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Translated from the message of the Masters


The Journey
In Seeking wisdom we are instructed by the message that is
sought. The mysteries of nature are preserved for the children of
light, the Seekers of the one true knowledge. The voice within
and without is taught through this Seeking. From here, all truths
penetrate into the world. All who Seek wisdom are connected in
unity and, if so properly pro-ported, create community in the
learning and sharing of their wisdom through self and other. In
this community, all answers to mysteries are to be found. There
is not one leader who proposes any assumed doctrine of
thought. We illuminates walk various paths representative of
one common goal, pure inner knowledge untainted by outer
concerns and yet enlightened in the understanding of those

From Within to Without

There has always existed an outward representation of inner
knowledge, Temples within the physical world that exist for the
sole purpose of pushing forth this wisdom. The inner spirit of
truth is expressed outwardly in both symbol and ritual.
Therefore has always existed those communities of ones who
are joined, anointed in Light and charged with the duty to share
this Light with those who are capable of it. The single teacher
for the evolution of humanity's mind is the Light itself. Disorder
in the exterior world exists not at all as a hindrance to the order
of the inner Light.

United by the bonds of knowledge sought in perfect love, there

has existed a constructing of one true reality in which Light
should eventually become manifest.

It began with the first sign of understanding, the first

conception of the outer world in correspondence to the inner
Light. Deliverance from misery is given to those anointed in
Light by knowledge herself. Conceiving the existence of any
one physical or non physical entity allows one to know thine
enemy and thus remove darkness, or “evil,” from the Light.

Primitive knowledge both divine and natural made way for

frailty as the population rose, of those who understood in the
wake of illumination. Outer physical reality did move to cast a
black, and nearly impenetrable, shadow over the truth which
would be found through inner exploration. The exterior
outweighing the interior made way for a misunderstanding of
the inner spirit which could no longer be comprehended by the

And so began the rise of ceremony and ritual which brought

forth a doorway to reach the inner sanctums of the universal
mind which, although hidden, is essentially available to all.
Physical pattern existed as an exterior symbol for reaching
interior truth. When physically reaching the outer world became
necessary for reaching the inner, and humankind lost the ability
to see the truth in Light, outer deification became the truth.
Weakness of humankind forgot the purpose of the physical
symbol as representation of the inner spirit. The external was
then separated from the internal, thus removing mass
population from the understanding that they were in fact equal
to the outside rather than separate from it.

There are those, however, charged by the Masters, with the

purpose of Bringing forth Light to others who are outside of
disorder and Seeking the knowledge for the greater purpose.

The Bringers and The Divide

In every nation such persons who are gifted with true grasping
of Light are appointed to spread the message in any way
necessary for understanding and a revival of the inner spirit to
be made. Inner truth was then taken into every outer nation
through the voices of these agents. Symbolic modifications
were made to every message spoken in order to be made easily
understood by masses nearly enslaved by their customs. All
systems be made in such that pieces spread throughout the outer
world contain the purpose of spreading generally the same clear
message of the whole, in pursuit of instructing one absolute
inner truth.

Purity exists only within a unification of outer and inner

realities. One must understand that the physical representation
of the inner is only that, a representation and not merely the
whole truth. But as the message spreads a divide is
unfortunately made between the symbol and the invisible
meaning of that symbol. This imperfection begets the dogmatic
doctrine of secular religion. In this divide of physical and non
physical is created patterns and ceremonial ritual outside of
inner soul. The physical actions no longer contain the meanings
they once did and instead become mechanical movements
without purpose.

In the wake of divide, truth becomes a part of the inner spirit

only. Bringers of Light fall into silence in relation to the outer
world but remain active in their pursuit of communion with
other Seekers of the Light. Unfortunately, in lieu of the sacred
work to be done, some Bringers fall to political strategism in
hopes of reaching their goals. These men became or created
great symbolic leaders to be lived by.

By the guise of true spiritual wisdom, political bias was made

into absolute truth. In turn the push for freedom of thought, and
thus freedom of word, rose high into the night only to enslave
receptive followers who clung to the conceptual thoughts of the
adept and perceptive Bringers of the Light. Each doctrine that
was pushed was but only partially successful and so the systems
of dogmas B and C, who led to the creation of D, E, and F, were
born from the concepts of dogma A.

The Fall Nature's Gift

Nature's science was the next gift given to humanity by the
Masters. The true essence of this gift was hindered still by
political pursuit which aimed to make rules that would call for
rigid and systematic understanding of nature observed. One
Bringer of Light declared the concept “One” itself. One system
would deliver the definitions of nature's categorical segments.
One entity would Bring forth the keys to unlocking nature's
spiritual secrets.
The world within oneself, reachable by one, is the world within
all, reachable by all. The world reachable by all calls within it
all power and all knowledge. In this world is the community
created by its members, those capable of receiving, perceiving,
and Bringing Light. The Bringers of Light were formed in
every generation with the purpose of passing interior
knowledge into the exterior world. They continue to Bring true
wisdom into the fold of dogmatic systems so as to shatter the
doctrines followed as law.
Only the most capable of people, recognizing the illusion of
created reality, can attain the true wisdom afforded by these
lessons. And so they are kept secret and science is left behind a

veil of symbol pushed forth as truth to teach the art. Oh but the
inner spirit is hindered by the pursuit of outer goals. When the
external world Brings political bias to wisdom taught, all spirit
is removed from truth. Wisdom then becomes “Wisdom”
hidden behind a screen, whose truths are kept in secret from all
but those who Seek power in their pursuits.

Within the society of the Bringers is found infinite wisdom

through perfect love. The falsities of the world, born of
expectations and of categorical definition, are left by the
wayside. There are no battles between us for strict adherence to
systematic thought is banished from this knowledge. All those
continuing through their dogmatic ways never understand the
gift of true wisdom.

In this society, not one human is raised above the other for they
are recognized as equal in their pursuit and understanding of the
truly non-dogmatic nature of reality. Wisdom is kept secret
from those who are unstable. Seekers and Bringers are
recognized instantly according to presentation. Those who Seek
wisdom must also Seek stability and logical assessment of the
Inner Light. Those who do not see will never see.