Terra Fit Challenge #1

(Please attach this program to your “Workout Journal”)

Equipment: Ball, Hand Weights and Mat Cardio: 30 min each day minimum (Bike, Walk/Jog, Swim, Stairs, Cardio machine/class) Day 1 Squat (toes forward) 2 X 20-25 Squat (plié) 2 X 20-25 Shoulder bridge 2 X 20-25 Leg Extension 2 X 20-25 Lunges 2 X20-25 Calf Raises 2 X 20-25 Arms Seated Bicep Curl Tricep Kick Back Abs Crunch Oblique Crunch 3 X 15-20 3 X 15-20 3 X 20-25 3 X 20 Day 2 Chest D/B Bench Press/Flies Alt Back Bent Over Row 3 X 20-25 Back Extensions Shoulders Front/Lateral Raise Combo Upright Row 3 X 12-15 3 X 6-8 3 X 20-25 Day 3 2 X 12-15 2 X 12-15 2 X 12-15 2 X 12-15 2 X 12-15 2 X 12-15 3 X 10-15 3 X 10-15 3 X 12-15 3 X 20 Day 4 3 X 12-15 Day 5 2 X 6-8 2 X 6-8 2 X 6-8 2 X 6-8 2 X 6-8 2 X 6-8 3 X 6-8 3 X6-8 3 X 6-8 3 X 20 Day 6 3 X 6-8

2 X 20-25

2 X 12-15

2 X 6-8

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Date/Time? How do you feel before you start your workout? How hard did you work? (RPE) 0-10 How do you feel after the workout? Did you complete the program today? If not, why?

Here are some specifics on the exercise routine: Squats: Day 1 – Lean on ball against wall, should feel as though it’s supporting your back Day 2 – Hold Ball in arms at shoulder height (bent = easier, long = harder) Day 3-Hold hand weights in hands by side as you squat (Keep belly button pulled to spine – think hugging yourself from the inside and keep chest lifted as you bend your knees, imagine sitting back into a chair) Shoulder Bridge: Day 1 – Lie on your back, knees bent, hip distance apart, feet flat on floor, arms long by side, press your hips to the sky so that your knees, hips and shoulders create a line (like a slide from your knees to your chin…keep your head on the floor) Pressing your hips up and then lowering to the floor = 1 Rep. Day 2 – Same, feet closer together Day 3 – Instead of feet on floor, try legs long on top of the ball, calves on ball, lift and lower pelvis. Leg Extension: Day 1 – Sitting on Chair, legs straight out (almost parallel to floor) sit tall and hold legs together for the count. Day 2 – Same, Add the ball on top of the legs for balance and more resistance Day 3 –Lie on back, legs in air, squeeze ball between lower legs, bend and extend knee. Lunges: Day 1- One foot forward, one back(on ball of foot), bend knees to lower back knee towards the floor, body nice and tall Day 2- Hold ball in hands, forward from shoulders Day 3- Hold hand weights, arms by side Calf raises: Day1 – Lift to tippy toes holding arms crossed at chest Day 2- Face wall, ball pressing against wall, as high as you can reach, lift up/down on toes Day 3- Hand weights in hands, arms by side Bicep Curl: Day 1- Sit on Ball (both arms at same time) Day 2-Standing Day 3 – Sit 1 arm at a time (2 hand weights) Triceps: Day 1- Lean forward, hand/knee supporting on ball Day 2- Same Day 3 – Add some weight (or 2 hand weights) Crunch: Day 1-legs resting on ball, knees bent as you crunch Day 2 – legs on ball, a little less bent in the knees then pull knees in a bit when you crunch Day 3 – Squeeze ball between knees when you crunch

Obliques: Same as above…instead of crunching chest up towards hips, cross shoulder to hips (alternate sides) Chest: Support head/neck on ball, knees bent, feet on floor (table top position), Weights in hands starting in air, reaching to ceiling, palms facing towards your toes (on first rep…then palms facing each other on 2nd set…alternate hand position on every rep). Day 1: feet hip distance apart Day 2: feet closer together Day 3: more weight in hands Rows: Eyes Facing floor, hand and knee of one side on ball, other foot on floor, holding weight in hand (same side as that of the foot on the floor)(dangle weight to floor), Pull elbow towards ceiling, squeezing shoulder blades together (feel the work in upper back between shoulders). Day 1/2 is same weight. Day 3 = more weight Extension: Face down, resting body on ball (ball between belly button and knee) toes can be pushed against wall for support. Imagine an ice cube under the belly button to keep abs working. Day 1. – Hands rest on ball as you lower and lift upper body towards the ball, then to an upright position (as if standing…don’t hyperextend…just a small move is fine here – you will feel it in low back. Day 2 – Same Day 3 – Arms long by side or resting on low back Front/Lat raise: Standing, arms rest by side, small hand weights in hands. Reach arm forward to shoulder height, repeat other side, then reach arm out to side again, only to shoulder height. Day 1: light weights (or can of soup) (standing on a mat, folded in 2) Day 2: try to stand on 1 foot to challenge some balance (remember to switch balance legs and only hold as long as you feel comfortable – make note in your journal how many reps you could hold your balance) Day 3: a bit more weight for arms. Upright row: Hand weights in hands, standing, palms face your thighs, the motion is to reach your elbows to the side and up to the ceiling (only to shoulder height) as if you were pumping a bike tire with a pump. Day 1: light weights – stand tall Day 2: light weights – stand on folded mat Day3: heavier weights.