUNATION = a complete cycle between two new moons. Libra and Aquarius. Mutual reception by ruling sign is the strongest. and indicates a place where their combined energies are strong.LONG ASCENSION = are signs that take longer to pass over the ascendant. Mars in Gemini and Mercury in Aries are in mutual reception because Mars rules Aries and Mercury rules Gemini. related to power and control issues. These are said to be more extroverted and active than the Feminine signs MEAN MOTION = the mean or average daily motion of the planets is a measure of their average speed in degrees and minutes per day over the course of several years. The signs of long ascension are 00 Cancer through 29 Sagittarius LILITH = often considered a small or 'dark' moon or asteroid. Masculine signs are the Fire and Air signs . For example. Gemini. In astrology it is the halfway point between two planets or sensitive points in the chart. The mean or average daily motion should not be confused with the mean or average value of the fastest and slowest possible speeds of the planets MIDPOINTS = a point half way between two other points. Lilith is a recent addition to astrology and research seems to show that it may be variously associated with conflict resolution. In order of strength. If a third planet or sensitive point is close to or in hard aspect to a midpoint this adds to its significance in the chart MUNDANE ASTROLOGY = the astrology of world affairs MUTUAL RECEPTION = this occurs when two planets receive each other in one of their essential dignities. there .Aries.7 seconds. The term Lunation is also sometimes used interchangeably with new moon MIDHEAVEN = also called “medium coeli” meaning the middle of the heavens MERIDIAN = is the vertical axis of the horoscope and refers to power MASCULINE SIGNS = in one of many classifications of the signs of the zodiac. they are divided into masculine or feminine. Leo. Sagittarius.

can be reception by sign. they can be involved in prohibition. or face. This rule is the second example of an inhibiting planet in action. exaltation. as when planet A is in the terms of B while planet B is in the exaltation of A MUTABLE SIGNS = qualities are a division of the signs of the zodiac into three areas Cardinal. Called this because . This is the traditional description of prohibition. Mutable signs are said to be more adaptable and flexible but can also be too changeable or easily swayed NATAL CHARTS = also called radical and nativity charts NORTHERN SIGNS = Aries. These signs in natural position constitute the northern portion of the zodiac OCCIDENTAL = term applying to the western portion of the chart and a planet here is descending or setting. Virgo Sagittarius and Pisces. any planet placed between the 4th house and the cusp of the 10th is oriental PLANETARY RULER = the planet that is harmonious in temperament with the sign it rules PROHIBITION = a "no" or negative answer will result when two significators are applying by major aspect to each other but before perfecting. Nevertheless. Gemini. The four Mutable signs are Gemini. Prohibition involving the outer planets does not necessarily mean a "no" or negative answer PONDERABLE PLANETS = Neptune. Cancer. Uranus. Planets in the 10th to the 4th house cusp are occidental ORIENTAL = refers to the eastern portion of the chart. Saturn and Jupiter. this will also function as a prohibition and will produce a negative answer to the question. Fixed and Mutable. triplicity. Although the three outer planets are never used as main significators. These kind of prohibitions can in no way effect aspects or other rules involving the Moon and main significators. Leo and Virgo. There are also mixed mutual receptions. term. Taurus. the first receives a major aspect from a third faster planet such as Mercury or Venus which then in turn applies by major aspect to the second significator. if any planet applies to one of the significators before they perfect their aspect.

In a question of a theft. However.. “fixed”. requiring more time to complete their cycle and their influences are therefore slower to manifest PEREGRINE = foreign. England's Horizon from which both time and Earth's longitude is measured QUALITY = also called “quadruplicities”. Said of a planet posited in a sign where it possesses no essential dignity. a peregrine planet at an angle or in the second house is the thief. they can be involved in Refranation.e.they move slower than the others. the individual asking the question is referred to as the querent QUESITED = in horary astrology the quesited is the person. i. and south points of Greenwich. the declination is needed as well . when the Earth and Moon are as close as they can get. no planet is considered to be peregrine if it is in mutual reception with another. “mutable” QUERANT = in horary astrology. event or thing that is the subject of the question being asked REFRANATION = perfection is denied when one significator applying by major aspect to the other significator turns either stationary retrograde or direct before completing the aspect. nadir. these are “cardinal”. Has come into more modern usage referring to a planet which is unaspected PERIGEE = the point where two celestial bodies are as close as they can get to each other in their orbits. the Moon is at Perigee to Earth PRIME MERIDIAN = the Meridian that passes through the zenith. This does not necessarily mean a "no" or negative answer RIGHT ASCENSION = the east and west measurement of a celestial body along the Celestial Equator. alien. To plot a celestial body on the Celestial Equator. It is employed in Horary Astrology where it is usually reckoned as a debility. where it is neither dignified nor debilitated and appears to operate almost independently of other planets. these have certain qualities in common. north. Although the three outer planets are never used as main significators.

etc. as Venus in questions of relationship. SINISTER ASPECT = sinister means "on the left-hand side. 11 SATURN CHASING THE MOON = when the Moon and Saturn are in conjunction and the transiting speed of Saturn continues to equal that of the Moon SIGNIFICATORS = are the Sun. Sagittarius. Called this because they are superior to the Earth and beyond it from the Sun SIDEREAL PERIOD = the amount of time expressed in Earth years that it takes a celestial body to make one complete orbit around the Sun SIGNIFICATOR = a planet symbolizing a person or matter related to the horary question. Jupiter and Mars." A sinister aspect is one in which the faster planet is waning. and Saturn in matters of obstruction. Moon. Uranus. Ascendant and Midheaven SOLAR ECLIPSE = happens at the time of a New Moon. or decreasing in light with respect to the slower one. This term is used for the reason that these signs rising. Sagittarius and Aquarius. With sinister . Some planets are natural significators. or the planet ruling a sign intercepted in the relevant house. Co-significators include the Moon for the querent and any planets in the house in question. Saturn. gives the native a large muscular or athletic frame SUPERIOR PLANETS = Neptune. When placed in their natural positions are found to be south of the equator in the southern half of the chart STRONG SIGNS = Leo.SUCCEDENT HOUSES = correspond to fixed signs they are 2. 8. Aquarius and Pisces. 5. The signs of short ascension are from 00 Capricorn through 29 Gemini SOUTHERN SIGNS = Libra. when the Sun and Moon are conjunct SHORT ASCENSION = signs that take a shorter period of time to pass over the ascendant. Scorpio. The main significator is the planet ruling the cusp of the relevant house. Capricorn. Scorpio. The faster (applying) planet is casting its rays to the left (sinister) to form the aspect because the more ponderous planet lies on the left side of the applying planet as viewed from the Earth.

"Although instructions for celebrating the New Moon each month are contained in the Old Testament. Sometimes referred to as "Moving Zodiac. If planets are direct in motion. this is a popular technique for evaluating romantic relationships but can also be used for partnership ventures or parent-child relationships TRANSLATION OF LIGHT = this occurs when a transiting planet is separating from an aspect with one planet while simultaneously applying an aspect to another planet. Greater than the moiety but less than the orb from the Sun's center. the rays of the faster planet flow counterclockwise around the wheel to reach the slower planet. . imparting the influence (the light) from one to the other TROPICAL ZODIAC = the zodiacal view based on correspondence with the seasons of four cardinal points along the Ecliptic. invisible URANIAN ASTROLOGY = sometimes referred to as the Hamburg School of Astrology. and the northern hemisphere experiences the longest daylight hours SYNASTRY = the comparison between the interaction of two or more charts. The origin of this concept may be the heliacal rising of the Moon which is obscured by the Sun's light until it is 17 degrees away from the Sun. beginning at 00 Aries at the Vernal Equinox.aspects. of course. The point on the Ecliptic that is farthest north of the Celestial Equator. The Sun reaches the Tropic of Cancer. at the time of the New Moon it was. The idea is that the transiting planet briefly connects the other two planets.5 degrees and 17 degrees from the Sun. a sinister aspect forms as a result of decreasing angular distance between them so that the planets are moving toward an eventual conjunction SUMMER SOLSTICE = cardinal point in the zodiac 00 Cancer. there was traditionally a second celebration which occurred a couple of days later at the time that the moon could actually be seen for the first time." The difference between the Sidereal and Tropical Zodiac is a result of the precession of equinoxes UNDER THE SUNBEAMS = between 8. This is a mild accidental debility. Jonathan Clark added.

the Sun enters the vernal equinox in the sign of Aries Cardinal point of the zodiac-00 Aries. b. Apply or move towards the antiscion or contrantiscion degree of another planet. It relies on hard aspects and midpoints and uses eight hypothetical planets in analyses VOICE SIGNS = Gemini. Apply or move towards the parallel or contraparallel of another planet.established in the early 20th century. 60. Libra. the outer planets Uranus. Used mostly in Horary astrology. the Moon here is a . middle or end of a sign VOID OF COURSE PLANET = a planet is Void of Course for that period in which it is devoid of major aspects (0. The point where the Ecliptic meets the Celestial Equator in the east. When the Sun hits this point. 120. A void of course Moon may appear at the beginning. we have equal hours of day and night VERTEX = the point in space where the Ecliptic meets the Prime Vertical in the west VIA COMBUSTA = the region from 15 degrees Libra to 15 degrees Scorpio considered an ancient malefic tumultuous zone of the nature of Mars. In the modern definition. When any of these signs are found on the ascendant or the 1st house and Mercury and the Moon are strong and unafflicted. The Moon is not void of course if it applies to the ascendant degree within the moiety of its own orbs. 90. and Pluto are included in the modern definition VERNAL EQUINOX = the first day of spring. Saturn. It is not void if it applies to any of the outer planets within the moiety of their combined orbs. 180 degree aspects) on its course through the zodiac. c. the native will be a good speaker VOID OF COURSE MOON = the Moon is void of course when it cannot apply within the moiety of orbs to other planets. and now also Uranus. the Moon or a planet is void of course if it makes no further Ptolemaic aspects before leaving its current sign. Apply or move towards another planet by major aspect. the last part of Virgo and the first part of Sagittarius. Also. Neptune. It cannot therefore: a.

The Sun reaches the Tropic of Capricorn. The point on the Ecliptic that is farthest south from the Celestial Equator. in the south.consideration before judgment and traditionally may render the chart not fit to judge WINTER SOLSTICE = cardinal point of the zodiac-00 Capricorn. so they experience the longest daylight hours at this time .