Henri Sayer, (Fleury).

Henri was born February 20, 1841 at St. Francois Xavier, the son of Pierre Guillaume Sayer1 and Josephte Frobisher. On December 31, 1861 he married Mary Bremner, the daughter of Alexandre Bremner and Elizabeth Twatt at Headingly, Manitoba. Sometime before 1883 he married Elise Beauchamp, the daughter of Jean Baptiste Beauchamp and Marie Anne Gonville. In 1882 they moved to the Bresaylor Settlement in what is now Alberta after living near Fort Ellice and at Battleford. Henri and Mary had ten children: Alexandre Henri (b. 1862); Helena (b. 1864), Margaret Jane (b. 1865); Joseph (b. 1869); and William (b. 1871), all at Headingley. Then; John (b. 1872) at St. Francois Xavier; Charles (b. 1874 at Headingley; Andrew James, (b. 1876) at Headingly and Harriet born 1877 at Headingley. Henri and Elise Beauchamp had seven children: Annie Gertrude, born 1883 near Fort Ellice, Arthur born 1884 at Battleford, Georgina born 1885 at Bresaylor, then three children who died in infancy, Clara born 1888, Mable born 1890, Stanley born 1892, and then Blanche born 1896, she married Richard Alfred Boucher.. On May 26, 1885, Middleton arrested him after having come in with Poundmaker. He was charged with treason-felony for his Resistance activities. On July 4, 1885 he was sent to the Regina Jail for his resistance activities along with Louis Goulet, Andre Nault and Abraham Montour (all charged with Treason, felony). On September 8, 1885 he was discharged along with Louis Goulet, James Bremner and William Frank.

Edited and Compiled by Lawrence Barkwell Coordinator of Metis Heritage and History Research Louis Riel Institute


Pierre Guillaume Sayer was employed as a Bowsman and Steersman for the HBC between 1828 and 1832. Pierre Guillaume Sayer was the son of John Charles Sayer Jr. (b. 1875) and Marie, a Chippewa woman. Sayer was the grandson of John Sayer Sr. a North West Company partner who traded in the west Lake Superior area. His grandmother was Bwa-ne-Quay or Obemauunoqua (Marguerite), the daughter Mamongazida (Big Foot) an Ojibway. Guillaume moved to Grantown in 1824. He farmed there and participated in the buffalo hunt. He married Josephte Frobisher, elder daughter of fur trader Alexander Frobisher and his Cree wife, on March 2, 1835 at St. Francois Xavier. Josephte, born about 1795-1807 was baptized the same day as the wedding. She and Sayer had eight sons and four daughters. Guillaume Sayer died sometime before 2 October 1875, when his widow Josephte made an application for Manitoba Metis Scrip at Baie Saint-Paul.

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